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Dog-Riding Monkeys and Sundresses, Promotions in Baseballtown This Week

Jim Adair - June 17, 2014

Looks like Cowboy Monkey Rodeo makes the Minor League rounds

Looks like Cowboy Monkey Rodeo makes the Minor League rounds

Minor League baseball is fun. It’s cheap, and there’s cheap food, and it’s solid, stakes-free entertainment. But the best part? Every once in a while, there’s a COWBOY MONKEY RODEO. And that time has come, friends.

Tomorrow, at the Reading Fightins game, along with a $1 off all beer Happy Hour, there’s gonna be a goddamn COWBOY MONKEY RODEO which features “Monkeys Riding Dogs Herding Sheep.” It’ll look like that above, but ya know, with sheep. Please, if anyone goes, we’ll be waiting for pictures.

The next day, it’ll be followed up by “First Day of Sundress Season w/ Free Ticket for ALL Fans Wearing a Sundress,” which should be fun for the dozen or so dudes who think they’re the only ones with the idea that they’ll wear a dress and be the talk of the stadium.

Iron Pigs Continue to be Brilliant Marketing Campaign That Happens To Play Baseball

Jim Adair - June 10, 2014

iron pigs batman

Details about the post-game auction of the jerseys for charity is still to come, but those jerseys above just go to show that the Iron Pigs are having the most fun in the minors, again and again and again. Plus, a bunch of those guys can finally feel ripped, and Ruben will soon attempt to call up power-hitting outfielder Bruce Wayne as well as utility infielder Batman, who are never in the lineup at the same time.