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Brad Lidge Designated For Assignment

Kyle Scott - June 17, 2012

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Playing for the most talented team he’s ever been on, Brad Lidge was designated for assignment by the Washington Nationals today. [Washington Post]

Brad Lidge knew it was coming. The veteran right-hander approached Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo in the clubhouse Sunday morning to ask if he was ready to talk. Rizzo delivered the news that Lidge least wanted to hear, but expected.

The Nationals designated Lidge for assignment on Sunday, activating Ryan Mattheus from the disabled list to take his place and effectively cutting ties with the 35-year-old former Philadelphia Phillies World Series hero. 


Lidge’s ERA during this injury-plagued season was 9.64.

He can choose to accept a trip to the minors, or will be released. 

For all the questionable decisions the Phillies made this offseason, letting Lidge and Ryan Madson walk, in hindsight, proved to be good ones.

Yes, I do know what you’re thinking. And no, I don’t think it would be a good idea.

Xfinity Live! Caught Serving Minors, Responds To Complaints

Kyle Scott - May 2, 2012

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Pitbull's "Give Me Everything," being played in classic German style

Last night, FOX Philly did a little bit of investigative work on drinking at Xfinity Live!, detailing in two separate reports a finding by the PA liquor control board that a minor was served alcohol, and other incidents of general debauchery.

On April 18, one underage person, working undercover with the LCB, was served alcohol five separate times, apparently by five separate vendors. And, this weekend, FOX documented numerous occasions of people being escorted out of or stumbling from the building. 

[FOX Philly]

The investigator had come here probing complaints that the place was packed to the rafters, causing fights.

Investigators returned on April 18, the night of a big Flyers-Penguins matchup, only this time with an underage person looking to buy booze. It was no trouble at all.

Pennsylvania State Police have slapped Xfinity Live with a letter telling them they sold to a minor five times, a serious violation likely to bring a citation.


It’s the sort of thing that goes on, on some level, at nearly every large bar or entertainment district or whatever you want to call it. A few 20-year-olds are bound to be served, a few drunks will puke and remove the bathroom stall door, fights will happen, and people will slither out not knowing which way is up or who they’re going home with. Some of us call that Saturday. But, the fact that Xfinity Live! has already drawn complaints from the LCB (and some of you in the comments and on Twitter)… well, it’s noteworthy.

I spoke with Comcast-Spectacor PR man Ike Richman, who issued this statement:

With more than 300,000 visitors coming through Xfinity Live! since we opened, we believe this is an isolated incident in which an undercover police office was able to get past security. We take this VERY seriously and have increased security, added ID scanners, and increased check points, to assure that it never occurs again.  

I can tell you that we have been checked by the LCB on several other accounts and have had no issues at all.  

Again, we take this very seriously and we will do everything we can to assure our patrons that this is a safe, fun and exciting venue for everyone. 


The fact that one underage person was served alcohol on one afternoon isn’t exactly the most damning accusation in the world. I’d posit that nearly every bar – especially one serving 300,000 people in 30 days (my word!) – has served an underage person at some point, whether they were caught or not. Bartenders, as a whole, are not usually pillars of solid judgement (sorry, 'tenders… love you).

What stands out to me, though, is the mention of crowds and the place being “packed to the rafters.” Richman told me that Xfinity Live! never exceeds its capacity, which is nearly 2,800 humans and one mechanical bull, but that doesn’t mean the joint isn’t entirely too small for that many people to hang comfortably. That’s the issue here– not the one documented instance of underage drinking, rather the fact that you can’t move when something – anything – is going on in there. 

Back when I was given a preview of the place in December, my lone question centered on whether the place would be too crowded.

I wrote:

But how crowded will it be? McFadden’s is a standalone option, too, yet I still get penetrated by meatheads if I take two steps to my right. 

You read my mind– I don’t like getting penetrated by meatheads, either. To me, McFadden’s isn’t a pleasurable experience on game days… neither is a crowded Ashburn Alley. Both have decent offerings, and great location, but the appeal is lost by having to deal with the ridiculous crowds. What should be an enjoyable experience turns into a fight just to get a beer and a pork sandwich.

That’s my concern with Xfinity Live! 

Ultimately, Chickie’s and Pete’s is successful as a pre and post-game option because, while crowded, it manages the masses beautifully. You may wait for a seat, but the bar area is wide-open and service is insanely fast, though not rushed. 

Xfinity Live! is going to be big and have many open areas, but if the crowds aren’t managed properly or there are bottlenecks in bad spots, the whole experience could suffer. From the images I’ve seen, the design looks open enough, though.


The building itself, the amenities, the 32-foot HD screen, food and beer selections are mostly decent. The problem is that they’re nearly impossible to enjoy during peak hours, which is most of the time at Xfinity Live!. The place becomes a massive bar, not a dining and entertainment district. And with that comes LOUD NOISES and the type of people who are out to get shitfaced. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just now happening on a massive, corporate-funded scale, in the middle of the sports complex. Which leads to mass drunkenness, fights, not enough taxis, and these types of stories.  

That’s the takeaway here: Comcast isn’t out to serve alcohol to minors or incite chaos. They’re just struggling through the growing pains of the place being too small.

Videos of FOX’s reports are after the jump.

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Domonic Brown Optioned Back To Minors

Kyle - March 23, 2012

Domonic Brown
Photo: Miles Kennedy/Phillies

Neck injuries on the bus while sleeping didn't help Domonic Brown's case this spring to make the big league club.

According to Matt Gelb, Brown has been optioned to minor league camp, and will be the starter in left field for Triple-A Lehigh Valley.

[Philadelphia Inquirer]

"I'm going to go down there, play hard, and that's it," Brown said. "I really don't have anything else to say. I was not expecting it, but keeping it in the back of my mind."

"I've been through a lot these last couple of years," Brown said. "A lot more than some veteran guys. I think I can deal with it. I think I can handle it. Play hard, that's all I can do."


Brown will get the reps on a daily basis, hopefully improving his game, and adding to his value. A mid-season trade for some offensive firepower seems to be the hot topic among the fans right now, so let's not put it past Rube to do everything he can to make Brown look good in Triple-A, then ship him out of town a day after saying he's the future of the organization.

Cutting Prospects: Phillies Send Mayberry to Minors, Flyers Lose Rights to Swedish Goalie

Kyle Scott - June 3, 2011

He was a noble steed… 

Oh hey, which positions are the Phillies and Flyers in dire need of? Powerful right-handed hitters and goaltenders, respectively. Both, in very different circumstances, were sent packing today.

The Phillies sent John Mayberry Jr. back to AAA to make room for Shane Victorino. This isn't shocking, but Mayberry is a very good fielder and provides right-handed power off the bench. The Phillies elected to hold on to Jose Ray Ass Light, Michael Martinez. This is pretty much the last – realistic – move you guys wanted to see in our Facebook poll.

Meanwhile, in Flyerland, Paul Holmgren confirmed that the Flyers lost the rights to Joacim Eriksson, a top Swedish goaltending prospect. Right, because they have such an abundance of capable net-minders…

Leighton Shipped to Adirondack on Conditioning Stint

Kyle - November 30, 2010


This afternoon, the Flyers sent goalie Michael Leighton to the Adirondack Phantoms on a conditioning assignment as he prepares to return from back surgery on a herniated disc. Under the current CBA, the assignment can last no longer than six days or three games.

The more pressing issue is how the Flyers will handle the goaltending situation following Leighton's assignment. With the emergence of Bob and steady backup goaltending by Boosh, it seems as though Leighton is the odd man out.  If Leights continues to progress, he could be of interest for teams looking to bolster their goaltending. For example, he would be an upgrade over Patrick Lalime in Buffalo as a backup to Ryan Miller. Another possibility involves moving Ian Lapperriere to the LTIR (long-term injured reserved), which would free up enough cap space to call up Leighton. However, carrying three goaltenders, one of which (Leighton) has the lateral quickness of a bear, is a less than an ideal situation.

The fact of the matter is that Leighton, who was competing for a Stanley Cup this past June, likely becomes trade bait and is moved this month. Your thoughts Flyers fans?