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Jean Segura Hurt Himself While – Get This – Hustling to First Base

Kevin Kinkead - September 19, 2019

You can’t make this shit up.

Jean Segura had to come out of today’s Phils/Braves game when he injured his hamstring running to first base.

On the play in question, he hit a floaty line drive just over Ozzie Albies, which resulted in Segura getting out of the box late. While legging out the single, he tweaked the hammy:

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Corey Dickerson Will Miss Rest of Season With Broken Foot

Kevin Kinkead - September 17, 2019

Let’s check in on the Phillies.

Well, they’re five games out of the second wild card spot and now Corey Dickerson is done:

Dickerson had eight RBI in his last five games, which took him up to September 12th. He was hitting .279 with a .877 OPS this month.

The Phillies begin an 11-game road swing tonight in Atlanta, then finish up with three at home against the Marlins. What a downer of a season.

RIP Eddie Money, a Raiders Fan Who Disliked the Yankees and Patriots

Kevin Kinkead - September 13, 2019

Singer Eddie Money died today at age 70 after a battle with stage four esophageal cancer.

You probably know him best for hit singles such as “Two Tickets to Paradise,” “Shakin’,” and “Take me Home Tonight,” among many others. He released 11 studio albums from 1977 to 2007 and continued to perform live well into his sixties.

A little bit of Googling reveals that Eddie, real name Edward Joseph Mahoney, was an Oakland Raiders fan, having moved to California to build his music career after growing up on Long Island.

The audio is no longer attached to this story, but apparently Eddie went on Boston’s Toucher and Rich show and revealed that likes the Red Sox but is not a Patriots fan.

Here’s the blurb:

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Dallas Keuchel Thinks Phillies’ Front Office Might be “Second Guessing Themselves”

Kevin Kinkead - September 12, 2019

Anybody still watching the Phillies?

They’re 75-70, still two games out of the final Wild Card spot and facing a schedule that includes a three game series in Atlanta and four five game series in Washington.

Gabe Kapler’s team lost 3-1 last night at home as Dallas Keuchel went six innings, allowing one earned run with eight strikeouts and three walks. Keuchel was a free agent to begin the season and somebody the Phils could have gone out and snagged, but they didn’t, and he instead signed a one year deal with the Braves worth $13 million.

After the game, Keuchel was asked about free agency and the Phillies’ non-approach, saying the following:

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Aaron Nola’s Latest Rough Outing Raises More Questions for Phillies

Bob Wankel - September 10, 2019

The last thing the Phillies need heading into an offseason loaded with pressing questions is one more bit of uncertainty, but it seems like that’s the way things are trending after another dud of a performance from Aaron Nola last night.

Under the microscope of a playoff race – if you want to call this a playoff race – narratives are susceptible to overreaction. As frustration or satisfaction intensifies, the takes get hotter, and thus it becomes easier to get carried away.

For instance, doubting Nola’s ability or overall worth would be foolish. That’s not what this is about because anyway you dice it, he’s been one of the National League’s best starting pitchers dating back to the start of last season.

But after another disappointing evening in which Nola again buried his team in an early multi-run deficit, I do think it’s fair to wonder where exactly he fits into a hypothetical playoff rotation when the Phillies officially turn the page to the 2020 season.

More specifically, is he good enough to headline one?

I think so. Maybe. Right?

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Readers Did Not Enjoy the Inquirer’s Phillie Phanatic Op-ed, Written by a Drexel Student From Pittsburgh

Kevin Kinkead - August 30, 2019

It’s always good for students to be given opportunities.

In 2019, the Philadelphia Inquirer is now taking story pitches from college students, editorials that can be submitted to “for consideration.”

One of those submissions was accepted and published today, a story by Drexel junior Armon Owlia titled “It’s time to say thanks and farewell to the Phillie Phanatic | Opinion.” That’s a bold headline, but I can appreciate it, because it takes guts to tackle a taboo topic in a territorial city. What I mean is that it’s insane to criticize the Phillie Phanatic because people here are obsessed with that big green goofball.

Owlia’s premise is that the Phanatic has taken a back seat to Gritty over the past year or so, writing this:

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Sean Rodriguez Says He’s Sorry for Using the Word “Entitled” to Describe Phillies Fans

Kevin Kinkead - August 29, 2019

The Sean Rodriguez story is very close to exiting the news cycle. It’s on its last legs, a set of wobbly legs that are just about to give way after 72 hours of arguing about booing and fan behavior on Twitter, Facebook, television, and the radio.

Rodriguez, who called out Phillies supporters after his Monday walk-off, has been viciously booed ever since describing y’all as “entitled.”

He clarified his comments last night when speaking with reporters, via NBC Sports Philadelphia: 

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The Rhys Hoskins Leadoff Experiment Seems to be Over

Kevin Kinkead - August 28, 2019

The slumping Rhys Hoskins does not feel as though he needs a break, and sure enough he’s in the lineup tonight and back in his preferred (I presume) cleanup spot.

Here’s the order:

  • Dickerson 7
  • Realmuto 2
  • Harper 9
  • Hoskins 3
  • Segura 6
  • Hernandez 4
  • Kingery 5
  • Haseley 8
  • Velasquez 1

Gabe Kapler has been moving Hoskins up and down the order to try to get him out of his post-All Star break stupor, to no avail. This seems like the right move, since Hoskins has spent the vast majority of the season in the four-hole while putting up the following batting order splits:

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