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Jean Segura Staying in Shape by Pushing an Escalade

Kevin Kinkead - March 30, 2020

How are you staying fit during the Coronavirus shut down?

Walking around the neighborhood? Basement weight set? Hot yoga? Peloton?

Phillies infielder Jean Segura is pushing an Escalade down the street, via his Instagram account:

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Major League Baseball Establishes Guidelines for Return to Play

Kevin Kinkead - March 27, 2020

ESPN’s Jeff Passan, who has great taste in music:


That caveat basically nullifies bullet point one, so I’m not really sure it makes sense, nor do I imagine we’ll meet those bullet points anytime soon.

Just a hunch, but baseball begins in empty stadiums later this summer. That’s my guess.

It’s Phillies Opening Day; Here’s the Stay-at-Home Programming Schedule

Kevin Kinkead - March 26, 2020

We made it to opening day!

Unfortunately there’s no baseball because of the Coronavirus, so that sucks.

In lieu of games that mean something, MLB and its 30 teams are loading up the slate using the #OpeningDayAtHome hashtag, which links us to replays of classic games and other cool items.

Here are some of the Phillies-related things that are on deck:

  • 9 a.m. – replay of Bryce Harper’s walkoff grand slam against the Cubs (Phillies website and MLB Twitter)
  • 4:10 p.m. – Rhys Hoskins takes on Miguel Rojas in MLB The Show (Phillies Youtube page)
  • 6 p.m. – replay of the Signing Harper Documentary (NBC Sports Philadelphia)
  • 7 p.m. – replay of Roy Halladay’s 2010 perfect game (NBC Sports Philadelphia)

And here’s some of the national stuff MLB is showing:

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We Can Use Doubleheaders to Balance the MLB Schedule Without Running Players Into the Ground

Kevin Kinkead - March 25, 2020

Let’s do a theoretical here:

Pick an arbitrary date for the start of the MLB season, like June 1st. Say we just start the year at that point, pick up the schedule there, and play a shortened campaign.

Any issues? Problems?

You’d save yourself the headache of rescheduling, but the standings would be unbalanced due to the loss of divisional games, which would have to be weighted or worked into the back-end of the calendar somehow. The Phillies are set to play six divisional series between now and June 1st, which would be lost in our theoretical scenario.

One of possible solutions to reworking the schedule is to play doubleheaders, which Jeff Passan writes about in a story posted to ESPN this morning:

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Noah Syndergaard Will Reportedly Undergo Tommy John Surgery

Kevin Kinkead - March 24, 2020

Terrible news for the Mets…

…and good news for Atlanta, Philly, Florida, and Washington batters, who won’t have to face the former All Star.

If you’re really missing baseball, I have a video you can watch, after the jump:

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Here’s Doc Emrick Doing Play-by-Play of a Windshield Wiper Installation

Kevin Kinkead - March 24, 2020

Everybody is trying to get creative while stuck at home.

Athletes are filming their basement workouts. Celebrities are singing an awful version of John Lennon’s Imagine. Broadcasters are narrating non-sports activities in an effort to provide a few laughs.

One of those folks is the great Doc Emrick, who is doing play-by-play of normal activities, as you can see in this video here:

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“We’re Gonna Get Through This,” Says Joe Girardi, Sounding Like a Leader

Kevin Kinkead - March 23, 2020

Didn’t expect this today, but it’s a very enjoyable video clip.

Here’s a rational and reassuring Coronavirus message from the Phils’ manager:

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Major League Baseball Delays Start of Season to mid-May, at the Earliest

Kevin Kinkead - March 16, 2020

They’re working off the CDC-recommended timeline with this statement:

Eight weeks would take us to May 11th, which was a Phillies off day preceding a six-game home stand against the Dodgers and Cardinals. That wouldn’t be a bad way to open the campaign, if we’re back to normal by then, though I have a feeling that that’s optimistic.

Who the hell knows.