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Jamie Moyer Signs on with Toronto Blue Jays

Kyle Scott - June 26, 2012

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I can’t decide if I love the fact that Jamie Moyer is throwing all sense of pride out the window and bouncing around the minor leagues like a 22-year-old… or if it’s getting hard to watch as the 49-year-old desperately tries to prolong an amazing and historic career.

Starting to lean towards the latter.

Moyer signed on with the Toronto Blue Jays yesterday. He will report to Triple-A Las Vegas, where he will join the starting rotation.

Earlier this season, Moyer went 2-5 with Colorado and had a ERA of 5.70. He then briefly played in the minors with the Orioles.


Baseball Hall Of Fame: Jamie Moyer Has Position Waiting For Him…As An Intern

Kyle - April 19, 2012

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When questioned about what had just moments before become his indelible place in baseball lore, Jamie Moyer said he wished he could be an enthusiast full-time.

Said Moyer, after becoming the crustiest dude to ever win a baseball game (or, by our measure, any meaningful, televised, organized athletic competition in North America; you know, something that wouldn't have made the cut of Rick Reilly's "Sports From Hell"):

“I kind of wish I was a baseball historian.”


And now Moyer, something of a relic himself, has the chance. Which is totally appropriate, given that he’s played for, like, 17 percent of the history of the game. Kind of a lay-up. Like the Met opening a position for Confucius. Assuming he were still alive… and quipping. Kind of how Moyer is now. Perfect fit, Cooperstown and Moyer seem.

And, you'd figure, such a gesture would be for a really, highly celebrated and honorable post at the actualization of game’s running history. I mean, the man is, after all, a soon-to-be-former professoinal athlete, and, while he might've somewhat slipped toward obscurity (and/or breaking his hip) of late, we are talking a former 20-game winner. Hafta figure the price (prestige) would hafta be worth it.


Said Brad Horn, senior director for communications and education at the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum (per the Hall's web site): 

“Jamie Moyer has proven that age is truly just a number. By winning a game at the age of 49 years and 150 days, he’s broken a long-standing record in baseball history.

“But even more noteworthy in his performance is that Jamie has expressed a desire to become a baseball historian. Through our annual Frank and Peggy Steele Internship Program, we are providing learning foundations and educational opportunities to future leaders in baseball research, among many other Museum and baseball disciplines.”


Wait, wait, wait.

They wanna make the guy an intern? Like a "Get Me Coffee" and "Staple This" and "Fax That" go-fer? Because that — at least in my the experience of anyone who's ever trolled the halls of a Corporate American establishment for free, under the guise that college credit is comparable compensation for the unglorified bitchwork therein — is what an intern does.

And they want him to do it at age 49?

And they're telling people? Before asking Moyer, to see whether if he's, like, you know, in?

“Jamie certainly has shown the dedication we look for in our program’s candidates, and we believe that Jamie has the stuff necessary to make it as a Hall of Fame historian, with a little hard work and perseverance.”



Moyer will be eligible for the internship upon his retirement. It would also make him the ugly ducking of sorts, given that the 2012 class of Frank and Peggy Steele interns, a class very much like the one Moyer will join 32 seconds after getting his 300th win (or realizing his surgically reattached arm, dismembered by his chase of that presumably automatic HOF milestone, can’t function), are high school students.

What fun.

Jamie Moyer: The Ageless Wonder

Ryan Gillon - March 23, 2012


"I'm going to throw this now… it'll get there eventually."

The man will not quit.

Jamie Moyer pitched four perfect innings for the Rockies last night in his bid to earn a spot in the Rockies Major League rotation. The old dog keeps reinventing his tricks, and showing that he's still a fuckin' boss.

Per Yahoo! Sports:

Moyer, a 24-year veteran who has won 267 major league games with seven teams, went to a three-ball count only twice and 30 of his 45 pitchers were strikes.

“Was I quick enough for you tonight,” Moyer joked after a typical outing with pin-point control and a below 80-mph fastball. “At this stage it’s all about progress, making a little bit each time. I feel I moved forward tonight.”

His fastball doesn't reach 80 miles per hour.

One more time…

His fastball doesn't reach 80 miles per hour… and hitters don't know what to do about it.

Moyer was a leader in the clubhouse with the Phillies, often telling the younger pitchers that they were fighting to take his spot on the roster. He might be saying much of the same to some of the youngins in Colorado this year.

If he makes this squad, no one is surprised anymore. I'm convinced that he wants to win 300 games and that's why he keeps going. It's almost impossible because he is 33 away, but Moyer is persistent as all hell.

He won't make that goal, but it's pretty awesome to see him try, if, in fact that is where he's aiming.

Some Brief AM (ex?)-Phillies News: More on Jimmy Rollins’ Crummy Agent and Jamie Moyer is Writing a Book

Kyle Scott - December 1, 2011

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Photo: Deadspin

Surely you remember the story from last week about Jimmy Rollins’ agent, Dan Lozano, who, according to Deadspin sources, is one of the worst people in the world. Among his misdeeds, Lozano allegedly lures clients in by pretending that he's someone he’s not, uses hookers to both woo and blackmail clients, and repeatedly lies about his past.

Not surprisingly, Lozano’s lawyer had a few things to say about those claims. He sent Deadspin a letter before their story was published, and in it, denied many claims… claims which Deadspin never intended to publish, anyway. 

In a way that is oh-so-A.J. Daulerio, the now Gawker editor let Lozano’s lawyer bring to the surface some claims that otherwise would have never seen the light of day. You can read all of them here, but there’s one interesting denial that we’d like to point out. Take it away, Dan Lozano’s lawyer:

The charities where my client serves an officer of for Jimmy Rollins and Albert Pujols are not being used by my client for any personal benefits whatsoever. The assertion to the contrary is a false and absolute defamatory accusation. 


So, there you have it– Lozano is not using J-Roll’s™ charity for personal benefit, a claim that none of us knew anything about until right now.


In other, less seedy news, Jamie Moyer is going to be writing a book about exactly what you would have thought Jamie Moyer would write a book about: the mental aspect of pitching. His co-author will be Daily News editor Larry Platt. From

"It's basically the continuing education of 49-year-old pitcher Jamie Moyer," says Platt of the book which he expects to be released by the beginning of the 2013 baseball season. "Here's a guy who had been cut by three teams at 31, then he meets Harvey Dorfman. He starts to realize pitching is what takes place from the neck up. He learns that pitching is using hitters' egos against themselves." 


Dorfman is, of course, Roy Halladay’s mind-fuck doctor who passed away earlier this year. 

Anyway, Moyer’s book sounds like a real page-turner… full story here.

Jamie Moyer Will Begin His Rehab… in Clearwater

Kyle Scott - August 29, 2011


Photo: Phillies Phollowers

Say what?

The Phillies are going to let Jamie Moyer begin his rehab – remember, he's 49 – at Bright House Field in Clearwater.

Ladies and gentlemen, Todd Zolecki has your grammatical stylings: [via Deadspin]

He is going to be continuing his rehab from Tommy John surgery at the Phillies’ Bright House Field in Clearwater, Fla. The Phillies have not signed Moyer to a contract, so he remains a free agent, but he asked the Phillies if he could use their facilities.

“We’re providing him our space in Clearwater and our expertise,” Ruben Amaro Jr. said.


Consider it a big thank you to Ja-Mo for his contributions. We're going to assume that the Phillies have no interest in re-signing Pops.

Moyer, of course, still has the mind of a child. On Friday, he lined Charlie Manuel's seat with rosin

Jamie Moyer Plays a Practical Joke on Charlie Manuel

Kyle Scott - August 27, 2011


Jamie Moyer was at the ballpark last night (presumably to offer up his services for an end of days spot start today), and he took a few moments to line Charlie Manuel's and the other coach's seats with rosin- ya know, to keep them dry and all. What is it Jimmy Buffett once said (seems appropriate to quote him during a hurricane), people grow older but not up? Stay young, Jamie.

Thanks to (@JRCarty) for the grab.

Depsite Being Injured and Almost 50, Jamie Moyer Signs with…

Ryan Gillon - March 30, 2011


Jamie Moyer may not be playing baseball, but you'll still see him plenty this season.

After having Tommy John surgery in December, Jamie Moyer announced he would attempt to return to baseball in 2012.

Instead, he will return tomorrow night, just not in the way that we're accustomed to seeing him.

Moyer will join the team on ESPN's Baseball Tonight as an analyst during the 2011 season. I first saw the news on David Murphy's High Cheese blog, where he wrote the following:

The job seems logical for a guy like Moyer. Only problem: once you get him talking about pitching, you find yourself in desperate need of Dave Chappelle's Wrap-it-Up Box.


Nothing like a good laugh, folks.

Jamie Moyer will Undergo Tommy John Surgery, He Needs to Retire

Kyle Scott - November 30, 2010


Jamie Moyer will undergo Tommy John surgery tomorrow in an effort to repair his 48-year-old left elbow.  

But he still wants to play again.  This was posted on his foundations's Facebook Page last night:

It's official – Jamie is having surgery Wednesday and we are cautiously optimistic superman will make a comeback! – Karen and Jamie

Look, I know it might be blasphemous to criticize Jamie around these parts, but it's time for the old man to hang it up.  Tommy John surgery has a recovery period of at least a year.  That means Moyer will be attempting a comeback, from serious elbow surgery, at age 50.

Maybe a shred of dignity, Jamie?