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Phillies Beat Writer Continues to Display Rudimentary Understanding of the Medium on Which He Makes a Living

Kyle Scott - February 19, 2013

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Daily News pseudo Phillies beat writer David Murphy, whose understanding of the Internet apparently consists of boobs, beer and SEO (which is actually, like, a real, useful thing that perhaps Murphy’s employer,, would have been wise to implement back in, say, 2005, when the company viewed direct mail* as its biggest threat in a rapidly changing media landscape), wrote a very meta blog post which threw some much-needed cold water on a WIP report that the Phillies were aggressively pursuing Giancarlo Stanton. [They’re not, really. Likely just did some due diligence, since, from afar, it appears that the Marlins would sell their pitcher's mound if it saved them a few bucks.]

Besides pointing out the obvious – that the chances of Stanton becoming a Phillie, or going anywhere right now, are slim to none – Murphy managed to once again sound like a self-absorbed d-bag who has no idea how that fancy new medium the kids use works. Go ahead, Cheeser:

At first, I was going to take a principled stand and refuse to write a blog post. But by the time I made that decision, my Twitter feed and email inbox were full of questions regarding a Chris May tweet of a WIP rumor that alleges the Phillies are "aggressively" pursuing Marlins slugger Giancarlo Stanton. So I decided that I had to write something. Then I figured, why not go all out and search engine optimize my headline, since really what we have here is little more than a naked grab for metrics. So, apologies, you will not find any boobs in this post. You will, however, find an explanation of why I wouldn't infer that the Phillies have a shot in hell of acquiring Stanton, even if they are, as alleged, aggressively pursuing him.


Funny, because the naked grab for metrics (like the Daily News and are above that sort of thing) started on the radio. And had there not been this shiny new thing on our desk boxes, the story likely would have gotten more legs– Hey, did you hear the Phillies are getting Stanton? Instead, the report was quickly shot down by those in the know – on the Internet – and Phillies fans will keep their sanity this afternoon.

Of course, this isn’t the first time that Murphy’s understanding of the intertubes has been about as deep as your great uncle’s:

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 3.58.29 PM

But it’s the hypocrisy from someone who collects a paycheck from a company that keeps a photo gallery of Wingettes on its sports page at all times…

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 4.00.38 PM

… that partnered with Bleacher Report to put SEO friendly, user-generated junk next to real, actual news…

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 3.27.29 PM

… junk like this… 

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 3.26.51 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 3.26.51 PM

… that is oh so rich. Rich. GET RICH QUICK. 12 STEPS TO GET RICH QUICK! Just hit the jump to find out how.

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This Article is Insufferable, Even by David Murphy Standards

Kyle Scott - February 12, 2013

image from

Writing today about the psyche of an athlete, thirty-something quasi-beat writer for a dying newspaper David Murphy, who just refuses to spell out single-digit numbers, managed to reach new levels of insufferable with this prose about athletes lying to themselves about their ailments:

Last year, a segment of fans and talking heads espoused a disconcerting school of thought during Utley's eventual 3-month absence from the active roster. Utley, the suggestion went, was not honest with himself or the organization about his knees, and because of that, he hindered the Phillies' ability to replace him. My response to anybody who asked my opinion on the matter was that it was nonsense, and my explanation went something like this:

The ability to lie to oneself, and to believe those lies, is a fundamental requirement for an elite-level athlete. The measure of an athlete's psychology is his ability to convince himself that the impossible can be attained. That psychology extends to his physical health, which, at most points during a season, is somewhere less than 100 percent. An athlete's job is to convince himself that he is not in pain, and, failing that, that the pain is not strong enough to hinder his performance, and, failing that, that the pain that is hindering his performance is within his control, that it can be overcome with the proper adjustments, be they mental or mechanical.

A major league pitcher must convince himself that he is capable of performing a task that the human body was not meant to do. This season, Roy Halladay's mission is to convince himself of the irrelevance of the fact that his body turns 36 years old on May 14. Perhaps he will find inspiration in Chris Carpenter, his friend and former teammate who as a 36-year-old in 2011 logged 237 1/3 innings before pitching the Cardinals to a World Series title.


Or, Roy Halladay should acknowledge the fact that he’ll turn 36 this year and, instead of ignoring it, make adjustments to his routine and his approach, the way so many other successful, aging pitchers have done before him. 

Or, you know, just pretend that he’s 22, a method of self-trickery that Murphy himself dismissed as, at best, unreliable (at worst, foolish) just a few paragrahs before claiming that it should be Halladay's mission.

Your Drinker’s Philadelphia CB Six Pack: Gonzo v. Murph (The Confrontation), Hunter Pence Eats with Sheena Parveen, and More

Kyle Scott - February 21, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 7.57.49 PM

The DNL crew sprung for beach bar chairs this week

1) Worlds collide.

Lots of stuff on Daily News Live tonight. First and foremost, Twitter war heroes John Gonzalez and David Murphy made their first joint appearance on the show, which was broadcast live from Clearwater. 

In case you are unawares, Murph v. Gonzo was our all-time favorite Twitter war (Les Bowen punching Jeff McLane is actually in a class of its own– Swinging Scribes). You can read all about it here.

Awkward. I need an adult.

Got to again give Gonzo the slight edge, though: He broke the ice and busted out the brilliant mark that down on your iPad, Barkann line– an unintentional hybrid of suck it, Trabek and Van Wilder’s write that down, all while paying homage to Barkann's iconic Gen 1 iPad. +2.

2) Moving on (which I think we can all agree is what’s needed here). Lee participated in DNL’s Quick Six segment. One problem: Lee’s hamster operates at the speed of a turtle on Xanies, making quick six a mathetmatical impossibility. But he did give us this when asked how Cole Hamels won last year's hitting contest among starting pitchers:

"I don’t know, I only had the highest average, more home runs, more RBIs, more hits, a stolen base. I don’t know. I lost."


I agree. How, in the hell, does one hit two home runs, gallop the bases and piss excellence, then not win the award? Please.

3) CSN’s other big announcement (I’m telling you– DNL had substance today) was… Gregg Murphy being added as Phillies sideline reporter for all home and away games on CSN, Comcast Network, and MyPHL 17. via the press release:

PHILADELPHIA – (February 21, 2012) – Comcast SportsNet today announced that the network’s anchor/reporter Gregg Murphy has been added to the Phillies broadcast team as a field reporter for the 2012 season. Murphy will join Tom McCarthy, Gary Matthews and Chris Wheeler, beginning with Comcast SportsNet’s broadcast of the Saturday, March 3rd Spring Training game featuring the Phillies and Yankees.


I actually like this move. Yeah, we’re going to miss continued success and I generally prefer my sideline reporters to be females sporting endless stilts… but Murphy is good and will certainly give us more than Sarge.

And as some of you asked, no, this doesn't mean Sarge is leaving the team, just not doing the on-field stuff.

4) LETS MAKE FUN OF THE METS. Deadspin has a rather in depth post on how Madoff’s money ran the team: [Deadspin]

The Mets chose not to pay their premiums on insurance for injured players, instead putting that money into a Madoff account, and pay players directly from the returns.

And then there's the famous Bobby Bonilla contract. Instead of paying him the $5.9 million owed on the last year of his deal, the Mets bought Bonilla out—and agreed to pay him $1.2 million annually from 2011 to 2035. It's not the only deferred contract the Mets handed out, and now we know why: they were investing that long-term money with Madoff. Wilpon and Katz figured the Madoff money would cover the contracts and make them a tidy profit.


The Mets headline translator is worth checking out, too.

5) Five other roles Shane Victorino should pursue

6) Finally, tonight (Tuesday) at 11, Hunter Pence eats Sheena Parveen eats with Sheena Parveen. This is absolutely going to end in more CB posts, I promise.

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 8.45.32 PM

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 7.49.20 PM

Just in case you were wondering (I was), Pence, who is rumored to be no more with Playmate Shannon Jamesfollows only one Philly media person. One. Sheena Parveen:

Screen Shot 2012-02-21 at 7.50.49 PM

Let’s. Go. Eat.

H/T to (@irollrocks)

Phillies Beat Writer David Murphy Creates Hipster Blog, Rips Mike Missanelli

Kyle Scott - November 28, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-11-28 at 10.52.24 AM
I wonder if Murph ever redeemed his gift card from this McFadden's email…

Yes! One-sided media fight! Excellent.

A while back, after I made a comment about David Murphy’s Daily News Live smuggery, someone who knew Murph told me that he was a "meathead masquerading as an intellectual." Which is the worst kind of intellectual. From that point forward, I viewed all of Murphy’s articles and blog posts through that lens. Still, I often found his pithy thoughts, especially those on High Cheese, to be interesting and somewhat humorous in that I’m trying too hard but I’m usually able to hit the mark sort of way. His stuff is different from the 900 other Phillies beat writers, so it’s a breath of fresh, privileged air.

But Murph likes himself. A lot. 

So, now, he’s launched his own blog – here comes the freebie link from Philly’s best* – And, naturally, it only took him until his seventh post to lambaste Mike Missanelli, a Philly Media Network colleague.

*Voted, baby.

We use the term “colleague” loosely. Missanelli writes a weekly column in the Inquirer, and undoubtedly doesn’t leave his home to do so. Murph is a Phillies beat writer for the Daily News. They certainly don’t “work together,” and they might not even know each other, but their paychecks come from the same place (for those who prefer to watch the puppets instead of checking out the strings, the Inquirer and Daily News are owned by the same company). As such, Murph v. Miss joins Murph v. Gonzo, Bowen v. McLane, and Seravalli’s lousy sources v. Carchidi’s seemingly good ones in the League of Unfortunate Adversaries.*

*For realsies, the last thing and Co. needs is more intracompany feuds. One (both?) of their papers is (are?) dying, their website is lousy, and their tablet program (which they keep pushing– on sale today for $89!) is an unmitigated disaster. Apparently, they have only sold through half of their 5,000 trial tablets, and their entire test has been plagued by faulty devices, buggy apps and lousy customer service. Shouldn’t there be an editor somewhere saying “Hey! Stop critiquing each other… you leave that to Crossing Broad!”?

In taking apart Missanelli’s column (which appeared in yesterday’s Inquirer), Murph attacked “the writer," passively calling him an ass [indirectly] and a “novice writer,” among other not-so-friendly chides. 

I highlighted some, um, highlights from Murph’s lecture “workshop," providing some of my own feedback on his cheesy prose, where necessary.

Give it a little jump.

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Roy Oswalt Will Make Rehab Start on Thursday

Kyle Scott - May 9, 2011


At least according to David Murphy, who has reached dangerous levels of loveable smugness with his Lorax Twitter photo, referencing this exchange with John Gonzalez.


John Gonzalez and David Murphy Whip It Out to See Whose Pen is Bigger

Kyle Scott - April 18, 2011


… or keyboard. Or whatever dick reference is appropriate.

Let’s break it down.

Yesterday, Inquirer columnist and former 97.5 host John Gonzalez wrote an article about booing, which – rightfully – blasted the square media-types who consistently feel the need to call us out for doing something we’ve done for the last 50 years. In the screed, Gonzo took aim at his Philly Newspapers (or whatever they're now calling the company that resides at 400 N. Broad) colleague, Daily News Phillies beat writer David Murphy, who writes the “High Cheese” blog on

That's part of the problem. Many media types I know hold the fans in contempt. It's sad when, say, a cheese-heavy local baseball blogger thinks he knows it all but fails to see himself for what he is: a glorified stenographer with a bloated ego and a sweet gig. It's the misguided elitism that rankles. Reporters don't consume sports the same way fans do, and few of them have made much of an effort to understand your perspective.


– gasps - Like that scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, where Angelo tells Judge Doom he’s seen a rabbit.  He didn’t really just do that, did he?

This is where things got good… after the jump.

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Eskin Sword Fights with Daily News Writers

Kyle Scott - February 6, 2011


Howard Eskin is just on a roll with making himself even more enemies than he already has.

Two weeks ago, he needlessly called out Roy Halladay out for not being accessible to the media. Halladay, to his credit, has spoken with several media outlets since the season ended. He just hasn't spoken to Howard.

On Friday, Eskin had Rams head coach Steve Spagnulo on his show, which was broadcasting live from radio row in Dallas. Yesterday, Eagles beat writer Paul Domowitch, also in Dallas, wrote a story with quotes from Spagnulo talking about the Eagles promotion of Juan Castillo. Eskin believes those quotes were stolen from his radio interview.

On his Twitter:

The quotes in Philly on line from St Louis Rams Head Coach Steve Spagnulo came from MY interview with Spags on 610 WIP on Friday afternoon .

Glad I could help and inquirer with the quotes from rams head coach concerning Juan Castillo.


A bold accustation. One which Paul Domowitch disagrees with:

How to put this nicely: Howard Eskin is a scumbag and he'd be wise not to get near me.


Phillies beat writer David Murphy does an excellent job of breaking down the quotes on his blog and goes as far as to call Eskin a test tube baby…

Sometime yesterday evening, Howard Eskin — or somebody using a Twitter account under his name — publicly accused Daily News football writer Paul Domowitch of lifting an interview of Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo from 610-WIP and passing it off as his own. For those of you who may not be familiar with Eskin, he used to host a popular sports radio talk show in Philadelphia. If that still does not ring a bell, he's the guy you will occasionally see holding a microphone behind Andy Reid on the sidelines at Eagles games, the one who  bears a slight resemblance to something you might get if Chewbacca and Conan O'Brien produced a test tube baby.



I've said this before and I'll say it again: I generally think Howard's style, which cuts through the crap so many PR folks feed to the media, is a breath of fresh air in this city. That probably puts me in the minority, but it's the truth. However, lately, Howard has been completely wrong in his accustations against the top athlete in the city and one of the more respected beat writers around.

His piece on Halladay came across as nothing more than a jealous rant on someone who wouldn't give him the time of day. And now, this public accusation against Domowitch, who would have no incentive to steal unsourced quotes from the radio, appears to be an equally unfounded claim. Before publicly criticizing people, one needs to make sure their accusations are accurate. Even if it is an attention getting move, it casts a shadow of doubt on respected individuals like Halladay and Domowitch.

Of course, anything that leads to a David Murphy Chewbacca reference is a win in my book.