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In an Email, Eagles VP of Communications Told a Reader the Organization is Proud of Fans, Doesn’t Want to Drown Them Out

Kyle Scott - November 12, 2012

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Pic via (@MarkAMansfield)

This morning, Eagles Sr. VP of Communications Rob Zeiger, whose professional existence might compare to a prison having director of promotions, told the WIP Morning Show that the Eagles didn’t blare music to drown out boos yesterday. Rather, they did it because it was a trend they had noticed across the league– torturing fans with screaming pop music, apparently. That’s 100% bullshit. And reader Ryan pressed the issue with Zeiger, via email. This is a portion of that exchange:

Your explanation of the sound level at the Linc yesterday is terrible. You were obviously trying to drown out negative feedback from fans. If you do wanna play more music in the stands at a ridiculously high level, why not play something that would pump the crowd up??? You were playing Selena Gomez and Bruno Mars junk. My ears still hurt from yesterday.


So do my eyes, Ryan. 

Zeiger responded thusly:

Hi, Ryan,

We're just trying to hit the right mix of music and volume and activity to help our fans have a great time at the game. In fact, we make adjustments all the time — but it's clear this one got noticed more than others. So we'll work on it.

We're proud of Eagles fans.  We don't want to drown them out.

Feel free to send along any playlist suggestions you have.

Thanks for reaching out.




That grammatical Eagles chant is the ultimate dick-punch exclamation point on a flaming pile of shit explanation. Like ending an AA meeting with a toast. Remember how fucking awesome this used to be? Yeah, well you can’t have it anymore. Salud! 

But hey, at least the Eagles are proud of you!

The Eagles’ Hilarious Explanation for Blaring Music

Kyle Scott - November 12, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 9.52.56 AM

Eagles Sr. VP of Communications Rob Zeiger went on the WIP Morning Show to clear up a few things about the fan experience at yesterday’s laugher, most notably why Sign Man was kicked out of the game and why PA music was blaring.

On Sign Man: Zeiger said SM was not removed from the stadium because of the content on his sign – “Andy, Quit, Your Team Has” – but because the sign was too large and blocking the view of fans. And after repeated requests to take down, the sign kept going back up. 

That is plausible, though readers Charlie and Matt tell us that the stadium was pretty much empty when SM was kicked out. Sign Man agrees: [CBS Philly]

"The stadium is packed so somebody is going to complain they can’t see. So we waited until the very end, when the stadium was pretty much filing out, so there was nobody behind us at all. So we didn’t block anybody’s view. And my nephew was on each end, and I said, ‘don’t take it down, we’re not taking it down."


Classic he said, sign said sitch.

The next explanation from Zeiger is decidedly ridiculous, however.

On loud music being used to drown out boos: [I’ll quote this one] “Well, we had the sound up, but it was for a different reason. We travel obviously to everyone else’s stadiums for the away games. We take notes on what seems to work at other ballparks, see what we want to apply here. Different people play different music, they put different things on their video boards, and we've noticed a good vibe at places that turn the music up a little bit louder. Yesterday, there was a good vibe out in the parking lot [editor’s note: a car fire, Fire Andy truck, Ryan Howard]. It was a sunny day, where you’re driving around in your car [editor’s note: the one with the Fire Andy billboard or the one on fire?], you’d probably turn the radio up a little bit. So, we turned it up a little bit. But, we did that before we even opened the gates, when there was no one was in there, and it was loud then. It was something we were going to do throughout the game and it didn’t have anything to do with how the game was going.”

The Eagles just happened to make that change after 11 years in the Linc and at the lowest point in team history. I guess next we should expect Terrible Towels and cannon blasts, the latter of which should make Jon Gruden feel right at home next year. 

Sign Man Kicked Out of Game, Eagles Blast Loud Music Presumably to Drown Out Boos

Kyle Scott - November 12, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 8.50.35 AM
Photoshop via reader Matt

The Eagles were prepared yesterday. 

The last home game, a pre-Frankenstorm loss to the Falcons, was about as low as it gets for a home team: an eery scene of rain and wind, punctuated by boos and Fire Andy chants (the F is now capitalized). It was yet another embarrassment for Jeffrey Lurie. 

So, the Eagles fought back on Sunday.

Music blared from the PA system, apparently to drown out boos. I wasn’t there, but one media person told me that was the working theory in the press box. Many in attendance noticed it too:

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 8.53.18 AM

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 8.53.18 AM

Another action from the oppressive regime: Sign Man, who was probably about as self-controlled as a guy with the moniker Sign Man could be, told the WIP Morning Show today that he was kicked out of the game and threatened to be arrested for his display of unhappiness, which apparently included this sign:

Screen Shot 2012-11-12 at 9.14.08 AM
Pic via (@RapSheet)

We’re not sure what else sign man was doing that may have led to his removal from the stadium, so it’s entirely possible he deserved security’s attention. But, it’s also entirely possible that his removal was yet another predictable action by a touchy organization that has completely lost its customers, the fans.

What I can tell you for sure is that the Eagles are a sensitive, controlling, and out-of-touch organization that does its best to proactively block negative press and attention, and local media outlets, for the most part, roll right over for them. Not this one, though. 

Video after the jump of fans booing Eagles as they come off field. Andy Reid walks by around 1:05 mark.

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Jay-Z Will Hold Two-Day Music Festival on The Parkway

Kyle Scott - May 14, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-05-14 at 10.59.59 AM

Jay-Z will hold a two-day music festival in Philadelphia over Labor Day Weekend. The event, which will take place on the Ben Franklin Parkway, will feature more than 30 artists, 70% of which are confirmed… though there were no indications who they would be.

Tickets will go on-sale in mid May.

“Everyone knows my love affair with Philly, from the amazing talented artists I’ve signed here… to the film work I’m about to do with Will Smith in Overbrook,” HOV told a seemingly odd mixture of media and fans outside the Art Museum this morning.

The festival, called Made in America, is being sponsored by Anheuser-Busch and will benefit the United Way.

The last major concert to take place in Philly was Live 8, which drew like 100 billion people to the Parkway. I’m sure an outdoor hip hop festival in the middle of a crowded city will go of without any hitches. I’m sure of it.

Jonathan Papelbon Seemingly Chooses His Entrance Music…

Kyle Scott - April 9, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-04-09 at 10.17.57 PM

In case you didn’t stick around or stay tuned in until the ninth inning of today's game (and if you didn’t, who can blame you?), Jonathan Papelbon debuted what – we think – will be his new entrance music, even though he was entering the game with the Phillies trailing 5-2.

His choice……..

Alice In Chains, Man In The Box.

What, Black Hole Sun wasn’t available?

Look, no one likes the Dropkick Murphys, but at least their song, Shipping Up To Boston, which Papelbon used with the Red Sox, made sense. It was hip when he started using it, and obviously the lyrics are about… well, you get it.  

Papelbon spent half the spring answering questions about his new music, and genuinely seemed to be torn over what to select. So he came up with Alice In Chains (?). That’s a song befitting (AND RECORDED BEFORE) the 1993 Phillies. It’s not a good one, either. Though this lyric fits:

I'm the man in the box
Buried in my shit
Won't you come and save me, save me


If shit is a dysphemism for the Phillies' lineup, maybe Paps was onto something…

Perhaps he will use a different song for save situations, and didn’t want to ruin the surprise during a 5-2 home opening snoozefest. But I can’t imagine he gave the CBP audio folks such specific instructions. Or maybe he did. Who knows? We'll find out if the Phillies ever score more runs than their opponent.

Anyway, Scott Franzke and Larry Anderson were less than thrilled at Papelbon's choice of music. Their reaction, and the song in-full, after the jump.

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Jose Reyes’ Rap Video is About as Incoherent as You Would Expect

Kyle Scott - July 18, 2011

Somewhere, Chris Wheeler is locked in a closet with a roll of paper towels and this video playing on an endless loop.

I think Jose Reyes' new jam, No Hay Amigo, safely solves the age-old debate "who is a better rapper, Lou Williams or Jose Reyes?" Reyes may have the on-field prowess, but Lou Will has the lyrical stylings. At least we found out that he didn't get laid until after he made $1 million (what's that tell you, Lou?). Reyes, on the other hand, this: [via MetsBlog]

There he says that: Youre bad i know it and in your face i can notice that you want to hang out with just for the money. Then he says : Where were you when i practice hungry and spent a week with the same shirt.


Second translation: You weren't my friend until I had money. What a novel concept for a rap song.

via Big League Stew

Checking In On Your Philadelphia 76ers

Kyle Scott - May 20, 2011

Screen shot 2011-05-20 at 2.32.49 PM

Screen shot 2011-05-20 at 2.32.37 PM

Ya boi M Speezy just sent out this Tweet from the Waffle House. Unfortunately for his waitress, she is unfortunate looking. Mo doesn't like that. Sheesh!


Meanwhile, teammate Lou Will is on set with white boy rapper Dave Patten, filming the Slow it Down music video. Why yes, Virginia, it will include a stripper pole. Phew.

Pics via the always entertaining Twitter accounts of LouWillVille (@teamlou23) and MoSpeezy (@mospeights16)

Former Villanovan Will Sheridan Releases One of the Oddest Music Videos You Will See

Kyle Scott - April 12, 2011

I had the pleasure of attending Villanova at the same time as Will Sheridan. He's most remembered for scoring the game-winning basket against Boston College in the 2006 Sweet 16. Well, he didn't actually score anything at all- BC got called for goaltending. But now we're just pickin' nit.

Sheridan was always an "artsy" type, and the fact that he has a music video comes as no surprise. Although, he doesn't always like attention, seeing as though he once chewed-out (not literally) a girl on a bus (leaving a formal), because she recognized him as being one of the 12 men on campus who routinely played a sport on national television. He didn't like that. His 6'8 frame just wanted to blend in. This was the same formal where I'm fairly certain I witnessed Mike Nardi receive a handy under a dinner table. Details. Too many details. Yeah, this video – like that visual – is frightening.

via Barstool