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Dan Fuller Gives His Extraordinarily Lengthy and Comprehensive Review of the Union’s New Kit

Kyle Scott - February 27, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 9.47.10 AM

I asked our fashion editor, Dan Fuller, if he wanted to review the Union’s new alternate kit, which was unveiled yesterday at Xfinity Live! Philadelphia Exclamation Points. Dan, usually not at a loss for words (LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF THEM), responded thusly. It is now our review. 

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 10.00.05 AM

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 10.01.33 AM

There you have it– indifference and too much Bimbo. It’s like a bad night at the club (perhaps with Sebastien Le Toux?). 

The kit pays homage to some team you’ve never heard of Bethlehem Steel, the local soccer club that won the hearts and minds had a few fans back around the time Rose was getting plowed by Leo on the Titanic (1911-1930). 

A ridiculous video from Adidas, full of all sorts of marketing BS, after the jump. 

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Your Lockout Update: The NHL Waited Until December to Be Reasonable, and A Possible Reason To Momentarily Not Hate Sidney Crosby

Ryan Gillon - December 5, 2012


(Photo: Sports Card Forum)

It "started" with a seemingly bogus report from CBS 4's Steve Burton in Boston:


Despite Bill Daly refuting the report rather quickly, here we sit two days later with assorted shreds of optimism that the NHL Lockout may be coming to an end.

Whether or not Burton truly has the inside track regarding the progression of talks is beyond me, but I'm not really here to delve into it either. The possibility exists that we may see NHL hockey before Christmas, and that's what matters.

Having said that, as you check your Twitter feed and watch the combined 44 seconds of ESPN SportsCenter coverage tomorrow during their six live hours of Tebow/RG III bullshit, remember that the lockout isn't over… yet.

Part of me is asking where the this effort was in September when the CBA was about to expire. I also wonder why Gary Bettman and the owners opened negotiations with such a lowball offer sending pessimism running through the veins of the hockey community. And then I read this piece from the Edmonton Journal's David Staples, pointing to a strategy reportedly executed by the NHL during negotiations:

“Apparently Gary is ready to get a deal done,” [Nick] Kypreos said. “He wants this thing done Friday. Friday!”

On Sportsnet’s Hockey Central show, Kypreos debated the issues withtwo other NHL insiders, former NHL GM Doug MacLean and sportscaster Daren Millard.

MacLean said that six weeks ago, he heard the NHL’s position, that “it is knock ‘em down, drag ‘em out until December 1st, and then at December 1st we’re getting a deal done.”


Fucking terrific. It was absolutely worth losing three months of hockey and thousands and thousands of fans. That's not even considering the cash cow that is the Winter Classic. All-Star Weekend in Columbus is also a goner, but hey, it's December 1st, the NHL is ready to negotiate!

Ironic is the fact that the most progress has been made without Bettman and the NHL Players Association's Donald Fehr. In addition to 18 current players and six of the league's owners, the aformentioned Daly sat in for the NHL while Donald's brother Steve represented the players. The move could prove to be a blessing considering the widespread resentment that the players have for Bettman.

What may be the most painfully odd factor for Flyers fans in all of this is the reported impact that Pittsburgh Penguins dickbag Sidney Crosby is having in all of this. He and Penguins co-owner Ron Burkle flew into New York City together, were present in yesterday's meetings that lasted more than eight hours, and are both participating in tonight's activities.

Rob Rossi of the Pittburgh Tribune-Review even went as far to write that "Burkle and Crosby were described by participants in the five-hour talks as voices of reason. 


So, where are we? Well…

The Players Association delivered an offer to the owners this afternoon, and the owners came back with a counter quickly. What's different about these proposals is that we actually know nothing about them. Nothing has leaked or been made public by either side. Although we're obviously curious, the lack of information available to us is probably a good thing and means that both sides are taking this latest round of negotiations seriously.

Meanwhile, Tim Panaccio is reporting the Board of Governors discussed a season that would feature anywhere from 50 to 60 games if the lockout ends. Ren Lavoie of RDS in Canada mentioned this:


So, if you've been paying attention, that would mean the NHL's next lockout will begin in September 2023.

As of this writing, the owners have just left the negotiating room, and there is no indication if talks have finished for the night or if they will continue. The NHL has set up a podium in the past hour, so we are expecting some sort of announcement, but there's no guarantee it's coming anytime soon.

Stay tuned…

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Jeffrey Lurie’s State of the Team Address is Today, and A Wednesday Recap

Ryan Gillon - August 30, 2012


This will be Lurie's second attempt this preseason (Photo:
Let's try this again.
Eagles owner Jeff Lurie will address the media today before tonight's final preseason game against the New York Jets at Lincoln Financial Field.
Initially, Lurie scheduled the State of the Eagles address earlier this month at Lehigh University during training camp. It was canceled because Andy Reid's son, Garrett, was found dead that same morning.
As the Inquirer's Jeff McLane notes, the content of the address could be more interesting than usual, given the owner's personal offseason.
The Eagles announced the Luries' split on July 4. While the statement made it clear that Jeffrey and Christina's parting would have no effect on the Eagles and that they would continue to work together, there was some concern that the team could be torn apart in divorce proceedings. Earlier this month, though, there was a report that Lurie would maintain majority ownership and still have the final say in all matters related to the Eagles. Christina Lurie will have a small stake in the team like other minority owners.
The team also has to reduce their roster from 75 to 53 players by tomorrow at 9:00 pm. They no longer have Joe Banner in the fold, and despite a tulmultuous offseason that included death and divorce, expectations are high.
That doesn't mean we won't hear the same old story from Lurie… no one's holding their breath.
In case you missed it on Wednesday:
Vance Worley will be shut down for the rest of the regular season.
Glen Macnow spotted Chase Utley taking grounders at third base yesterday during a live broadcast at Citizens Bank Park… very sly, Glen. Very sly.
Tyler Cloyd made his first professional start last night after Cole Hamels went down to a gastrointestinal illness.
The CEO of the company that makes Michael Vick's flak jacket made a pretty ballsy guarantee.
Another first for Bryce Harper… he was ejected last night.
Happy Thursday, folks. More to come.
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The New Nike Eagles Jerseys

Kyle Scott - April 3, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-04-03 at 11.57.49 AM
Photo via Darren Rovell on Who Say

Here they are, the new Philadelphia Eagles Nike jerseys, and they’re exactly the same!

Today at a press conference that mystifyingly wasn’t shown live on the NFL Network, the NFL and Nike unveiled the new jerseys to be worn by all 32 NFL teams. Previously, as you likely already know, teams wore Reebok jerseys. Now it’s Nike’s turn, and from the looks of things, they were much more conservative than they were with the NCAA.

This is disappointing, to say the least. I wrote at length here about how the Eagles would benefit greatly from a brand facelift, which could have largely been accomplished by refreshing their jerseys. With Nike taking over jersey design this year, it seemed like a good time to do just that.

No such luck.

Screen Shot 2012-04-03 at 12.30.17 PM

What you are seeing is essentially the same jersey (cosmetically speaking), with most of the differences coming in the fabric used by Nike. The only team that received a radical change to their new uniforms was the Seattle Seahawks:

Screen Shot 2012-04-03 at 12.06.42 PM

Photo SB Nation

I actually like those, and wanted to see something similar, or at least as drastic, for the Eagles. Oh well. 

As you can see in this picture tweeted by Paul Lukas, Michael Vick (and other notables) was in New York to debut the Eagles’ new old look:

Screen Shot 2012-04-03 at 12.03.59 PM

We’ll have links to purchase when the jerseys go on-sale soon.

About the only things that are new for the Eagles are the cleats and gloves, which you can view after the jump.

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The Mets Are So Broke… They Are Auctioning Off Utley’s Corner!

Kyle Scott - January 20, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-01-20 at 11.48.58 AM

This is almost exactly like that scene in Major League II where Roger Dorn got so broke that he started selling proctology ads all over the outfield walls of his stadium. But in this case, the Mets muffed that model and are trying to sell the actual ads.

Wait, what?

This bid of tid comes to us from Andrew Marchand of ESPN New York [via Deadspin] who tells us about the Mets’ official auction, which itself is not anything out of the ordinary, but contains items that are, um, peculiar.

Like ads from the outfield walls at Citi Field. 

You see, in an effort to improve power numbers, the Mets are moving in the fences this year. And why should you let the old panels go to waste when you can sell them?!!

That’s right, folks, the Mets are auctioning off panels from sections of the fence that were adorned with advertisements and championship banners. Our eye is drawn to one section in particular: the Wheat Thins: The Crunch is Calling advertisement, which used to call Utley’s Corner home (!!!). And yes, the Mets even got the description wrong by saying the panels were located in left field. They weren't– they were in right.


These 7 panels featuring the Wheat Thins logo were located in the left field at Citi Field until the end of the 2011 season. Each panel is approximately 4X8? and weigh about 75 pounds. FJ631780 – FJ631781 – FJ631782 – FJ631783 – FJ631784 – FJ631785 – FJ631786 Please contact Mets Amazin? Memorabilia to discuss shipping/pickup details. You may pick up the panels at Citi Field during regular business hours at no additional cost. Don?t miss the opportunity to own this unique piece of Mets memorabilia. The availability of items varies, but for questions about this piece or different numbers, players, colors, or sizes please contact Amazin' Memorabilia, The Official Source for New York Mets Game Used Memorabilia, by emailing or by calling 718-559-3144. An MLB Authentication Program tamperproof hologram is affixed to each piece of Amazin' Memorabilia. For more information on this item, visit and enter the hologram listed above. 


Thank God for that authentic hologram, because you don’t want to be fooled by the many counterfeit 4-foot-by-8-foot cushioned Wheat Thins panels floating around NYC. – pauses – Actually… Mets ownership is known to be involved with the sale of worthless goods, so perhaps the hologram is a good thing.

The bidding for the panels opens at $1,000, and as you may have guessed, there are no bidders yet– which means that I’m very seriously considering splurging on or asking for your help in purchasing Utley’s Corner for exhibit at every. single. tailgate. for. all. eternity. I’ll bring all seven panels, and we can take turns hitting whiffle balls over the wall which we will then sprinkle with a 50-50 organic blend of beer and excellence.

Really, I’m thinking about buying this.

There are other sections of fence available in the auction, too. They include ones used for a Lincoln ad, a Delta ad, a Verizon ad, and assorted championship banners that I really don’t care about. 

Ladies and gentlemen, your 2012 Mets: for when you can’t afford a punchline. 

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Winter Classic: New York Times Goes Inside 24/7 Production, Another HBO Trailer

Kyle Scott - December 13, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-12-13 at 9.47.05 AM

It hath arrived.

I was trying to describe 24/7 – which debuts tomorrow night at 10 PM on HBO -  to a non-hockey fan yesterday, and the only thing I could come up with was: sports porn.

Think about it: Most of us, as sports fans (bloggers and media), spend countless hours sifting through piles of generic, often precisely controlled, nonsense. That’s what most sports stories are– nonsense.

Perhaps as a blogger I shouldn’t let you in on that little secret, but it’s true. What coaches and players say after games is rarely what they’re thinking. What teams tell us is rarely the whole story. And what happens on the field or court or ice or pitch is the result of countless hours of hard work and, for lack of a better term, drama. That’s why we try hard to bring you the stuff you won’t find (or won’t be covered) elsewhere– the Tweets, fan reactions, off-field stuff.

Still, though, very few, if any, get a prolonged peek behind the curtain the way HBO is getting this month. Without being too melodramatic about it, we'll get to see the whole story. Edited, of course.

The New York Times has a lengthy article today about the omnipresent HBO cameras. It focuses mostly on the Rangers, but it’s a good read nonetheless. An excerpt:

“Everything’s been great, but we haven’t lost a game since the cameras showed up,” Laviolette joked.

The Rangers won their games Saturday and Sunday, the last two games to be featured in the premiere episode.

Tortorella may wish the teams had final say, as he told reporters Sunday, but they do not. Private medical evaluations, like the concussion tests that Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger had recently, are off limits.

But if it is words — profane, insulting or strategic — the Rangers or the Flyers want cut, Harmon will extend the courtesy of a discussion, but will not allow the teams to be editors.


Lavs called the scene “a big commotion, every hour and every day,” though he’s fairly positive about the whole thing. John Tortorella says the cameras shouldn't be allowed in the locker room.

The New York Times hints that we can expect to see Laviolette, Ilya Bryzgalov and Jaromir Jagr featured in the first episode.

Must-read article from the New York Times here. Another HBO trailer, this one featuring the captains, is after the jump.

There will also be a three-day festival outside Citizens Bank Park, running from December 31 to January 2. Details.

[More on the Winter Classic and HBO's 24/7]

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Video: New York Times Interviews Jerry Sandusky

Kyle Scott - December 3, 2011

Joe Amendola, the worst lawyer in the history of the world, thought it might be a good idea to invite New York Times reporter Jo Becker over to his house to speak with Jerry Sandusky… on camera. This is that interview. As you might imagine, Sandusky, in the most creepy, don’t look directly into the interviewer’s eye way possible, maintains his innocence. You can read the full story here.

Union Unveil New Kits with a Christopher Nolan Trailer

Kyle Scott - November 22, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-11-22 at 5.34.35 PM

Fuck, Union, just weeks after I get myself a nice, authentic white kit (photo evidence— yes, that's a Cliff Lee Fathead behind me), you go and change things up on me*.

*I should have known– soccer teams do this every year UPDATE: every two years in the MLS.

Apropos of exactly nothing right now, the Union unveiled their 2012 kits today… by re-cutting the trailer for Inception. Really.

Anyway, those are the new kits. They look like Man City fucked Real Madrid and the two had a baby, and that’s not a bad thing. At all. Nice contrast between the dark and light blues, solid use of gold, and a lighter – dare I say regal-looking – away jersey.

Sadly, though, the aesthetic appeal of soccer kits is largely based on the logo of a team’s sponsor– in this case, Bimbo, whose branding looks like an early swipe at the American flag. Plus, uh, that name.

In some cases (see Madrid, Real), the sponsor’s logo blends in seamlessly with the design. In other cases (see Barcelona), it clashes horribly. That’s what happens with the Union kits. Their look is constantly going to be brought down with that hideous Bimbo logo. But hey, they’re paying the Union tons of money, so it’s a fair tradeoff.

Nice work on the design.

Video after the jump.

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