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Marcus Peters vs. a Fan

Kevin Kinkead - December 17, 2018

Not a great game for the Rams.

Marcus Peters, who showed no interest in tackling last night, got into it with a presumed Birds fan at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, also known as Lincoln Financial Field west.

Video and full transcript after the jump:

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Nick Foles Will Start Again This Weekend

Kevin Kinkead - December 17, 2018

Nick Foles will play this weekend according to head ball coach Doug Pederson, who spoke Monday from Philly after flying back from the west coast.

Carson Wentz will not go on injured reserve and will instead be listed as “week-to-week” on the injury report.

Pederson also said this about Wentz: “Obviously, when he’s healthy he’s our quarterback.” 

Good job by him squashing any controversy before it started.

Doug’s press conference didn’t feature much in the way of bullet point notes, but he had some more open-ended answers for macro type of questions.

Among the few bullets:

  • Avonte Maddox has played multiple positions, an intellectual guy who understands scheme, a young player who continues to get better
  • Isaac Seumalo is “getting better, we’ll see where he’s at.. maybe not this week.”
  • Jordan Hicks is expected to practice this week.
  • Tim Jernigan is “coming along, hopefully he can do something on Wednesday”
  • Sidney Jones is “probably more week-to-week.”

Time’s yours.


Sports Betting Updates

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FanDuel Sportsbook Review

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After an Unprofitable Season, Bettors Finally Win Big With Eagles

There’s really no way to sugarcoat it, the Eagles have been a bad bet this season. With a 5-9 overall record against the spread, the defending Super Bowl champs have been one of the NFL’s least profitable teams. Think they’ve been tough to root for this season? Try betting on them. The Eagles have disappointed in all situations: both on home and on the road, as a small and big favorite, and even as underdogs,

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The Best New Jersey Online Sports Betting Offers This Weekend

Christmas is just a little more than a week away, so if you still haven’t gotten in on New Jersey’s legal sports betting action, now seems like the right time give yourself the gift of great promos and generous signup bonuses being offered by the best betting apps.  And who knows, maybe you’ll make a little extra spending money to finish up your holiday shopping, or, you know, pay for a round at the bar. Either

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A Hollywood Moment – Ten Takeaways from Eagles 30, Rams 23

Kevin Kinkead - December 17, 2018

Turns out a healthy Nick Foles is better than an injured Carson Wentz.

Shocking, I know.

That should really be the extent of the “Foles vs. Wentz” argument that will stink up social media and sports radio this week. One guy is healthy, one guy is not. THEREFORE – at this current moment in time, I’m gonna roll with the healthy Super Bowl MVP. It seems pretty straightforward to me, but unfortunately we’re just gonna have to deal with the frothy nothing-burger quarrels for the next seven days.

I’ll tell ya what; that was the first Eagles game I enjoyed watching this year, at least for three quarters. They moved the ball up and down the field, they played aggressive and nasty defense, and I swear I saw glimpses of the 2017 squad out there.

This, of course, begs the question –

Where was this Eagles team against the Buccaneers, Titans, Vikings, Panthers, Cowboys, Saints, and Cowboys?

Surely the quarterback change was not the sole catalyst for the win, right? Nick Foles did play the first two games this season, and he wasn’t exactly Joe Montana against the Falcons or Bucs. The banged-up defense was lights out for 3+ quarters last night as guys like Avonte Maddox and Cre’Von LeBlanc made big plays. Did they miraculously transform into legitimate NFL starters overnight?

Gut feeling: the Eagles still believed in themselves while the Rams believed they were going to trash a 6-7 team in a rebound game coming off a bad loss. It’s the same underdog mentality that got the Birds a Super Bowl ring last year. “No one likes us, we don’t care” was the rallying cry then, but this year it’s more, “No one thinks we have a prayer, and we probably don’t, but we’re gonna at least go down swinging.” Maybe we can get that on a T-shirt.

I’ve been totally unenthusiastic about this team and actually mostly ambivalent over the past three or four weeks, so I won’t flip flop here and tell you how excited I am going forward. That would be the Skip Bayless thing to do, to just hop back on the bandwagon. I’m still skeptical that a banged-up Eagles team does much of anything in the playoffs, but at least they’ve given themselves a chance at 9-7 and a postseason return after slogging through a mostly miserable title defense in 2018.

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Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest

Kevin Kinkead - December 14, 2018

What the hell is this? –

These guys definitely listen to Angelo Cataldi’s show. They love Nick Foles, hate Sam Hinkie, and think the Flyers need to get back to playing “old time hockey.”

Ironically, Andy Reid’s team choked away a 14-point fourth quarter lead last night.


Add Another One to Injured Reserve

Kevin Kinkead - December 14, 2018

So much for Jordan Mailata getting some snaps this season.

He was listed with a back injury this week, and now this:


Carson Wentz Listed as “Questionable” But Apparently Needs Months to Recover

Kevin Kinkead - December 14, 2018

Carson Wentz will fly to Los Angeles this weekend, which seems kind of pointless for a guy with a cracked vertebra.

Another combative press conference down at NovaCare today. Doug Pederson didn’t have much interest in talking about the Wentz situation at all, but revealed that his QB will be listed as questionable despite apparently needing a few months for his back to heal.

Would you put a guy with a broken back on a plane to California? Seems like a dumb idea.

Here’s a rundown of Wentz-related stuff Pederson said at today’s press conference:

  • It’s a “stress injury, this thing has evolved over time and it requires zero surgery to heal.”  
  • Doug doubled-down on the idea that the injury “evolved over time” and did not pinpoint a specific incident or game or period in which the injury occurred. Pederson wants to keep specifics in-house. “He’s listed as questionable, and that’s the way it is.”
  • Injury has not affected his play-calling at all.
  • Doesn’t want to put a timetable on recovery, but said it could be possibly three months.
  • It they put him out there, “there has to be 100% chance” that there’s no risk of making the injury worse.”
  • He also pushed back on the idea that the injury was keeping Carson from running more. Credits defenses on that more than anything else.
  • The fracture was discovered after a test was done on Tuesday.
  • This injury does not have anything to do with Wentz compensating for his ACL injury.
  • Doug has a high level of confidence with the medical staff and the team always does tests and scans on injured players on a weekly basis.
  • There’s a “fine line” on pushing guys to come back to play. Each athlete has a protocol based on their individual injuries and they want to be back on the field.
  • Doug’s back injury was different than Carson’s injury, so it’s not fair to compare each of those situations.

So let’s recap:

  1. Carson has a cracked vertebra
  2. He’s listed as questionable and will fly to Los Angeles…
  3. …but he needs “possibly three months” for the injury to heal without surgery

Yeah, alright.

Anyway, here’s video of testy Doug after the jump:

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Howard Eskin vs. Emmanuel Acho

Kevin Kinkead - December 14, 2018

All I can do is laugh at this exchange, which started with Howard Eskin ripping Emmanuel Acho after the ex-Bird criticized the Eagles’ medical staff on Thursday:

Fletcher Cox sliding in now, after the jump:

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Emmanuel Acho Rips the Eagles’ F̶o̶r̶m̶e̶r̶ Medical Staff

Kevin Kinkead - December 13, 2018

The ex-Birds linebacker dropped this a short time ago:

But wait..

It’s a different medical staff, right?

His follow-up:

His point does hold, I guess. The medical staff works for the organization and not the players, which is why you have language in collective bargaining agreements that allows athletes to get second and third opinions from outside sources. This is how Markelle Fultz was able to get his shoulder checked out by multiple specialists in recent weeks.

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