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The Soup of Champions

Kevin Kinkead - August 15, 2018

We wrote last week about the limited edition Bud Light cans commemorating the Eagles’ Super Bowl win. There’s a Super Bowl wine bottle out there as well.

If you’re into collecting as much memorabilia as possible, here’s another one for ya – Chunky soup cans:

Mmmm… looks tasty.

You can get your Super Bowl soup beginning this weekend.

From the press release:

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Jalen Ramsey, Telling it How it is

Kevin Kinkead - August 15, 2018

There’s a wonderful interview on the GQ website with Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey, which includes a couple of Eagles references.

The most interesting part is when he tells author Clay Skipper that he disagreed with some of the quarterback selections in the 2018 draft, which spins off into a discussion about the league’s best signal callers:

“I gotta go down the list of NFL teams, if y’all wanna make sure I’m hitting all the good quarterbacks….”

[At this point, Ramsey has his phone out, scrolling through names.]

“Deshaun Watson, he’ll be the league MVP in a couple years. One hundred percent. There’s not even a debate about that. Him and Carson Wentz, for every year starting now until five to ten years, it’s gonna be them two. They’re that good.”

Agreed. I’d love to see Watson stay healthy.

Nick Foles also came up, and Ramsey spun it off into a couple of Blake Bortles paragraphs:

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NFL Power Rankings

Kevin Kinkead - August 15, 2018

ESPN put out their first batch of power rankings, and your Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles top the list.

As it should be, yes? The Birds return most of their championship squad minus a few defensive starters, and the question marks surrounding the team heading into the season opener have more to do with injury and less to do with overall talent. Sure, you need to find a slot corner and somebody has to assume the weakside linebacker role, but this is pretty much the same group that won it all half a year ago.

Here’s the rest of the top ten:

Hmm.. mostly accurate, I guess. You could make a case for the Rams in the top five based on what that roster looks like. The Packers are ranked too high just because they have the league’s best quarterback. The Chargers in the top ten might be a stretch. Maybe KC/Carolina/Tennessee sneaks in there. ESPN has those teams ranked 11, 12, and 14, with the Cowboys at 13 overall. The Texans round out the top 15.

A few more top ten lists –

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The Redskins Released Orlando Scandrick

Kevin Kinkead - August 14, 2018

NFC East news:

Washington is rolling with Josh Norman and a bunch of question marks in the secondary.

The Redskins released the veteran Scandrick on Tuesday in a shocker of a move, just five months after signing him to a two-year deal worth up to $7 million.

The longtime Dallas Cowboy was expected to start this season, but apparently the ‘Skins are really comfortable going with an inexperienced group of corners instead.

From ESPN’s John Keim:

A number of young corners have performed well, including Quinton Dunbar, a fourth-year player who switched from receiver during his first camp. The Redskins have been pleased with his development but have always liked his ability in press-man coverage.

They also have Fabian Moreau, a third-round pick in 2017 who has worked in the slot. Rookies Greg Stroman, a seventh-round pick, and Danny Johnson, an undrafted free agent, also have impressed the coaches. In addition, Washington drafted Adonis Alexander in the supplemental draft in July.

The Redskins’ corners now feature only one player, Josh Norman, with full-time starting experience. They’ll have new starters in Dunbar and Moreau (slot), plus the three rookies as backups. Redskins coach Jay Gruden said Tuesday he’s confident enough in this group to make the move with Scandrick.

Alright then.

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Eagles Training Camp: The Final Day

Kevin Kinkead - August 14, 2018

Another 10-10-10 practice for the Eagles to wrap up training camp before they head to Gillette Stadium for Thursday’s preseason game against the Patriots.

And by “wrap-up” training camp, I mean that media will only be able to see limited portions of practice from here on out. The team basically just keeps doing what they’ve been doing. It used to be more symbolic when they’d pack up at Lehigh and return to Philly.

Let’s start with head ball coach Doug Pederson, who was asked today about Ian Rapoport’s report that Alshon Jeffery, who is returning from offseason shoulder surgery, could begin the season on the physically unable to perform list.

Doug’s response:

“You know what, we didn’t – I’m not gonna comment on it because obviously we’re just monitoring his progress. It’s day-to-day, we’re happy where he’s at and we’ll continue to do that. I’m not sure where that came from.”

More from Pederson:

  • Nelson Agholor has a “lower body” injury, needs rest, timetable is to get him ready for week one
  • Corey Clement also needs rest from a “lower body,” same as Agholor
  • Nick Foles will play Thursday night, not sure how long yet
  • will sit down after Thursday with medical team to talk about Carson Wentz and where he’s at physically
  • feels it’s important to get starting quarterback at least some time in preseason games, other teams obviously doing things differently
  • would want at least a full week of preparation with Wentz before determining that he’s ready for week one, but didn’t want to get into hypotheticals
  • expects Brandon Graham to continue rehab, wouldn’t make a decision on week one

Nick Foles and Carson Wentz also spoke today:

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Free Beer for Browns Fans, on One Condition

Kevin Kinkead - August 14, 2018

Dilly Dilly.

Bud Light is doing a promotion for long-suffering Browns fans, explained by ESPN’s Darren Rovell:

Hey that’s pretty cool. Free beer!

But what if the Browns don’t win a game? Rovell says the beers will be replaced once per month until Cleveland gets that first W.

Here’s their opening slate:

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Trolling the New England Patriots, in New England

Kevin Kinkead - August 14, 2018

If you’ve ever been to Gillette Stadium, you know it’s in the middle of nowhere, built off of I-95 and connected to a shopping complex about halfway between Providence and Boston. There’s an Olive Garden and a CVS and Bass Pro Shops and all of that.

You have to drive down Route 1 to get into the stadium, unless there’s a back entrance that I’m unaware of. But for Patriots fans heading to Thursday night’s preseason game, they’ll see this billboard on their way in:

It says “Go Birds, World Champs” and shows the 41-33 Super Bowl scoreline with Brandon Graham’s famous strip sack on the right. Jason Kelce, in parade garb, is in the middle.

Boston’s WBZ-TV did a story on the billboard, and some of the reactions are dumb as hell. One guy doesn’t recognize Tom Brady (who, admittedly is wearing a different number) and thinks it’s a player from the Carolina Panthers:

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Eagles Training Camp: The 5th String Quarterback

Kevin Kinkead - August 13, 2018

Mike Groh seems like he has very little interest in speaking to the media, but not in an asshole type of way. It’s more of a, “I really don’t have anything to say” kind of way.

I don’t blame him either, since there isn’t much going on until we get closer to the September 6th home opener.

But it was his turn to talk to reporters today, and he was asked a series of questions about QB acquisition Christian Hackenberg:

Q. How involved were you in the decision to bring QB Christian Hackenberg in? What do you know about him so far? (Eliot Shorr-Parks)

“That’s a personnel decision. We’re happy that he’s here and looking forward to working with him.”

Q. What do you know about Hackenberg? (Shorr-Parks)

“I recruited Christian when he was in high school and I’ve known his family for a long time. He’s had his struggles since he’s gotten into the NFL. We’re just looking forward to working with him.”

Q. When you do bring in a quarterback at this stage of training camp, how do you try to expedite their transition? (Kristen Rodgers)

“Just like any other player. We’ve got to spend a lot of time once the meetings are over, one-on-one time trying to catch him up. You try to shrink the playbook for him and make it more game-plan specific, so they can focus on what they need to know for each game.”

Q. What have your discussions with him been like so far? (Rodgers)

We’ve just kind of exchanged pleasantries, if you will. He was in a meeting last night, and then obviously out here I didn’t have a lot of time to talk to him, but I’m sure we’ll have a lot of time to catch up.”

Q. What can he bring to the mix that you don’t already have? (Jamie Apody)

“We’ve just got to get him out here, and first of all, he’s got to learn what to do and then how we want it done. At this point, he’s got to crawl before he can walk.”

Q. Do you look forward to this challenge as a teacher to be able to develop a prospect like this who’s gone through some bumps? (Chris McPherson)

We look forward to developing all the players on our roster.”

Really scintillating stuff there.

Groh didn’t have much of anything to say beyond that, but here are some nuggets:

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