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Here’s The Flyers-Capitals First Round Playoff Schedule

Jim Adair - April 11, 2016

The NHL has announced the schedule for the first round series between the Flyers and Capitals. All currently scheduled games will air on NBC Sports Network, except game 2, which will air on CNBC. Games 3, 4, and 6 (if necessary) will be in Philadelphia. Check the whole schedule below:

Game 1

  • @ Washington on Thursday, April 14 at 7 p.m. on NBCSN, CSN Philly

Game 2

  • @ Washington on Saturday, April 16th at 7 p.m. on CNBC, CSN Philly

Game 3

  • @ Philadelphia on Monday, April 18th at 7 p.m. on NBCSN, CSN Philly

Game 4

  • @ Philadelphia on Wednesday, April 20th at 7 p.m. on NBCSN, CSN Philly

Game 5*

  • @ Washington on Friday, April 22nd. Time and network TBD, CSN Philly

Game 6*

  • @ Philadelphia on Sunday, April 24th. Time and network TBD

Game 7*

  • @ Washington on Wednesday, April 27th. Time and network TBD, CSN Philly


*if necessary

UPDATE: CSN Philly will air all games, except Game 6.

Peter Luukko Reportedly Set to Jump Back into the NHL as an Executive Chairman of the Florida Panthers

Jim Adair - February 5, 2015

Voila_Capture 2014-08-05_02-22-18_PM

Since former Flyers president Peter Luukko resigned at the end of 2013 to “pursue other entrepreneurial interests,” he spent some time on the board of Pointstreak Sports Technologies Inc., and then as the chairman of Philly Sports Holdings LLC. He never did end up fronting that still-alleged Seattle expansion team, but now he’s back in NHL anyway, as an executive chairman of the Florida Panthers.

Luukko will reportedly be announced in the role on Friday, but it was reported that he came on the personal recommendation of his good friend Gary Bettman. According to Frank Seravalli, Luukko declined to speak on his new role which is yet-to-be-titled. Mr. Snider … I mean, Ed … who said Luukko’s resignation “came out of the blue,” has yet to comment.

Claude Giroux Thinks the Flyers Are “No Doubt” a Playoff Team, Is Probably Wrong

Jim Adair - February 3, 2015

Photo Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Right now, the Flyers aren’t a playoff team. If the season ended today, they’d finish nine points out of a playoff spot. They have a 3.9% chance to make the playoffs, and that’s on a slight uptick (after a significant drop):

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.22.58 AM

Still, Claude Giroux believes. “There’s no doubt that we’re a playoff team,” he told Neil Hartman. “We’re going to prove it in the future.” It’s not quite as ridiculous as Ben Revere’s late-season statement that the Phils were “busting their tails to get that second wild card spot” while they had a 0.0% chance at it, but it’s still a long shot.

Giroux promised a playoff spot last year, but that was after a 1-7-0 start, which gave the team a lot more time to right the ship. Even if, at the time, Kyle called G’s remark about only being six points out “the dumbest athlete quote I’ve ever read. Ever.” Also last year, the Flyers went from a 4.37% chance to make the playoffs to actually making the post-season. So, it’s possible. But last season, that 4.37% chance was the season’s low point, in November. This year, there’s a lot less sand in the hourglass.

The Sixers and Flyers have Been Winning Some Games

Jim Adair - December 29, 2014

Don’t look now, but the two teams whose seasons are still going on are kind of on a roll. Before dropping a few, the Sixers and Flyers won a combined five straight games from Saturday through Friday (three for the Flyers, two for the Sixers), and that is what constitutes doing well for these teams. But it’s not just that:


Photo Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

While they still sit at 5th in the division with a record of 14-15-6, the Flyers have been on a roll. Before their latest loss, they’d won three in a row, five of their last seven, and four of their last five away games. During that three game win streak, the goal differential was in their favor by seven goals. They’re even having some fun:

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 11.05.45 AM

Vinny Lecavalier, whose name was mentioned so often in trade talks this year that it’s probably started to sound weird to Hexy, has come alive. He scored three goals during that streak (after a 14-game drought, so it’s not all coming up Vinny), and Jake Voracek added two more assists to increase his point total to 46 and his league lead in the category to three.

On the whole, three wins isn’t much, but they’re starting to put things together. Meanwhile …


Four wins. FOUR WINS! The Sixers beat the Heat last week, but it’s more remarkable how they did it. For all of the talk of “establishing a losing culture” and “bad habits,” the Sixers fought hard to combat that. They came back from a 23-point deficit in the 3rd quarter to win by four, all while getting none of the calls that come with having someone named Dwyane Wade on your team. Oh, they also only had eight available players.

While that fourth win only brought their season total to 4-23 (now 4-25, because god forbid you get a little excited about something), it made four of their last six road games wins (though they’ve since lost two), and improved all around:

Screen Shot 2014-12-24 at 11.12.38 AM

Yes, they did put up the lowest offensive rating in that period, but let’s look at the positives, because what else have we got going on?

You Can Eat a Canadian Bacon Burger or Dip Some Wings in Cheese to Honor Lindros and LeClair Tonight

Jim Adair - November 20, 2014

Tonight, the Flyers host the Minnesota Wild and will be inducting Eric Lindros and John LeClair into the Flyers Hall of Fame. The special pre-game ceremony starts at 7PM, and during the game, the Flyers players will wear special “10/88” patches on their jerseys. Is that it? No, because you can also shove a Canadian Bacon Burger in your mouth.

There will be two special food offerings to honor the inductees:

The “Big 88” – monster Canadian bacon burger on a Flyers pretzel – in celebration of Eric Lindros

Left “Wing”ers – fried wings served with a Vermont cheddar dipping sauce – as a nod to John LeClair (who hails from Vermont)

Canadian bacon and pretzel because Canada + Philadelphia, and wings with Vermont cheese because he’s a wing from Vermont. Come on. I can’t wait for Giroux’s hall of fame night when they serve rump roast with no utensils, hands only.

There’s a whole lot more going on, including special Hall of Fame night apparel for sale, the post-game auction of game-worn jerseys, memorabilia displays, and more. For real though, I know I made fun of it, but that burger sounds awesome.

The NHL will use Pre-Recorded GoPro Footage During Game Broadcasts this Season

Jim Adair - September 30, 2014

Unfortunately, we won’t be getting live referee cam, but the NHL and NBC are going to integrate the GoPro camera into their television coverage this season. According to the Verge, the tiny, attachable cameras will be used to shoot “prerecorded footage of select players demonstrating what it’s like to be in specific situations.” What those situations would be has yet to be announced — making a save, taking a penalty shot, deflecting a shot into the goal all come to mind as good uses — but “any player that GoPro has footage for (and it’s not stated how many that is), the networks will be able to cut to their point-of-view demonstration whenever it wants to in order to better illustrate what’s happening in the game.”

The league will also use the footage in commercials, promos on the NHL Network, online, and on GoPro’s Youtube Channel, giving you a chance to say “Man, I wish they’d use those in-game” over and over and over again.

Kyle: I can’t wait for Ray Emery Cam.

NHL Hate Map Shows West Virginia is Pittsburgh Jr.

Jim Adair - August 5, 2014


Like the other sports before it, the NHL now has its own Reddit Hate Map, showing which team hockey fans in each state hate the most. Pennsylvania and California are the only places that hate (one of) their hometown teams.

Though Pennsylvanians’ votes were also tallied against the Oilers, Bruins, Blackhawks, Red Wings, Canadiens, Devils, Islanders, Rangers, Blues, Canucks, and Capitals, the final vote totals showed that the Flyers fans who hate Pittsburgh just barely outnumbered the Penguins fans who hate Philadelphia.

Virginia once again agrees, this time bringing Maryland, Ohio, and the Carolinas along. Pens fans carried-over into and stole West Virginia, placing the Flyers in their sole hate-spot on the map. We’re fine with that, because they are still in West Virginia.

A Sports Illustrated Blog Already Compared Booing Bettman to Booing Santa Claus

Jim Adair - June 30, 2014


As mentioned this morning in the roundup, Gary Bettman got a whole lot of boos at the NHL draft this weekend at the Wells Fargo Center. Booing a commissioner is not a new thing. Bettman himself is booed so much he probably can’t even hear it anymore, David Stern used to seem legitimately giddy when he was booed at the draft, and Roger Goddell is basically a super-villian at this point. Yet, as predicted, it didn’t take long for someone to declare the booing of Gary Bettman a disgrace and — once again — bring up the booing of Santa Claus.

Two separate posts on Sports Illustrated‘s Too Many Men on the Site blog tried to shame the crowd for booing Bettman. One post, written by a self-proclaimed Rangers fan, said:

“When Gary Bettman came on stage, and the boo-birds were out in full force. The commissioner is booed in many venues he appears at, especially when he presents the Stanley Cup each summer. I had never experienced it live, but I think it is safe to say this was the loudest he has ever been booed. I watched the broadcast afterward, but the cameras couldn’t do it justice – the booing was much louder in the building than it was on TV. Every time the man tried to speak he was droned out almost entirely to the crowd, and some of the people were remarking how annoying it was because no one could even hear what he was saying. In all honesty, although Bettman is a polarizing figure in the NHL community, the booing yesterday was actually a disgrace to the sport and to the event, and the fans should be ashamed of themselves for such a lack of respect.”

Anyone decrying someone else for not showing “respect” for the commissioner of a major sport is probably a blast at parties. But that wasn’t even the worst one. There was also this, with one of the most tired memes of sports fandom:

“Perhaps it is a clear indication of how the Flyers season and post-season is going when the biggest thing going for Flyers fans is how loud they booed NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman. Obnoxious booing is the quickest way to spot the Philadelphia sports fan in the room; that and the fact that they’ll proudly tell you in-between bites of a Philly cheesesteak how they once booed Santa Claus.”

You see, that’s where you’re wrong, because the only people who can’t shut the hell up about Philly fans booing Santa Claus are the New York Times, ESPN, and … others. You’re still pulling out the same nonsense line that people have been using since the incident actually happened … in 1968. For reference, that was the 2nd season of the Flyers’ existence.

Can everyone else finally move on? We did. I mean this August will mark the 15th anniversary of the time we threw batteries at J.D. Drew. That was worse and even that was 15 years ago. If you want to keep throwing us on Worst Fans lists and all of that, fine, but come up with some better reasons.

h/t @PhillyPartTwo