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Mayor Kenney Warns Mummers Leadership to Make Changes, or Else the “Future of the Parade is in Jeopardy”

Kevin Kinkead - January 24, 2020

This has nothing to do with sports, but it’s a Friday afternoon and people seem to have rather inspired takes on the topic of the Mummers Parade.

As you know, there was another instance of black face that took place this month, with members of the Froggy Carr group disqualified despite their explanation that the orange and black color scheme they used was based on the Philadelphia Flyers (who later distanced themselves from the brigade). In years prior, an image of Caitlyn Jenner appeared on a box of Froot Loops and other assorted performances and behaviors took place that were considered to be inappropriate by a portion of the general public. It feels like there’s always some controversy every year.

One of those people in the “disapproving” category is Mayor Jim Kenney, who this week sent a letter to Mummers leadership, asking them to take steps to improve the image of the parade and correct problematic behavior, threatening changes if those requests are not met.

Here’s the letter, via Matt Petrillo over at CBS 3:

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Father Who Accused Gritty of Punching His Son Tells His Story on the News

Kevin Kinkead - January 23, 2020

Big hubbub yesterday after the Philadelphia Inquirer’s Christian Hetrick reported that police were investigating after Gritty was accused of punching a 13 year old during a photo op for Flyers season ticket holders.

The incident stems from November, when Chris Greenwell says his son Brandon was hit in the back after he touched the mascot on the head. Comcast Spectacor says they took the allegations “seriously” and conducted an investigation that was not able to support Greenwell’s claim.

Understandably, the story was all over the local news, with the TV stations getting in touch with the father and seeing what he had to say. Here’s the NBC Philadelphia story, reported by Drew Smith, via Johnny “Airport” Clark:

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Philadelphia Police Investigating After Gritty Accused of Punching 13 Year Old (Updated)

Kevin Kinkead - January 22, 2020

Did Gritty punch a 13-year-old boy in the back?

That’s what the teenager’s father alleges, in a story written by Christian Hetrick at the Philadelphia Inquirer.

The incident in question goes back to November, when season ticket holders were invited to an exclusive photo session before Flyers game. After reportedly waiting in line for an hour, Chris Greenwell says his son Brandon was struck in the back after he touched the mascot on the head.

Per Hetrick:

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Blank You, Pittsburgh! Thoughts after Flyers Shut Out Penguins in Final Game before All-Star Break

Anthony SanFilippo - January 22, 2020

*Crossing Broad’s Flyers coverage is brought to you by DraftKings Sportsbook. Sign up today and use promo code CROSSINGBROAD to get your deposit matched up to $500 . Terms and conditions apply. 21+ Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.*

Usually after a team loses a game, somebody in the media asks what sounds like a stupid question.

Are there any positives you can take out of a loss like this,” or something to that effect.

Just like players and coaches have cliche answers, reporters have cliche questions. Sometimes you just need to keep the line of questioning going until you can think of a better question. It’s the nature of the beast.

And most times, when that question is asked, it’s done so innocuously without any real expectation for an insightful answer.

So, it was a couple of weeks ago, when the Flyers lost to the Tampa Bay Lightning, that the question was asked several times. And to a man in the locker room as well as coach Alain Vigneault, there was a unified response. It went something like this:

“There wasn’t a lot of room out there. Both teams played a tight, defensive game. Neither team was willing to give up any space. The game was decided because they got a fortunate bounce on the only goal and we didn’t. But I really liked the way we played defensively as a team.”

Now, that sounds like a typical, boring answer. And, in a vacuum it certainly is.

But let’s extrapolate it out now 10 days later.

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Is Something Wrong with Claude Giroux? Also, Alain Vigneault Calls Let Down ‘BS’ After Flyers Lose to Canadiens

Anthony SanFilippo - January 17, 2020

*Crossing Broad’s Flyers coverage is brought to you by DraftKings Sportsbook. Sign up today and use promo code CROSSINGBROAD to get your deposit matched up to $500 . Terms and conditions apply. 21+ Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.*

After the Flyers beat the St. Louis Blues Wednesday, toppling the third top team in the league in less than a week, the common phrase in the locker room is “We can play with anybody.

The Flyers proved that again on Thursday, stooping to the level of the free-falling Montreal Canadiens, losers of nine of 11 coming into the game, dropping a sloppy 4-1 decision on home ice.

Yep, they can play with anyone – at any level – and let their game slip considerably in this loss.

It was a classic trap game too. Coming off of four high-energy, high-intensity games against Washington, Tampa Bay, Boston, and St. Louis – arguably the four best teams in the sport – and having won three of them, the Flyers were ripe to be toppled coming home after playing the night before, starting an AHL goalie in Alex Lyon and still having some issues on the blue line and with the power play, it set up perfectly for a let down game.

And it was. There was no doubt about that.

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Play Gloria! – Flyers Aren’t as Bad a Road Team as We Think, After Overtime Win Against Blues

Anthony SanFilippo - January 16, 2020

*Crossing Broad’s Flyers coverage is brought to you by DraftKings Sportsbook. Sign up today and use promo code CROSSINGBROAD to get your deposit matched up to $500 . Terms and conditions apply. 21+ Gambling problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.*

Don’t look now, but the Flyers won a road game.

Against a good team – the defending Stanley Cup Champion St. Louis Blues, who have the best record in the NHL, despite the 4-3 overtime loss to the Flyers.

Oh, and that’s three wins in four games against arguably the four best teams in the NHL in the span of a week with wins over Washington, Boston, and St. Louis and a 1-0 loss to Tampa Bay.

So, yes, the Flyers are proving that although they still are on the bottom-most rung of the playoff ladder and could lose their grip on it as early as tonight, they can play with the big boys.

The win over Washington was nice, but the Caps weren’t on their game, that’s for sure. The win over Boston was rooted in determination, but in reality, it was an ugly game, played like the Wild West without any semblance of structure and order and the Flyers were aided by some bad goaltending by the Bruins’ Jaroslav Halak and a fortunate miscue when Brad Marchand over-skated the puck at center ice in the shootout.

But the game in St. Louis was different. Different because after a sluggish start, the Flyers awoke and played with the defending champs all 200 feet. The final two periods and overtime were sensational hockey. Just a lot of speed, and grind, and desire both ways.

In short, it was playoff caliber, and not just the first round variety:

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Carter Hart Out 2-3 Weeks With Abdominal Strain

Kevin Kinkead - January 15, 2020


Two to three weeks would carry the Flyers to January 29th or February 5th, a stretch that includes the pair of games against Pittsburgh. The good thing is that the All-Star break gives the Flyers a nice cushion here to get Hart healthy without having to throw Alex Lyon and Brian Elliott into too much of a gauntlet.

Flyers Ticket Package Features a Real Housewife of New York

Kevin Kinkead - January 10, 2020

My wife’s a big Bravo fan and therefore watches The Real Housewives of (insert city) regularly.

As such, I can name pretty much every housewife off the top of my head, and I certainly recognized Dorinda Medley of New York City when she appeared on a graphic for… a Philadelphia Flyers special ticket package?

Yeah, no joke. The Comcast-Spectacor folks put together a “Doorobics” 80’s themed workout with the RHONY star:

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