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UPDATE: Oh Hey, Andy Reid Wants Nick Foles

Kyle Scott - February 15, 2013

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Good morning…. and we still live in a world where Andy Reid is an egotistical nut who thinks he can turn average players in stars. Mike Garafolo of USA Today:

The Chiefs and new coach Andy Reid are interested in acquiring Foles if he becomes available, according to a person informed of the team's thinking. The person, who spoke to USA TODAY Sports on condition of anonymity because the Chiefs haven't discussed their thoughts publicly, said the team is working on plans to add a quarterback and considers Foles a possibility.

Kelly has said Foles and Michael Vick will compete for the starting job despite their differences in style. The person informed of the Chiefs' plans said the Eagles have not told Kansas City that Foles is available.


OF COURSE HE’S AVAILABLE. The moment Chip Kelly signed Dennis Dixon (because that was 100% Kelly’s move) to a two-year deal yesterday, Foles became a possibility for virtually every franchise in the league of nationalized football teams. By re-signing Vick and then signing Dixon, Kelly made it clear that he’s going to do what everybody thought he would do in the NFL– speed first, everything else second. Dixon isn’t there to take Vick’s job… he’s there to murder Foles. Kill him. Kill him with speed.

To the Fat Man: STOP IT. JUST STOP IT. You can’t turn everyone into a star.

Also: Today’s weather is mild with a 70% chance that Reid himself leaked this story.

UPDATE: Sources (read: someone with the Eagles) told Reuben Frank that the Eagles don't plan on trading Foles. Right.

Andy Reid Names Nick Foles Starter for Remainder of Year

Kyle Scott - December 3, 2012

Somewhere, Marcus Vick just demanded a trade for his brother. Speaking to reporters today, the corpse of Andy Reid named Nick Foles the starting quarterback for the remainder of the season, regardless of whether Vick returns or not. That decision lends some credibility to a report from Ed Werder last week that Vick thought the Eagles were playing politics with his concussion.

Reid said he talked to Vick and that QB 7 was on board with the decision. I bet!

Vick is now the second straight Eagles quarterback to lose his job from a concussion.

Andy Reid’s Job Is On The Line This Year, But Is It Really?

Ryan Gillon - August 30, 2012


Andy Reid is signed on to be the Eagles coach through 2013, but if there is anything that came out of Jeff Lurie's State of the Team Address today, it's that Andy Reid isn't a lock to be the Head Coach of the Eagles in 2013.

Simply, Lurie implied that it all depends on how his 2012 shakes out.

When asked by reporters about Andy Reid's status, Lurie made it clear that nothing is guaranteed after this upcoming season, even in light of the tragic events in Reid's personal life.

"This is a business, and you're there to win and win big… so all the emphasis will be on Andy Reid the coach," Lurie said.

Everyone knew the question was coming, and Lurie needed a stern response in light of the comments Reid's agent Bob LaMonte made three weeks ago.

Via Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Lurie "has stated again and again, any time that I’ve been with him, that was as long as he’s the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles Andy Reid would be his coach," LaMonte said. "And I’d say the proof of the pie is in the pudding. He’s been here 14 years.”

“This man has earned the right to decide what he wants to do, and he may well decide he doesn’t want to coach and Jeffrey may decide he doesn’t want to hire him, but I can just tell you Jeffrey Lurie has told me on any occasion I’ve ever been with him, as long as he’s the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, Andy will be his coach," LaMonte said once again. "Now, if you know something else, tell me, because I should probably know."



Lurie continued by saying that last year's 8-8 record was unacceptable and if the same result happened this season, Reid would be dismissed. Reporters continued to prod and Lurie admitted that there are always exceptions, but "you just have to make the best decisions you can after the season," but that "it'll be very clear."

Whether you believe Lurie or not is up to you. I think he's partially full of shit because I'm a firm believer that if Reid was going to get fired, it was going to be at the end of last season. Why? Because as Lurie said, there are always exceptions.

If Mike Vick goes down for a few weeks at any point in the season and Nick Foles is behind center? That's an exception. If there is any injury to a big name player at any point in the season, that's an exception. There are always exceptions.

Lurie had to say what he did, partially because of what Reid's agent foolishly said, but I do think he would have said something along those lines anyway. He had to follow up on his comments at the end of last season.

It comes down to this; Lurie will only fire Reid if he truly wants to, or if this season is a complete disaster. I don't think that Lurie wants to fire Andy Reid, and I don't think he will at the end of this season.

Hopefully, we won't have to find out.

It’s Not Looking Good For Mike Kafka, Foles Will Backup Vick

Ryan Gillon - August 28, 2012


Convenient… he'll be easy to crop out. (Photo: Morning Call)

Mike Kafka's preseason has been less than promising.

After fracturing his hand in the August 9th preseason game against the Steelers, Kafka hasn't been able to get back on the field. Combined with Mike Vick's rib injury, it's been nohing but Nick Foles and Trent Edwards behind center.

Andy Reid's spoke to the media earlier, and his comments today suggest Thursday's game against the Jets will be more of the same. 


Surely, this didn't make Kafka feel any better.


Several beat writers mentioned that Thursday's plans weren't set in stone, but if nothing changes, Kafka won't have another opportunity to prove himself before Friday's roster are cut from 75 to 53 players.

With the surprising play of Nick Foles (36-for-57, 507 yards, 6 TD's 2 INT's) and the experience of Trent Edwards as a starter, my guess is Kafka won't make the final cut. Kafka's fate is affected directly by Foles, who many have called on to start over Michael Vick.

Vick is injury prone (not in the classical sense, he just tends to put himself in stupid situations where he gets hurt), but it's fucking insane to think that Foles, who has played against backups a good chunk of the time, is ready to lead the Eagles.

Most of the people on the Foles bandwagon are the same people who want to win a Super Bowl this year (and every year). No matter how good Foles is now, or will be in the future, he's not going to get the city a Lombardi trophy this year.

However, I will say this: If Foles is the true number two to Michael Vick, he will get a chance to win a regular season game this year. I'm not a believer that Vick can change his ways and avoid injury…

…and you probably aren't either.

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Your Monday Morning Roundup: The “We Swept the Nats But It Really Doesn’t Matter Now” Edition

Ryan Gillon - August 27, 2012


Congrats, Cliff…. everybody gets one… at home. (Photo: USA Today)

Okay, so maybe that's a little pessimistic given what the Phillies accomplished this weekend… maybe it's the rain or something. More on that in a second.

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  • Finally, our buddies at Philly Phaithful have a whole new line of Eagles gear for the upcoming season. And… if you haven't bought the "Dallas Sucks" Wheel of Fortune-style t-shirt… frankly, I don't know what the hell you're doing.

Back to the Phils… there's a lot of good you can take from a four-game winning streak, but many of you are thinking about where this was all season long. The Phillies are still 16.5 games back in the NL East despite taking three in a row from the division's top team… but here's something that will potentially get you unnecessarily riled up.


Photo: (Yahoo! Sportacular)

9.5 games isn't insurmountable. The Tampa Bay Rays earned a playoff bid coming back from a nine-game deficit just last year. By my calculations, the Phillies would probably have to go something like 26-8 to have a real shot. That's asking a lot from a team who gives so many ties and leads away in the eighth inning, but anything is possible, right?

At this point, I'll take .500. 

The Roundup:

  • Flight Night was last night, and it was largely uneventful. And no one, including Stewart Bradley tore their ACL this time. Memories.
  • Joe Buck, your favorite person to hate on Sundays, is growing facial hair, giving you yet another unjustified reason to maintain your hatred.
  • Finally, T.O. had this to say yesterday… I guess three dropped balls in three preseason games will do this to you…


I think I'm finally starting to have a bit of sympathy for him… maybe. Happy Monday, folks.

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Sixers Amnesty Elton Brand, Sign Nick Young, and Two Minority Owners are Buying an MLS Club

Kyle Scott - July 6, 2012

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Basketball news on this sunny and hot Friday afternoon.

Yahoo! is killing it today. They report that the Sixers will amnesty Elton Brand, meaning the $18 million he was owed this season will come off the salary cap and that Brand will be placed on the so-called Amnesty Wire (which sounds like something a sovereign nation would setup to transfer aid to Western journalists reporting in dangerous countries– but really it’s just a waiver wire), where other teams can bid for his services. Assuming Brand is picked up, the Sixers will still have to pay him the difference between the winning bid and $18 million (or, all $18 million if he doesn’t find a new home).

Clearing Brand's insane contract off the books will give the Sixers financial freedom to sign players such as…

… free agent Nick Young to a one-year, $6 million deal, according to Yahoo! (!!!).

Young, 27, averaged over 14 points with the Clippers and Wizards last year. He’s an outside scorer who is a better defender than Lou Williams. 

CBS Sports’ Matt Moore likes the move:

This is a sweetheart deal for the Sixers. They get a bench scorer with considerably more scoring potential than last year's bench scorer Lou Williams to hit shots, and Young's a superior defender. Young is 27, but likely still has several good years in front of him. He's a versatile scorer who can get up and out in transition and on several nigts will light up the scoreboard.

This is a great move by Philadelphia, assuming the don't re-sign Lou Williams to a long-term deal. This gives them flexibility and allows them to fill their bench scoring position.

Plus, you know, swag. 


But I prefer former-team fan reaction. And the immediate response from some D.C. followers was a sarcastic "enjoy." That’s not a good sign.

As Dei Lynam points out, the Sixers had to amnesty Brand to sign Young. That’s great and all, but let’s cross our fingers that there’s a lot more to come.

In other Sixers news, minority owners Jason Levien and Erick Thohir (who, according to Wikipedia, was born in either 1969 or 1970) are going to buy D.C. United of the MLS

Flyers Prospect Nick Cousins Appreciates a Good Fartbox

Kyle Scott - April 10, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-04-10 at 2.14.18 PM

My biggest dilemma today – seriously – was trying to figure out if fartbox was one word, or two. We’re going with one, for now.

2011 Flyers draft pick and current prospect Nick Cousins… actually, fuck it– you can read the Tweet. He, like most men, loves a good pair of yoga pants.

You know, I wonder if the folks behind Save The Tatas can come up with a cause that utilizes the hashtag #betterfartbox. I'd donate money.

H/T to reader Andrew

The Flyers’ New Defenseman Added an “N” to His Name

Kyle Scott - March 6, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-03-06 at 1.11.17 PM

Well, just in case you are confused about why Nick Grossmann will have an extra N on his name. via CSN’s Tim Panaccio

Nick Grossmann name been misspelled all these yrs. he is having it changed to match passport: Grossmann


Ah, nice. How Swedish of him. We will assume his name change, unlike Michael Richards’ attempt last spring, won’t end with the new defenseman being gunned down by a deranged Paul Holmgren.