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So, Roy Oswalt Had a Baby During the NLCS

Kyle Scott - February 18, 2011

This came out of left field…

Well, not him- his wife. But you get it.

Oswalt pitched in three games in the NLCS. He won Game 2, lost his relief appearance in Game 4, and got a "no decision" in the Phillies' Game 6 loss. For the most part, he rightfully escaped criticism for picthing in Game 4, despite havening warmed up before the game. Somewhere in the middle of all that, his wife had a kid.

[Mandy Housenick of the Allentown Morning Call]

"I didn't tell anybody," the right-hander said. "You have two different lives: Here and home, and I try to keep home, home."


He not only pitched on Sunday, October 17th, but he also scored a memorable run as he ran through Sam Perlozzo's stop sign and slid into home. The next day, he apparently stopped home to see the birth of his third daughter, Aubree, and then continued on to San Francisco for Game 3 on October 19th.

That makes two consecutive years a Phillies Game 2 pitcher had a baby following their outing (Cole Hamels in 09 NLDS).

How the hell does one keep that quiet in the media chaos surrounding the NLCS? Oswalt, up two notches in my book.

Is There a Doctor in the House?

Kyle - October 21, 2010


"I know what I gotta do"

It's not anything different than what Roy Halladay has been saying all year and to him, even though the stakes are higher, his focus remains the same — to make batters shake their heads after that swinging strike out. A perfect game and the second no-no in postseason history and somehow it feels like this man isn't satisfied. The World Series ring is what he wants and some morbidly overweight 3rd baseman with a terrible nickname isn't going to get in his way.

Some guy wearing black under his eyes at night, who no one knew about three weeks ago, will be left with that feeling you get when someone grabs your hands and hits you with it —

Roy: "why you hittin' yourself? huh? huh? why? why you hittin' yourself?"

Other Guy: "STOP IT!"

Roy: "No." :strike out:

Breaking faces is what this man loves to do and he'll do it any way that he can.

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Fans Further Bad Reputation by Fighting Amongst Themselves

Kyle Scott - October 18, 2010


More on the game shortly, but here's video (thanks to reader Tom) of a fight in section 427.

Way to go, guys.  Let's fight ourselves.  Brilliant.

Video after the jump.

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Tim Lincecum Was Completely Unfazed by Us

Kyle Scott - October 17, 2010


We did it to CC, we did it to Eva(n) Longoria.  Could we do it to Timmy?

Nope.  The Jaromir Jagr-like whistles, directed toward Lincecum during his at-bats, didn't work.  

It actually got very loud at times, but Lincecum completely laughed off the mocking of his long hair.

"I was thinking I must have a really nice butt, because I heard a lot of (whistles)," Lincecum said with a laugh. "I’ve never been whistled at that much. The Philly fans must love something about me."

"I was kind of laughing about it," Lincecum said. "Obviously I can’t not hear it. Whistles are going on when I’m swinging, when I’m walking back to the dugout. I tried turning it into a funny situation, a humorous situation."


Shit, an opponent with skill and a sense of humor.  Touche Timmy, Touche.

Pukemon Redux?

Kyle Scott - October 17, 2010

More on the game shortly, but check out this Phillies fan during the top of the 7th inning that appears to puke on the field as he goes for a foul ball.


Not me narrating…

Shaggy Phillies Fan is Back and He’s Got More Hats

Kyle Scott - October 16, 2010


We swear this isn't an advertisement, despite the numerous CB references.  We asked Shaggy guy to make another Phillies video for the NLCS since the last two times he made one the Phillies swept the Braves and shutout the Nationals to win the NL East.  It's superstitious at this point.

This time he's back with something… wait for it… other than Shaggy.  That's right, Shaggy Phillies guy sings Jay-Z.  Boss.

Bonus points to you if you can figure out what song it is before the :42 second mark…

Screw Pat Burrell… Video after the jump.

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NLCS Start Times

Kyle Scott - October 12, 2010


UPDATE: these are official now.  8 PM on Saturday for Game 1, 8 PM on Sunday for Game 2, 4 PM on Tuesday for Game 3 (thanks to Glee and the ALCS in prime time), and 8 PM for Games 4 and 5 on Wednesday and Thursday, 4 PM for Game 6 on Saturday, and 8 PM for Game 7 on Sunday.

Phillies Advance to NLCS, Again

Kyle Scott - October 10, 2010


Cole Hamels was straight up dealing tonight and got Scott Rolen to strikeout (again) for the clinch.

Much more to come.  Doc will start Game 1 of the NLCS on Saturday.  Get the "Playoff No-Hitters are Phunner" shirt here.

H/T to (@loctastic) for the pic.