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Odúbel Herrera Waived His Arraignment Appearance via His Attorney

Russ Joy - June 17, 2019

Phillies centerfielder Odúbel Herrera was set to appear in an Atlantic City court today, but new broke that Herrera, via his attorney, had waived his arraignment appearance:

This appearance stems from an incident on May 27, when police were called to the Golden Nugget Casino following a report of physical harm to Herrera’s 20-year-old girlfriend, who contacted casino security regarding a physical altercation. Police took Herrera into custody from his hotel room and charged him with simple assault and knowingly causing bodily injury. Herrera’s girlfriend reportedly had handprint markings on her neck and scratches on her arm as a result of the alleged assault.

The Phillies put Herrera on administrative leave, pursuant to Major League Baseball’s Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy on May 28. That same day, Phillies GM Matt Klentak updated the media on the team’s decision and Major League Baseball extended Herrera’s administrative leave on June 3. That extended leave is currently set to end on June 17, but with the court date needing to be rescheduled, it’s possible the leave will get extended again.

Crossed Up: And Then What Happened?

Russ Joy - May 22, 2019

Anthony and Bob break down the Phils’ disappointing 3-2 loss to the Cubs. Talking bullpen management, Neshek’s workload, late inning roles, and what to do next. Other topics include Odubel Herrera’s struggles, an under the radar move by Kapler, and irrational fan anger.

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Is Odubel Herrera Running Out of Time to Prove He Can Rebound?

Bob Wankel - May 21, 2019

I’ve always been a big Odubel Herrera guy. Those of you that read the site know that I’m staunch supporter of his and that I like to twist the knife whenever he produces a high-effort play that contrasts with what I feel is an overblown narrative in this city about his lack of hustle. I’ve also long defended his occasional lapses in concentration, quickly pointing out how his production and value are more than enough to offset the occasional blunder. So when stuff like this happens:

I typically give him the benefit of the doubt. But I gotta say, as much as it’s a painful blow to my contrarian beliefs, I’m struggling right now. I’m struggling because the production just isn’t there, and, if we’re being honest, it hasn’t been for a year now. I don’t mean that in an exaggerated sense either. It’s been a literal calendar year of underwhelming results.

Let’s rewind it back to May 21, 2018. Herrera collected two hits in a 3-0 win that helped move the Phillies to 27-18. He left the park that day hitting .348 with a .956 OPS and seemed headed for a surefire National League All-Star selection. That didn’t happen. He hit only .216 over his following 209 plate appearances leading up to the break and was rightfully left out.

He briefly regained his footing in July before flaming out in August and September, finishing the year with a disappointing .255 average and .730 OPS. No doubt, Herrera wasn’t the only Phillie to struggle down the stretch, and there had been a multi-season body of quality production to reasonably believe he could bounce back this season, particularly with reduced pressure at the bottom of a much improved lineup. That, too, didn’t happen—or it hasn’t yet.

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Gabe Kapler Discusses the Decision to DFA Aaron Altherr

Bob Wankel - May 4, 2019

Aaron Altherr was designated for assignment by the Phillies earlier this afternoon when the team activated centerfielder Odubel Herrera from the injured list. The 28-year-old backup outfielder had only one hit in 29 at-bats this season. His average dipped to .034 with a .136 OPS in 2019 before his release, following a disappointing 2018 season in which he hit only .181 over 285 plate appearances.

That’s just not going to cut it.

Altherr’s size, speed, and power once made him an intriguing player, particularly after he posted an .856 OPS with 48 total extra-base hits during his age-26 season in 2017. Maybe he still realizes his potential and returns to that same form, but it won’t be with the Phillies.

Manager Gabe Kapler discussed the team’s decision to part ways with Altherr ahead of tonight’s game with the Washington Nationals.

“First, we wish Aaron well and believe that this is what’s best for him and the Phillies. We think he can still be a productive player. This situation here with us, it was very difficult for him to get on the field,” Kapler said.

He also cited the presence of bench players Phil Gosselin and Sean Rodriguez as a primary reason why the team made the decision to move on.

“They both can play the role, right? Sean has certainly been productive in that role in the past. You can go back and dig up several years of history that suggest he’s a pretty good offensive player against left-handed pitching,” he said.

For what it’s worth, Rodriguez has a .768 career OPS against left-handed pitching.

From my perspective, the decision to go with Rodriguez feels like a no-brainer. He’s had some nice ABs this season, and, I mean, how long can you wait on Altherr? But Kapler also mentioned Scott Kingery’s continued absence as a factor.

“The roster fit just kind of makes a little bit more sense right now with Scott not there, we need somebody who can back up at shortstop, and Sean has the capability to do that,” he said. “Gosselin has swung the bat really well for us. We think he’s a good hitter and we need that offensive profile off the bench. We just couldn’t get Aaron going and we needed somebody who, let’s just say it was difficult to find him reps and the other guys were doing a really good job.”

Odubel is Back, But Not in Lineup

As for Herrera, he’s available tonight, but isn’t in the starting lineup. Says Gabe on the decision to hold him out: “It felt like not the softest landing spot for Odubel. You haven’t been in game action for awhile and we’re going to throw you out there against last year’s best left-handed pitcher with a nasty slider. It just didn’t feel like the right recipe to start him off on the right foot.”

How nasty is that slider? Opponents produced a .148 BA and .438 OPS against it last season, and left-handed hitters have a combined .567 OPS against Corbin this season.

Jimmy Rollins and Larry Bowa Reunite

Had an opportunity to catch this cool reunion outside the media elevators before tonight’s game. Jimmy Rollins and Larry Bowa, together again.

 Phillies to Wear Jimmy Rollins Patch Tonight


Injury Updates

Kapler gave some updates on the loooong list of Phillies still battling injuries:

  1. Relief pitcher Victor Arano made 30 throws from a short distance. It was a “positive development.”
  2. Scott Kingery ran at “about 70 percent.” Also “a positive development.”
  3. Tommy Hunter did some gripping exercises.
  4. Nothing new on David Robertson, but “appears to be on track.”

Don’t get too excited about those last two updates. We’re still probably at least a few weeks away from seeing Robertson or Hunter.

Enjoy The Odubel Herrera Experience While You Still Can

Philip Keidel - March 29, 2018

You read that headline and said, “oh great, another hit piece on Odubel.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Herrera has been my favorite Phillie of the past three seasons and there hasn’t been a close second. Not even Rhys Hoskins. You can’t steal my love from Odubel that quickly. I’m not a monster.

But the writing is on the wall for the quirkiest, most unexpectedly entertaining Phillie of the past decade. Just because you want to look past or explain away the evidence doesn’t make it go away.

A recent post on The Good Phight made a cogent and well-reasoned argument that having four outfielders of starting quality isn’t a bad thing. Injuries happen, slumps happen, platoons happen, etc. Maybe. But aside from the few teams that have superstar outfielders like Mike Trout or Giancarlo Stanton, it’s mostly a mix-and-match proposition for most teams because when you have three starting outfielders but no star, the fourth guy isn’t that much worse than one through three.

The Phillies don’t have a star of the caliber of Trout or Stanton. What they do have, though, is Hoskins, who is going to play 140+ games unless he gets injured or proves over four months that last season’s home run binge was an apparition. So functionally, it’s not four players going for three spots — it’s three players going for two. Here it pays to remember the Rule of Threesomes: When it’s over, two people will have taken up most of the attention and the other one always leaves a little (maybe a lot) disgruntled.

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