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The First Saturday In August Is Going To Be An Amazing Night For Philadelphia Sports Fans

Bob Wankel - February 28, 2018

We are living days right now that not so long ago only the most optimistic of us could have possibly imagined.

The Super Bowl. The Eagles won the Super Bowl. It’s been well-established in recent weeks, but it feels no less fun to type or pleasurable to read as time passes. Meanwhile, the Flyers are hockey’s best team since early December. The Sixers have cooled this week, but still flash immense potential as they occasionally stumble along a winding road that should end with the team’s first playoff appearance in six seasons.

To this point, 2018 has been a year about celebrating our sports present and projecting the possibilities of a wildly promising future that could, if things break right, yield multiple parades along Broad Street on the strength of several hall of fame careers. Optimistic? Sure. But it’s not so unreasonable to have such a sanguine outlook. (I know that word is going to go over the heads of the “thick ropes” crowd in our comments section, so go ahead—look it up. I’ll wait.) As we presently continue to revel in the moment, now comes the news that on the first Saturday in August we will have a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to celebrate and honor our sports past.

This is just a suggestion, but you might want to clear your calendars for Saturday, August 4. That’s when former Eagles Terrell Owens and Brian Dawkins will both be formally enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. As both players address a crowd sure to be filled with fans rocking midnight green who will exultantly and continuously belt out “E-A-G-L-E-S” chants, some 417 miles away the Phillies will induct the late Roy Halladay and former general manager and team president Pat Gillick onto the team’s Wall of Fame. Talk about running the full range of human emotions.
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Your Monday Morning Roundup: The “We Swept the Nats But It Really Doesn’t Matter Now” Edition

Ryan Gillon - August 27, 2012


Congrats, Cliff…. everybody gets one… at home. (Photo: USA Today)

Okay, so maybe that's a little pessimistic given what the Phillies accomplished this weekend… maybe it's the rain or something. More on that in a second.

But first, a word from our sponsors:

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  • Speaking of Drinker's West, there will be an NHL '12 tournament on Tuesday, September 11th at 8:00 pm. Winner gets a copy of the brand new NHL 13, which will be released that day. Just show up beforehand to sign up. 
  • Get in on our free Week 1 fantasy football freeroll at Draft Street. We’re giving away $300 in cash prizes, with the top 15 finishers winning money. As always, it’s totally FREE to play.
  • Finally, our buddies at Philly Phaithful have a whole new line of Eagles gear for the upcoming season. And… if you haven't bought the "Dallas Sucks" Wheel of Fortune-style t-shirt… frankly, I don't know what the hell you're doing.

Back to the Phils… there's a lot of good you can take from a four-game winning streak, but many of you are thinking about where this was all season long. The Phillies are still 16.5 games back in the NL East despite taking three in a row from the division's top team… but here's something that will potentially get you unnecessarily riled up.


Photo: (Yahoo! Sportacular)

9.5 games isn't insurmountable. The Tampa Bay Rays earned a playoff bid coming back from a nine-game deficit just last year. By my calculations, the Phillies would probably have to go something like 26-8 to have a real shot. That's asking a lot from a team who gives so many ties and leads away in the eighth inning, but anything is possible, right?

At this point, I'll take .500. 

The Roundup:

  • Flight Night was last night, and it was largely uneventful. And no one, including Stewart Bradley tore their ACL this time. Memories.
  • Joe Buck, your favorite person to hate on Sundays, is growing facial hair, giving you yet another unjustified reason to maintain your hatred.
  • Finally, T.O. had this to say yesterday… I guess three dropped balls in three preseason games will do this to you…


I think I'm finally starting to have a bit of sympathy for him… maybe. Happy Monday, folks.

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On 10 Separate Occasions, Terrell Owens Jerked Off On Skype

Kyle Scott - June 27, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-06-27 at 9.23.00 AM

Back in November, I wrote:

At what point do we know athletes are destined to wind up fighting Kato Kaelin on pay-per-view?

When they start appearing – consistently – on TMZ.

Enter Terrell Owens.


T.O. took one step closer to the ring today. gossip king Dan Gross (whose Facebook page you should probably like) passes along the latest on the bottoming out of Owens’ career and, apparently, love life: []

On Tuesday we spoke with a woman who showed us several photos of Owens she says were taken via video chat service Skype while he apparently masturbated in front of her. The woman, who is 27 and asked not to be identified, spent Tuesday trying to sell the photos to TMZ and other celebrity media outlets. The Daily News does not purchase such material.

During their first Skype encounter, the woman claims, Owens was already naked and erect when the video call began. She estimates watching Owens pleasure himself on 10 separate occasions during which she denies exposing herself or talking dirty.

She says Owens would "tell me things he wanted to do to me." 


Child please. Not that I fancy myself a Skype masturbator (just don’t think the picture quality is there yet), but telling a girl you "want to do [her]” hardly qualifies as dirty talk, especially for a professoinal athlete (we'll have much more on this subject later today). How about, I want to jam my @#$@# into your @#$@#$ @#$# and then take it out and @#$@#$ all over your @#$@# until you @#$@#, and then when I’m done, I’ll $#%#$@##$ in @#$!@#$@$# before I @#$#@$!@ @#$@!#$@#$@#$@$@$@$@$@$#@$%#^@#$@#$@$@ your hamster will never be the same.

THAT’S dirty talk.  

Owens, of course, denied the existence of nude photos. 

You can read the rest of the details and an update on Jeff Carter and the Stanley Cup, which he apparently won’t be brining to Sea Isle, here.

UDPATEDeadspin posted their email exchange with the girl trying to sell pics.

Video: T.O. on Dr. Phil

Kyle Scott - May 9, 2012

I have no energy to write words today. So, as we mourn the misery of the Flyers loss, the Phillies being a disaster, and, well, the Sixers having no shot to win a title, let’s all be saddened by the existence of Terrell Owens, who was on the Dr. Phil Show yesterday.

Perhaps the most disappointing thing about this is T.O.’s former conquests. Buzz, your girlfriends… woof.

Where Are They Now? The Sad Existence of Donovan McNabb, Terrell Owens and… Eddie Jordan?

Kyle Scott - January 19, 2012


Photo: Ultimate Hoops Minnesota's Facebook page

Every so often we like to check in on our former stars, and the hilarity with which they might currently be involved.

We have some winners this week. Please keep in mind that none of what you are about to read is made up for comedic purposes.

First up (as seen above in a picture taken last week): Donovan McNabb is playing for Ultimate Hoops Minnesota, part of the self-proclaimed best recreational basketball league in the country. Sweet. Perhaps Five could use another pep talk from Kurt Warner. But there is good news: McNabb put up 14 and 10 for Most Dominant Ever in a game against the Rockets. No, not those Rockets.

Number two: Terrell Owens is taking his talents to… the Allen Wranglers of the Indoor Football League, a team which he will co-own. Here’s what T.O. said on a video posted to his Twitter

Uh oh, it’s official, it just went down: I’m headed back to Texas, that’s right, IFL, here I come. Allen, Texas, here I come. Imma be me on


Nice, a plug for the video service he used to make the announcement… and the one that is probably paying him. He's also still working out half-naked.

Finally, number three: Former Sixers coach Eddie Jordan is coaching freshmen at Archbishop Carroll in D.C. where his team’s huddle break is Carroll swag! Really. via FOX in D.C.:

Eddie mentioned he would like to coach again. He said he would prefer to be a couple of seats to the right now, an assistant. But for now, he's good being the highest paid coach in the history of high school freshman basketball. The 76ers are still paying him 3 million dollars. 


That last line makes me sad. Video of Jordan’s new Sixers-funded career is after the jump.

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Judge Issues Arrest Warrant for Terrell Owens, Likely Crazy Chick Tried to Sell Naked Pictures of Michael Vick

Kyle Scott - November 5, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-11-05 at 12.32.27 PM
Photo: TMZ

The other day, I was a guest on 1350 AM in Lancaster with our friend Adam McAllister. He asked what I thought was the first sign of an athlete bottoming out. We were talking about Lenny Dykstra, who will take part in a “celebrity” boxing match against Jose Canseco tonight. Such events are the bottom rung on the ladder of unfortunate life experiences, and a real sign that there is truly no chance of climbing back up onto the roof that most of us call “life.” Somewhere in the middle of that ladder is a rung that, once stepped below, indicates a real sign of trouble and likely free-fall to the bottom. 

At what point do we know athletes are destined to wind up fighting Kato Kaelin on pay-per-view?

When they start appearing – consistently – on TMZ.

Enter Terrell Owens.

Sure, T.O. has always been toed the line between athlete and celebrity, but he now has his own fairly exhaustive category on the gossip website, officially signaling his rapid decent to a boxing ring.

Last week, the site leaked 911 audio tapes of T.O.’s assistant telling dispatchers that her boss tried to kill himself. Now we learn that a judge has issued a bench warrant for T.O.’s arrest after he skipped a baby mama drama court hearing so he could audition – shirtless – for the NFL: [TMZ]

TMZ broke the story … a California judge issued a bench warrant for the football player's arrest for not appearing at a scheduled hearing on October 24. 

But T.O.'s rep tells us he tried like hell to reschedule because he had a massively publicized workout at Calabasas High School that day (below) … but his baby's mother wouldn't cut him a break.


All aboard the Owens Train. Next stop: bankruptcy!

In other soon to be TMZ news, from perhaps the only man to ever (nearly) scrape the bottom rung and ascend back up the ladder: some chick emailed this website [via Deadspin] trying to sell naked pictures of Michael Vick taken in a Dallas hotel room. Last year.

That should be fun.

H/T to (@JDubbUard)

Assistant Says T.O. Tried to Kill Himself Earlier This Month

Kyle Scott - October 27, 2011


Oh man. Back in 2006, it was widely speculated that Terrell Owens tried to kill himself when he was hospitalized for a “bad reaction to pain killers.” 

This time, it seems, there’s a bit more evidence to support that speculation. According to T.O.’s assistant, who called 911 on October 6th, Owens tried to kill himself earlier this month by taking four (at least) prescription pain pills.

From the 911 call via TMZ:

He took… this is a bottle… I know I should have counted these. This is the bottle the most is missing out of.

Is this a suicide attempt?

Yes, I believe so.

Is he talking to you?

He’s talking to his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend. Don't really know what you want to call it. This is kinda of what… I don’t know.


Not good.

TMZ has the audio of the call here— the suicide part comes in at around 2:55.

McNabb and TO together again?

Kyle - April 20, 2010


Owens and McNabb during happier times (Source: NBC Sports)

ESPN is reporting that Donovan McNabb is lobbying the Redskins to consider signing TO. They will probably exhaust all other options first, but it sort of makes sense in that TO is actually a good fit for them. They need a bigger veteran WR who can be a consistent red zone target to pair with the smaller Santana Moss, whose strength is catching deep balls, and the other less experienced WRs on the roster.

Eagles beat writer Les Bowen thinks there is a lot less to this rumor than what ESPN is reporting, which would not be a surprise, given their poor track record reporting on the McNabb trade rumors. But if it happens, the two Eagles-Redskins games will be even more interesting next season. We'll know when the circus comes to Philadelphia when the NFL releases the 2010 schedule at 7pm tonight.