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Let’s All Remember When Packers Fans Bought Valueless ‘Stock’ In The Team So the Real Owner Could Refurbish Lambeau

Coggin Toboggan - September 26, 2019

On the day that could very well determine the fate of the Eagles 2019 season, the pivotal matchup against the Green Bay Packers on Thursday Night Football, I’d like us all to take a deep breath, relax, and remember that no matter what happens tonight Eagles fans will never be conned into buying $64 million in fake team stock to foot the bill for a refurbishment of Lincoln Financial Field.

Yes, win or lose, we’ll never be dumb enough to buy worthless pieces of paper saying we “own” a portion of the Eagles for $250 a pop.

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Vikings Fan Puts Young Whippersnapper in a Headlock

Kevin Kinkead - November 26, 2018

Now, these things only happen in Philadelphia, but this video comes to us from Minnesota:


“(inaudible).. fucking tear you apart. You’re taking away from me. You scream and yell and everything you want but you don’t do that (makes cheering noise).”

I don’t have the full context here, but I have to side with the older gentleman. The Packers fan deserved the headlock just for wearing pajama pants and a bucket hat to a football game.

“I Think They’re Getting Soft” – Clay Matthews Hit With Another Ridiculous Penalty Flag

Kevin Kinkead - September 24, 2018

Death, taxes, and a shitty penalty flag being thrown in an NFL game.

These are life’s certainties.

The irony of this NFL season is that we watched officials throw myriad flags for lowered helmet hits in weeks one and two of the preseason. That was the new rule that everybody thought would derail the league this year and cause defensive players to rethink their entire game.

But that penalty is really having no impact this season. Jordan Hicks committed a clear violation of that rule yesterday and the refs picked the flag up. Instead, the scourge, the plague, the bane of our existence is the “weight on the quarterback” rule that resulted in Clay Matthews once again committing a ludicrous infraction, this time against Washington yesterday:

The irony here is that Matthews seems to be immediately waving his hands after the play as to say, “I tried not to put my entire weight on him!” He wraps up the quarterback and brings him to the ground. I don’t see scooping, I don’t see pulling, and I don’t see him driving Alex Smith into the dirt in a way that looks overtly violent or malicious.

Matthews was more than honest when asked about the play in the locker room:

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Eagles: Najee Goode Nearly Steals a Handoff

Mark Saltveit - August 29, 2015

Voila_Capture 2015-08-29_11-57-55_PM
The Packers have been having a pretty rough night as it is, but Najee Goode piled it on early in the third. He timed his rush perfectly with a running start before the snap, and got to the quarterback and running back so fast that he nearly stole the handoff going the other way. He wasn’t even sure if he should tackle the RB or QB Brett Hundley. Awesome.

GIF after the jump, h/t @TheMightyEROCK
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Super Bowl Streak Guy Misses Super Bowl

Kyle Scott - February 8, 2011


And he's a Packers fan. Heh.

Karma is a bitch. After appearing in Visa commercials, which applaud four guys for missing multiple family functions to attend every Super Bowl, Robert Cook, 79, of Brown Deer, Wis., was hospitalized on Thursday and had to send his daughters to Dallas.

From his commcercial:

I'm going to make it to the Super Bowl game, there's no question about that. No matter what.


Guess not, Bob. Get well soon.

The family won't say why he was hospitalized, but only that he is "depressed."

Meanwhile, one of the other Super Bowl lifers, Larry Jacobson, once gave up the chance to adopt a child because of the big game: [Ad Freak]

He had to be present at the birth—which fell on Super Bowl Sunday. He ended up adopting two different girls instead—so he literally has different children because of his obsession.



Video after the jump.

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Packers Fan Nose Sliced in Chicago

Kyle Scott - January 24, 2011


I am beginning to dislike Chicagoans more and more with each passing day.

Vandalizing a car doesn't seem so bad now, does it?

A Bears fan took to Craigslist to apologize to Packers fans for the behavior they had to put up with at yesterday's game:

What happened at Soldier Field to the Packer fans was BS. To have a nose sliced or be pushed down stairs just because someone wore Packer colors is awful. I'm a Chicagoan and I'm ashamed at the way my "fellow" Chicagoans acted. I was born in Chicago and wasn't brought up that way. I'm deeply sorry and apologise to the fans of the better team Sunday.

CBS in Chicago confirmed the reports, and this Packers blog took an unnecessary shot at Philly, calling Bears fans "Philly-esque."

Chicagoans suck.

Wanted: Defensive Talent Evaluator

Kyle - January 14, 2011

Source: ESPN.COM 

After having a few days to digest the Eagles playoff loss and reflect on the season, I think it's fair to say, with apologies to Dennis Green, that the Eagles are who we thought they were back in August.

Even though I was frustrated with some of their decisions in the off-season, I figured they had no urgency to plug all of their holes because the Eagles brass viewed 2010 as a rebuilding year, in spite of what they stated publicly. But then Kolb got hurt, Vick played great, and the Cowboys got off to a hideous start.  So by mid-season they had a good chance to win the division in a weak year.  Vick's unique skills solved some of the problems on offense and made the pieces fit together better. 

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Stop It, Allentown Morning Call

Kyle Scott - January 12, 2011


The other day, we told you about this Packers fan who had his car vandalized at Sunday's Eagles game. Clearly, that was much worse than the 8-year-old boy who was tackled in Cleveland.

This story has now been picked up by Pro Football Talk and Shutdown Corner: [Allentown Morning Call]

More likely, it will go down as another example of Philadelphia sports fans at their worst and add to their reputation as out-of-control, violent, destructive drunks and all-around sore losers.

"When I left Green Bay everyone said to be careful — the Philadelphia fans have a reputation," said Peter Coenen, who still lives in Wisconsin and took his son to the game as an early birthday gift. "My son had a Green Bay Packers shirt on. As we drove in, they gave us the finger."

The reputation dates to 1949 when fans threw glass bottles at an umpire for a bad call during a Phillies game. Incidents continued over the years, including the hurling of snowballs at Santa Claus at Franklin Field in 1968 and at the Dallas Cowboys at Veterans Stadium in 1989.


Not even worth our words.

H/T to Chris