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Villanova’s Championship Parade Set for Thursday

Chris Jastrzembski - April 3, 2018

Get ready for what could be a really busy Thursday in Philadelphia.

After last night’s big win over Michigan for their second national championship in three years, Villanova will host a parade of their own Thursday morning beginning at 11 AM. It’ll start at 20th and Market Streets before ending at Dilworth Park near City Hall, the same exact route as the parade in 2016.

The rally at Dilworth Park is expected to begin around 11:45 AM. The hope is to have everything done before 12:30 PM. No classes on Nova’s campus that day as well.

It’ll be the team’s second parade this week. Early this morning, the team had a parade on the Riverwalk in San Antonio after the win:

The victory parade adds another event to an already busy day in the city. You have the Phillies’ home opener against the Marlins at 3:05 PM before the Flyers take on the Hurricanes at 7 PM across the street.

Villanova returns home tonight around 6 PM and will be greeted by many students, alumni, and fans inside the Jake Nevin Field House.

OPINION: I Saw a Diverse and (Mostly) Well-Behaved Parade Crowd

Kevin Kinkead - February 10, 2018

I walked at least eight miles on Thursday.

My wife went down to the parkway around 7 a.m. and my dad and I got on the EL at Girard Avenue around 8:15 a.m., headed to City Hall.

We had some trouble, ironically, crossing Broad Street, so we had to get back on the Market-Frankford line and walk down from 30th Street Station.

Not totally ideal.

For some reason, the subway concourse was blocked when we tried to get through, though other people, like Russ, had no issues moving underground to the other side of City Hall. And sections of Broad that were opened earlier (like Locust Street) were completely blocked off by 9 a.m., so whatever.

Anyhow, because of that “roundabout” trip throughout Philly, I feel like I got a good, long look at what I thought was an incredibly diverse turnout.

If I had to guess, I’d say 50% of the crowd was white, 40% was black, and the other 10% was anybody and everybody who lives in Philly. I saw a decent number of Hispanic and Latino families, and some Asian families, too. Women were well-represented (40% maybe?) and I saw lot of children, too, who seemed to be doing okay in the large crowds. The area I walked was Locust up to 17th and the Parkway, on both sides of the route.

After the motorcade passed by CB headquarters at the Ritz, I saw a black guy taking pictures with his group and a makeshift Lombardi trophy. A random white guy walked by to look at the faux trophy and the first guy, Lamar, grabbed him and told him to get into this photo:

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ESPN is Hosting a Two-Hour Eagles Parade Special

Kevin Kinkead - February 7, 2018

I know that Bristol is beautiful this time of year, but ESPN is shifting focus to Philly tomorrow morning for the mother of all parades. The parade to end all parades. The celebration that trumps all other celebrations.

Kevin Negandhi and Sal Pal will co-host a two-hour special program beginning at 11 a.m. on ESPN 2, which will also be available on the ESPN app. Sal is gonna be at Lincoln Financial Field near the start of the parade route, and Negandhi, a Philly native and Temple alum, will home base from the Art Museum. Tim McManus is also listed in the press release as a contributor.

More from the release:

During the parade, Eagles outside linebacker Mychal Kendricks will take over ESPN social media accounts, providing an all-access look at the celebration from the parade floats. His photos and videos will appear on the Stories carousel across both Facebook and Instagram, among other platforms.

That’s pretty cool.

Friday, then, some of the Birds will head up to Connecticut to guest on ESPN programs such as NFL Live, Golic and Wingo, SportsCenter, and First Take.

The players scheduled to appear are:

  • Jay Ajayi
  • LeGarrette Blount
  • Corey Clement
  • Brandon Graham
  • Malcolm Jenkins
  • Alshon Jeffrey
  • Lane Johnson
  • Jalen Mills

You want Philly Philly?

Let’s do it.

The Stadium Parking Lots Will Be CLOSED Tomorrow

Kevin Kinkead - February 7, 2018

For those asking, no, the stadium area will NOT be open for parking tomorrow morning, nor will FDR Park.

If you’re driving in for the parade, you’ll have to find somewhere else to stash your car.

But if you do park in town, the PPA will not enforce meter and time restrictions. If you do something dumb, though, like park in front of a fire hydrant, you WILL get a ticket for that. And vehicles won’t be released on Thursday, so you’ll have to wait until Friday to get your ride back.

Why are the stadiums closed? I don’t know, but this is the official word from the city:

“Due to security and public safety concerns, parking will not be available at Lincoln Financial Field or the stadium complex.”

It would probably a logistical nightmare trying to get everyone into the lots via one entrance (95 and Broad) while everything thing else is shut down around the start of the parade route.

The Flyers DO play tomorrow night, so that’s one thing to consider. Here’s some relevant info on that: Continue Reading

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We’ve Got Parade Details

Kevin Kinkead - February 6, 2018

City Hall held a press conference this morning to lay out some of the details for Thursday’s parade, celebrating the WORLD CHAMPION PHILADELPHIA EAGLES.

The info:


  • starts at 11 a.m. at Broad and Pattison, heads northbound and ends at the Art Museum
  • motorcade turns LEFT at City Hall and go against traffic, loop around to 15th and over to the Ben Franklin Parkway (so if you’re on the east side of City Hall you won’t see anything)
  • the vehicles will be open air and the entire route will be barricaded, just like any parade
  • there will be three press platforms set up along the route, one on the south end of City Hall, one at the corner of Love Park, (and the third was not specifically mentioned, but I’d assume it’s at the Art Museum)
  • the stage is being built on the second level of the Art Museum
  • there will be 14 jumbotrons set up along the Parkway from Eakins Oval down to City Hall, with a fully operational sound system
  • NBC 10 and NBCSP will begin broadcasting at 10:30 a.m. Local stations will pool (share) their camera feeds.
  • the parade reaches the Art Museum at 12:12 p.m. and the ceremony begins at 1 p.m., with details to come
  • 850 port-o-johns will be set up along the parkway perimeter

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Taney Parade Will March Down Broad Street Tomorrow

Jim Adair - August 26, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 9.41.25 AM

The details for tomorrow’s Taney parade have been announced, and it all starts at 20th & Market at 2 p.m. tomorrow. From there, “The parade route will travel east on Market Street, go around the southwest corner of City Hall, and travel south on Broad Street down to FDR Park at Broad and Pattison Streets.” Along the way, the parade will make stops at the Kimmel Center — where the Philly POPS! will play — and at Broad & Washington — where some Mummers will perform. Once the parade hits FDR Park (at approximately 4 p.m.) there will be a rally and some speeches, all before they team heads into Citizens Bank Park to be honored. Tickets are still available for the Phillies game tomorrow night (because of course they are) and $6 of your ticket purchased here goes towards Taney Little League and you get a Taney T-shirt.

Pat Burrell: Two Rings, One Hit

Kyle Scott - November 4, 2010


Nice shirt, Pat.

Stanley Cup at the Gay Pride Parade

Kyle Scott - June 27, 2010


Brent Sopel tasted the rainbow today.  

Wonder how he feels about his weekend.  First, he was traded by the Blackhawks to Atlanta, then he was chosen to take the cup to the gay pride parade.

What, no Patrick Kane?