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New Year, Same Story: Five Takeaways from Penguins 5, Flyers 1

Anthony SanFilippo - January 3, 2018

As many of you know from my last post, I’ve been missing the past few Flyers games (live) because of my involvement with Big Daddy Graham’s “A Row Home Christmas.”

But as it turns out, I haven’t been missing much.

The Flyers are what we thought they were, and have been, and will continue to be in the near future. Inconsistent. Frustrating at times. But mostly mediocre. Although qualifying last night’s loss to Pittsburgh as mediocre is far too generous.

Last night was a completely sub-par effort all the way around, including their first stinker from goalie Brian Elliott in quite some time. They have now lost five-of-seven, this after winning six in a row following a ten-game losing streak.

And when a team is that streaky, they can’t be trusted to be consistent ever – either consistently good or consistently bad.

I have a friend who is a degenerate gambler. So much so that he bets hockey with regularity. He has been leaning on me for, ahem, expert advice in hockey for years. Over time I’ve truly done no better than maybe enough to assure he is able to keep betting hockey – meaning slightly better than 50% or just enough to cover his bookie’s vig.

And yet, despite being able to give him picks on games for years, and having my best track record in the playoffs and with Flyers games (because you can get a sense of how the team feels or looks sometimes in practice or morning skates) he is frustrated with me because I have not given him one Flyers game yet this season.

Part of that is because I’m not doing this full-time and I’m not at many of those practices and morning skates, so even though I’m still texting or talking with people with the team from afar, I don’t feel confident giving him a pick based mostly on my gut.

But the real reason is, you can’t tell with this Flyers team from one game to the next. There’s no flow or rhythm to them. They don’t generate any consistency because there’s nothing consistent about them. They really are a team without an identity.

For the better part of two months, Dave Hakstol was opposed to really mixing up his lines. Sure, he would make one forward change here or there. Maybe flip flop two guys in the lineup, but he kept things the same, even while they were losing a bunch of games in a row.

Now, he’s juggling the lineup like his hair’s on fire. After finally moving Travis Konecny on a line with Claude Giroux and Sean Couturier in Columbus last Saturday (and having them look good in the process against a superior team) they played together all of one lousy period in Florida before that combination was abandoned again.

Of course, Hakstol said after the game that the lineup shifting was just the Flyers trying to find nine forwards that work together. And to his credit, they were re-united the last two games, one which they looked really good (Tampa) and one which they (and everyone else) looked lousy (Pittsburgh).

But here we are 39 games into the season and the Flyers really haven’t found any forwards that work together with the exception of Couturier and Giroux and whoever you put on the wing with them.

So maybe that’s the problem more than anything. Maybe it’s the construction of the team. Maybe these heralded Flyers prospects aren’t as talented as we once thought. Maybe that’s why Ron Hextall has protected so many of them for so long – not wanting them to get swallowed up by the big, bad NHL because they aren’t as good as others their age.

I’ve started constructing a deep dive comparison of all the Flyers players to others around the NHL. And since it’s so lengthy, I’ll break it up into a few posts which I’ll unveil next week during the Flyers bye week which is basically one game past the halfway point of the season

But as for last night… well… maybe I’ll just let Flyers Twitter tell that story:

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Flyers/Penguins at Beaver Stadium is Being Pitched for 2016-2017

Jim Adair - March 27, 2015

A Flyers-Penguins Winter Classic at Beaver Stadium has long-been rumored and grumbled about, but never confirmed. In fact, it’s never gone past the rumor stage. Howard Eskin confirmed it once (inaccurately) and we heard rumors of Penn State being on board, but never much more. Until now.

According to Broad Street Hockey, Shawn Tilger told the gathered season ticket holders at the Flyers Town Hall meeting that the team is pitching the game for the 2016-2017 season to commemorate the 50th anniversary of both the Flyers and the Penguins. It’s still a long ways away, and there will be countless reports between now and then that it’s happening but not happening or maybe happening until its probably happening it’s happening.

Former Penguin says You Don’t Want to Bring Your Kids to the Wells Fargo Center

Jim Adair - January 8, 2015

Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Our reaction exactly, Wayne. Photo Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Brooks Orpik spent the first eleven seasons of his career in a Penguins uniform, so he knows what it’s like to be treated like the enemy at the Wells Fargo Center. He plays for the Capitals now, and in the lead up to the Caps’ first game at the WFC this season, he shared some words about what playing on the hostile Wells Fargo ice is like:

“It’s probably not a building you want to bring your kids to, that’s for sure. You’ll learn some new language, especially with the way the benches are set up, they’re kind of open to the crowd.

It can be entertaining, too. Sometimes they get pretty creative with the signs and I’ve seen them go a little overboard, too. It’s always a real fun building as long as you don’t get behind early. If you get behind early it can be a pretty tough building to play in.”

Okay Brooks. First of all, it’s probably some (well taught) kids yelling some of that stuff at you to begin with. And secondly, isn’t “new language” just a sign of the fans’ creativity? They’re artists. Then again, where you bring your kids is entirely up to you. And some people wouldn’t bring their kids to tonight’s Capitals/Flyers game for a different reason:

Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 1.22.22 PM

Flyers Fan Who Said “eww” to a Sidney Crosby Jersey for Christmas Gets a Special Gift from the Flyers

Jim Adair - January 7, 2015

Remember that kid who got a Sidney Crosby jersey for Christmas as a joke and didn’t appreciate it? If you were worried about that kid having some lingering trauma from opening a gift to see black and yellow, well it looks like the Flyers were too. They sent him (and his family) a gift pack that included an autograhed Claude Giroux jersey, a puck, a hat, sunglasses, a bunch of other junk, and a pair of tickets to watch the Flyers play the Bruins. Oh, he also gets to meet Giroux and some of the other players. That should wash that bad Pittsburgh memory right out of his head. Wait, did I say they were playing the Bruins? Never mind.

Young Flyers Fan Gets Sidney Crosby Jersey as a Gag Gift and Does Not Appreciate the Joke

Jim Adair - December 29, 2014

“Ewww” is really the only reaction you could expect the kid to have. It’s also a nice touch that his immediate physical reaction is one of “I don’t know what weird diseases I’ll catch from this thing so get it away from me.” This kid is going places.

Pittsburgh Shock Jock Sells Shitty Anti-Flyers Shirt Where You Also Buy Hand Knitted Scarves

Jim Adair - August 29, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 3.25.48 PM

Mark Madden, a Pittsburgh sports radio jock who only tweets pictures of porn stars and desserts, is selling that incredibly stupid shirt above on Etsy. That’s right, Etsy, the same place that person you know (definitely not you) gets handmade greeting cards and jewelry. There’s a number of things wrong with this shirt, starting with the shitty Hanes Comfortblend it’s printed on. Then, there’s the use of the Flyers colors — printing it in say Yellow and Black would at least obviously say that you are anti-Flyers and make it less awkward to wear to a game — and the Flyers name, which is just begging for a cease and desist order. Finally, hashtags look stupid enough on Twitter, so let’s keep them off of our goddamn t-shirts where they serve no purpose.

Also, the route of attacking a franchise’s history instead of what they are right now is always the cowardly way. Unless it’s the Mets. The Mets are always fair game.

h/t reader Rudolph

Penn State Officials Want a Flyers-Penguins Game at Beaver Stadium

Kyle Scott - June 5, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 12.43.12 PM

pic via College OTR, from when this idea was first discussed in 2007

Perhaps since they want to generate interest in hockey for the opening of their own arena, and perhaps because Gary Bettman’s league is doling out outdoor games like a stoned dude giving out free hugs, Penn State officials are pushing for a Flyers-Penguins game at Beaver Stadium:

Penn State officials confirm they are seriously considering the idea, whether it is an NHL or Big Ten game.

With the new Pegula Ice Arena almost ready  to open, there’s a lot of hockey excitement in State College.

Joe Battista, of Penn State Hockey Operations, says the Pittsburgh Penguins would probably faceoff against the Philadelphia Flyers.

Penn State football coach Bill O’Brien says he’s all for the idea.

When these reports popped up before, Joe Paterno was rumored to be against the idea… but, um, that didn’t end well, and it seems PSU folks are now eager for the game, the gate and the positive publicity that could be generated from such an event.

One challenge, Battista says, could be parking, since snow may render all the grass lots useless. But I’m sure that’s something that could be hammered out. Another hurdle? Percentages say that at least one person would killed at that game, and we would hate for that person to be a Flyers fan.

via The School Philly

Flyers-Penguins as NHL 94 Game

Kyle Scott - March 25, 2013

Besides trolling you for the first 30 seconds of this video, Benstonium’s NHL 94-ization of the Flyers’ 2-1 overtime loss to the Penguins is kind of mesmerizing. And sad. It’s sad, too. Because one of the only inaccuracies in the video is the fact that the Flyers’ defensemen move wayyyy slower than those little 2-D sprites in the original game.

via Pensblog