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Video: Katie Nolan Tries the Phanatic’s Hot Dog Launcher

Kyle Scott - July 27, 2015

Katie Nolan was at Citizens Bank Park at some point in the not too distant past to film a bit for her show – hated by Phil Mushnick – which aired last night. That’s it. That’s the whole story. Looks fun.

Even the Phanatic Has to Follow MLB’s New Pace of Play Rules

Jim Adair - May 6, 2015

Clock is ticking buddy. Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Clock is ticking buddy.
Photo Credit: Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

MLB’s new pace of play rules, which include a clock between innings, have cut down on total game time this year. A clock ticks down from 2 minutes and 25 seconds as soon as the final out of a half-inning is recorded and the first pitch of the next half-inning must start when it hits zero. It works. This rule, among others, has cut average game time from 3 hours and 2 minutes to 2 hours and 53 minutes. Still long, but a significant improvement. Plus, what is the harm in that between inning clock? A shorter amount of time to honor the Citizens Seven? A faster-scrolling list of people celebrating their birthdays? [Guessing it doesn’t cut into allotted commercial time.] It’s all for the greater good… except in one instance.

A special guy told Sports Illustrated:

“Oh yeah, we’re very aware of the league rules,” said Tom Burgoyne, who describes himself as (ahem) a close friend of the Phillie Phanatic. “When they send rules like this down, we get them for sure.” …

As a passenger in the large hot-dog-mobile, the Phanatic doesn’t have to keep track of time, like he would in his typical one-man ATV. For days like those, Burgoyne said the Phillies have even considered adding an earpiece to the inside of the costume to communicate the time.

An earpiece? Time to introduce Secret Agent Phanatic. You’re welcome, Phillies.

We all know the Phanatic will mess with a fake third base umpire once in a while. It’s classic Phanatic. But real umpires are in on it too sometimes. And to that extent, they could help out when, say, Lady Pha Pha needs to squeeze out once last refrain: Burgoyne told SI that if the Phanatic’s skits were running long, “an umpire might help stall by wiping dirt off the plate.” Probably not Joe West, though. He’s no fun.

The Phillie Phanatic Looks Very Strange in a T-Shirt

Jim Adair - July 15, 2014

via Uni-Watch

via Uni-Watch

Yesterday, as is tradition at the All-Star festivities, all of the MLB mascots posed for a group picture. For some reason, the Phillie Phanatic was wearing a t-shirt and that makes me very uncomfortable. Last year’s group picture had the Phanatic wearing his usual jersey, so what happened this year? Did he spill something on it? I have no idea, but the his neckline was not meant for t-shirt wearing, and he just looks so bummed to be squeezed into that tee. It’s like seeing a teacher outside of school for the first time. Plus, I am made extra uncomfortable by that thousand-yard stare-and-smile combo that the Reds’ lady-mascot is throwing our way. I’m getting a real strong Annabelle vibe from her and I don’t like it. Mr. Met seems into it though.

What’s the Phanatic Say? Video is Outstanding

Kyle Scott - December 20, 2013

Probably the best thing the Phillies (with the help of Major League Baseball?) have done in quite some time. What’s the Phanatic Say?

The lead singer in this is a Phillies employee who frequently takes part in on-field bits with the Phanatic and whom I think plays the backup Phanatic as well. The video also features former Phanatic, Dave Raymond, who tweeted a teaser last week:

Good stuff.

The Eagles Used (Awesome) Phanatic, Rocky, Fresh Prince and Bart Simpson Play-Call Signs

Kyle Scott - September 9, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 11.12.29 PM
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Here’s the Adorable MasterCard Commercial with the Phanatic and Mr. Met

Kyle Scott - July 15, 2013

Did Jayson Werth Disable the Phanatic’s ATV?

Kyle Scott - June 18, 2013

A blogger can go one of two ways this morning when posting about the Phillies. I could write about their epic walk-off win to keep the wheels of mediocrity spinning. Or, I could write about how times are so tough that even the Phanatic’s wheels won’t spin.

His ATV broke down before the game last night and it had to be lifted off the field. Jayson Werth and Ian Desmond seemed to get quite a kick out of the ordeal and… well, Werth and the Phanatic do have a history.

Video after the jump. I have a feeling we might find out later today what happened. Continue Reading

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Here’s the Phillie Phanatic Getting Down at a Wedding on Saturday Night

Kyle Scott - May 13, 2013

I’m guessing this wasn’t out of the goodness of his big, green heart, and that those furry moves were part of a paid appearance. But still, here’s the Phillie Phanatic getting down at a wedding on Saturday at what looks to be Northampton Valley Country Club. Girl look at that body.

This is totally better than the time the Phanatic showed up to a wedding in Avalon and then got sued for throwing a woman into a pool. I think.