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Now Is Not The Time to Give Up On Markelle Fultz

Tim Reilly - December 7, 2018

On Wednesday’s edition of Pardon the Interruption, NBA analyst Doris Burke offered an insightful take on the Markelle Fultz situation. Fultz, who was recently diagnosed with Neurogenic Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, has endured national ridicule for a hitch that has hampered the mechanics of his jump shot and free throw form.

Burke’s commentary is worth considering in full, and I have transcribed it below:

“You know, this is hard for me. I am the mother of a twenty-four year old son. And so the first prism through which I look at this, guys, is that of a mom. And if my son were going through this, it would be incredibly difficult to watch. We are evaluating a twenty year old in incredible scrutiny, under incredible performance pressure. It’s been over a year issue. It feels to me, personally, like if I were his mom I’d almost want him in a different organization, just to give him a fresh start. The reality is, this is a business decision for the Sixers. Brett Brown continues to be supportive. He keeps talking, saying I’m going to coach him like a son, not like the number 1 pick in the draft. I think Markelle’s inner circle has given him some interesting advice over time. I don’t know that there’s a positive outcome on either side. I’m just hopeful for the young man, that he can either (1) come back healthy in the timetable given- now 6 weeks- or (2) maybe somehow he moves to another place.”

Burke’s compassionate perspective stood out particularly because it was offered on an ESPN program. To say the network has leaned into the Fultz story would be an understatement. Earlier in the day on First Take, Stephen A. Smith had proclaimed Fultz “the biggest bust in NBA history,” and asserted in the same segment that “this man has some personal demons that are none of our business.” One month earlier, Fultz’s awkward free throw in a game against the Miami Heat was played for laughs and offered as fodder on a number of ESPN platforms, including First Take and The Jump.

ESPN is not alone among sports outlets in reveling in Fultz’s struggles; however, given the network’s venerable status and its broadcast partnership with the NBA, it is unquestionably a major amplifier. Armed with seemingly endless B-roll footage of Fultz lowlights and an impressive array of analysts, the network has considerable power in shaping the narrative around a player.

And, more than ever before, ESPN is in the storytelling business. SportsCenter long ago ceded its monopoly over the sports highlight market; in its place is a relentless brand construction and destruction machine masquerading as a highlights and analysis program. Continue Reading

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Report: Amir Johnson is Returning to the Sixers

Chris Jastrzembski - July 4, 2018

Blogging from the gorgeous 80th Street beach in Sea Isle, Amir Johnson is coming back to the Sixers.

Per Woj, who appears to take no days off whatsoever:

Sports Illustrated’s Jake Fischer added that it’s for the league minimum, which is about $2.39 million. He made $11 million last year.

In 74 games last season with the Sixers, Johnson recorded 4.6 points per game and 4.5 rebounds a game. But his leadership and especially his hustle were probably big factors into a return to Philadelphia.

It’s probably safe to assume Kyle O’Quinn won’t be a Sixer. He was garnering some interest from the Sixers earlier in the free agency period.

Carry on with the rest of your Fourth of July activities.

Scott O’Neil vs. Howard Eskin

Chris Jastrzembski - June 11, 2018

Earlier on the WIP evening show, Howard Eskin reported that Scott O’Neil is planning to take a job with the Utah Jazz. O’Neil is the CEO of the 76ers, New Jersey Devils, and other entities under the umbrella of Harris Blitzer Sports and Entertainment.

This would be considered a big surprise after the Bryan Colangelo scandal. Why would the CEO of multiple entities leave for another job out west? Maybe he wasn’t happy with how the Colangelo firing went down?

A little after the “report” came out, O’Neil responded on Twitter and denied any truth to the matter.

“2 am slot.” Good jab. But a look at Eskin’s mentions shows how happy the fanbase would be if he actually did leave the organization.

That’s where the fun begins. Eskin didn’t take lightly to O’Neil’s comments and responded with tweets of his own. After the jump: Continue Reading

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This is the Problem the Sixers Are Dealing With

Chris Jastrzembski - May 4, 2018

Two games and no offensive adjustments from Brett Brown. Throughout the series, Boston has targeted Ben Simmons by walling him off in transition and matching him up against Al Horford and others.

I’ve never heard of this Cranjis McBasketball guy before reading his thread about the lack of adjustments after two games, but the guy has a point.

The entire thread after the jump. Continue Reading

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The Sixers Are Giving Out These Sweet Eagles Themed Shirts Friday Night

Chris Jastrzembski - January 31, 2018

Friday will kick off what could be a very busy week in South Philly. It begins early Friday morning with Wing Bowl. Later in the day, when normal civilization returns, the Sixers will host the Miami Heat in a nationally televised game on ESPN. They’ll debut their new City Edition jerseys as well, but will also go all out for the Eagles with a ton of Eagles stuff in preparation for the Super Bowl.

The first 10,000 fans will also get these shirts, courtesy of the Sixers and, our partner, Rush Order Tees:

The Sixers marketing team has nailed it again. These are fire. Get me one ASAP.

Trust the Cleaning Process

Chris Jastrzembski - November 13, 2017

How do college kids make the worst part of party hosting fun? You theme it around the Sixers.

Cleaning is never enjoyable, but these guys from St. Joe’s get it. One of them is a junior forward on the Hawks’ soccer team. Whoever thought of this idea in the house is a god damn genius:

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Colin Cowherd and Ryen Russillo Hate on the Sixers

Chris Jastrzembski - October 5, 2017

I regret to inform you that Colin Cowherd, noted Philadelphia hater, is back hating on Philadelphia. Just two damn days.

This time, he’s trashing the Sixers. Specifically, bashing the “kids” on the Sixers:

The over/under on the Philadelphia 76ers…is 40 games. This team ain’t winning 40 games, even in the miserable East.

Look at the age of their roster, it’s kids. I don’t even get it. They have one old pure shooter (J.J. Redick), they have two often injured big men (Joel Embiid and Jahlil Okafor), they have several kids, and virtually no chemistry because they keep turning over this roster.

Who would Cowherd rather have: Carl Landry or Markelle Fultz. Probably the former.

But that’s not the worst of it:

It’s not as good as the Laker roster, and [Vegas] got the Lakers at 33 in the West, over/under…[The Sixers] make the Lakers look like the Cavaliers.

The Lakers will probably have a lineup of Lonzo, $17 million man Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, and Brook Lopez. I don’t think a lineup of Simmons, Fultz, Redick, Covington, and Embiid makes the Lakers look unstoppable.

This is your friendly reminder that Fox pivoted to video for crap like this.

If you weren’t mad over that, we have more, which might be even worse! From Ryen Russillo: Continue Reading

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Markelle Fultz Declared a Bust by the Dumbest Twitter Has to Offer

Coggin Toboggan - October 5, 2017

Are we really doing this? Seriously, are we already cursing the heavens for our foul luck with drafting Markelle Fultz? We’re calling him a bust in this city after ONE preseason game? Hell, people were writing him off after one half last night, so I guess if you waited until the end of the game you were a bit more balanced in your assessment.


True, Fultz did look a little lost at times last night and struggled to get anything going offensively. Weird that a 19-year-old would be overwhelmed playing in his first professional NBA game. WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT?

The Sixers Twitter overreaction to his first taste of NBA basketball is insane. The way morons were tweeting about his demise you’d have thought there was a line of people at the Ben Franklin Bridge waiting to cast themselves to their watery grave. Should’ve taken Lonzoooooooooooooooooooooo. Splash.

These Tweets deserve your mockery and scorn. In the Victorian ages, their authors would’ve been forced to wear a scarlet “O” on their lapels and publicly shamed for the rest of their miserable existences (O for “overreacter”…Nathaniel Hawthorne loves that reference, believe me).

And we’re officially ROCKETING out of the gate. Incoherent complaint? Check. Use of a vulgar slur to describe Fultz’s play? Check. Declaring Fultz needs to prove you wrong after one half of poor play? Check. That’s the good stuff. Harrison, I salute your ham-handed attempt at criticism. Continue Reading

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