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The Eagles’ Super Bowl Victory Made it on to Wheel of Fortune

Chris Jastrzembski - March 5, 2018

Did you know the Philadelphia Eagles won the Super Bowl last month?

Well, they did. And many of us haven’t stopped mentioning it since. Now, Wheel of Fortune wanted to remind everyone which NFL team still reigns supreme.

The celebrations have died down in the past couple of weeks, but there’s still a little part of me that gets giddy when I think about the Eagles winning the Super Bowl.

And by the way, the team’s Super Bowl Championship movie comes out tomorrow.

Some of the Best Reactions From The Moment The Eagles Won The Super Bowl

Chris Jastrzembski - February 6, 2018

Everybody reacted in a very similar fashion when the Eagles won their first ever Super Bowl.

Excitement. Crying. Hugging. Maybe drinking.

Here were some of the best, after the jump. Continue Reading

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As Expected, Philadelphia is Wild

Chris Jastrzembski - February 5, 2018

Enjoy the reactions from the city. More of them begin after the jump: Continue Reading

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Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl LII Live Thread

Chris Jastrzembski - February 4, 2018

We lasted two weeks. We finally made it.

Tonight, the Eagles can win their first ever Super Bowl tonight in Minnesota against the New England Patriots. It’s a rematch of Super XXXIX, where the Patriots won 24-21.

On the injury front, the Eagles are very healthy. In fact, everybody is healthy and nobody is listed as questionable or out. Only a few players got sick this week.

For the Patriots, they’re also very healthy. It helps that Rob Gronkowski will be back.

We’ll continually update this post as the game goes along. And check out our predictions to see how good (or probably bad) we guessed this game. Continue Reading

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Eagles-Patriots Super Bowl LII Game Predictions

Chris Jastrzembski - February 4, 2018

We made it through two weeks of actual storylines and other crap. We’ve made it.

Today’s the day we hopefully win a Super Bowl and a parade down Broad in a few days.

To recap, here’s where the staff stands entering the Super Bowl:

T1: Bob, Tyler (16-2)

3: Chris (15-3)

4: Coggin (14-4)

T5: Kevin, Kyle, Tim (13-5)

8: Phil (12-6)

9: Anthony (8-10) (8-7, according to Anthony)

Our predictions for this week are after the jump: Continue Reading

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Here’s a Ton of Eagles Hype Videos to Get You Ready for Sunday

Chris Jastrzembski - February 2, 2018

Two more days. We can’t wait any longer.

Watching these videos will make that wait even harder. They begin after the jump. And enjoy all the Meek Mill and Rocky songs. Continue Reading

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The Sixers Are Giving Out These Sweet Eagles Themed Shirts Friday Night

Chris Jastrzembski - January 31, 2018

Friday will kick off what could be a very busy week in South Philly. It begins early Friday morning with Wing Bowl. Later in the day, when normal civilization returns, the Sixers will host the Miami Heat in a nationally televised game on ESPN. They’ll debut their new City Edition jerseys as well, but will also go all out for the Eagles with a ton of Eagles stuff in preparation for the Super Bowl.

The first 10,000 fans will also get these shirts, courtesy of the Sixers and, our partner, Rush Order Tees:

The Sixers marketing team has nailed it again. These are fire. Get me one ASAP.

Vikings Fans are Cancelling Eagles Fans’ AirBnBs

Chris Jastrzembski - January 25, 2018

On this episode of “Vikings fans still not happy with Eagles fans”, they’re now cancelling their AirBnB’s due to fan behavior on Sunday.

From r/Eagles:

Discrimination of Eagles fans!!! Just Received this from Airbnb after the owner learned I was coming from Philadelphia. Booked it right after the Eagles won. Everything seems booked now or too expensive!!

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