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Video: Islanders Announcer Rips… the Phillie Phanatic

Kyle Scott - February 19, 2013

Yesterday was mascot day in Long Island. And while I’m not sure that’s different from any other day in a place where the hockey team, its goalie, two million-year-old building and cartoonish jerseys are a caricature of a professional sports franchise… on this day, the Islanders invited fuzzy figures from local sports teams to attend watch the Islanders get pummeled by the Flyers.

Mr. Met was there, and he was “roundly booed” by Flyers fans when he was introduced. But when he was shown on the local broadcast, the reaction was much more kind. Isles (and Mets) announcer Howie Rose used the opportunity to take a vicious swing at one Mr. Phillie Phanatic. Broad Street Hockey captured the video:

To quote: "As America’s favorite mascot, voted in a national poll. He beat that overrated washed up hack of a Phillie Phanatic."

Whoa. Not cool, dude.

Joe Lucia of Awful Announcing points out that Rose was likely citing this Forbes poll, from last year. 

I like Mr. Met. Think he’s the only thing the Mets have going for them, and he looks exactly goofy enough without being ridiculous. So I won’t sit here and tell you how awful he is. But he’s not better than the Phanatic. And calling our Galapagosian friend a “washed up hack” sounds like Fightin’ words to me.

Phillie Phanatic Being Sued For Tossing Woman Into Swimming Pool

Kyle Scott - June 12, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-06-12 at 1.39.26 PM

What? The Phanatic?! Yes, the Phanatic.

According to a lawsuit filed last week, an Abington woman claims that while attending a wedding at The Golden Inn in Avalon in 2010, the Phillie Phanatic tossed her and her lounge chair into the shallow end of a swimming pool, causing injuries to her “head, neck, back, body, arms, legs,  bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and tissues”… head, shoulders, knees and toes (KNEES AND TOES!). 


"The next day she really felt it and had a difficult time getting out bed and had a difficult time participating in the wedding," Denker said.

Since it was unclear who was actually in the Phanatic costume that day, Peirce is suing both Tom Burgoyne and Matt Mehler or any other unnamed individual who was portraying the Galápagos Islands native there, the complaint claims. The team and The Golden Inn are also named as defendants.


That sounds awful. But it also sounds like a gross exaggeration. Unless you’re diving head-first, being tossed into a swimming pool, even the shallow end, rarely results in serious injuries, one would think. And what does difficult time participating in the wedding mean? She couldn't dance? Couldn't get to the open bar? Couldn't catch the bouquet and have her lifelong dream of being swept off her feet and nuptualized by a tall, dark (green?) and handsome man fulfilled? What. Does. It. Mean. points out that the Phanatic has been sued three times in the last 10 years, though most of those claims result more from the accidental collateral of a giant green thing in our midst than they do a mascot intentionally hurling unsuspecting fans into pools.

The accuser's lawyer, Aaron Denker, said the Phanatic wasn’t a part of the particular wedding his client was attending.

Whatever the case, perhaps The Golden Inn may want to remove that picture of the Phanatic from the home page of its website.

Video after the jump of the Phanatic at The Golden Inn. It appears to have been taken a month before the fan-tossing incident.

This story was originally posted with the title "… empty swimming pool," which would have been decidedly more ridiculous. Sorry about that. Somehow, I misread original story. Twice.

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NY State Senator Challenges The Phillie Phanatic To A Fight

Kyle Scott - April 20, 2012

image from

Douchedom alert! Douchedom alert!

32-year-old New York State Senator Daniel Squadron – whose 25th district includes neighborhoods such as Brooklyn, Tribeca, Battery Park City and the Lower East Side – gave some rambling speech recently on the floor of the state chamber. Normally, this wouldn’t be of interest to you… or anyone. But Squadron dropped this peculiar line:

"[The Mets] also have just about the best mascot anyone can ever ask for. And if the Phillie Phanatic wants to come and quarrel with me about that, I believe that this house is going to allow mixed martial arts, and I’m happy to take on that fight."


Ding, ding.

image from

Video after the jump.

H/T to our friends over at HHR

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Semis: The Phanatic Speaks (Really), Mets More Broke, and More

Kyle Scott - March 5, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-03-05 at 12.54.17 PM

Not one of these is post-worthy by itself, but, when taken together… you get the point.

– FOX’s Jon Morosi is all frowny face about the 2012 Phillies:

The Phillies are favored to win a sixth straight National League East title. They have an excellent chance to reach the World Series for the third time since 2008. And yet there’s a new, uninvited guest at their spring camp.


The Phillies’ professionalism and preparedness should sustain them for a time, but the air of inevitability is gone.


– The broke Mets continue to get broker (more broke?):

U.S. District Court Judge Jed S. Rakoff ruled Monday that Mets principal owner Fred Wilpon, his family, businesses and charities must pay as much as $83 million to the trustee trying to recover funds to net losers in Bernard Madoff’s Ponzi scheme. He also ruled that the sides will go to trial March 19 over an additional $303 million that [trustee Irving] Picard is seeking.

The Wilpons’ lawyers had filed a motion to have the case tossed entirely. 


– A great story on how NBC and Comcast are focusing on sports to rejuvenate the entire company. Plus, a vivid anecdotal tale about the time NBC won rights to the Olympic games through 2020 and Bob Costas got excited:

Throughout the flight Burke had been in contact with his team, but all of a sudden nobody on the ground was answering his calls. Finally he reached Brian Roberts, the CEO of Comcast, who had led the presentation and was still in Lausanne. As he listened, Burke balled his right hand into a fist, thrust it into the air, and yelled, “Yes!” He and Costas high-fived. Roberts was even more emotional. He would later describe falling back on his hotel room bed in a mix of euphoria, exhaustion, and relief upon hearing that NBC would host the Games through 2020. “I was,” he confessed to me, “moved to tears.”



– Finally, the Phillie Phanatic received a key to the City of Clearwater, stopped by fan-favorite Lenny’s and zoomed around Clearwater Beach this weekend. Here are three videos, produced by the City of Clearwater. The highlight comes at the 20 second mark of the first video, when the unmistakable voice of the Phanatic’s best friend, Tom Burgoyne, can be heard saying, “I’m trying to hold it.”

I thought the Phanatic didn’t speak?

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Video: Phillie Phanatic on 30 Rock!

Kyle Scott - January 27, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 9.10.56 AM

Last week on 30 Rock, Liz Lemon posited that the Phillie Phanatic might really be a woman. Last night, the Phanatic was there in the flesh… or whatever. He even had a speaking part, too. Sort of.

Please help me! I'm an undersea king, I must prevent my daughter’s marriage to Squid Lord! 


No idea what that meant. And for some reason he squeaked like a New Year’s Eve party favor. Video is after the jump.

H/T to the 900 people who tweeted me about this last night and Ashley on our Facebook page for the video

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Phillie Phanatic Graffiti

Kyle Scott - August 22, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-08-22 at 11.04.20 AM

Thanks to reader Greg for alerting to us to these Phanatic paintings, which were done by Get Up Art over the last month or so and can be seen all around town. You can see more on their Facebook page.

Phanatic Has a Concussion, Will Suit Up Tonight in Lakewood

Kyle Scott - June 23, 2011

It's OK, he's a hockey player. [FOX Philly]

Burgoyne is so close to the Phanatic that he was in the emergency room last night for several hours and woke up with the same injury as the Phanatic: a big golf-ball sized bump on his head.

Like the Phanatic, Burgoyne said he has what doctor’s called a mild concussion, and he confirmed the Phanatic will suit up tonight and appear at the Phillies’ single-A farm team game in Lakewood, N.J.



Video here.

Phanatic Loses to Milwaukee Bucks Mascot in Latest Random, Nonsensical Second Rate Poll

Kyle Scott - March 3, 2011

via The Wiz Wit

Just in case you were wondering, Cartoon Network does have a poll for the best sports mascot. The Milwaukee Bucks mascot, Bango (???), edged out the Phillie Phanatic. You son of a bitch.

Something really needs to happen in the sports world, I consider this post "bottoming out."