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The Phillies Signing Carlos Santana Could Mean Something Big Will Go Down

BWanksCB - December 15, 2017

Flames! Flames are flying EVERYWHERE from the hot stove. Man! I must say, I didn’t see this one coming:

Oh, shit. You know what? Yes, I did. I actually wrote about it last month.

Why the fuck would the Phillies sign Santana, a guy who can only play first base at this point in his career, to a three-year deal worth $60 million when they already have a first baseman? Here’s what I wrote before. It still applies.

I don’t expect the Phillies to go out and make significant upgrades through free agency, and although I’ve long suspected the front office would like to increase power output of the lineup, the signing of Santana, who homered only 23 times in 667 plate appearances last season, wouldn’t necessarily move the needle in that regard. Still, the move would make some sense. His addition would give the Phillies a veteran hitter with a disciplined approach. He walked in 13.1% of his trips to the plate and struck out in less than 15% of them a year ago. Take notes, Maikel Franco. But the signing of Santana, more than anything, is about leverage and value. Such a move would also kick Hoskins to left field, which, in turn, would create a surplus of young and intriguing outfielders. Hoskins and Nick Williams aren’t going anywhere, which means the team could look to deal Aaron Altherr or Odubel Herrera in exchange for difference-making starting pitching, which is something they desperately need moving forward.

I suppose it’s foolish to definitively say Williams or Hoskins won’t be traded, but I find that doubtful. Herrera is a better overall player and will likely command a larger return, so I’ll go on record at this point and say that I think it’s quite possible his days in Philadelphia are numbered. A name that Anthony SanFilippo threw out in our Slack chat is Chris Archer, which would make a lot of sense. Tampa Bay won’t be able to pay Archer long-term, the Phillies need a legitimate top of the rotation arm, and a dynamic, cost-effective player like Herrera would be a near perfect fit with the Rays. At the very least, a subsequent move is coming. Stay tuned.

Freddy Galvis Will Now Not Be Very Good At Baseball For the Padres

BWanksCB - December 15, 2017

Can you feel that warmth? Can you? It’s the HOT STOVE, baby, and it’s heating up.

Freddy Galvis, he of poor contact rates and weak infield pop ups, is on his way to San Diego.

Before we get to the return, a Double-A starting pitcher named Enyel De Los Santos, let’s me first briefly eulogize the departing Galvis.

The guy, he, uh, he tried hard and seemed…nice? That’s about all I’ve got. If you’re looking for some glowing tribute to Galvis, who was until today the longest tenured Phillie, then this isn’t the piece for you.

By the end of his six-year run with the Phillies, most recognized Galvis as a light-hitting, slick-fielding shortstop, who was adequate as a space eater on bad baseball teams, but only after spending years foolishly believing that his bat could potentially catch up to his glove. Galvis, frankly, annoyed me—even if it wasn’t entirely his fault. Occasionally, he would heat up, drive the gaps, and maybe even pop a home run or two. He did just enough to make you think that maybe the light would finally go on, but, of course, it never did. At the plate, he lacked situational awareness and his baffling offensive approach often resulted in a failure to reach base, knock in runs, or move runners in close games. To me, Galvis, more so than any other player who has suited up for the Phillies over the past six seasons, best embodied the team’s directionless “What the hell is this?” feel. I felt much the same way about Galvis as I did the teams he played on, which was, “I would like this to be better.” I wish him well and all, but good riddance.

As for De Los Santos, who will be 22 years old at the start of next season, the reports are mixed. He posted a 10-6 record with a 3.78 ERA, 138 strikeouts and 48 walks over 150 innings pitched in the Texas League a year ago. While those numbers aren’t eye popping, it’s worth mentioning that at 21 years old, he was three years younger than league average. And for what it’s worth (not much), MLB Pipeline rated De Los Santos as the Padres’ thirteenth best prospect and is now the Phillies’ ninth rated prospect. He has decent control, throws in the low to mid-90s, and is considered close to Major League ready as a back of the rotation starter with not much more of a ceiling than that.

I’m not going to pretend to know the entire book on De Los Santos, but I can tell you he joins a Phillies organization that has a lot of marginally talented starting pitchers at their disposal. For the past two seasons, they’ve trotted out arms like Jerad Eickhoff, Jake Thompson, Zach Eflin, Ben Lively, Nick Pivetta, Vince Velasquez, and Mark Leiter, hoping that a few of these guys will eventually put it together and stick. The returns have been unsteady, at best, with none of them having placed a stranglehold on a spot in the rotation. With those unsteady performances and a glaring lack of starting pitching available on the market, De Los Santos most certainly will get an opportunity to stick—and that’s better than what I would’ve expected in exchange for Galvis.

Understanding The Manny Machado Rumors

BWanksCB - December 14, 2017

If the Phillies want Manny Machado, it looks like they will need to go get him—and get him now.

Earlier in the week, some questioned why the team would trade some of its top prospects in a deal to acquire the 25-year-old superstar when they could keep their prospects by simply outbidding competitors a year from now. The fault in that logic is that they aren’t just competing against themselves. As it turns out, other teams are interested in a generational talent yet to reach his prime. Go figure.

It’s nice to see the Phillies are interested, but of course they are. Who wouldn’t be? It’s hard to get a read on how aggressive they plan to be. With the Ruben Amaro Jr. regime, this was a no-brainer. The conversations between Amaro and Orioles general manager Dan Duquette would have went something like this:

Amaro: We want Manny Machado.

Duquette: Give us everything.

Amaro: Done.

With Matt Klentak in charge, who knows? We’ve seen him attempt (with some success) to acquire veteran talent with the hope of later flipping it for prospects. We’ve seen him exert patience in overseeing this rebuild. But the thing we don’t know about Klentak is the thing we never got to find out about Sam Hinkie—can he find ways to close deals that bring premium free agents into the fold and get a team into contention? How aggressive, how desperate will he be when he really wants something? What’s more, if a deal for Machado requires prospects like Scott Kingery, or Sixto Sanchez, should he do it?

I wouldn’t. Signing Machado would create serious buzz. The Phillies instantly become relevant by adding a player who has the potential to pop 35-40 homers a year and play consistent Gold Glove defense. It’s an enticing thought. Nobody wants the Phillies to make a splash, take the next step, and get back to the postseason more than I do, but parting with either of the two would be a tough pill to swallow—Sanchez, in particular. This isn’t Kyle Drabek—the kid has a chance to be a dominant starting pitcher at the Major League level—and soon. In two years, when the Phillies are theoretically in contention, would you rather have an infielder posting an .805 OPS (Machado’s career average), or a 22-year-old ace throwing in the triple-digits who’s under team control? Keep in mind that the team can add significant offensive pieces elsewhere. It’s hard to show restraint in this situation, but arms are harder to find than bats.

And who’s to say a deal involving Kingery and Sanchez would be enough to even get it done? Given the volume of teams in play that have reportedly made strong offers, it seems virtually impossible that either player would be left out of any potential deal. The White Sox, according to The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, are reportedly willing to part ways with one of their top prospects in Michael Kopech or Lucas Giolito, both of which are two of the most coveted in the game. Other reports indicate the Cardinals have made a strong offer, and, unsurprisingly, the Yankees are involved.

The Phillies have done well to rebuild their system and use it to their advantage to swing the big dick when the deal is right—but if it involves Sanchez, then this isn’t that deal.

Report: Phillies Interested in Pitcher Jake Arrieta

BWanksCB - December 12, 2017

Let’s take a quick break from working ourselves into a full-fledged panic attack over the Eagles and check in on the Phillies.

There was a little flicker atop the hot stove yesterday when the team agreed to terms with relief pitcher Pat Neshek on a two-year deal worth just over $16 million. The move to bring back the 37-year-old, who was the Phillies’ lone representative at the 2017 All-Star Game, stabilizes a young bullpen that has some upside, but also many question marks. While it’s not exactly the type of move that will grab headlines, or truly push the needle as the Phils work towards relevancy, the signing, according to MLB Network’s Jon Heyman, may be a mere appetizer of what’s to come:


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Shohei Otani Wants to See the Rocky Statue, But Doesn’t Want to Play for the Phillies

BWanksCB - December 1, 2017

The Phillies have plenty of room to make roster upgrades, plenty of money to spend, and a management team that describes its organizational philosophy with trendy corporate buzz speak, like “finding value in the margins.” You know, “maximizing financial investments,” “thinking outside-the-box,” “leaving no stone unturned” – that kind of thing. This is particularly noteworthy because this offseason likely marks the highly-anticipated U.S. arrival of 23-year-old Japanese baseball sensation Shohei Otani.

You’ve probably heard of him by now. He’s the two-way player that possesses above average power at the plate and a fastball that regularly hits triple digits. It’s not hard to figure out why Otani gets scouts hard and has fans of every team in baseball hoping their favorite team can somehow land him.

Otani hit .326 with 30 home runs in 525 at-bats for the Nippon Ham Fighters over the last two seasons, but he’s primarily coveted by Major League teams for his potential on the mound. In 543 career innings since turning pro at age 18, Otani has utilized advanced secondary pitches and an electric fastball to post a 42-15 record, 2.69 ERA, and an impressive 10.3 K/9. He’s often compared to Yu Darvish, with more upside.

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Details of Roy Halladay’s Crash Released

Kyle Scott - November 21, 2017

The NTSB released preliminary findings in the investigation of Roy Halladay’s plane crash. They’re about what was expected after seeing the video of him flying:

Retired star pitcher Roy Halladay sped his small sports plane low over the Gulf of Mexico minutes before his fatal crash two weeks ago, climbing sharply in the final seconds before diving into the water, federal investigators said in a preliminary report released Monday.

National Transportation Safety Board investigator Noreen Price placed no blame for the Nov. 7 accident near Tampa, simply laying out the facts as gleaned from the plane’s data recorder and eyewitnesses. A final report with conclusions could take one to two years.

Price says Halladay, 40, had taken off from a lake near his Tampa-area home about 17 minutes before the crash, taking his ICON A5 to 1,900 feet before dropping to 600 feet as he neared the coastline. He then dropped to 36 feet when he reached the water. While flying at about 105 mph, Halladay skimmed the water at 11 feet, flying in a circle before climbing to 100 feet, the plane’s data showed.

So preventable.

Making Sense of the Phillies’ Reported Interest in Carlos Santana

BWanksCB - November 20, 2017

As Major League Baseball’s free agency period draws near, the Phillies have reportedly expressed interest in Cleveland Indians first baseman Carlos Santana:

Obviously, the Phillies are thinking… actually, I’m not sure what the hell they’re thinking, but their link to Santana may reveal a bit about the team’s offseason plans. The 31-year-old played seven games in the outfield in 2017, but is best suited to play first base or DH. The Phillies would have to play him exclusively at first, a spot that would seemingly belong to Rhys Hoskins, who memorably mashed 18 home runs in 170 at-bats last season after his August call up.

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This Video of Chooch Crying Will Hurt You, Physically and Emotionally

Kyle Scott - November 15, 2017

Make it stop.