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Matt Klentak Would be Stupid to Give Up Anything for this Phillies Team

Coggin Toboggan - July 16, 2019

The Phillies are depressing. Really depressing. Forget to take your Zoloft for two weeks and watch Requiem for a Dream for 24-hours straight depressing. For all the money spent on this roster, all the talk about postseason dreams and championship hopes, it’s never been more obvious they’re not a well-constructed team.

They’re not healthy, they’re not hustling for their lenient, players-first manager, and key members are playing way under potential to think this team could even make it into October.

But then again this is baseball. They’re clinging to the final Wild Card spot like Angelo Cataldi clinging to the last garlic knot at Ponzios. The Phillies are brutal now, but next month they could be surging into the playoffs. It’s baseball. Crazier things have happened.

With the trade deadline just a little more than two weeks away, Matt Klentak is going to have to resist the urge to curl into the fetal position and flop-sweat his way through the rest of the season. Decisions need to be made to see if it’s even possible to salvage this garbage year of Phillies baseball.

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Crossed Up: An Objectively Excellent Podcast

Russ Joy - July 16, 2019

Anthony and Bob discuss the Phillies’ embarrassing 16-2 loss on Monday night, who to blame for their collapse, and Gabe Kapler’s rough postgame press conference. The two also discuss the team’s leadership issues and tackle the topic of when it’s time to stop blaming bad players for being bad. Other subjects include Matt Klentak’s job performance, robot umpires, and more.

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Audio after the jump:

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This New York Mets Bingo Chart is Pretty Sad

Kevin Kinkead - July 15, 2019

I got an email last month informing me that Philadelphia’s Recycling Rewards Program would be going away, effective July 1st. So if you had points saved up in your account, you were asked to use those points by the end of the month, or else they would be gone forever.

I had something like 24,000 points saved up from four years of recycling, so I went over to the redemption page and didn’t find much of anything. There were $1 off coupons for places like Arby’s and Cold Stone Creamery, some random promotions as well, but the most meaningful rewards were magazine subscriptions, so now I’m a Sports Illustrated subscriber, thanks to the now defunct Philadelphia Recycling Rewards Program.

My first edition of SI came in the mail Saturday and featured this dig at the New York Mets, a rather sad bingo chart titled “The Amazin’ Mess,” featuring this subtitle:


Here’s the chart, after the jump:

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The Phillies Have an Opportunity to Change the Narrative, Starting Tonight

Bob Wankel - July 12, 2019

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We’ve spent plenty of time over the past few weeks picking apart the Phillies’ flaws. It’s been easy to do during a six-week stretch in which they have faded from one of the National League’s best teams to a fringe playoff contender. Their problems – a lack of rotation depth, bullpen injuries, offensive inconsistency – seem to trade places as the most devastating flaw on a nightly basis, but each of them leads us back to the same conclusion, which is that the Phillies have to do something, perhaps a trade – or three – to save their season.

Sound familiar? It should.

Plenty of Phillies coverage lately has focused on the team’s needs, possible trade targets, and the potential roadblocks that exist, and rightfully so, but the truth is that nobody – including the team’s decision-makers – knows how the market will develop in the coming weeks. So rather than speculate about guys who aren’t here right now, let’s go about this in a different way by examining how those who are here can improve, and I don’t mean in a numerical sense. This isn’t going to be a data-driven analysis on how Bryce Harper’s exit velocity should yield a higher slugging percentage in the second half, though that’s true. Instead, I want to look at the human element of what’s at play here.

This team has no juice right now. It’s totally flaccid, but it wasn’t always this way. Just go back to Opening Day when Rhys Hoskins stepped to the plate after the Braves intentionally walked Harper in the seventh inning of a 6-3 game.

Walking Harper to get to me? Cool, no problem. Watch this.

Know what’s good? Grand slams. Know what’s even better? “F*** you” grand slams that come after intentional walks. This is the type of shit teams feed off of.

Listen to that crowd. Look at the energy, the celebrations, the confidence. Where has it gone? There seems to be no buzz around the Phillies right now. Sure, some of that has to do with the problems already outlined. I get it. It’s difficult to overcome mediocre starting pitching or blown leads – sometimes both – but too often it feels like the Phillies are slogging their way through games without the energy and fight we saw earlier in the season. At least when they aren’t playing the Mets.

Where is the intensity, brashness, and confidence the Phillies played with through 55 games during a promising 33-22 start?

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Lenny Dykstra Offers a Message of Kindness and Love to the Bagel Boss Guy

Kevin Kinkead - July 11, 2019

Lenny Dykstra believes he should have been included in our top 10 list of short Philly athletes, which I admitted was cobbled together with little research. I think I spent seven or eight minutes on it, and in my haste, I omitted Mark Recchi, Danny Briere, and Brian Westbrook, among others.

But Nails is right, he was a short Philly athlete, standing just 5’10” but earning himself three All-Star appearances during his eight seasons as a Phillie.

I felt the need to apologize to Lenny for my oversight:


Sure. I can help spread a message of kindness, love, peace, harmony, and understanding.

Here’s Lenny’s video on the “little guy that went crazy at bagel boss” on Wednesday, after the jump:

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Andrew McCutchen’s Wife Threw Him His Own All-Star Party

Kevin Kinkead - July 10, 2019

Andrew McCutchen tore his ACL a while back.

Sucks even thinking about it, doesn’t it?

But this is great; here’s his wife throwing him an All-Star party, complete with balloons, a red carpet, and customized cake topper:

Maria McCutchen, you are the real MVP.

Despite Elbow Issue, Jake Arrieta is Expected to Make His Next Start

Kevin Kinkead - July 10, 2019

What’s the deal with Jake Arrieta’s elbow? Is he good to pitch? Does he need surgery for the bone spur issue we only recently learned about?

Phillies manager Gabe Kapler offered an update during his weekly appearance on the 94 WIP morning show:

“Jake’s elbow is limiting his ability to get into certain positions. He’s having a harder time getting extended the way he normally does, especially on that curve ball. This is limiting his ability to throw the ball where he wants to throw it. All of that said, Jake is a competitor, and for the Phillies, it’s always worth considering if Jake at 85% of himself is a better option than what we have at Triple-A. And finally, I think this is an important note in answering this question; it’s not terribly uncommon for veteran pitchers to successfully pitch with issues like this one. So as of now, Jake will make his start for us against the Nationals and we’re going to support him.”

Angelo Cataldi asked if the Phillies will have “clarity” on Arrieta’s long term ability, to which Kapler replied, after the jump:

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UPDATE: Kaitlin Bennett is Not a Mets Fan, It’s Her Fiance, Who Also Wears Yankees Gear

Kevin Kinkead - July 10, 2019

I’d like to apologize to Kent State gun girl Kaitlin Bennett, whom I misidentified as a Mets fan on Tuesday.

Turns out her fiance supports that disgusting and rudderless group of losers.

Perhaps I didn’t dig deep enough, but Justin Moldow alerted me to my error by taking umbrage with the fact that I labeled him as a Cleveland Indians fan:

Hmm.. see, that’s strange to me, because Moldow appears to be wearing a Cleveland Indians hat and t-shirt in the picture. That would probably mean you like the Cleveland Indians, yeah? Apparently not.

When you go through Moldow’s Twitter, it’s nothing but Mets tweets, like this one, after the jump:

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