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Audio: Conlin’s Lawyer and Inquirer Reporter Who Broke Story on WIP

Kyle Scott - December 21, 2011

Nancy Phillips, the Inquirer reporter who wrote the story about child molestation allegations against Bill Conlin, was a guest on WIP with Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow today. 

Here’s what she had to say about what happened when she called Conlin:

“I’m sorry to say we didn’t get to talk. He hung up on me. We had an email exchange in which he directed me to his lawyer.”


This morning, Conlin’s lawyer, George Bochetto, was on the WIP Morning Show. He said that Conlin wasn’t alerted of the story until Monday, and he was given very little time to gather evidence to defend himself. Of course, you know, if you didn’t do something, you wouldn’t need time to find holes to poke in a story. But hey, that’s just logic.

Both interviews are after the jump.

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BREAKING NEWS: Wade Phillips Fired by Cowboys

Kyle Scott - November 8, 2010

They are, at best, laughable.  Jason Garrett has been tabbed to take over.

That's ashame because our old buddy BlueStarShockTrooper was starting to get weird and invoking Jesus before the loss to the Packers.  It could get ugly now.

Video after the jump.

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Phillies Advance to NLCS, Again

Kyle Scott - October 10, 2010


Cole Hamels was straight up dealing tonight and got Scott Rolen to strikeout (again) for the clinch.

Much more to come.  Doc will start Game 1 of the NLCS on Saturday.  Get the "Playoff No-Hitters are Phunner" shirt here.

H/T to (@loctastic) for the pic.

What You Smokin, Brandon Phillips?

Kyle Scott - July 20, 2010

Brandon_phillips has a story about Reds second basemen Brandon Phillips, and he says he's better than Chase Utley:

"Chase Utley is the best-hitting second baseman. Do I think I'm better than him all-around? Yes, I do. That's just my opinion. That's not me being cocky. It's about me being confident and believing in myself. You have to believe in yourself to play this game, because this game will kill you."

Yeah, he's right, Utley is a better hitter.

Utley's career stats: (with only 400 more ABs) .294 AVG, 172 HR, 622 RBI, 88 SB.

Phillips' career stats: .268, 107 HR, 416 RBI, 120 SB.

Phillips has more, speed?  But then you factor in Utley's superior defense, attitude, and WFC ring, and it's case closed.

Vick’s Story Conflicts with Video

Kyle Scott - June 30, 2010


Michael Vick has just stepped in some serious dog shit, and, well, that's ironic.

According to the Daily Press, a restaurant spokesperson said Vick was seen on surveillance video leaving the party at 2:07 AM, headed in the direction of where his former co-defendant Quanis Phillips was shot at… wait for it… 2:10 AM.

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“I know he confronted the Vick party”

Kyle Scott - June 25, 2010

I just received a voicemail from David Squires, the writer who alleged Vick was in a confrontation with his former co-defendant Quanis Phillips.  He said:

"I know he [Phillips] confronted the Vick party.  Who exactly was involved, I don't have 100% certainty whether it was actually Vick or one of Vick's close associates.  I don't have 100% certainty.  I think the confrontation part started with Vick, then probably continued on with one of Vick's associates"

David Quires was not there, but he is an "Urban" reporter for the Daily Press, and appears to have some inside info on the matter. He continued, saying that Phillips apparently playfully pushed cake in Vick's face, the two got into it in the club, and the altercation ended up outside between members of Vick's party and Phillips. It sounds like Vick was likely gone at that point.

More as we get it.