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Philly Sports Media Power Rankings: Radio

Kyle Scott - September 6, 2019

Hello, minion beings.

Yesterday, we established a pecking order of relevance with our Philly Sports Media Power Rankings for TV. Today, comes the radio folks.

Buckle TF up.

This is a difficult list to create, because some personalities are inextricably linked to their partners, at least at the current stage of their career. In some cases, brands rise above individual. In other cases, individuals command their place.

I want to make one thing clear: this is not based solely on the ratings. Because there is one local host who will undoubtedly email or text me after this to deride an ostensible peer as being “irrelevant” because no one listens to them.

Total audience is of course a part of it, but we find that factors such as relevance, uniqueness, positioning, and current juice should all play a part.

While this doesn’t include him because he’s not currently on the air, want to give a special hello to Big Daddy Graham. Hosts a quizzo at 7 in Sea Isle, drives to Philly to do this radio show until 5 a.m. Hard to match that work ethic and joy for the job he has. We wish him well and can’t wait to hear him on the air again.

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Philly Sports Media Power Rankings: TV

Kyle Scott - September 5, 2019

Welcome, my minions. The time is upon us. The RADIO WARS have slowed. The broadcast purge is damn near complete. And podcasts have been ripped from the hands of their founders and turned over to the overlords.

The committee has convened in peace time and decided to issue its inaugural Philly Sports Media Power Rankings, a top 10 list of who’s who in the incestuous Philly sports media ecosphere. Expectedly, there is some overlap between the categories, as mergers and partnerships have pretty much everyone in Philly cashing at least one check from the same two companies, or The Athletic.

For the purposes of these lists, members will not be eligible. But please know that the maestro considers his men and women – warriors, all of them – to be among the best in their respective categories, mostly because we’re not unionized.

The TV rankings proved difficult. Consolidation, the decreasing importance of local news, and the fact that NBC 10 decided to just outsource its sports coverage to its sports RSN brother, made putting together this list more challenging that one thought.

Regardless, the committee convened last Thursday in Slack and decided to weigh up-and-comers and those shaping the industry in their own way more heavily than straight news presenters. The list, in some cases followed by anonymous comments from the committee: Continue Reading

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