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Further Evidence as to Why Pittsburgh is the Worst Place on Earth

Kyle Scott - May 4, 2011


Except for Abbottabad. And the rest of Pakistan. And most of the Middle East… And France. Then Pittsburgh.

Perhaps you remember our account of our experience in the Steel City last summer. Or this Pirates fan who got tased at PNC Park last month. Well, from the folks who brought you those great moments, comes the latest installment in asshole Pittsburghianianiananaians: [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

Police said today that a 17-year-old boy came across a PNC Park usher who was having a heart attack in his car, pulled the man out and onto the ground, went through his pockets and stole his wallet, then drove away in the vehicle, leaving the usher to die in the street.

The teen is not charged with homicide in the death of 58-year-old Michael Schacht, who was headed home after a 14-inning game at PNC Park on April 9. The suspect is chaged with car theft and robbery as a juvenile, and police did not name him.


Let's see… he car-jacked a man having a heart attack and left him to die. Those are facts, allegedly.

Ladies and gentlemen, Pittsburgh!

UPDATE! Reader PhillyNative sums it up in the comments:

yeah, but philly is an actual city with a diverse group of people and a shit ton of things going on. pittsburgh has one of the worst economies in the country and is just a miserable, lame, boring place to be in general. not to mention there are only like 300,000 people who live in that dump. most people who are born there get out and move to real cities, which is why there are so many pittsburgh tools out here…because we have the schools and the job opportunities that are non existent in that cesspool.

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Pittsburgh Sucks: Fan Tased at Pirates Game Last Night

Kyle Scott - April 10, 2011

Oh look, a not-Phillies fan being tased at a baseball game.

Pittsburgh is the worst place on earth, folks. At last night's Pirates game, this jorts-wearing guy (is that a Starter jacket?) was tasered and clubbed by police. I'd also like to note that he was significantly more violent and threatening than Steve Consalvi. He did receive the tase (?) a bit better, though. Of course, beating him senselessly with a club may not have been the best idea.

But this shouldn't come as a surprise to you. Oh no. Perhaps you remember our review of Pittsburgh from last summer. We easily spotted men with tails and women in Carolina jerseys. The USA Starter jacket seen here is an upgrade, reserved for only the most revered steel workers. We also saw a Pirates fan throw up on the back of a Phillies fan. Aftermath captured here.

Let's see the national media run with this one.

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Penguins Fans Didn’t Like Our Sidney Crosby Post

Kyle Scott - January 9, 2011

Here is one of many emails received from butt-hurt Penguins fans about our Sidney Crosby post. Un-edited, for your reading pleasure.

Caution: Not suitable for intelligent people.

Aww still crying about crosby owning the flyers????? Do you people have anything better to do with your worthless lives? Seriously its so fucking pathetic that your so obsessed with crosby and all of you call him a whiner when I hear flyers fans crying way more than crosby ever has hmmm. I don't know whats worse, the fact that you made a shirt about his concussion or the fact that dumb ass flyers fans will actually pay $39.99 for it. Get a life seriously everyone hates flyers fans because they are the biggest clowns in the world but keep it up you just keep making your fan base look even worse which is actually amazing it could actually get worse. But then again flyers fans never surprise me because your all the same just a bunch of clowns. Have fun making your garbage T-shirts that look like complete shit by the way and hopefully someone in pitt shows crosby so it just makes him hate the flyers even more. 

ps Your fucking pathetic


We would like to note that the shirt was designed and for-sale long before Sid was concussed and you can actually get TWO shirts for $39.99, but we wouldn't expect Pittsburgh folks to be able to grasp such complicated offers.

Throwback! Pittsburgh Fans Are Just the Worst Kind of Fans

Kyle Scott - July 7, 2010


Consider this a travelers' guide to the city of Pittsburgh. This was posted last July after a trip to see the Phillies play the Pirates over 4th of July weekend.


We took a little road trip to Pittsburgh, along with a ton of other Phillies fans, for the 4th of July Weekend series.  Our advice? 

Do go to Pittsburgh if you: want to see a beautiful baseball stadium and have an unhealthy appreciation of Roberto Clemente.

Don't go to Pittsburgh if you don't want to: be harassed by fans of other sports, watch grown men walk around the city with tails, experience the plight of society, or have fans throw up on you on 90 degree days.

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