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Jaromir Jagr Had Four Points Last Night

Kyle Scott - January 20, 2013

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"Don't get used to it, guys," Jagr told reporters in Dallas

It’s fitting that a guy the Flyers let walk during the offseason would open the season with a two-goal, two-assist performance and factor in the scoring on all the Dallas Stars’ goals in their 4-3 win over the Phoenix Coyotes.

From the Dallas Morning News:

Jaromir Jagr wants to show he has a little something left. The 40-year-old is off to a pretty good start.

Jagr scored twice, assisted on the game-winner and had a hand in all four goals in his Dallas debut, and the Stars opened the lockout-shortened season with a 4-3 victory against the Phoenix Coyotes on Saturday night.

"Too bad they signed him," said Radim Vrbata, who had two goals and an assist for the Coyotes. "For me, a Czech guy, that's what he does. He played in Czech during the lockout the whole time and you can see he knows what he's doing out there."


Golf clap for Jags. Still think the Flyers made the right move not signing him to a $4.5 million deal (what he got with the Stars), though. At some point in this condensed season age is going to catch up to him. But isn’t it funny how we now feel a tinge of nostalgia for a guy who used to get whistled at every time he took the ice in Philadelphia?

Video of his post-game presser, after the jump.

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CSN Has a New Toy

Kyle Scott - June 16, 2011


And you can touch it.

CSN entered the decade yesterday, unveiling their new “Touch Point” screen. Using the same technology that gave John King a chubby during the 2008 election and Steve Jobs has leaned on for world takeover, CSN will bring us information in an unprecedented fashion. Now I’m just waiting for Barkann to ask it to open the pod bay doors. This mission is too important for me to allow you to jeopardize it, Michael.

All jokes aside, it’s a cool upgrade… but they’re using it all wrong.

I didn’t see how it was implemented during Postgame Live, but during the pre-game show, Barkann and Bottalico simply used it to read stats and Tweets, like the one above from SweetMama12. Innovative.

Using it as a replacement for simple graphics makes it nothing more than an novelty item. What they should do (listening, guys?) is use it in a similar fashion to how ESPN and MLB Network use their mini-fields- let Bottalico and Ben Davis breakdown pitches, quirky plays and the like. 

Of course, it probably has a better use for basketball, hockey, and football. 

Putting aside the fact that ex-Gov will use it try to breakdown Donovan’s incompletions, this thing was built for Ray Didinger. He’s going to be so excited to decipher Andy Reid’s modified West Coast Offense that he may need to do it sitting down. I can just hear V Heb now: R Diddy rockin' the third pointer today!

For now, though, we’ll just take delight it watching Barkann, Bottalico and co. squirm at the full-body profile angle while using their giant iPhone. Can we get a tight shot?