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Here Are All The Promos PointsBet Is Running For Week 3

Bob Wankel - September 19, 2019

Week 3 of the NFL season is upon us at NJ online sports betting sites and PointsBet is bringing the goods with tons of bonus cash, odds boosts, and fun promo offers that begin with tonight’s Thursday Night Football AFC South Showdown between the Titans and Jaguars.

Let’s run through some of the top deals and offers this week. Before we do, click below or download the app and enter promo code “BROAD ” to get a free $100 when you deposit $50.

First TD Early Payout

With a short moneyline on both sides, tonight’s Titans-Jaguars game is a perfect spot to take advantage of PointsBet’s First TD Early Payout promo.  Here’s how it works. Lock in a pre-game moneyline bet on either side of Thursday and Monday night games. If your team finds paydirt first, you get paid on your bet. 

Personally, we’re big fans of this promo because if it hits, bettors can simply walk away early, or they can reinvest the winnings. Of course, if it doesn’t hit, there’s plenty of game left for a comeback. Promo is good for up to the first $100 staked on your bet.

Daniel Jones Giant Booster

The Daniel Jones Era is here as the rookie quarterback will make his first career NFL start for the Giants this Sunday in Tampa Bay. He was previously priced at -335 to throw at least one touchdown, but PointsBet is offering a +100 odds boost to the first 500 customers who grab him to throw a TD. Max bets are limited to $50. 

Trouble in Paradise (Dolphins 0-16 Boost)

How about those Dolphins?!

Miami has been outscored 102-10 this season. Not great! Many are starting to wonder if the Dolphins will go 0-16, and if you happen to think they will, you bet on a winless season at +425 odds.

Undefeated Season (Patriots to go 19-0)

On the other hand, the Patriots are off to a dominant start this season, outscoring their first two opponents by a 76-3 margin. Think they have a chance to run the table? PointsBet is offering the Pats at +3300 odds to complete a perfect season.

-105 Spread Prices

This isn’t the flashiest promotion, but it’s one of our favorites.

Let’s say you make 20 losing $50 spread bets over the course of an NFL season. If you’re paying -110 prices on spread bets, that’s an extra $200 out of your pocket at $5 of juice per loss. With PointsBet, all NFL spread bets are priced at -105, meaning that those losses now cost only an extra $2.50, reducing the additional cost of your losses to $100. 

My question–why pay extra on spread bets when PointsBet is offering -105 prices on all NFL games? That savings adds up. 

Double Winnings on 4+ Leg Parlays

Users can score double earnings on winning 4+ leg parlay bets. Each leg must be a moneyline minimum of -500 or greater and the total parlay price must be at least +100 to qualify for the promotion. Winnings will be paid out in Bonus Bets within 24 hours after the settlement of the final leg.

Make it Rain

Users get $6 in bonus money for every touchdown scored by your team when you make a $50 pre-game spread bet on any Eagles, Jets, or Giants game. 

PointsBet NJ Is Running a Slew of NFL Preseason Promos

Joe DiProsperos - August 19, 2019

With the NFL preseason in full swing, our friends over at PointsBet have rolled out a bunch of promos for those of you in New Jersey on the next few weeks of game action. They have early payouts and even non-juice spread bets. And then there’s their industry-best signup bonus.

First TD Early Payout

The crux of this one is pretty simple. For pregame moneyline bets only, if your team scores the first touchdown of the game, you automatically win. The first $50 is staked.

This promo will run for select preseason games:

  • August 19th – 49ers v. Broncos
  • August 22nd – Giants v. Bengals, Ravens v. Eagles, Jaguars v. Dolphins
  • August 29th – Eagles v. Jets, Ravens v. Redskins, Giants v. Patriots, Chiefs v. Packers

PointsBet is notorious for running these early payout offers, but this one is even more aggressive than normal– potentially settling early in the game. It’s a great way to bring in players before the sports betting onslaught in early September.

Start With A Field Goal

For any pregame spread bets, if the bet loses but the spread misses by 3 or less, you get your money back in a bonus of up to $50 with the first $50 being staked.

This will also run for select preseason games:

  • August 23rd – Bills v. Lions, Browns v. Buccaneers

No Juice Spreads

There will be no juice for +100 spreads with max bets of up to $100 for a few select preseason games at PointsBet NJ. For those who may not know, the “juice” is the commission a sports book makes for taking a bet. So essentially, for this promo, even if you lose a bet, you don’t have to worry about any more money coming out of your wallet.

Here are the games this will be available for:

  • August 24th – Saints v. Jets, 49ers v. Chiefs

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PointsBet Will Refund Up to $1k in PointsBetting Losses Through the End of the Month

Russ Joy - July 23, 2019

The top concern for anyone looking to place a sports bet is simple: losing money. Imagine if there were a way to hedge against your potential losses. Check this out. Thanks to PointsBet Sportsbook, now you can hedge your  “points bets” up to $1,000:

PointsBet Sportsbook offers PointsBetting, which is a standout option for sports bettors. It’s pretty simple and can be quite lucrative as they outlined in a PointsBetting video. For example: If Carson Wentz’s over/under for passing yards in a game is 240, a bettor takes the over, and Wentz throws for 250, the bettor’s $10 bet would be multiplied by the 10 additional yards Wentz went over for a total payout of $100. It makes individual bets in otherwise meaningless games a much more engaging endeavor.

Points Betting, to be sure, is a low-risk, high-reward style of betting which makes up only about 20% of PointsBet’s total handle. Small wagers can become big ones in a hurry. It adds an element of excitement to a wager, but the downside can be pretty intense. What’s more, wagers almost by definition have to be small when compared to bankroll because you need to have enough funds in your account to cover the potential of the bet.

Offering insurance on the losses is a pretty great way to entice some people to try it out.

The fact that they will now refund up to $1,000 if a bettor’s combined bets on a losing amount is a pretty solid show of faith on their part and could give bettors a bit of much-needed confidence. If nothing else, it’s certainly worth a look.

PointsBet Is Giving CB Readers The Opportunity To Create Your Own Bets

Kyle Scott - July 9, 2019

The fine folks over at PointsBet are allowing Crossing Broad readers to create their own bets, which they will then review and offer actual odds on which you can bet. This is an offshoot of their popular “Name-A-Bet” feature, which allows you to tweet them (@PointsBetUSA) and suggest something you’d like to see odds on.

They’ve reached out to us to garner the best from Philly fans.

What PointsBet can offer odds on

Anything where a sports outcome can be measured through play on the field or court (ex: Number of Ben Simmons three-point attempts next season). You can combine multiple events into a suggested parlay (Ben Simmons three-point attempts + Kyle O’Quinn dunks). Futures odds (Joel Embiid wins MVP or Fletcher Cox wins Defensive Player of the Year).

What PointsBet cannot offer odds on

While they may offer these for entertainment purposes on Twitter, PointsBet cannot offer odds on things that can be influenced by insiders. Despite being fodder for Twitter debate, things like a game’s National Anthem length are generally off-limits to the New Jersey DGE, but feel free to suggest anything that has a definable outcome.

Ideas we’ve come up with

  • Will Markelle Fultz start an NBA game in October?
  • Over-under Ben Simmons three-point attempts in October (3)
  • Over-under Bryce Harper longest home run distance (470 ft)
  • Nick Foles-Carson Wentz TD passes spread
  • Over-under DeSean Jaccson touchdown distance (80 yds)
  • Over-under number of games Carson Wentz plays (13.5)
  • More HRs: Harper or Machado
  • Over/under number of games Joel Embiid plays (63.5)
  • Over/under on Carter Hart wins (35.5)

How it works

Fill out this form without something Philly sports related you’d like to see odds:

I’m sure the comments on this, which will come from three people commenting under 19 different handles, will be something like “oh Kyle so many sports betting posts what has this site become?” You’ll also notice there is only one ad on site – a direct ad from AmeriGas to promote their new Cynch propane delivery service (brilliant!) – no surveys, no pop-ups, almost no more t-shirt hawking. And the site loads faster. And there’s more and better content than ever, with three writers credentialed to cover the Phillies, Flyers and Sixers. And six podcasts. Visits are also higher than ever, with longer time on site, more pages per visit. And we’re also the regional leader in betting coverage in the biggest legal sports betting market in the country. Revenue is up, too. Enjoy the now-quickly loading pages when you click “comment” because ad networks are no longer bogging down the site. And then sign up for PointsBet  in New Jersey, because they’re awesome.

PointsBet Is Making Serious Moves in Illinois

Kyle Scott - July 2, 2019

Big deal here, literally. PointsBet yesterday announced a 20-year partnership with Hawthorne Race Course to deliver sports betting to the Chicago area, a metropolis that counts 9.5 million people.


Why this is such a big deal

Illinois, along with Pennsylvania and New York, is among the largest states to legalize sports betting and represents a huge opportunity to increase the size and scope of betting in America. PointsBet has now put itself in pole position there.

In addition to opening a location at Hawthorne Race Course, PointsBet will get to open three off-track betting locations in and around the Chicago area. When you look at a map, it becomes clear that they are poised to dominate the market through literal positioning. This becomes all the more important when you consider that for the first 18 months of online betting in Illinois players will have to go in to a physical sportsbook location to sign up for an online app.

Following the launch of their online sportsbook in New Jersey, PointsBet quickly emerged as a favorite betting app among players, even if it still falls far behind market leaders DraftKings Sportsbook and FanDuel Sportsbook in terms of handle.

PointsBet’s mobile betting app offers class-leading technology and user-friendliness, a claim that is backed literally by the operator’s marketing department, which offers early payouts and Karma Committee refunds for bad beats.

They have also established themselves as a retail brand, branding Top Golf locations in New Jersey, and now, betting locations in Illinois.


The mobile aspect

More important than having a “physical sportsbook” in and around Chicago will be having locations for users to register during the first 18 months of betting.

DraftKings and FanDuel are effectively shut out of the market for that period of time, due to what many perceive to be a penalty built into legislation after both companies offered daily fantasy in the state even after the attorney general declared it to be gambling.

So now PointsBet, already an online sportsbook with technology in the class of the two leaders, will have a head start and four locations in and around Chicago to sign up users before the big boys enter the market.

Big F-ing deal.

The whole thing is presumed to have been worked on and negotiated by Paul Hannon, PointsBet’s VP of Strategy, a Philly guy and former WilliamHill exec who is a driving force behind PointsBet’s rapid growth.

What’s more, PointsBet, unlike many casino operators, will not be significantly impacted by a recent Apple App Store policy that requires gambling apps to be coded natively for iOS. Their technology is compliant.

The opportunity in Illinois, particularly the Chicago area, is massive. And PointsBet is now poised to be the early leader.


Full disclosure: PointsBet is a Crossing Broad partner in New Jersey.

PointsBet Releases NBA Draft Betting Odds

Joe DiProsperos - June 20, 2019

The 2019 NBA Draft is almost upon us. Outside of the top-3 picks, which are set to be used on Duke’s Zion Williamson and RJ Barrett along with Murray State’s Ja Morant, the rest of the draft has the chance to get pretty crazy.

In anticipation of all this madness, PointsBet has released a wide array of betting options on tonight’s draft. They include 1st-5th overall pick odds, top ten pick props, draft position odds, and various other pick specials.

Picks 1-5 Odds

Player1st Overall Odds2nd Overall Odds3rd Overall Odds4th Overall Odds5th Overall Odds
Zion Williamson-10000+5000---
Ja Morant+1400-10000+2800--
RJ Barrett+3000+1400-667+700-
Jarrett Culver+3300+4000+1800+200+125
De'Andre Hunter+5000+8000+4000+400+175
Darius Garland+5000+2500+700-134+400

Zion, Ja, and RJ are pretty much locked in at picks 1, 2, and 3.

Picks 4, 5, and 6 could get very interesting. If New Orleans keeps the 4th overall pick, Jarrett Culver is the likely selection, although you can’t rule out guys like Darius Garland or De’Andre Hunter. The intrigue will come if they elect to trade it. The Hawks have reportedly been discussing trading the No. 8 and No. 10 picks to move up to No. 4, while other teams such as the Celtics (who have three 1st-round picks), Bulls, Cavs, Hornets, and T-Wolves have all reportedly inquired. So there’s definitely a high chance of variance depending on who ends up with the pick.

Players Drafted in the Top 10

 AmountOver OddsUnder Odds
International Players0.5-250+190
ACC Players4.5-834+525
Gonzaga Bulldogs0.5+290-400
North Carolina Tar Heels1.5+250-334

Sekou Doumbouya, the forward from France, looks to be a prime target for the Washington Wizards, who pick 9th this year, barring any unforeseen trades.

Draft Positions

PlayerDraft Position Over OddsUnder Odds
Goga Bitadze17.5-105-120
Kevin Porter Jr21.5+135-179
Brandon Clarke13.5-137+111
Coby White6.5-110-121
Darius Garland5.5+320-455
De'Andre Hunter5.5-154+121
Jarrett Culver5.5+171-223
Jaxson Hayes11.5+246-334
Keldon Johnson19.5+105-134
Nassir Little12.5+135-176
Nickeil Alexander-Walker15.5-160+125
Romeo Langford16.5+125-160
Rui Hachimura13.5+145-182
Sekou Doumbouya9.5+101-130

One guy that could go much earlier than expected is Goga Bitadze. Teams like Atlanta, San Antonio, and even Detroit who may be looking for options at the center position should express a solid amount of interest in him. His offensive skillset and strong build are amongst the things that stand out most.

Kevin Porter Jr. is someone who could quite possibly slide in the first round. While he has a lot of potential upside when it comes to his scoring ability, a lot of teams are still concerned about his maturity.

Duke Specials

 AmountOver OddsUnder Odds
Blue Devils Taken in the Top 52.5+550-910
Blue Devils Taken in the Top 102.5-715+450

With Zion and RJ projected to go in the top three, Cam Reddish is almost certainly going to go in the 8-10 range, even if a trade occurs.

PointsBet is clearly taking advantage of the excitement surrounding the draft, so you don’t want to miss out!

PointsBet Sets The Sixers’ 2019-2020 Win Total at 54.5

Kevin Kinkead - June 14, 2019

NBA win total futures just went up at PointsBet.

Your team, your town, your 76ers are listed at 54.5, which feels… a little high? It feels a little high to me, considering they won 52 games in 2017 and 51 games last year and we have no clue if Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris are coming back. I think a healthy Joel Embiid fairly easily carries you over the 54 win total, but Joel finished last season with 64 games, just one more than the 63 he appeared in the year prior.

List of totals, after the jump:

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PointsBet is Offering a Slew of Promos for the US Open

Joe DiProsperos - June 12, 2019

The 119th US Open is almost upon us. The first tee time set for 9:45 on Thursday, with many of the tournament’s big names set to tee off not long after. If you’re looking to get in on the action this weekend, PointsBet has users covered with a myriad promos.

US Open Reload Bonus

You could earn a 100% match deposit of up to $100 (play with $200). This will expire at 9 pm on Friday. This is for current users. New users can get two risk-free bets up to $1,000 .

$50 US Open Matched-In Play Bonus

If you place a pre-tournament bet on the outright tournament winner, you get a matched play-in bonus bet of up to $50. That can then be used for the final round on Sunday.

Tiger Top 3 Finish

If you place a pre-tournament bet on Tiger to win the tournament and he finishes in the top-3, you win! The first $50 will be staked for this one.

Hole by Hole Player Performance

Everyone who places a “Hole by Hole Player Performance” bet will receive a matched Bonus bet of up to $25. It’s only eligible for the 1st bet per day during the first three days of the tournament.

Tiger Woods Props

A wide array of Tiger-related props are being offered. They range from Tiger making the cut, to whether or not he’ll be the top US player, even to who’ll he’ll be grouped with. They can call be found on the events page on the PointsBet website.

We’re approaching the tail end of the heart of the betting season, with women’s soccer and MLB being the only sports able to be bet on once the US Open concludes. PointsBet is clearly aware of this by going all in this weekend with these promos. You definitely don’t want to miss out!