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Chris Pronger Out Indefinitely, Will Visit Concussion Specialist

Kyle Scott - December 9, 2011

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What the hell?

Chris Pronger injury timeline: "virus"… knee surgery… “concussion-like symptoms.” Paul Holmgren via the Flyers:

While Chris' knee is improving, he has struggled with other issues that are concussion-like symptoms. Chris will see Dr. Joe Maroon and Dr. Mickey Collins on Wednesday, December 14th in Pittsburgh for further evaluation. Chris will be out indefinitely.


Perhaps HBO cameras have caught some of what’s gone on here. Pronger went from being sick to having a bad knee to seeing Dr. Joseph C. Maroon, a neurosurgeon, and Dr. Michael Collins, a sports concussion expert who was seen by Carlos Ruiz last summer.

The Flyers originally said Pronger had passed a concussion test.

Pronger's “virus” very obviously no longer seems like a virus, and you can’t help but wonder if this has something to do with the eye injury he sustained last month. That last part is speculation, but it was a blow to the head and he did have much swelling around and behind the eye.  

Brayden Schenn also has a concussion. Happy Friday.

Chris Pronger Conference Call Transcript

Kyle Scott - December 1, 2011

Pronger says he could be out three weeks, or six. Full conference call transcript, courtesy of Flyers, is after the jump.

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Chris Pronger to Have Knee Surgery, Out Four Weeks

Kyle Scott - November 28, 2011


It's getting so bad with Pronger's injuries, my Typepad title bar autocompletes "Chris Pronger to Have____ Surgery."

Paul Holmgren:

“Chris will have surgery on his left knee tomorrow afternoon. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Peter DeLuca. The procedure will clean out some loose particles that have given Chris some problems over the last month or so. 

“We were hopeful that the time missed with a virus that Chris has been fighting would settle things down in his knee but after an examination yesterday, it was decided that the surgery is the way to go at this time. We expect Chris will be back playing in 4 weeks.” 


Yeah, I'm calling bullshit on that "virus."

This casts some serious doubt on Pronger's availability for the Winter Classic. Somewhere, Mike Richards removes a pin from his voodoo doll.

Holmgren's full conference call transcript, filled with what are likely fibs about a virus, is after the jump.

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Why Chris Pronger Needs Bed Rest

Kyle Scott - October 25, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-10-25 at 10.01.41 AM

If you’re like me – lanky and with an unhealthy obsession for Haribo gummy bears – then you probably raised an inquisitive eyebrow when you heard that Chris Pronger's eye needs bed rest. Well, thankfully, CB readers are awesome and we immediately had an eye doctor comment on the injury. 

I emailed the commenter, Dr. Raymond M. Cianni OD (Total Eye Care Centers), and he described Pronger’s injury, Hyphema, thusly:

When you get an impact to the front of the eye, the area between the cornea (clear) and iris (color) part of your eye can fill with blood. It's called a Hyphema (GSP had one a few fights ago for UFC fans). Absolute bed rest. You need to let the blood drain out so it doesn't clog the drainage channels and cause glaucoma. Think of shaking up a snow globe (every time you move your head/eye around).
Prognosis very good, but just time consuming.

Glaucoma is an increase in intraocular pressure (increased pressure in the eye). The cornea and iris meet at a point where fluid drains out. I explain it to patients like the gutter of a street (curb is cornea, the street is the iris). Fluid drains out via the gutter. Red blood cells are really big cells. So they very easily clog up the 'drainage canal,' which means the street floods, or in this case, the pressure can build very quickly. A quick prolonged spike in pressure can cause severe vision loss if not treated quickly. 
Bed rest (as recent as five years ago, most significant Hyphema's bought you a stay in the hospital) is crucial so that the blood can settle and be reabsorbed. He's also gonna be watched closely for a re-bleed– normally a daily follow up for a few days at least in my office). And with a shot like that, I'd be amazed if his cornea was completely clear and fine..'d bet he has a nice sized corneal abrasion in addition to the hyphema which is no fun for him for sure..


So there’s that. Basically, Pronger’s eye is filled with blood, and moving it around could irreversible long-term damage. Stay in bed, Prongs! Stay in bed! 

UPDATE: Pronger Home and Resting, Should Be OK

Kyle Scott - October 24, 2011

Well this is good news.

UPDATE: Paul Holmgren told reporters after the game that Pronger will be on bed rest for three days and wear a visor upon his return. He will be out 2-to-3 weeks.

According to SportsNet Canada's Mike Brophy (where you at, Philly beat guys?), Chris Pronger is home and resting. A doctor said he should be OK. Of course, being OK is a relative term here, considering the shot Prongs took to the eye, but it's certainly good news.

Bob McKenzie, from TSN, first reported that Pronger was seeing an eye specialist.

Howard Eskin, who is usually right on with these things, says it's an "eye injury with bleeding," out up to two weeks, max. Eskin also says Pronger doesn't have a fracture.

We'll update with anything new.

H/T to our man Steve Whyno

Flyers: Chris Pronger is Playing, HBO Production Photo Gallery, Claude Giroux Interview

Kyle Scott - September 29, 2011


Here's some Flyers news between bouts of frantically checking to see what time the Phillies will play this weekend (nope, still don’t know). Pseudo big news. Chris Pronger is apparently healthy. He’s playing tonight against the Devils:

Screen Shot 2011-09-29 at 11.51.47 AM

– The Flyers put together a photo gallery of HBO’s introductory shoot. Why they’re wearing white helmets with orange jerseys, I don’t know.* 

*Presumably it has something to do with lighting. If you’ve ever watched the Phillies’ promo videos they shoot in spring training, you’ll notice that they’re wearing the older grey under brim caps, as opposed to the newer style, which have back under the brim. I would assume that has something to do with black absorbing more light, but I could be wrong. 

– Finally, somehow, the folks over at The School Philly keep landing exclusive interviews with Flyers. First JVR, now Claude Giroux.

After Monday night, Jaromir Jagr had a couple nice things to say about you. He said, “It’s a lot easier to play with you. He’s a genius.” And he also said you remind him a little of himself, and then he mentioned Mario Lemieux. What are your thoughts on that, and playing with a guy like Jaromir Jagr?

When I grew up I kind of looked up to him. He’s obviously one of the best players to ever play the game. To have him come to our team, I mean, he’s been here for a week and I have learned so much just from him. It’s a great compliment obviously, and I look forward to playing with him this year.


Full thing here.

Flyers Name Chris Pronger Captain

Kyle Scott - September 16, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-09-14 at 12.27.36 PM
NHL 12 took care of this announcement last week

Paul Holmgren on Tuesday: [Philly Burbs]

While the first preseason game in Toronto is just a week ago, Holmgren said there’s no rush to replace the traded Mike Richards.

While Chris Pronger, recovering from back surgery, is thought to be the frontrunner, Daniel Briere and Kimmo Timonen are also worthy candidates.


Today, the Flyers named Chris Pronger the captain. Briere and Timonen will be the alternates…

No surprise there.

Evening Nonsense: Chris Pronger Hasn’t Lifted a Weight in Six Months, Wayne Gretzky in NHL 12, Charles Barkley on 97.5

Kyle Scott - August 8, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-08-08 at 6.51.27 PM
Check it out, his head's bleeding

1993 wants this post back:

– NHL 12 will feature Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux, among others. Puck Daddy has more. The Winter Classic will also be in the game, but only playable at Heinz Field.

– Charles Barkley will co-host – in studio – with Mike Missanelli from 2-6 on Wednesday. I’m sure a certain other blog will jump at the opportunity to keep up their obsession with Chuck.

– Chris Pronger spoke with the media today. He told reporters he is nowhere near playing shape, a revelation that makes trading the captain and leading scorer all the more perplexing and concerning. 

At this point, I’m having serious trouble seeing how the Flyers are going to be better this year:

Q: What concerns you the most right now, where you have to be in terms of training camp?

“Well, that would be strength. I haven’t lifted a weight in the last six months, so that would be the answer to your question of what haven’t I done, well, obviously lift weights. Strength, for my position and the way I play, is critical. So I’ve got to gain my strength back before I begin skating.”


The full transcript, courtesy of the Flyers' city-leading PR department, is after the jump.

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