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Michael Leighton Tried to Hide Patrick Kane’s Stanley Cup Winning Puck

Kyle Scott - April 21, 2011


Source: AP, Mel Evans


The Big Bear is pawing at my hatred of him. First, a successful, take-it-all-in-stride minor league jaunt, now this.

Let’s rewind.

About a month ago, reporter Wayne Drehs reached out to me. He wanted to ask me about this video I made, which pieced together YouTube clips showing that Chris Pronger did not steal the Stanley Cup winning puck. The video was of much interest to Grant DePorter, the owner of Harry Caray’s restaurant in Chicago, where a $50,000 reward is being offered for the puck. DePorter was the guy who spent $110,000 on Steve Bartman’s ball… before blowing it up. My video compilation tipped DePorter off that linesmen Steve Miller may have been the one to pick up the puck.

Drehs, using the powerful resources of ESPN, wanted to get to the bottom of it. He went so far as to fly to Glens Falls, N.Y., to see Michael Leighton. That’s where Leighton told him he did everything he could to prevent the refs from seeing the puck:

"When [Kane] scored, I think we were the only ones who knew it actually went in the net," he says. "And my first thought was, 'How am I going to get this puck out of the net as soon as possible so nobody knows it's a goal?' I knew there was no way. I knew they were going upstairs [for a replay]. But I waited and waited and then I lifted up the net and kicked the puck away to make it seem like it was somewhere other than in the net."

Then Leighton drags his right foot along the concrete floor and shows me exactly how he kicked the puck. I ask him to tell me again what happened after that.

"I remember somebody picking it up," he said. "Either the linesman or one of their players."

I pull out the picture that I had shown to Miller and ask Leighton whether it was possible that Miller might not have seen the puck from the angle at which he was kneeling.

"Possibly," he says. "That's right before I kicked it."


A fight until the bitter end from Leights. Endearing. For realsies.

Drehs has since tracked down Miller, who, despite multiple videos, the above picture (and others), and Leighton’s comments, denies ever seeing or touching the puck. – raises eyebrow in a way that would make The Rock proud –

Tremendous (and somewhat humorous) article from Drehs on Includes a couple of quotes from yours truly.

Give it a read.

A Little Chicago Hate For You

Kyle Scott - January 24, 2011


Chicagoans are so obsessed with Chris Pronger. Instead of being happy that their team won the Stanley Cup, they can't seem to get over the fact that Prongs kept stealing their game winning pucks. There is a $50,000 reward for the one that slipped between the legs of Michael Leighton to the win the Cup. But Prongs doesn't have it. He first said it would show up on eBay, then… [Chicago Tribune] [PSD]

I have it, yeah. It’s tucked away somewhere; it’s gonna go to charity. Oh, you mean Game 6? Oh I don’t know where that puck is; I was on the bench. I thought you were talking about Game 2. I don’t know where that puck is. Game 6 I was on the bench; I was a little disappointed at that that point to skate all the way down there and take the puck. That might be a little much. If I’m on the ice and it’s right in front of me, that’s a fun story. I don’t know. I think one of them maybe would’ve grabbed it. I don’t know, maybe the ref has it. I don’t know. Somebody should look at the video; there’s 18 cameras out there, one of them should be able to find it.


Welcome back, Chris.

There's that, and then there's this: Chicago fans booing their own Lee DeWyze. DeWyze is the reigning American Idol and a Chicago native. He was bumped from singing the National Anthem in favor of that loud guy who sings while the crowd disrespectfully cheers throughout the entire song, just like they did in the Stanley Cup Finals.

In any case, DeWyze is probably lucky he wasn't shot while he sung "Sweet Serendipity" with the Bears trailing 14-0 at the half. 

We're not the only ones that boo- it's a product of the current climate, if you will.

Crowd feed:

And finally, speaking of piss-poor Chicago fans, here's an email from reader Nick Biscardi.

Biscardi lives in Chicago and struggled to find any of those so-called "hockey fans" that seemed to be so prevalent during the Stanley Cup finals. His problem was similar to mine, as I tried to watch the Flyers game at the Field House in Center City, only to see them switch most of the TVs and the audio to the FOX pregame show. Yep, Howie, Terry, and JB's look-a-like replacement pumping over the loud speakers of a "Philly sports bar," instead of the hometown Flyers who were playing a rematch of the Stanley Cup finals on national TV. Unreal.

Nick's email:

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Flyers Lose for First Time in a While, Pronger Fails to Steal Puck

Kyle Scott - November 17, 2010


The Flyers' 10 game unbeaten streak was snapped last night, as they ran into the hot goaltending of Carey Price, who stopped 41 shots.

BOB finally came back down to earth, allowing three goals (including a couple of softies) for the first time since an overtime loss to Washington.  It was his 11th start in a row and second start in consecutive days. It may be time to rest him, yo.

Nothing was going right, Prongs couldn't even steal the game puck.  []

So, remember last season's Stanley Cup finals when Chris Pronger tried to keep the game puck away from the Chicago Blackhawks after a few games, angering the opposition. There was the Flyers star blueliner Tuesday night trying to keep the game puck away from the Canadiens, who wanted it for goalie Carey Price and his shutout. Habs center Scott Gomez and captain Brian Gionta chased down Pronger and got it from him.

Price? He then flipped the puck to a kid in the stands.

"I was wondering what was going on," Price shrugged afterward. "I should tell those guys [Gomez and Gionta] that I don't really care about the puck."

Pronger's response?  "I was going to give it to a precious kid in the stands."  Video after the jump.

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Chicago Restaurant Offers $50,000 for Puck

Kyle Scott - July 18, 2010


The Harey Carey Restaurant Group in Chicago is offering a $50k bounty for the puck Patrick Kane slipped through the pads of Michael Leighton to win the Stanley Cup.

Apparently, in all the confusion after the game the puck disappeared.  Does Pronger have it?  I would love for that to be the case and have him collect the $50k.

Not exactly sure how this could be authenticated.  Even if the pucks were marked, there have to be dozens of pucks that flew into the stands floating around.

Chris Pronger is Awesome

Kyle Scott - June 3, 2010

Pronger reacted to some of the puck stealing accusations in his press conference today.

Weekly Roundup (Perfect Edition): What you may have Missed in Philadelphia Sports Last Week 6/2

Kyle Scott - June 2, 2010


Roy Halladay and the Flyers almost teamed up for the perfect night.

The quest for Lord Stanley's Cup, and bragging rights, began.

Chicago threw the first punch, but Philly landed one.

The Flyers dropped the first two, a lot of people watched.

The Marlins sold tickets to history, the Flyers to the future.

The Tampa Bay Rays hate our hockey team.

The Flyers flew high, Charlie raised a glass, Ed Snider took a drink, and Jayson Werth stayed thirsty.

Chris Pronger stole a puck, she said fuck.

CSN laughed it off.

The Phillies lost their beard and their bats, but they gained a hat

Three year olds are cute, this gnome is not.

Ryan Howard remained black.

Chris Wheeler likes rookies, and Carlos Ruiz likes ice cream.

Pronger Steals Puck, Fires Towel, and Taunts Blackhawks

Kyle Scott - June 1, 2010


Nothing like a little gamesmanship heading into Game 3 in Philly.

After the game last night, Chris Pronger took the puck from the ice, preventing members of the Blackhawks from keeping it as a souvenir.  Former Flyer Ben Eager had something to say about it, so Pronger fired a rally towel at him (strange).  When asked about the incident by CSN Philly's Tim Panaccio, Pronger had the following responses: [] [Yahoo Puck Blog]

See below for video.

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