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Racism is Alive and Well in Pittsburgh

Kyle Scott - January 20, 2013

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There will always be a few… and I’d expect that, especially when it comes to black hockey players, you’ll often be able to find at least some racist Tweets from fans of the predominately white sport. But, Penguins fans on Twitter took it to another level yesterday.

Over a dozen Tweets, all from different idiots, called Simmonds either a “nigger” or some variation of a primate. 

You can see them all after the jump. Feel free to respond, too.

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Racist Czech Fans Arrested for Chants Directed at Wayne Simmonds, Who Has Since Left Team

Kyle Scott - November 14, 2012

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Unfortunately, this seems to happen to Wayne Simmonds every year.

Last season, a jackass from Canada was arrested for throwing a banana at Simmonds during a preseason game. Now some Czech folks find themselves in trouble for directing racist chants toward the Flyer.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago, Czech fans calling themselves “Black Commando” chanted “opice” at Simmonds during a game last month. Opice is monkey in English. According to a Czech report, translated, those fans were arrested yesterday and charged with "misdemeanor disorderly conduct, defamation of nation, race and other ethnic groups."

There were other chants and insults, though it appears the fans, who were drunk at the time, are saying those were part of tradition at the arena. Some tradition.

Accusations are members of the fans, who call themselves the Black squad. They come in a black hooded sweatshirt and black scarf with the character that will now be examined by experts. Most of them were drunk. For example Pribyl admitted ten beers and two shots, which, according to him only "mild drunkenness, because it is trained."

According to the plaintiff Simmonds also shouted "hu hu hu", "Ku Klux Klan" and the song "Dead Gypsy floats on water and it belongs to nature." Fans in court mostly agreed that they are cries that the many years screaming hockey what it is.

"Hu hu hu is chanting at weakening, it has cast an opponent. Ku Klux Klan has always sung to We Will Rock You. Racism has nothing to do," said Pribyl. Ditty about "Gypsy" by other fans are traditionally referee when viewers dissatisfied with him. 


Simmonds said he didn’t know anything about the chants until a video was posted online. He has, however, since left the team, according to this report. His departure appears to be unrelated.

via Puck Daddy

Reading Phillies GM Defends Ryan Howard Garden Gnome

Kyle Scott - August 2, 2010


UPDATE:  Hey folks, don't forget to get your racist lawn gnome in Reading tomorrow night!

A few weeks ago, we gave our opinion on the Ryan Howard garden gnome that the Reading Phillies will be giving away on August 3rd.  We jokingly called it creepy, and were first to mention that it was borderline racist. We certainly didn't think any malice went into its design, but we did liken it to Eddie Murphy's version of Santa Claus.

Well today, Annette John-Hall, a black reporter for, gave her review of the gnome, and guess what? She played the race card too:

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Ryan Howard Just Happens to be Black

Kyle - May 28, 2010


Yesterday, we wrote about how's Annette John-Hall called the Ryan Howard garden gnome racist.  We observed the potential for this weeks ago.  Our writer Christian Rivera thinks her claims are ludicrous.  Literally.

We all love lawn gnomes and we all love Ryan Howard.  Carlos, Crossing broad's very own mascot,
is a lawn gnome and we love him dearly.  He's single-handedly won
Phillies games merely by showing his handsome mug at the park. 
Who could possibly hate on a lawn gnome? 

In a recent Inquirer column, writer Annette John-Hall wrote
an article
bashing the Reading Phillies' Ryan Howard Lawn Gnome giveaway. 

Because it's supposedly racist.

In the article laced with utter
nonsense, she writes about how a ticket for a Phillies game is among
the priciest in baseball (the Inquirer must not pay very well) and how
the Ryan Howard gnome looks too reminiscent of a lawn jockey.

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