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Tony Bruno and Harry Mayes are Going to Sirius XM

Kevin Kinkead - March 30, 2020


Tony Bruno and Harry Mayes, who co-hosted together on 97.5 the Fanatic before Bruno left for 94 WIP, are reuniting with a show on Sirius XM.

Bruno shared the press release just now on Twitter:

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Beasley Media Group Implementing Wage Cuts and Hour Reductions

Kevin Kinkead - March 27, 2020

It’s a rocky road for American businesses deemed non-essential during a pandemic.

Already we’ve seen a lot of staff and salary reductions at places like restaurants and retail shops, while sports team owners toss around ideas to limit expenses. The Sixers tried going down that road but received so much negative publicity that they decided to reverse course.

The struggle extends to terrestrial radio, and Beasley Media Group, which owns seven local stations including 97.5 the Fanatic and 93.3 WMMR, will be instituting wage cuts and hour reductions as a result of the economic Coronavirus pinch.

In an email sent to employees and obtained by Crossing Broad, CEO Caroline Beasley explains details of the strategy while informing staff that she will also be taking a pay cut:

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Entercom Hackers Obtained User Information

Kevin Kinkead - March 11, 2020

Entercom was dealing with some nonsense last September when hackers froze emails and crashed computer systems and demanded a ransom of $500,000 from the Philly-based radio company that owns 94 WIP and other stations. Then a second incident took place a month later, with another dude hacking into their system.

Eventually they got it all under control, though Jeff Blumenthal at the Philadelphia Business Journal is reporting today that user information was exposed.

Writes Jeff:

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Howard Eskin Calls Crossing Broad “Insignificant” Without Hint of Irony

Kyle Scott - March 9, 2020

Here’s the thing with Howard Eskin: when you mention his name, a lot of local folks will say something like “yeah but we heard he’s actually a good guy in-person.”

Maybe he is. Eskin is one of the few people in this racket I haven’t met or interacted with in some way. Some people who know him claim that he’s good-hearted. Fair enough. But others in the space think he’s an egomaniac dope who lambastes teams and players without seeking out all the facts and then shows up a day later and disingenuously tries to be buddy-buddy with them because he gets off on attention from famous people.

Ultimately, that’s Howard’s shtick: Be a douche publicly, but privately try to claim it’s all in good fun.

Happy to weigh in on the public part.

Here’s Howard on the radio on… checks calendar… early on Saturday morning, responding to a caller who brought up Kevin’s piece on sports talk radio callers: Continue Reading

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“Angry Al” Disputes His Placement on the Worst Sports Radio Callers List

Kevin Kinkead - March 9, 2020

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback to our story ranking the top 10 best and worst sports radio callers in the Delaware Valley. Most people seemed to agree with the placement of folks like Jim from Havertown (absolutely awful) and Linda from Mayfair (the very best). We even had Jose from Norristown checking in on Facebook to say hello.

We got… hockey action yo!” said Jose.

One person who did not like the list was “Angry Al” Puryear, who complained about his ranking as the 9th worst caller in Philadelphia. He took so much umbrage that he had the audacity to call up 94 WIP (for the 7th time that week probably) to dispute the list and suggest that I win the weekly “get rid of that guy” award on the Jon Marks and Ike Reese show.

Here’s the audio of Al doing more of his whining:

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Ranking the Ten Best and Ten Worst Sports Radio Callers in Philadelphia

Kevin Kinkead - March 3, 2020

Last week, I sent out an innocuous tweet asking for help compiling a list of the best and worst sports radio callers in the Delaware Valley. I had a basic idea of who I wanted to include, but didn’t have a full list compiled, and was honestly stunned by the fact that 272 people replied to the tweet. There were some really strong opinions regarding the folks who dial up 94 WIP and 97.5 the Fanatic on a regular basis.

Taking those responses into account, then adding input from Crossing Broad staff and local media, quote tweets, and direct messages, we ended up with a sample size of about 300 people who helped put this thing together.

If this story doesn’t win me a Pulitzer, then I don’t know what will. Here’s my top ten best and worst sports radio callers in our region:

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New Partnership Between Entercom and NBC 10 Won’t Extend to NBC Sports Philadelphia

Kevin Kinkead - February 11, 2020

Monday, Jeff Blumenthal at the Philadelphia Business Journal shared the news that Entercom and KYW Newsradio would be dumping CBS 3 to form a new partnership with NBC 10.

While meandering through some immediate takeaways, I mentioned that NBC Sports Philadelphia has existing partnerships with 97.5 the Fanatic, which would make for a murky and interesting wrinkle if content sharing extending to 94 WIP as well.

In a followup on the PBJ, Blumenthal has some quotes from Entercom’s local Philly president, David Yadgaroff, who elaborates on what the new agreement will entail:

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Entercom and KYW Newsradio Dump CBS 3 for NBC 10

Kevin Kinkead - February 10, 2020

Pretty significant local media story here.

KYW Newsradio, which just moved to 2400 Market Street as part of the Entercom headquarters relocation, is cutting ties with CBS 3 in order to team up with NBC 10 instead.

Jeff Blumenthal at the Philadelphia Business Journal:

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