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The Houston Texans Pulled Josh Innes’ Credential

Kevin Kinkead - September 14, 2017

Questions should be asked of the Houston Texans after their season opening 29-7 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. But Josh Innes will not be the one doing it, since the former 94 WIP afternoon host had this credential yanked by the organization.

He tweeted this during Sunday’s beat down:

According to the Houston Chronicle, Innes’ producer, Jim Mudd (who also had his cred pulled), was broadcasting live reports from a Texans practice that was open to the public:

“After being informed by a team media representative that he could not talk on the phone while on the sidelines, Mudd continued talking live with Innes on the air outside the gate to the practice field and later from the spectator section.

The Texans’ media policy, a copy of which is posted on the team’s website and which is referenced on credentials, prohibits live broadcasts from practice, including the use of social media, and the broadcast of live interviews on social media.”

Seems kind of dumb, but I’ve been there before.

I was ripped to shreds by Phillies PR back in the day for taking a still photo of Jonathan Papelbon while six video cameras were recording him.

Anyway, the Chronicle asked for comment from Innes, who said that the Texans acted “randomly and arbitrarily” in their response:

“We were providing entertainment for our audience. We were trying to give information,” he said. “… Were people amused by it? Yes. My objective is to make people laugh, have a good show, don’t take ourselves seriously.”

Innes was let go by WIP last August after a weird series of events that saw him criticize competitor 97.5 the Fanatic with a Tweet some viewed as racially insensitive. He returned to Houston as morning show host at KBME 790 AM.

RADIO WARS: Jason Myrtetus and Harry Mayes Will Be The New 97.5 Midday Show

Kyle Scott - September 8, 2017

Good thing 97.5 didn’t wait until the last possible moment before the start of football season to announce their lineup changes. This morning they named Bob Cooney their new morning show co-host. And this afternoon they announced that the new Midday show will be Jason Myrtetus and Harry Mayes, who will be joined on Mondays by Seth Joyner, oh he of threatening me with LeSean McCoy fame.

I’ve been predicting this since June – I DON’T KNOW WHY YOU’D READ ANY OTHER SITE – as Myrtetus and Mayes did well when they filled in for Mike Missanelli during his prolonged absence earlier this year. They put on a good show. They’ll talk hockey! Indeed the immediate feedback was positive:

97.5 now has its lineup in place. It will bring some stability to the station after what feels like a year of uncertainty in the mornings and several months of it in Middays. Of course… the station still doesn’t have a program director. But I’m not sure these announcements would’ve been any different if they did.

The generals are in place. The tanks are fueled. We march on. SEND THE BAND:

RADIO WARS: Bob Cooney Is The New 97.5 Morning Show Co-Host

Kyle Scott - September 8, 2017

97.5 made a somewhat unexpected announcement today, going outside the box and injecting some new life (…) into Philly sports talk radio by naming Bob Cooney, seen here during his Marshall Applewhite phase, as the new full-time co-host of their morning show. Eytan Shander and Brian Baldinger will remain as part of a rotating cast. Jamie Lynch will continue to serve as on-air producer.

Here’s the audio from the announcement:

I think there was some conjecture – perhaps generated by Tony Bruno – that Bruno would return to 97.5 and join Gargano in the mornings for what would’ve certainly been an over-the-top show. Rather, 97.5, which currently doesn’t have a program director after Matt Nahigian was let go last week, went with Cooney, who it sounds like will continue to cover the Sixers for the Daily News [update: he will not remain with the Daily News]. It’s a reasonable strategy, one that everyone else is using: double-down on the Sixers. My guess is a consortium of market managers and Beasley corporate overlords made the decision.

Cooney had been picking up fill-in shifts throughout the summer, and from what I’ve seen got generally favorable reviews. It’s maybe not a headline-grabbing addition, adding a newspaper beat writer, but that’s the tactic WIP used back in the day and obviously it worked out quite well for them. At the very least, 97.5 will have a competitive advantage when it comes to Sixers talk.

I would suspect a move like this doesn’t sit too well with Shander, who has essentially been the co-host all year and works, like, every day. He’s clearly the odd man out here. Meanwhile, no news – yet – on a new mid-day show, but I still wouldn’t be shocked to see Jason Myrtetus wind up with an on-air role.

The winds of change, they blow. TONES:

RADIO WARS: Jon Marks Fires Missiles Taking Out Key Tony Bruno Installations

Kyle Scott - July 21, 2017


I get so horned up for this shit that I should probably call a doctor. After almost a year of calm, pacifist diplomacy, multiple seats have opened up at 97.5 and the JOCKEYING has begun.

Yesterday, Rob Tornoe FLOATED the idea of Tony Bruno being the new 97.5 morning show co-host alongside Anthony Gargano. The maestro’s sources remained quiet on that front. I checked with Ms. Robin, Tony’s girlfriend and de-facto manager, but didn’t receive a reply to a follow-up question asking whether there was anything to the report.

Enter Marks, the former 97.5-er who knows Tony and thinks this is a 100% Bruno-driven agenda:

Piew, piew, piew, piew! That’s how I would imagine you would spell the sound of missiles being fired at key Bruno infrastructure. Marks is pulling NO PUNCHES in weighing in on Bruno’s motivations.

The article he linked to is from when Bruno attacked Missanelli last year. The Facebook live video that was embedded has indeed been deleted, though it’s hard to know if it was for nefarious reasons.

Marks is insinuating the Bruno and Gargano have not always been friendly. All I know on the matter is that they both live at Dockside and have never had any ill-will, of which I’m aware. Marks, of course, worked with Bruno for several years.

Another name being thrown out there is Bob Cooney, who has co-hosted with Gargano in recent days and I’m hearing is loved by 97.5 program director Matt Nahigian.

We don’t know what will happen with the 97.5 morning show co-host search, but we do know that Bruno has entered the battle and that Marks has just launched a unilateral attack into some of his most important infrastructure. Someone just shot the Archduke. The war may soon be underway. GET THE BAND:

RADIO WARS: Tony Bruno To 97.5?

Kyle Scott - July 20, 2017

What was once is again. Or something like that.

Rob Tornoe of is reporting – or at least speculating – that Tony Bruno could become the permanent co-host of the 97.5 morning show:

The most surprising name I’ve heard mentioned more than once is Bruno, the veteran sports talker who has been successfully podcasting since abruptly walking off his top-rated afternoon show on WIP in July 2015, a show he co-hosted with Josh Innes. Innes was subsequently fired by former co-host and current WIP program director Spike Eskin, and now hosts a sports talk show in Houston.

Bruno, who I’m told would consider joining Gargano if the situation were right, would have a lot to overcome before he joined the station. Before his stint at WIP, Bruno worked for The Fanatic for four years as a midday host alongside Harry Mayes before walking away after a contract dispute in 2014. If the station and Bruno could agree on a contract and salary, next on the list would be mending a rift that formed during his time at WIP with top-rated afternoon host Mike Missanelli.

The maestro checked with his sources, but none of them have returned my requests – mesah thinks they are a bit upset about our 610-632… jokes (as well they should be) – which makes me think there could be some smoke to this fire.

You may recall that, last month, I wrote that there would likely be a new full-time co-host on the morning show and that Harry Mayes could be sans Rob Ellis, who announced his departure from 97.5 last Friday, by the fall:

The 97.5 morning show has lost two of its original four on-air personalities– Jon Marks left on his own accord and went to WIP, and Maureen Williams was fired earlier this year. That has left Gargano with his longtime producer, Jamie Lynch. The two of them have a good rapport, but the morning show lacks an update person and has been using Eytan Shander as what feels like a short-term co-host. And it should be telling that on their website, 97.5 has a picture of only Gargano for its morning show, when it used to have a picture of all four personalities– Gargano, Marks, Lynch and Williams. The result is a show that has struggled to find its place in the market or pose any real threat to Cataldi. I would expect to see an addition to the show before football season.

In the mid-days, the picture is even more bleak. Harry and Rob, who, like, literally lifted our shtick (more on that later), just got trounced by DeCamara and Ritchie. One might wonder if 97.5 would consider pairing Jason Myrtetus, currently Missanelli’s producer and the station’s assistant program director, with Mayes. The two of them had good chemistry and received good feedback when they filled in for Missanelli when he was out after back surgery. Anecdotally, that’s the only sports talk radio show I’ve seen positive Tweets about in a while. People seemed to like the change of pace and authenticity. That pairing would make some sense in mid-days. Myrtetus also just announced that he was launching a hockey podcast, which will give him some space to talk puck given the fact that he’s currently on a show that seemingly refuses to do so.

The plan has always been to replace Shander with a permanent solution and to let Ellis walk.

Bruno and Gargano have a good rapport – as evidenced by Gargano’s appearance on Bruno’s podcast last week – and would add to the Italian-guys-in-the-morning thing that Philly loves so much. HOWEVER, the addition of Bruno would automatically make it an “old-school” show, which I’m not exactly sure is the way to endear yourselves to a younger, more progressive audience, especially as the Sixers expect to dominate so much of the coverage.

A dominant figure looms. A return is braced for. THE DRUMS SNAP:

RADIO WARS: Here’s Rob Ellis Signing Off 97.5

Kyle Scott - July 14, 2017

Here’s Rob Ellis at the end of his show today announcing his departure from 97.5:

“This is going to be my last day today at 97.5 The Fanatic. Now, it’s a mutual parting of the ways. Everything ends on good terms. There’s no bitterness, there’s nothing like that. I’ve known this for about a week, came to this decision. My contract’s been up, we had some discussions– I’m usually pretty good about following my gut and I just feel like it’s time for me more than anything else. I just want to say how much I enjoyed working with you, it’s been a blast the last two years. And one of the reasons I came here was to work with you. But… usually in this business, if things aren’t left on good terms, you’re zipped right away, you’re out right away, or you walk right away, and that wasn’t the feeling between me or management. I just felt it was best for everybody involved to walk away, and I’ve done pretty good from following my gut and I’m gonna do the same thing here. So before any false reports come out to the contrary, this is leaving on good terms. Trust me.”

Ellis’ contract was recently up and obviously renewing it wasn’t a priority. I love his little dig at “false reports,” especially since it sounds like this was handled much better than when Ellis found out he was being demoted at WIP… by reading this site. Those reports are always so false, I guess.

It’s been a strange few years for Ellis. After getting pushed out of the afternoon slot at WIP by Josh Innes in 2015, he did nights there for a little while at the same time Breakfast on Broad, which he co-hosted, was launching on CSN. He then left WIP for 97.5. BOB got cancelled earlier this year, and now Ellis is out at 97.5. He’ll remain in his role at CSN.

RADIO WARS: Rob Ellis Is Out at 97.5

Kyle Scott - July 14, 2017

Wowowowow. Rob Ellis just announced on the air at the end of his show with Harry Mayes today that he is out at 97.5.

As I noted last month, changes could be afoot. Ellis and Mayes’ ratings were in the shitter. I floated the possibility that Jason Myrtetus, who had good chemistry with Mayes when they filled in for Mike Missanelli earlier this year, could join Mayes in the mid-day slot. It’s looking more likely that will happen.

More soon.

RADIO WARS: The Beats of Change Fill The Air

Kyle Scott - June 15, 2017

Tis the time of year whence change es en un air.

A new football season often brings with it the beats of change. What’s working, stays. What’s not… changes. Ch-ch-ch-changes. You may recall that last year Josh Innes was jettisoned from WIP ostensibly as the result of a bad Tweet, but perhaps actually due to his suffering ratings and the fact that football season was fast approaching and THOU SHALL NOT STAND! Michael Barkann was similarly removed from the battlefield in October.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the local sports talk radio ratings.

As you may have noticed, THE LEAKS HAVE STOPPED. Someone got to the leakers. Donald Trump would be hard. But no matter, we still have gleaned some insight into the local sports talk radio ratings during this the slowest of times.

As it has been explained to me, Anthony Gargano continues to pose no threat to Angelo Cataldi in the mornings. In the mid-days, Harry Mayes and Rob Ellis on 97.5 are getting beat soundly by Jon Ritchie and Joe DeCamara on WIP, who recently almost doubled their counterparts among men 25-54. Overall, Phillies games tend to help WIP in the mid-days and afternoons, among all audiences 18+, but less so or at times not at all among men 25-54. In the afternoons, Chris Carlin and Ike Reese have improved since the winter and have begun to nip at Mike Missanelli’s heels, though he’s still holding them at an arm’s length away.

As you know, the maestro tends to be well-informed, and it may be worth contemplating possible changes to the lineups. Continue Reading

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