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RADIO WARS: Anthony Gargano Is Being Replaced By Marc Farzetta

Kyle Scott - September 21, 2018

Anthony Gargano will no longer host the 97.5 morning show. He is not on the air this morning following The Maestro’s reveal that Marc Farzetta would be coming to the station to be on in the mornings. This came as news to virtually everyone at 97.5, including Gargano, his producer, Jamie Lynch, and other top hosts at the station.

This morning, confirmed our deep, probing speculation that Farzetta was joining the station to replace Gargano. We believe that Gargano found out about all of this yesterday, and that the decision to replace him with Farzetta was in the works for some time.

Farzetta curiously didn’t pick up shifts for Angelo Cataldi at WIP when he was on vacation this summer. Many in the industry have non-competes that restrict them from appearing on a competitor’s station for timeframes of 90 days or so. Maybe this was the case with Farzetta and thus explains his quiet disappearing act at WIP.

What’s quite clear, however, is that our war reporting kicked off a series of events that led to Gargano finding out that he was being replaced by Farzetta. Always listen to the sounds of The Maestro’s concertos. MUSIC NOW:

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RADIO WARS: Anthony Gargano Is Off a Previously Scheduled Appearance Tonight

Kyle Scott - September 20, 2018

Tensions may boil.

On the heels of the news that Marc Farzetta will be joining the 97.5 morning show comes some strife. We believe that many on-air folk at 97.5, including mulitple members of the morning show, were unaware of this development.

Jamie Lynch, Anthony Gargano’s good friend and on-air producer, tweeted the following:

Yeah, I got a question– wasn’t Anthony supposed to host that show?

The Maestro wondered, perhaps presciently, earlier if Farzetta could replace Gargano on the morning show. While Gargano’s abscense doesn’t prove that notion, the abrupt change in schedule is notable this evening.

We will keep you updated. I’d get on a war footing. Hide the women and children, also. BRAVE MEN:

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RADIO WARS: Marc Farzetta Is Headed to 97.5 to Join the Morning Show, But His Role Is Not Known

Kyle Scott - September 20, 2018


I have received word from on high, in the nether channels, of a migration in the works. Sources inside the sound box industry inform me that Marc Farzetta, who reportedly told his 94 WIP colleagues earlier this year that he was leaving the station to focus on his role at NBC Sports, will be joining 97.5 and work in the mornings, going right up against his mentor, Angelo Cataldi.

Intriguing development on several fronts, to be sure, but one does have to wonder in what role Farzetta will join the show. Sliding from one station to another to be a co-host on a show that continually gets beat in the ratings by your former show would be a lateral move, at best. Anthony Gargano’s show on 97.5 has quite notably struggled in the ratings, so one has to wonder if there is the possibility of Farzetta outright replacing him.

Regardless, Farzetta, who got his start at WIP by winning Cataldi’s inaugural The Intern contest in which he actually beat out… well, me, will now be going directly against Cataldi in some capacity, which should make for a primo battle.

A request for comment to Farzetta was not immediately returned.

I’m sure The Maestro will have more details to relay in the coming days.

But if you listen ever so closely, perhaps you’ll notice the sound of some serious strife. This one has meat. BRAWL:

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Geoff Mosher is Leaving 97.5 the Fanatic

Kevin Kinkead - August 14, 2018

He had been with the station since 2015.

A handful of Tweets from him this morning:

More after the jump:

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RADIO WARS – Mike Missanelli, Jimmy Kempski, and the Bathroom Attendant

Kevin Kinkead - August 9, 2018

Seems like people were upset that the last RADIO WARS post was just an argument between Geoff Mosher and Eytan Shander. 

This post doesn’t deserve the RADIO WARS tagline!” someone complained online.

I get it; it wasn’t super spicy or whatever, but not every RADIO WARS post can be on the level of Dwayne from Swedesboro. 

So hopefully this one is more to your liking. It’s a Twitter exchange between Philly Voice’s Jimmy Kempski and Mike Missanelli over the usefulness of the bathroom attendant and whether or not that person is even necessary.

As a disclaimer, let me say that I’ve known Jimmy for a while and that we were on the Voice payroll at the same time a few years back. In the interest of non-bias and true journalism – which is what we do here at Crossing Broad – I will start by simply laying out the conversation:

The rest after the jump:

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RADIO WARS – Bitching and Complaining

Kevin Kinkead - August 7, 2018

97.5 the Fanatic’s “Bitch and Complain” line is for listeners to call up and air their grievances, sort of like how Frank Costanza celebrates “Festivus” in Seinfeld.

This morning, however, Eytan Shander and Geoff Mosher, who I guess were filling in for the Cuz, ended up bitching at each other instead as Tra Thomas mostly sat back and listened.

The argument, which I’d describe as one level below heated, but fair, centered around Terrell Owens and former New York Daily News writer Gary Myers (now with The Athletic), who said he would not have voted TO into the Hall of Fame if he knew he was going to skip the enshrinement ceremony.

It started with a caller offering the opinion that writers should not have a say in who enters the HOF, which Mosher disagreed with:

Shander: I think there needs to be more middle ground, because somebody like Gary Myers should not be able to stand up on his podium and demand that TO be kept out of the Hall of Fame because of who he was as a teammate or the perceptions of who he was.

Mosher: Gary Myers should be allowed to have an opinion, as wrong as it may be, (same) as anybody who stands up and say, ‘TO should be in the Hall of Fame!”

Shander: No, no, not for those reasons, and that’s the problem, is that the bias comes from misconception and born of, Gary Myers didn’t cover him! He didn’t cover him!

Mosher: Well, you’re not going to find a committee –

Shander: Paul Domowitch covered him. Tra Thomas covered him and played with him. So Gary Myers should keep his hook nose out of the conversation!

Mosher: Gary Myers covers the NFL. He doesn’t just cover the Giants and Jets.

Shander: That’s the problem, though, is that some national guy, you can do a national job –

Mosher: Nah, I don’t like this argument.

Shander: Why not? Gary Myers doesn’t have any insight.

Mosher: How are you – so the only people, so let’s say it’s Larry Fitzgerald – only Arizona Cardinals writers should get to decide on Larry Fitzgerald in the Hall of Fame? Because they’re the only ones who cover him?

Shander: No, the problem is that when you have this bias that is outside of the field of play opened up, then somebody who does not have first-hand experience of that player should not be able to let –

Mosher: But I’m telling you that almost everybody does not have first-hand experience with every player.

Shander: Which is why somebody’s off-the-field bias on TO is problematic, to be allowed in this. That’s why you need more middle ground. That’s why you need people who have either covered the guy – in TO’s case he played for 15 teams!

The argument goes on for another three minutes.

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RADIO WARS – Betrayal?

Kevin Kinkead - August 2, 2018

I don’t really know if this qualifies as a “RADIO WARS” post, but I’ll brand it that way just for the hell of it.

Some news from the Bleeding Green camp this afternoon:

Wait, what?

John Barchard explains the split (after the jump):

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RADIO WARS: Clever Peanut Butter References

Kevin Kinkead - July 10, 2018

Yesterday we wrote about Mike Missanelli’s claims that his former producer, Jon Marks, now doing afternoon drive at rival 94 WIP, uses anonymous Twitter accounts to spread rumors and rip 97.5 the Fanatic.

Mike made the comments Friday afternoon on his show.

Marks didn’t immediately acknowledge the allegations but crafted a cheeky response on Monday evening, changing his Twitter name to “Barbara Bottini,” a reference to the Bryan Colangelo burner account saga:

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