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RADIO WARS – Josh Innes vs. Another Houston Guy

Kevin Kinkead - January 31, 2018

It’s Philadelphia vs. New England in the Super Bowl, but Houston vs. Houston on radio row.

Former 94 WIP host Josh Innes got into it with Seth Payne this morning, a dude from rival station SportsRadio 610. Innes is at SportsTalk 790. Are there no FM frequencies available down there?

Anyway, Payne says Innes came over and “stuck his phone in my face” while they were on the air. Josh retweeted the video below, shot by Boston’s WEEI.


No idea, but here’s the video:

Some of the exchange:

Payne: This is what Josh does, ‘I’m gonna pull a stunt, I’m gonna go break Texans’ media rules where I know I’m gonna lose my credentials, then i’m gonna claim that I’m surprised that I had my credentials pulled. You lie to your audience, and claim you had your credentials pulled because you’re the most honest guy in Houston. You’re a fraud, you’re a joke, you bounce around. The Philly people here, they know you’re a joke. The Houston people know.. you’ve got like one employer left you can work for.”

Innes: Who?

Payne: I don’t know, the Josh Innes network. A podcast?

Innes: Here’s the difference. When you guys inevitably get fired, because you have a 1.5 (rating)…

Payne: So what the hell’s.. (inaudible yelling)… based on ratings you only care about when you’re winning. When you’re winning it’s, ‘hey I’m Josh Innes I’m the best guy that ever lived.’ But when you’re losing, ‘oh it’s a flawed system.’

Innes: Well, it is.

Payne: You’re such a fraud. And you’ve got so much talent. You could have been so great. There were rumors you were going to take these guy’s jobs over, according to you. But now you’re bouncing around from place to place. It’s pathetic. It’s sad…. you’re a bad person.

Innes: I’m a bad person?

Payne: You’re a bad person.

Innes: Based on what?

Payne: You’re weak. You’re insecure. You can’t (inaudible). You’re so obsessed with everybody who doesn’t like you, that you fall apart.

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RADIO/TELEVISION WARS – Mike Missanelli Went on Colin Cowherd’s Show

Kevin Kinkead - January 25, 2018

Mikey Miss represented the blue collar, lunch pail-carrying, true American city of Philadelphia on the Colin Cowherd show this afternoon.

It was not a combative segment. It really wasn’t. It was jovial and the jabs were friendly. It’s almost as if everybody in the media knows each other, which we do. Most of us get along.

Mike was on for about 11 minutes and the pair ran through the topics you would expect – Philly fan behavior, horse punching, Andy Reid, and some actual discussion about your team, your town, your Philadelphia Eagles.

Here are some of the more interesting snippets:

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RADIO WARS: 94 WIP Rides Eagles’ Hot Start Straight to the Top

Kevin Kinkead - December 6, 2017

Looks like Entercom made the right decision to acquire CBS Radio.

94 WIP topped the ENTIRE Philadelphia market in November on the strength of the Eagles’ 9-1 start.

WIP finished with an 8 share, which I’m told is the highest in the station’s history. The previous record share was set just one month earlier, when the Eagles were also cruising through September and October.

Here are some of the highlights of the ratings period running from mid-October to mid-November, based on the coveted “men 25-54” demographic: Continue Reading

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RADIO WARS: Angelo Cataldi Is Not Retiring Yet

Kyle Scott - December 6, 2017

Angelo Cataldi won’t retire at the end of his contract, which was due to expire this month.

From CBS Philly:

Cataldi has renewed his contract with Entercom Communications — the No. 1 creator of live, original, local audio in the U.S. — to remain with SportsRadio 94WIP, the company announced on Wednesday.

Cataldi has anchored the 94WIP Morning Show, Philly’s most popular sports radio morning show, since 1990 and he will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.  The show airs weekdays from 5:30-10:00 a.m. ET, on-air, online at and via the site and app. The show also features Al Morganti, Rhea Hughes, Keith Jones and Joe Conklin. Morganti and Jones have also recently renewed their contracts with 94WIP.

“I’m honored to remain at WIP. For almost three decades, this has been my only home on the radio, and I have a great debt of gratitude to everyone associated with the station,” said Angelo Cataldi. “This also keeps alive my dream of being at WIP when the Eagles win a Super Bowl. Go, Eagles. And go, WIP.”

“We’re proud to continue our relationship with Angelo Cataldi, who for decades has been the voice of Philadelphia sports fans,” said David Yadgaroff, Entercom Philadelphia’s Senior Vice President and Market Manager. “Throughout our city’s sports ups and downs, Angelo has stood beside millions of Philly fans and we’re so happy he’ll continue doing it on 94WIP, Philadelphia’s number one sports talk radio station.”

When Cataldi signed his last contract, which sources say pays him well over $1 million per year and is believed to include incentives bringing it to upwards of $1.9 million per year, some of his colleagues (not those associated with the morning show) believed that he signed the deal partly for sake of Al and Rhea. He is very loyal to them, and obviously they have stable, well-paying gigs for as long as the show goes on, which it seems it will for a few more years.

If we get any details on the contract, we’ll let you know. Cataldi is coming off a big month, almost doubling Anthony Gargano in the ratings in November among men 25-54, and second only to Preston and Steve, who just dominate. Not surprised that he’s staying, seeing as though there’s been little chatter about a potential replacement lately. It’s gonna be tough for the 97.5 morning show to gain any traction with Cataldi sticking around. STILL GOING:

RADIO WARS: 97.5’s New Program Director Likes Listener Calls

Kevin Kinkead - November 16, 2017

Eric Johnson, 97.5 the Fanatic’s new Program Director, spoke to Rob Tornoe over at

Johnson talked about the ratings gap with rival 94 WIP, explaining that he sees some “great statistics” that he can work with to become more competitive. He also touched on the idea of making the Fanatic’s shows “a little hotter, a little more fast moving,” so we’ll see how that goes.

On the topic of audience involvement, this passage is relevant:

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RADIO WARS – Some Thoughts on the Changes at 94 WIP

Kevin Kinkead - November 15, 2017

94 WIP didn’t waste any time finding a replacement for Chris Carlin, who is headed back to New York to take over for the retiring Mike Francesa as part of a two-man and one-woman team.

Carlin got on the radio for a few minutes yesterday to confirm his departure, then turned it over to Jon Marks, the evening host who will now do afternoon drive alongside Ike Reese for the foreseeable future. Joe Giglio will take over Marks’ nighttime slot.

I didn’t listen to a lot of Carlin and Reese in that 2 to 6 p.m. slot, but I wouldn’t say I “disliked” the show. It just sort of existed.

Did Carlin’s New York roots bother listeners? I don’t know, but Angelo Cataldi and Jim Gardner aren’t from Philly and they made out okay. Difference is that those guys have been here forever and have their loyal audience, like Mike Missanelli, who was Chris and Ike’s competition at 97.5 the Fanatic. It’s always going to be tough to compete in that time slot, whether it’s Ike, Jon, Carlin, or anybody.

WIP finally had some stability in afternoon drive after going from the Glen Macnow and Anthony Gargano lineup, to the Gargano and Rob Ellis lineup, to the Josh Innes and Tony Bruno lineup, to the Innes and Spike Eskin and Hollis Thomas lineup, to the blah blah blah, you get the point.

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RADIO WARS: Jon Marks Is Moving To Afternoons

Kyle Scott - November 14, 2017

WIP press release:

CBS RADIO Philadelphia’s SportsRadio 94WIP announced today that Jon Marks will begin co-hosting afternoons 2:00 to 6:00 PM alongside Ike Reese effective Thursday, November 16, 2017.  Marks is currently the station’s evening host, 6:00 to 10:00 PM, a role he’s held since February 2017.  Additionally, Joe Giglio will host evenings from 6:00 to 10:00 PM and anchor week-day Phillies pre-game and post-game coverage. Giglio has hosted every daypart on WIP, most often at night and on the weekends.

“I’m really excited to be part of the station I grew up listening to,” said Marks. “I’m thrilled to be able to work alongside Ike Reese, a guy I admired on the football field and have such respect for as a radio host. What a great time to get started as the Eagles and Carson Wentz have their eyes on the Super Bowl.”

No real surprise here. My guess is WIP was left scrambling to fill the role mid-football season, and Marks made the most sense.

He will replace Chris Carlin, who is going back to New York and WFAN to co-host their Afternoon show in December.

Somehow, Ike Reese keeps his role as a prominent host in a major sports market. THERE’S A BAND:

RADIO WARS: Chris Carlin Is Reportedly Leaving WIP, and 97.5 Has a New Program Director

Kyle Scott - November 14, 2017

I’m admittedly a little late on this, but it seems Chris Carlin and his loud-mouthed New York shtick are leaving for… well, New York, where he’ll replace one of the biggest sports talk radio personalities ever.

From the NY Daily News:

It will take three voices to replace Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa.

Industry sources say WFAN suits will soon name Chris Carlin, Bart Scott, and Maggie Gray — who the Daily News first reported on Monday as the third member of the team — as its new afternoon drive team replacing Francesa when he departs the station on Dec. 15.

Vacillating among CBS (and now Entercom) properties from New York to Philly and back, this is where Carlin belongs. Though technically fine in all the old-school sports talk radio ways, to me his shtick didn’t work here. Though I have nothing against outsiders, it always felt so hard to reconcile his Philly sports “passion” with the fact that he was a loudmouthed New Yorker. Continue Reading

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