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Unpopular Opinion: Angelo Cataldi Does, in Fact, Speak for Philadelphia Sports Fans

Anthony SanFilippo - October 10, 2019

I know I’m going to get killed for this post, but I’m going to write it anyway, so here goes nothing…

My colleague Kevin Kinkead wrote an article about 94.1 WIP’s Angelo Cataldi’s reaction to the Gabe Kapler firing today, calling it “cringe worthy” and took some pot shots at the morning talker for his frequent self-plaudit that he represents the voice of the Philadelphia sports fan.

This, of course, becomes a generational argument.

Cataldi, who has been on the air longer than a lot of Philadelphia sports fans have been alive, is in his late sixties.

The preponderance of loud sports voices today are at least half his age, if not more.

So, as the ever-growing trope goes, Cataldi must only represent the voice of fans in their 60s and doesn’t accurately reflect the voice of the younger fans in town.

That’s because there’s also a stereotype for the younger fan. That somehow, everyone under the age of 35 are Millennial lemmings who all think the same way and that inherently, every one of those fans thinks differently than us old heads.

Meanwhile we think the younger fans are idiots, while they think we’re clueless curmudgeons.

It’s kind of a vicious cycle.

But I’m not writing this to fuel a generation war. This isn’t the point of my post. And besides, that generation war already exists.

Instead, my point is to tell you that yes, Angelo Cataldi is right.

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Billy King Will Be Co-Hosting the WIP Morning Show

Kevin Kinkead - October 2, 2019

Just in time for basketball season, the 94 WIP morning show has a new host.

Former Sixers President and General Manager Billy King will join Angelo Cataldi and company as a part time, in-studio guy who appears on the program a few times per week. It’s similar to the way Keith Jones and Hollis Thomas appear/appeared on the show.

King was on the show Tuesday morning via phone call and introduced by Cataldi as a “regular co host and contributor, one of the smartest people we’ve ever met in sports.” He worked for the Sixers from 1997 to 2007 before being replaced by Ed Stefanski.

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“I Don’t Give a F***, I Don’t Work There No More” – Hollis Thomas is Out at 94 WIP

Kevin Kinkead - September 24, 2019

Former Eagle Hollis Thomas was not on Sports Radio 94 WIP this past weekend. He’s been co-hosting Saturdays and Sundays alongside Rob Charry for some time now, a shift he held years ago before briefly moving to PM drive during the final days of the Andy Bloom era.

A source earlier told me about a “conflict of interest” involving Thomas and WIP, and then voila, he appeared on the Josh Innes podcast this afternoon to explain what happened:

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Twitter Poll: Sports Radio Listeners Don’t Place a Lot of Value in Callers

Kevin Kinkead - September 19, 2019

Jason Barrett is a former radio program director who now runs a company called “Barrett Sports Media.”

He ran a Twitter poll recently asking the following question:

What do you value least when listening to a sports radio morning show?

Choices were:

  1. callers
  2. guests
  3. sports updates
  4. news/traffic/weather

The poll itself got 22,000 votes, so a good sample size, and more than 10,000 of the respondents said that callers provided the least value to the show:

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Josh Innes Recorded a Philadelphia-Centric Podcast

Kevin Kinkead - September 16, 2019

If you follow Josh Innes on social media, you know the former 94 WIP host has been kicking around the idea of launching a topically Philadelphia podcast.

Josh was canned here about three years ago, went back to Houston, and then left in March when he says his show was axed for “budget reasons.”  There was some drama along like the way, like that time he got into a shouting match with another guy at the Super Bowl, and the suspension that resulted in another host at his station getting fired. The Texans also temporarily pulled his credential in 2017.

Innes has been doing his own podcast in the meantime, which I haven’t been paying a ton of attention to, but there is one episode that is literally just 40 minutes of his Anthony Gargano impersonator re-creating an entire WIP broadcast. And today Josh released a Philly-centric episode with his girlfriend Jill, aptly titled “Philly Show.”

The show notes read as such:

“The Birds lost last night and the Phillies are dead. It’s good to be back.”

Josh says he’s going to be doing a Philly show for 45 minutes to an hour, then an intermission, and then a Houston show lasting 45 minutes to an hour, so if you’re one of those folks who misses Josh on Philly airwaves, here you go:

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Chris Carlin is Out at WFAN

Kevin Kinkead - September 12, 2019

Former 94 WIP afternoon host Chris Carlin is no longer with WFAN in New York.

Carlin, who did the 2-6 shift here in Philadelphia alongside Ike Reese, left WIP in November of 2017 to replace the retiring Mike Francesa. Four months later, Francesa un-retired, bumping Carlin, Bart Scott, and Maggie Gray out of the afternoon drive slot.

Last night Carlin confirmed his departure on Twitter:

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Tony Bruno is Linking Up With 97.3 ESPN

Kevin Kinkead - August 23, 2019

Beautiful man.

Former 97.5 the Fanatic and 94 WIP host Tony Bruno will be joining forces with 97.3 ESPN in South Jersey this football season.

I’ve been given these details about the arrangement:

  • Bruno on Mondays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Bruno also on Thursdays from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.
  • he will also be on the air doing Eagles Sunday pregame (before 97.3 switches over to Eagles radio in their final hour)

For example, a Monday lineup on 97.3 would now look something like this:

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RADIO WARS: Sean Brace Will Head Up FOX Sports 102.5 FM Station Which Will Focus Heavily on Sports Betting

Kyle Scott - August 22, 2019

Adding on to this Tweet from Matt Mullin of Philly Voice:

A Little Birdie tells maestro that FOX Sports will be taking over Star 102.5 FM, which currently airs… um, I don’t know what they air, with sports and betting content this fall.

This is a tie-in as FOX will be launching FOX Bet in Pennsylvania and New Jersey very soon. We recently posted about job opportunities in Cherry Hill related to the product, as well.

Per Birdie, the station will be mostly nationally syndicated content, presumably from national FOX Sports folks like Jason McIntyre and Todd Fuhrman (my guess), with Sean Brace being the local flavor in drive time.

The focus on betting would not be surprising. 97.5 The Fanatic and 94.1 WIP have only dipped their toe into betting insofar as 97.5 lets Anthony Gargano do his Parx thing and play up the Fredo angle, while both stations cash checks from all of the local sportsbooks delirious to gain market share. I know at least one local program director doesn’t want to go to deep when it comes to betting coverage. So a local station that focuses heavily on it is hardly surprising.

Brace, however, is as he hasn’t been on sports radio with any regularity and has been focusing more on the Union and some FOX Philly work. Most of the national sports betting coverage from FOX is reasonably analytical and thoughtful and tries to steer clear of the “STONE COLD LOCKS” culture from when betting was in the shadows and which has dominated most Philly sports betting talk over the years.

Sean’s tweeted a bit about betting lately, though:

So there you have it. Announcement likely soon, with heavy FOX Bet tie-in, and presumably some sponsorship from other sportsbooks as well.