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RADIO WARS: Josh Innes Suspended, Some Other Guy Fired

Kevin Kinkead - May 1, 2018

Let’s check in on the Houston sports radio scene.

Hmm… well this is interesting, looks like Josh Innes got into some beef with another host at his own radio station. Josh was suspended and the other guy was fired.

The “other guy” is Adam Clanton, an afternoon host at Sports Talk 790. Apparently Josh chided Clanton on the air after Clanton retweeted an old and bad Innes take that resurfaced over the weekend.

Houston Media Watch explains the deal:

“On the surface, it comes off as a big snooze unless you know the backstory.  A year ago, Josh Innes and Adam Clanton got into a situation.

Adam alerted the Powers that Be, that Josh Innes was wearing a OKC Thunder Shirt. From that situation, Adam sort of had a gag order imposed on him from referencing Josh.

Fast Forward a year later, over the weekend someone found a take by Josh on JJ Watt being a bad pick from 7 years ago, Adam retweeted it.  Josh caught wind of it, and addressed it on air by mocking Adam in a Jerome (sic) Rome Style cadence.”

Here’s the take that Clanton retweeted:

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Rob Ellis Is Back on WIP

Kyle Scott - April 30, 2018


I wasn’t going to dub this a RADIO WARS post, because this is the stupid version of low-level hostage swap. But it’s worth noting for the sheer absurdity of it all. Once you’re in the club, you never leave. Case in point: Rob Ellis was a CSN producer who worked his way up to on-air duties while simultaneously picking up hosting roles at WIP. He took over for Glen Macnow on the WIP afternoon show, co-hosting with Anthony Gargano. He was unceremoniously replaced by Josh Innes. He moved to 97.5, where he and Harry Mayes got pummeled in the ratings. His contract wasn’t renewed as he was replaced by Jason Myrtetus. All the while, Ellis’ morning show, Breakfast on Broad, was cancelled. He’s stayed on at NBC Sports Philly as a roving host and debater.

I pass no judgement here, but merely point out that is Ellis’ recent on-air history. One local radio industry insider commented on the incestuous nature of it all: “People that are not normal and sane make dynamic radio personalities. Rob is normal and that makes him boring… he is recycled boredom.” Now he’s back on WIP, albeit in what seems like a part-time role. Stay within the circles. SPIN UP:

RADIO WARS: The Real Numbers

Kyle Scott - April 27, 2018

Hello it is I, maestro. I trust you’ve missed me?

Thyne has been preoccupado by the success of our sports team to be bothered with terrestrial squabbles. As it turns out, the radio ratings race is not quite as interesting when you don’t have one host threatening another or claiming that a former colleague is creating fake Twitter accounts to undermine him.

Indeed, the battles have still raged on. I felt not the need to step down from thy chair (throne?) and concern myself with the challengers rummaging though the fields. The maestro only concerns himself with the greater war.

But last week, my interest was piqued upon the news that Jon Marks and Ike Reese had “dethroned” Mike Missanelli. What’s this? No. Can’t be. However, that’s what Rob Tornoe reported on

Years ago, Jon Marks used to work for Mike Missanelli. Now he’s topping him in the ratings.

Marks and his 94.1 WIP co-host, former Eagles linebacker Ike Reese, defeated 97.5 The Fanatic’s longtime ratings champ in the 2018 winter ratings book, which uses data gathered from January through March to measure popularity.

I won’t purport to know his source, but I’d bet my gold tote that it’s someone with a very vested interest over in WIP. I’ve been on the receiving end of these ratings leaks from people on both sides of the aisle (you haven’t lived until Josh Innes cold calls you with his), and I tend to find there are multiple ways to skin the cat. Particularly with regard to the streaming number. And it’s with the streaming number that maestro finds great fault with this nonsense. Continue Reading

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RADIO WARS: Chris Carlin Is Going To Get Replaced By Mike Francesa

Kyle Scott - April 24, 2018

So it would appear that former WIP Afternoon host Chris Carlin is shifting roles again.

Carlin left WIP last year to take over for Mike Francesa at WFAN, where he is joined by Maggie Gray and Bart Scott in the afternoon. Their show is not doing well, and an insider I talked to referred to it as a trainwreck. So cue Francesa, who is reportedly coming back, according to Newsday:

Saying “it is time to return to WFAN,” Mike Francesa told Newsday on Tuesday morning that after four months away from the station he is ready for a comeback.

Francesa declined to elaborate on what form his return might take, but a person at WFAN with knowledge of the plan said he likely would reclaim a portion of his old afternoon drive time slot, from 3 to 7 p.m. It is not clear when that would occur.

It sounds like Carlin, Gray and Scott could be moved a 1-3 p.m. time slot, leading into Francesa.

Last month, Carlin took exception when Francesa joined his former co-host Chris Russo – Carlin used to produce their show – and the pair made fun of the current WFAN lineup.

Carlin subtweeted the shit out of this story on Twitter this morning:

My thought: This seems to be a trend in sports talk radio. It turns out Philly isn’t the only market longing for better days in many time slots. It turns out that the younger, ostensibly hipper hosts aren’t always better. Part of the problem is listeners get comfortable with a longtime voice, and the other part is that the new generation of hosts has largely come up trying to emulate an old host, whose shitck was either original or crafted by the years of actual experience covering a team. Now, many radio hosts grow up wanting to become radio hosts– they have no experience on which to draw, and rather just try to do their best version of the guy they’re replacing. That seems to be what we have here.

Tony Bruno Launches a Crusade Against the Philadelphia Parking Authority

Tim Reilly - April 11, 2018

Like so many twenty-first century skirmishes, the war began not with a bang, but a tweet:

Tony Bruno, the erstwhile Fanatic and WIP host who retired from the terrestrial airwaves in 2015, lobbed a virtual grenade at one of the largest armies in the city: the Philadelphia Parking Authority, otherwise known as the PPA.

Bruno is no stranger to verbal combat. He might be best known to Crossing Broad readers as a prominent veteran of the Radio Wars that our intrepid leader, Kyle Scott, has documented for posterity. Thanks to Kyle, our grandchildren will write essays comparing Hannibal’s invasion of Italy to Josh Innes’ brief assault on the Philadelphia market; Dwayne from Swedesboro will take his rightful place in history alongside Uncle Remus and Al Jolson’s blackface characters; and historians will debate whether the Camp David Accords had the same impact as the Baldy Summit of 2017.

Although Bruno has retreated from the radio scene, he has created a podcast and maintains an active social media presence. It also appears that he has decided to spend his golden years living in his native South Philadelphia, which is the setting for the Bruno-PPA conflict of 2018.

Bruno’s troubles with the PPA began last week. It appears that Mr. Monday Night was assessed four tickets in quick succession, which made his car liable to be booted. Bruno contends that three of the tickets were issued in error by an aggressive parking enforcement officer who ignored the 24-hour permit sticker on his vehicle windshield.

Despite receiving assurances that he would be able to dispute the charges before his vehicle was impounded, Bruno found that his car was towed. And so he decided to record his Sunday afternoon trip to the PPA’s impound lot to recover his vehicle:

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One Week From Today

Kevin Kinkead - April 9, 2018

If you turned on NBC Sports Philadelphia at 4:30 p.m. today, you got a program called “Inside Golf,” a “weekly magazine-style show that spotlights various public and private golf clubs.” I watched a few minutes of it before flipping over to channel 69 News at 4:00.

But if you turn on NBC Sports Philadelphia at the same time slot next week, you’ll get the debut simulcast of “The Mike Missanelli Show.” We learned about this when a press release went out in December, but didn’t have a start date. That date is April 16th.

The show will air from 2 to 5 p.m. weekdays on NBCSP and will stream online as well. Philly Sports Talk will continue to air at 5.p.m., followed by Quick Slants at 6.

The show is exactly what it sounds like – Mike’s afternoon show with a bunch of cameras installed in the 97.5 the Fanatic studios. He’ll be joined by update anchor Natalie Egenolf and producer Tyrone Johnson, whose roles, I assume, won’t change.

The other thing that won’t change is the 5 p.m. hour, so when NBC flips to Mike Barkann and his blue glasses, Missanelli’s show will continue on the radio until 6 p.m., which includes the “Sound Off” segment.


RADIO WARS – Josh Innes vs. Another Houston Guy

Kevin Kinkead - January 31, 2018

It’s Philadelphia vs. New England in the Super Bowl, but Houston vs. Houston on radio row.

Former 94 WIP host Josh Innes got into it with Seth Payne this morning, a dude from rival station SportsRadio 610. Innes is at SportsTalk 790. Are there no FM frequencies available down there?

Anyway, Payne says Innes came over and “stuck his phone in my face” while they were on the air. Josh retweeted the video below, shot by Boston’s WEEI.


No idea, but here’s the video:

Some of the exchange:

Payne: This is what Josh does, ‘I’m gonna pull a stunt, I’m gonna go break Texans’ media rules where I know I’m gonna lose my credentials, then i’m gonna claim that I’m surprised that I had my credentials pulled. You lie to your audience, and claim you had your credentials pulled because you’re the most honest guy in Houston. You’re a fraud, you’re a joke, you bounce around. The Philly people here, they know you’re a joke. The Houston people know.. you’ve got like one employer left you can work for.”

Innes: Who?

Payne: I don’t know, the Josh Innes network. A podcast?

Innes: Here’s the difference. When you guys inevitably get fired, because you have a 1.5 (rating)…

Payne: So what the hell’s.. (inaudible yelling)… based on ratings you only care about when you’re winning. When you’re winning it’s, ‘hey I’m Josh Innes I’m the best guy that ever lived.’ But when you’re losing, ‘oh it’s a flawed system.’

Innes: Well, it is.

Payne: You’re such a fraud. And you’ve got so much talent. You could have been so great. There were rumors you were going to take these guy’s jobs over, according to you. But now you’re bouncing around from place to place. It’s pathetic. It’s sad…. you’re a bad person.

Innes: I’m a bad person?

Payne: You’re a bad person.

Innes: Based on what?

Payne: You’re weak. You’re insecure. You can’t (inaudible). You’re so obsessed with everybody who doesn’t like you, that you fall apart.

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RADIO/TELEVISION WARS – Mike Missanelli Went on Colin Cowherd’s Show

Kevin Kinkead - January 25, 2018

Mikey Miss represented the blue collar, lunch pail-carrying, true American city of Philadelphia on the Colin Cowherd show this afternoon.

It was not a combative segment. It really wasn’t. It was jovial and the jabs were friendly. It’s almost as if everybody in the media knows each other, which we do. Most of us get along.

Mike was on for about 11 minutes and the pair ran through the topics you would expect – Philly fan behavior, horse punching, Andy Reid, and some actual discussion about your team, your town, your Philadelphia Eagles.

Here are some of the more interesting snippets:

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