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Moody’s Could Downgrade Penn State’s Bond Rating, New President Emails Students

Kyle Scott - November 11, 2011


Now that the dust has begun to settle from the chaos at Penn State this week (though it's sure to still be blown by the winds of disappointing developments), the effects of Jerry Sandusky’s horrific actions are beginning to take shape.

The football stuff we will see tomorrow. But there will be other, greater issues the university will face as a result of both Sandusky’s actions and its own inaction during the first few days of this crisis. Here’s one:

Bloomberg News is reporting that Moody’s Investors Service may downgrade Penn State’s pristine Aa1 bond rating: 

Nov. 11 (Bloomberg) — Penn State University had its Aa1 revenue bond rating placed on review for possible downgrade by Moody’s Investors Service amid a probe into a child sex-abuse scandal.

Moody’s said it will examine the reputational and financial risk arising from the investigation, after the Penn State football team’s former defensive coordinator, Jerry Sandusky, was charged with the sexual assault of eight boys from 1994 to 2009.


Basically, Moody’s sees enough concern with Penn State's financial future that they are going to look into downgrading their rating of the school’s bonds, an action that casts some doubt on Penn State's ability to fulfill financial obligations.

There’s no cause for serious alarm – yet – but this goes to show how far-reaching the fallout of Sandusky’s actions could be.

In an (unrelated) effort to restore confidence with students, new president Rodney Erickson emailed students today. That email is after the jump.

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And Now, Fun with the Nats: Jayson Werth’s Error Loses Game in Extra Innings, Nats Fans Hate the Tomahawk Chop

Kyle Scott - April 6, 2011

Screen shot 2011-04-06 at 11.08.07 AM

This should make you feel a little bit better about last night- just a little.

Jayson Werth dropped a popup in extra innings, which eventually allowed the winning run to score with two outs.

Thus far with the Nationals, Werth is batting .333 with no home runs or RBIs. Production!

Of course, people are now actually watching Nats games. Opening Day in Washington averaged a 2.71 rating, which equals around 65,000 households. That number was up 65% from last year. Meanwhile, in Philadelphia, the Phillies averaged a 9.9 rating on Friday, which equals around 300,000 households. That number was up 43% from last year. On Sunday, the Phillies avarged a 14.8 rating- or around 445,000 households. The Nats' weekend average? 58,000 households. Heh.


Hop it for a video (taken last week) of a Nats fan freaking out about seeing the Tomahawk Chop. This ain't Atlanta!

Don't forget, there are still tickets to come with us to see Werth in D.C. next Thursday! Details here.

H/T (@Bitchadelphia)

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Flyers Hit Nine Year High on CSN Last Night

Kyle Scott - February 16, 2011


This town is Flyered-up.

Last night's Flyers-Lightning game was the most watched Flyers game on Comcast Sportsnet since October 22, 2002 vs. Buffalo. The game received a 3.7 household rating, meaning 112,000 homes were tuned into the game. That number peaked 152,000 at 10:15 P.M., just in time to see the Flyers win in a shootout.

This doesn't even approach the 500,000 homes that were tuned into the Phillies last September, but it shows that we're ready for a playoff run. The Flyers rating in February on CSN, 2.8, is a 40% increase over last February. That's what a Stanley Cup run and the number one ranking in the NHL will do for you.

Dance With This: Eagles Game Receives 32.5 Rating in Philadelphia

Kyle Scott - November 16, 2010


Last night's Eagles game received a 32.5 combined rating in Philadelphia (roughly 1 million households), as it was simulcast on both ESPN and MyPHL17- more than doubling Dancing with the Stars' rating.

Normally, Monday Night Football, which is produced and broadcast primarily by ESPN, is shown on the network's parent company station (ABC) in local markets.  However, since DWTS is one of the highest rated shows in the country (for realsies), the Eagles game was bumped to MyPHL17 for those without cable.  I'm sure the folks at WPVI were thrilled that they were forced to pass on it.

PSD was all over the ratings number before it was official.

UPDATE: Michael Vick was named the NFC Offensive Player of the Week for the second week in a row and third time this season.

Last Night’s Phillies Game Breaks CSN Record

Kyle Scott - September 21, 2010


UPDATE: The Phillies broke the record again on Tuesday with a 15 rating.

A whole bunch of people watched the Phillies beat the Braves last night.  

Comcast SportsNet says the Phillies game achieved at 14.5 rating (14.5% of households with TVs). That means around 431,400 households watched the game, an all-time high on CSN.  The Phillies game, which beat out Monday Night Football, peaked at an 18.9 rating (562,300 households) and it beat the previous Phillies record of 13.3 set on September 30, 2009 against the Astros.

The Phillies average rating on CSN for the year is 8.0.

People are even watching Post Game Live.  107,000 households, on average, are tuning in- a 20% increase over last year.

Last week, the Eagles broke a Fox record too.