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Philadelphia Set a Sunday Night Football Local Rating Record Last Night

Kyle Scott - December 30, 2013

40.1. 40.1% of households with TVs in Philly had the Eagles-Cowboys game on last night. 58% of households watching TV in the Philly market had the game on.

Those are records.

From NBC’s PR department:

The 16.8 overnight for the Eagles’ two-point Sunday Night Football victory, highlighted by Nick Foles’ 263 passing yards and two touchdowns and LeSean McCoy’s 131 rushing yards and one scoring catch, is the seventh-highest Sunday overnight in the eight-year history of NBC’s primetime package (excluding NFL Kickoff games) and ranks third this season behind Peyton Manning’s return to Indianapolis on October 20 (17.3) and “Manning-Brady XIV” on Nov. 24 (17.0).

SNF’s 16.8 overnight more than doubled the top regularly-scheduled primetime program (7.4 for60 Minutes). In the Adults 18-49 demographic, Sunday Night Football easily won the night posting a 10.2 rating (in the 25 markets used to calculate the overnight demo) – 343% better than the top entertainment show in the demo (The Simpsons).

It was the seventh-highest rated SNF game on NBC ever and third-highest this season. But the real win was the local market rating– it set a SNF local record, at 40.1 (I predicted 39…). That’s roughly 1.2 million households.

From NBC:

Top 10 Metered Markets:

1. Philadelphia, 40.1/58 – NBC SNF local-market record

2. Dallas, 37.0/60

3. New Orleans, 28.6/39

4. Richmond, 28.0/41

5. Austin 27.8/45

6. San Antonio, 25.6/38

7. Albuquerque, 22.9/34

8. Norfolk, 22.1/32

9. Memphis, 21.6/30

10. Washington, D.C., 20.9/36

10. Las Vegas, 20.9/32

Still, the question remains: What were the other 42% of assholes in Philadelphia who were watching TV but not watching the Eagles doing?

Snow Bowl was a Smashing Ratings Success

Kyle Scott - December 10, 2013


via Awful Announcing

The Eagles always get ridiculous TV ratings, but on Sunday, Snow Bowl took it to another level. The Eagles achieved a 34.9 rating on FOX in Philly, meaning that 34.9% of households with TVs were tuned in– roughly a million households, locally.

According to Tim McManus, that’s the third highest rated 1 p.m. Eagles game since 1997, with the other two both coming in the Super Bowl year.

But the question remains: Who were the two-thirds assholes tuned into something other than the most exciting Eagles regular season game ever?

It’s almost like an event like that… needs a commemorative ugly Christmas sweatshirt:


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The Eagles-Redskins Game Drew Record Ratings for Monday Night Football on ESPN

Kyle Scott - September 10, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 11.42.14 PM
Not surprisingly, the Eagles-Redskins game drew record ratings for Week 1 Monday Night Football on ESPN. The game drew an 11.6 rating nationally, up from the 8.1 rating Cincinnati and Baltimore received for the MNF opener last year.

In Philadelphia, the game got an 11.0 rating on ESPN and a 24.1 rating on WPVI (I can’t believe this many people still default to broadcast TV) for a total of 35.1– basically, one out of every three households in the Philadelphia market was watching the game. The game drew a slightly higher 38.8 rating in D.C., though I would imagine many of those people turned their TVs off at some point.

For a little perspective: The Eagles-Giants game last October on NBC drew a 31.1 rating locally and a 15.6 rating nationally, the latter of which was undoubtedly influenced by the game being on broadcast TV. The Phillies’ local ratings peaked in 2011 at around 9.1. So, yeah, football!

UPDATE: Finalized numbers and more details over at ESPN.

via Variety

Um, “MLB 13: The Show” Player Ratings are Curious, to Say the Least

Kyle Scott - February 25, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 12.29.29 PM

The folks over at Pastapadre (the best sports video game site you will find) have player ratings for every team in MLB: The Show 13, and, well, some of them are quite suspect. Take a look at the top seven Phils:

96 Cliff Lee
95 Jonathan Papelbon
94 Roy Halladay
94 Cole Hamels
94 Carlos Ruiz
93 Jimmy Rollins
91 Mike Adams 

I’m all for Chooch… but no. Notice that Chase Utley and Ryan Howard aren't on that list (both are 88).

Of course, the Angels look quite formidable in the game:

99 Mike Trout
99 Josh Hamilton
99 Albert Pujols
93 Jered Weaver
90 Ryan Madson
90 Ernesto Frieri 

Look at Mad Dog getting himself into the conversation.

Check out all the ratings over at Pastapadre.

Phillies Local TV Ratings Decreased by 39% in 2012

Kyle Scott - October 3, 2012

image from

For sad.

Last year, the Phillies led Major League Baseball in local TV ratings with a 9.1 rating (an average of 9.1% of households with TVs watching) on CSN.

Not so good this year: The Phillies’ local ratings went down 39% to 5.61 (as of last week), dropping them from first to seventh in Major League Baseball, according to the Sports Business Journal. This season's ratings are also a decline from the 8.3 local rating the Phillies got in 2010 and the 7.14 local rating they got in 2009.

[As an anecdotal aside, I received at least two press releases from CSN last year touting Phillies ratings. All was quiet on that front this season.]

None of this, of course, is a surprise. Rather, it’s just another sad reminder that days have ended (though it doesn’t mean that some slight tweaks won’t kick off a new run next season). 

The Phils still led Major League Baseball in attendance, both in average (44,021) and total (3,565,718), so it’s not like people fled in droves. Then again, many of those tickets were sold before the season started, meaning that the team’s struggles had little impact on attendance figures… this year. The real measure will come next season. TV ratings are more of a real-time metric than ticket sales, and as you just read, the ratings weren’t good this season. The impact this season’s struggles have on ticket sales will present itself sometime in February and in Clearwater.

That countdown begins today. It’s roughly only 130 days until pitchers and catchers report.

Eagles-Giants Game Got Massive Ratings for NBC

Kyle Scott - October 1, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-10-01 at 5.43.35 PM

NBC announced today that the Eagles-Giants game was the highest-rated Week 4 Sunday Night Football game ever and the highest-rated primetime Week 4 game in 16 years, with a 15.6 rating.

NBC was also the highest-rated network last night, beating out ABC, CBS and FOX, on the first night of the primetime TV season. 

The top market for the game was, obviously, Philadelphia, where the game received a 31.8 rating and a 48 share, meaning 31% of all households with TVs in the area were tuned to the game, and 48% of all TVs that were on were tuned to NBC. Interestingly, Richmond, Norfolk and Las Vegas had higher ratings than New York, which had a 20.7 rating and 31 share. 

The Virginia viewers, of course, were the Michael Vick fans, and the Las Vegas folks were the gamblers.

To put this in perspective, the highest rated Phillies game ever on Comcast SportsNet, against Atlanta in 2010, received a 15.2 local rating, meaning that more than twice as many people watched the Eagles Week 4 game last night than the highest-rated local Phillies game ever.

Flyers Ratings More Than Double Game 1 of Last Year

Kyle Scott - April 30, 2012

All season long we received positive word about Flyers ratings, and that trend is continuing in the playoffs. 

The NBC Sports PR department announces that Game 1 was up 19% over their similarly slotted Game 1 telecast (Sharks-Red Wings) from last year. But the real kicker comes from the Philly rating: The game received a 14.6% rating in Philadelphia, up 121% over last year’s Game 1 against the Bruins (which was played on a Saturday afternoon).

That’s impressive because the Flyers were legitimate Stanley Cup contenders last year, too (though you can argue with the semantics on that since fucking Kris Versteeg poisoned the team), and they were coming off a Finals run the year before (which could have been a Cup if Jeff Carter would have fucking hit an open net). 

For those of you that are awful at math, 121% increase means the rating more than doubled YoY. Think the Winter Classic, 24/7, and new media devoting coverage to hockey while many mainstream outlets still blow hard on the NFL Draft doesn’t all play a factor in the increased interest? Think again.

Knock knocks help, too.

Game 3 Draws a 10-Year Ratings High

Kyle Scott - April 16, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-04-16 at 1.57.46 PM
Photo:, Getty

You like fights. 

Yesterday’s Flyers-Penguins Game 3 achieved a 10-year high rating for a non-Stanley Cup Finals game. The 2.3 overnight rating was the highest since the Red Wings and Avalanche drew a 2.4 during a playoff game in 2002. It was also the most-watched playoff telecast since NBC regained NHL rights in 2006, and a 77% increase over a comparable telecast last year.

This isn’t surprising. Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are two of the best American hockey markets. Plus you add in the star power of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, their binkies, a popular Flyers team featured in 24/7, Dan Bylsma's glasses, and a lot of fights… and you have yourself a ratings winner.

Just to shed some light on local interest– our site has crushed our all-time high for daily visits, beating the day the Phillies signed Cliff Lee… and it’s not even 3 p.m.

via Puck The Media and Sports Business Daily