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Jim Schwartz on the 90-Yard Touchdown Run: “Mistakes at All Three Levels”

Kevin Kinkead - December 5, 2018

Adrian Peterson put up 92% of his rushing yards Monday night on one play.

It was a 90-yard touchdown run that gave Washington a brief second quarter lead before the Eagles ultimately pulled ahead and put the game away.

The Birds defense otherwise held Peterson to a measly 8 yards on 8 runs, shutting down the Redskins after Colt McCoy left the game and was replaced by Mark Sanchez, who was playing his first NFL game in two years.

AD turned back the clock with this one:

It was one of the few blemishes on the night for the Eagles defense, which held Washington to just 235 total yards and remained fresh due to a lopsided time of possession number.

Today defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz talked about Peterson’s run:

Obviously the 90-yarder wasn’t a good thing. When you give up a long run it’s very rarely one person’s mistake. You can give up a long pass and it just be one guy. Everybody can do something right and one guy trips and falls down or one guy miscommunicates, and you can look really bad on a pass by one guy. It’s hard to look really bad on a run unless you get mistakes at all three levels. We did on that play. Mistake on the D-line, mistake at linebacker and then a missed tackle on the back end. That’s where you end up.

Schwartz confirmed that the Eagles blitzed on that play, saying he “might have blitzed like three times in the last two weeks, one of which was a 90-yard touchdown run.”

So what happened here?

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The Redskins Could Use a Running Back

Kevin Kinkead - August 20, 2018

Will the Eagles line up against 33-year-old Adrian Peterson this season?

The seven-time Pro Bowler is in Washington today to work out with the Redskins. Fellow veterans Jamaal Charles and Orleans Darkwa were in town yesterday for the same reason.

Jay Gruden needs depth at RB because his team has been wracked with injuries through two preseason games.

Here’s what their depth chart currently looks like:

  • Chris Thompson – coming off a broken fibula
  • Rob Kelley – healthy
  • Derrius Guice – out for the season (ACL)
  • Samaje Perrine – ankle injury
  • ex-Eagle Byron Marshall – ankle injury
  • Kapri Bibbs – borderline to make the team
  • Martez Carter – waived (leg injury)

So they’ve got a handful of serviceable guys and not much behind them. Thompson missed the final six games of the 2017 season.

Washington had one of the NFL’s worst rushing attacks last year, finishing 28th out of 32 teams with 1,448 yards on the ground and 3.6 yards per attempt. They put up 90.5 yards per game and fumbled the ball 10 times.

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The Redskins Released Orlando Scandrick

Kevin Kinkead - August 14, 2018

NFC East news:

Washington is rolling with Josh Norman and a bunch of question marks in the secondary.

The Redskins released the veteran Scandrick on Tuesday in a shocker of a move, just five months after signing him to a two-year deal worth up to $7 million.

The longtime Dallas Cowboy was expected to start this season, but apparently the ‘Skins are really comfortable going with an inexperienced group of corners instead.

From ESPN’s John Keim:

A number of young corners have performed well, including Quinton Dunbar, a fourth-year player who switched from receiver during his first camp. The Redskins have been pleased with his development but have always liked his ability in press-man coverage.

They also have Fabian Moreau, a third-round pick in 2017 who has worked in the slot. Rookies Greg Stroman, a seventh-round pick, and Danny Johnson, an undrafted free agent, also have impressed the coaches. In addition, Washington drafted Adonis Alexander in the supplemental draft in July.

The Redskins’ corners now feature only one player, Josh Norman, with full-time starting experience. They’ll have new starters in Dunbar and Moreau (slot), plus the three rookies as backups. Redskins coach Jay Gruden said Tuesday he’s confident enough in this group to make the move with Scandrick.

Alright then.

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How ’bout them Cowboys? – Ten Takeaways from the Eagles’ Bye Week

Kevin Kinkead - November 13, 2017

Even when the Eagles aren’t playing, they’re still winning.

The NFC East completed the trifecta this weekend, going 0-3 and doing it in style. The Cowboys looked like shit, the Redskins disappointed at home, and the Giants looked like the Giants.

At the risk of jinxing it, next Sunday could wrap up the division for the Birds, who travel to Dallas on two weeks of rest. The Eagles are 8-1 and the Cowboys 5-4, so a win in Arlington would create a gap that probably can’t be closed.

1. America’s team

They looked like garbage without Ezekiel Elliott, but it’s almost like they forgot how to play in situations that wouldn’t even involve him anyway.

Left tackle Chaz Green gave up six sacks to Adrian Clayborn, a guy who had 2 sacks and 8 tackles coming into the game. Clayborn said post game that he “only had one move, and it worked.”

Dallas lost 27-7 in Atlanta. Dak Prescott went 20-30 for 176 yards and backup ball carrier Alfred Morris finished with 11 rushes for 53 yards. The Cowboys’ lone score came on an 11-yard Prescott run.

So it’s now officially Dallas week, which kicked off with Cole Beasley jumping on a Howard Eskin troll job:

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He’s North Dakota Tough: Ten Takeaways from Eagles 34, Redskins 24

Kevin Kinkead - October 24, 2017

Carson Wentz’s 64-yard touchdown pass got the attention of my snoozing wife.

“Who the fuck is Hollins?” she said from the couch.

“He’s new babe, a rookie wide receiver. He rode his bike to the game.”

“I think Wentz just saw a green shirt and threw it,” she replied. “I don’t think he knows who Mack Hollins is.”

Maybe my wife is right. Maybe Wentz was just tossing it up to green shirts. He connected 17 times to eight different players for 268 yards and four touchdowns in the 10-point win. Whatever Carson we saw in the first quarter later morphed into the “North Dakota tough” version of the Eagles quarterback, who put on a second-half performance that impressed even his biggest critics:

So far… at least until Dak Prescott plays again, which is what Skip is saying there.

Wentz was the biggest reason for the win, but a slow-starting and injury-wracked defense did the “next man up” thing for the 5th or 6th consecutive week, holding Washington to 75 rushing yards and a 33% third down conversion rate. Jim Schwartz game-planned around the weak spots, the offense overcame a grotesque first quarter, and Doug Pederson continued his coach of the year campaign.

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Peter King and FiveThirtyEight Predict Eagles as NFC East Champs

Jim Adair - September 8, 2015

The kickoff of the 2015 NFL season is only two days away, so it’s time to start rolling out the previews and predictions. Peter King picked division winners, playoff match-up winners, and new world champions on MMQB. He predicted a Ravens/Packers Super Bowl 50, with the Packers defeating your favorite team to get there:

Philadelphia/Dallas. Flip a coin. I like the Eagles better, by a bit, mostly because the Cowboys lost their best defensive back (Orlando Scandrick) for the year this preseason, and because Philadelphia scored faster this preseason than the Kardashians printed money. But there’s no insurance for Sam Bradford staying upright for the season; if he does, the Eagles are as good as anyone in the NFC, and maybe better.

NFC Championship: Green Bay 30, Philadelphia 26.

On a less gut-feeling level, and certainly a more “statistical” one, FiveThirtyEight says the Eagles are most likely winning the NFC East, but just barely. The Eagles’ projected wins this season comes in at 9.4 to Dallas’ 9.3, and their playoff odds land at 63.6% to Dallas’ 62.2%. Here’s the breakdown, in part:

Teams as good as Philly was last season tend to retain more talent than average. Since the Eagles went 10-6 a year ago, we’d have expected them to bring back 82 percent of their [Approximate Value], which would rank 11th-highest in football this season. But all that chaos means that Philadelphia’s projected continuity percentage for 2015 is merely 68 percent, good for fourth-lowest in the league.

Only the San Francisco 49ers had a larger negative disparity between their expected and actual continuity rates, and the Niners might have just suffered through the worst offseason in NFL history. By contrast, the Eagles’ moves were largely by choice: Kelly turned this roster upside down as part of his grand plan to bring a Super Bowl to Philadelphia.

If he succeeds, though, he’ll be bucking four and a half decades of NFL history. Even after controlling for their Simple Rating System (SRS) scores the previous season, teams that had as much roster turnover as the Eagles tended to win about a half-game fewer than would be expected if they’d posted an average rate of continuity.

That’s they key. If Chip succeeds, he’s setting a new trend, one where coaches are going to start demanding full control of their rosters and searching for diamond-in-the-rough quarterbacks. But then again, if Kirk “Kurt” Cousins is as bad as people expect him to be – it’s the Redskins, it’s going to be bad – that might all even out in the NFC East. Only certain coaches will get that roster control they want.

One of RGIII’s Current Teammates Says He’d Fit Well on the Eagles

Jim Adair - September 3, 2015

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

In the midst of the total dumpster fire that is all aspects of the Washington Redskins organization, there’s a quarterback controversy. Coach Jay Gruden has decided to start Kirk “Kurt” Cousins over Robert Griffin III, leading many to speculate that the team could part ways with the oft-injured, under-performing quarterback. And based off of nothing, the Eagles keep getting tossed into the conversation.

Even one of RGIII’s current teammates, an “anonymous offensive starter,” thinks Griffin is a good fit for the Eagles. The anonymous source told ESPN’s Josina Anderson where he thinks RGIII would fit:

“Philly. I think he could be really good there. That is what he ran in college. That’s the type of system that I’m sure he can imagine himself in … knowing how fast-paced it is, knowing how he can run, seeing what Nick Foles did in it, what Michael Vick did in it … I think he would definitely thrive.”

And yea, he might fit well in this program, but where would he be? Bradford is your starter. Would he beat out Sanchez for the second-string spot? Maybe. Couldn’t he, if released, go somewhere and start? Probably. But the season hasn’t started yet, so lets enjoy all this nonsense while we can.

Wife of Redskins GM Accuses ESPN Reporter of Throwing BJs to Her Husband

Kyle Scott - September 2, 2015

Voila_Capture 2015-09-02_09-19-40_PM

Photo: Twitter, USA Today

The Redskins headline I’ve been waiting to write!

Wife of Redskins GM Scot McCloughan, Jessica, tweeted (and deleted) the following to ESPN (and former NBC Washington) reporter Dianna Marie Russini (who was a guest on our podcast last year):

Voila_Capture 2015-09-02_08-42-50_PM

Black Sports Online grabbed the Tweet, which was apparently sent the other night, before it was deleted. Mrs. McCloughan had also previously tweeted Russini:

Voila_Capture 2015-09-02_08-43-59_PM

The Redskins promptly claimed that Jessica’s account was fake. They were lying. Jessica issued a statement to Pro Football Talk:

“I deeply apologize for the disparaging remarks about an ESPN reporter on my personal Twitter account. The comment was unfounded and inappropriate, and I have the utmost respect for both the reporter and ESPN. I regret that my actions have brought undeserved negative attention to the Redskins organization and its leadership. My comments in no way reflect the opinions or attitudes of the organization and I regret that my behavior has in any way negatively impacted the team and its loyal fan base.”

I have the utmost respect for both the reporter and ESPN. Yeah, OK. Sure ya do.

So did ESPN:

“Dianna is an excellent reporter who should never have to be subjected to such vulgar comments. We are obviously extremely disappointed by today’s developments.”

So, recap: The wife of the Redskins’ GM accused an ESPN reporter of blowing her husband. Stop. The Redskins – maybe the worst organization in professional sports – claimed the account was fake. Stop. Because they’re the Redskins, they were lying. Stop. The GM’s wife apologized for being a gigantic bitch. Stop.

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