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Michael Vick’s Glory Days Are Well Behind Him

Kyle Scott - October 7, 2012

Adam Reigner is a contributor to CB and a WIP host and producer. He doesn’t like Michael Vick. Direct love and hate toward him on Twitter (@AdamReigner).

What’s wrong with Michael Vick?

Let’s keep it real: he will never again be the player who got Kevin Kolb traded. He’s lost the speed that made him a superhero in video games, he’s on the other side of 30 and, frankly, never possessed the ability to be a pocket passer. He doesn’t know it, but he was given the ability to make people believe (you need to look no further than the ridiculous PR spin that surrounds him), and he has found a home with somebody who knows a thing or two about enabling.

Andy Reid hasn’t won a playoff game since January 11, 2009. Remember that long ago? George Bush was still President. Eli Manning was just one year removed from winning the Super Bowl (against New England who was 18-0 … cheaters). And Donovan McNabb was on his last legs with a city that never embraced him.

McNabb did his best Donovan McNabb impression in that last playoff win, and if it wasn’t for an Asante Samuel interception off of Manning, the Eagles would have lost. That was the last of the Eagles’ Glory Days, for significant lack of a better term. Almost four years later and, a few thrilling regular season victories notwithstanding, Reid is still living off his earlier “success. And so is Vick.

Vick, I think, has entered the final act of his career.

The big elephant in the room is that he can’t outrun linebackers anymore. Heck, he can barely get by defensive ends. Defenses no longer have to worry about accounting for him as a running threat. They can sit back in zone coverage and make Vick become his own worst enemy. When he sees open space in front of him, it’s just his natural instinct to think that he can still beat a guy to the corner. It has to be one of the most sobering moments as an athlete, when you no longer can do what made you great. It starts to go and all those SportsCenter highlights must play in your head on a continuos loop.

Not having to worry about him running as much, or as effectively, has given defenses the ability to do two things: 1) drop an extra man into coverage and confuse him, or 2) blitz him and confuse him. Common theme: confused.

I know– the Eagles are 3-1 and I’m a curmudgeon. But Vick is 28th in the league in QB rating, he has thrown six interceptions and only four touchdowns, hasn’t rushed for over 50 yards in any one game, and has been knocked down 44 times (that leads the league). And the Eagles have a minus-17 point differential.

The fact that a man who has played the position for 10 (ten!) years and yet still stares down receivers like a pair of fresh titties is mind boggling. Still is reckless with the ball in the red zone. STILL DOESN’T KNOW HOW TO SLIDE.

And let’s not even get into the “100 Million Dollar” contract, which oh by the way is now officially an $80 million contract, and it has been for the last year, ever since Vick nullified the final year on his deal by playing in his fourth game of the season. 

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The State Of The Eagles

Kyle Scott - January 4, 2012


Adam Reigner is a producer at WIP. All year he has been hard on the team, mostly because they broke his heart. This is his season-ending column. You can direct all praise and vitriol at him.


They didn’t deserve it. And I refused to jump on the bandwagon.

With that being said, I deserve all your criticism. I flirted with the idea that maybe the Jets could beat the Giants and the Eagles would win out and make a magical playoff run, but it was all for naught as Mark Sanchez proved he isn’t “The Sanchize.”

My promise to anyone who has read my posts throughout the season is this: I will always be honest with you. Now, I also reserve the right to change my opinion at anytime, just as I defended Jason Avant when he changed his. The idea that you have to be “consistent” and that you can’t change your opinion is not only childish, but it’s flat out ignorant.

As a fan you pay attention to your favorite team, as a member of the media we make stories out of spilt milk. If writing about this disappointing 2011 Philadelphia Eagles season has taught me anything, it’s just that.

There might not always be a story to tell, but it’s the job of the media to make one, regardless of if it’s out-of-context quotes, leading people to a pre-determined conclusion, or allowing personal feelings to get in the way of being honest– we’re all human.

The game isn’t just X’s and O’s anymore. The NFL (and all sports for that matter) has been TMZ’d. For every fan that can tell you how important DeSean Jackson is to opening up the running game for LeSean McCoy, there are 10 who will tell you that he was late for a special teams meeting.

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In Defense of DeSean

Kyle Scott - December 1, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-12-01 at 4.25.28 PM

Adam Reigner is a producer at WIP. This is his weekly pre-game Eagles rant.


If the Phillies had won more than one World Series since ’08, upstaging the Eagles yet again, Andy Reid would probably be gone after this year. Unfortunately for us, they haven’t, and he will be back next year because of it. 

Since 2008, the Eagles have changed everything: their quarterback, their philosophy on free agency, their defensive coordinator (twice), and their entire offensive line. The list goes on, but this isn’t the team that captured your imagination during the 2000’s.

Watching the Eagles get embarrassed by the Patriots on Sunday was actually enjoyable for me. I have been (and will continue) rooting against this business [editor’s note: me too]. How can I support a team when they give the best running back in the NFL 10 carries?  Meanwhile, Tim Tebow is running the ball 22 times.

But enough about that– I’m going to try to defend DeSean Jackson, the guy the Eagles are (and have been) forcing out.

I do not blame him, at all, for not wanting to get into a car crash (figurative) for 600K. For who or what? This isn’t the first time that this front office has played hard ball with a star player and lost. If they had taken care of DeSean at the start of the year, like they said they were going to, then none of this would have happened.

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So The Patriots Will Probably End The Eagles’ Season Today

Kyle Scott - November 27, 2011

image from

Adam Reigner, producer at WIP, weighs in with his Sunday Eagles preview.


Well, it’s that time of year again. The Christmas decorations come out well before they should, the Giants’ annual collapse is upon us, and the Eagles’ late season push towards the playoffs will draw some of you back in. This is a lede we can probably use for the rest of December.

This is the biggest hole the Eagles have had to crawl out of in a while. With Dallas winning over the Dolphins, they have all but cemented the Eagles’ fate this year. The chance to win the NFC East has gone form slim to none, in my eyes. If you turn your sights to the Wildcard, its even more bleaker. The WC will come from two of these teams: Cowboys, Giants, Bears, Lions, Saints and Falcons. All of them have at least two more wins than the Eagles. 

Best to start planning your vacations, fellas.

As I sat down with my family over Thanksgiving, it hit me like a ton of bricks– Andy Reid isn’t going anywhere. Let me rephrase that, Andy Reid will be coaching this team next year, even if the Eagles lose out. That sucks.

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I Hate This Team So Much

Kyle Scott - November 20, 2011


Angry Adam Reigner, producer at WIP, weighs in on the downfall of the Eagles.


Would you consider me crazy if I told you that the Eagles were going to win Sunday night? Would it be out of line for me to say that Vince Young is going to lead them on a last minute drive to win the game?


It’s easy to dream, and even easier to lie when the answers are hard.

Football isn’t fun anymore. Andy Reid and company have made it a job to keep up with them. Instead of finding out when Mike Vick broke his ribs, I have to play a game of Clue to figure it out. Instead of getting an honest answer to why DeSean Jackson was benched, I’m told the New York Giants are the only thing on his mind.

Andy had no problem holding DeSean accountable for being 20 minutes late to a special teams meeting– I ask when the hell is Joe Banner and Jeffery Lurie going to hold him accountable for not putting his players in the right position. 

I’ve got to do a better job. I’ve got to do a better job. I’ve got to do a better job.

It’s like an Adele song. It was good at first, but its been played so many times that you immediately tune it out when you hear it. We get it, some guy broke her heart and Andy has to do a better job.

Been there done that.

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Not on the Bandwagon Yet

Kyle Scott - November 7, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-11-07 at 3.57.40 PM
Photo: KFC. Really.

Adam Reigner, producer at WIP, is spitting fire over Jason Avant’s comments. Oh yeah, he’s not back on the bandwagon yet, either. This is his weekly rant.


So, Jason Avant doesn’t want me back on the bandwagon.

That’s cool, it’s not the first time I’ve been rejected.

It’s not a popular opinion, but I actually agree with him in one regard. This city is a front running city– just like every other city in America. When the Sixers were making runs with Iverson you couldn’t buy a ticket. When the Phillies considered themselves a small market team they gave away tickets with hot dogs. There is absolutely nothing wrong with not showing up to a losing product. As a matter of fact, it’s actually your duty as a fan to do as such. The only way to make the owners change is to influence their bottom line.

So it may not make you happy as a player in this city, but it is exactly what a fan is supposed to do. Could you imagine if we rewarded lousy play or terrible execution? You expect more from yourself and so do we. When we ride you– man up.

I will, though, defend anybody’s right to give their opinion, and Avant is no different.

I am the fan he was talking about. I have actively rooted for whomever the Eagles were playing against since the Birds started 1-4 (really). You think a two-game win streak against a terrible Redskins team and a Cowboys team that trots out Tony Romo every week is going to change my mind? 

To steal a quote from Ray Didinger, “You’re three and four.”

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