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Ed Rendell Calls Jayson Werth an “Ass”

Kyle Scott - September 27, 2012

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I don’t know that Ed Rendell’s opinios carry much weight anymore (since. we’re. not. quite. sure. what. he. does.), but I’ve always enjoyed his passionate Phillyfanisms, and I’m kind of glad Greg Bucceroni didn’t put a fucking bullet in his head. So, when the former Gov calls Jayson Werth an “ass,” I”m happy to give it some ink. Or bits. Whatever. 

Ed Rendell, speaking to the WIP Morning Show: [CBS Philly]

“Well, it’s a seven letter word, Angelo, and the first letter is “A” and the last letter is “E”!,”


It’s too early for Wheel of Fortune.*

“I mean, Jayson Werth is a complete ass! You’re right, the fans did make his career. We made him a star, and we got him that contract. Players are nuts. The fans are great to Jayson Werth. Even Donovan [McNabb], he had some difficulty with the fans, but he acknowledged how great Eagles fans were when it came to winning or losing games. And this is the same guy, Jayson Werth, compare him to what Cliff Lee said about Philly fans, or what Cole Hamels said, this year, about the Philly fans. It’s nuts! I think he’s got to be a little off kilter.”


Never mind that Rendell couldn’t go one thought without bringing up Donovan McNabb (who will be making his debut on Daily News Live tonight!), I'd like to solve his puzzle: Jayson Werth is an a_ _ _ _ _ e. Asshole!

Listen to the audio after the jump.

*Is Vanna White ever going to age? My mom and dad always tell me about how, as a baby, I would sit in my little highchair, probably with a fresh load of shit, and smile when the lovely lady came on-screen (some things never change, I suppose). That was in 1985, when I was 2. Vanna is now 55. Schfifty Five! Yet she looks good in HD. It’s amazing. Also – and this keeps me up at night – like, no way her and Pat Sajak haven’t had sex, right? They’ve traveled the country together for 30 years, drinking margaritas. There’s no way they haven’t at least once made a bad decision, if even just for the integrity of the show. Anyone who’s watched has thought about it. They owed it to America to try, because, somehow, them taking each other for a test spin makes Wheel that much more legitimate. 

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Mayor Nutter and Ed Rendell Campaign to Put Temple in the Big East

Kyle Scott - October 31, 2011

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The Villanova fan in me wants to pretend this isn't a thing. The sports fan in me would like to see even more high-level college athletics in Philly. I'm torn.

Anyway, Nuts and Gov (cop show?) both sent letters to the Big East. Philly Sports Daily obtained them. You can read them here. Simple sentences ftw!

Ed Rendell Invokes Flight 93 in Talking About Eagles’ Need for a Leader

Kyle Scott - October 2, 2011

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Oh boy.

About an hour into Eagles Postgame Live on CSN, Ed Rendell talked about the need for a leader to step up for the Eagles. You know, like the guy on Flight 93:

Somebody's got to get angry, somebody's got to make a big hit. And then turn to everybody else and say "come on." When you're taking a hill, someone looks back and says "let's go." On Flight 93, that guy said, it will live in immortality, "let's roll." Somebody's got to say that and it looked like there's just no fire out there from the fans' standpoint.


As you know, Rendell became the governor of Pennsylvania a little more than a year after Flight 93 crashed Shanksville.

Bad analogy, Ed. Bad analogy.

The audio is after the jump.

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Gov Hits a Home Run with Second Column in DN

Kyle Scott - February 9, 2011


Yay puns!

The Gov wrote his second column for the Daily News and, well, it's much better than the first. The Gov talks baseball, his favorite sport (?). That… or he's trying to make his column relevant for the next seven months. One or the other. Either way, this paragraph is good: []

But for me it's even more special because baseball is my favorite sport. That's right – notwithstanding my love affair with the Eagles, baseball is my favorite sport. For a single game, nothing is as exciting as pro football. March Madness is a close second with its win-or-go-home tension. But for an entire season, nothing compares to baseball. It's 162 games, it has ebbs and flows – your team starts out great, then hits a losing streak, then gets hot again and then it's September and every game counts as it's down to the wire. You live and die with your team for almost 7 months; your spirits soar or crash, almost every day.


The newly single Gov says he became a Phillies fan in, of all years, 1964.

Don't worry- we're not going to recap every column he writes, but it would be nice if, ya know, the Flyers, Phillies or Eagles would play a game or something…

Speaking of Gov being single… He might want to shy away from dates at the Shore. Saw him on the 54th street beach in Ocean City before. Two words: Salami nipples.

For that visual, you are welcome. 

Gov Debuts Daily News Column

Kyle Scott - February 2, 2011


And it could use a little work…

Gov takes us inside a dream of his about a Super Bowl matchup between the Steelers and the… wait for it… Eagles:

And then it starts to rain. But it can't be raining. It's February in Dallas and the Cowboys Stadium roof is surely closed. And yet I can feel my face getting wetter and wetter. Then I wake up! I open my eyes to my beautiful golden retriever, Ginger, licking my face. Oh, no! It's a dream. The Birds aren't in the Super Bowl – we lost to the Packers, 21-16. Goddamnit. No Super Bowl again for the Birds. No Eagles-Steelers game – again.


It's going to be a work in progress. But don't criticize Gov, he's heard it all:

If you are going to suggest where I can stick my head, don't bother. I was in politics for 33 years, and I've received every insult under the sun, and besides – I don't need your vote anymore.


You can read the full article at I'll be honest, I don't mind stuff like this, because every once in a while he'll say something that pisses somebody off. And that will be fun to watch.

Your New Daily News Sports Columnist? Ed Rendell

Kyle Scott - January 31, 2011


What else is Gov to with his free time?

Philadelphia Will Do has the memo that was sent to Daily News staffers today by editor Larry Platt:

Speaking of loud voices, I also want to welcome our new sports columnist, none other than Ed Rendell. Some fifteen years ago…

…I look forward to our Fan-In-Chief surprising and amusing us in print every week, starting this Wednesday.


Opine in the comments. Perhaps Gov can explain this Steelers jersey.

Here’s the Ex-Gov in a Steelers Jersey

Kyle Scott - January 20, 2011


That is all.

Penn Live via The Wiz Wit

Ed Rendell Doesn’t Have a Seat and a Couple of Sightings

Kyle Scott - December 29, 2010


The Eagles didn't take to kindly to Ed Rendell's comments about a "Nation of Wussies."  NBC showed what happened to the Gov's seat.

Of course, most folks who criticize Joe Banner and Co. wind up floating in the river, sooo this is a win.

And guess who CSN cameras caught in the tunnel post-game?  You're going to have to get over the jump for that, but here's a hint: He's not standing at home plate anymore.

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