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Flyers Adding an “Inside Reporter” to Give You All the Information You Want and Need (!!!)

Kyle Scott - June 12, 2012

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You can file this one under Things Only Hardcore Nerds and Industry Folks Care About. But goddammit, we have a scoop, and we’re not afraid to use it! 

Yesterday, I tweeted that the Flyers have hired Delco Times reporter Anthony SanFilippo, presumably to write for the website in a role similar to what Todd Zolecki does for I later spoke with SanFilippo, who respectfully denied that he was taking a job with the Flyers, pointing out that, while we talked, he was headed into work at the Delco Times.

But sources tell me otherwise.

In a move that will further the trend of sports teams breaking news and taking ownership of their message, the Flyers have created a position which aims to cut out the middle man – the media – so the team can connect directly with fans.

What I’m hearing: SanFilippo will join the Flyers as an “inside reporter,” functioning as sort of hybrid between Zolecki, Scott Palmer, Gregg Murphy (Phillies), and Dave Spadaro (Eagles). SanFilippo will travel with and cover the team, like any beat writer does, but also break news before it’s given to the press. Which I’m sure will thrill local scriptuals…

SanFilippo was a Flyers beat writer for the Delco Times until mid-January, when he was taken off the beat and began writing lengthy features (like this one). There are some stories circulating among media folks about his sudden shift in focus, but we won’t get into them here.

The position will fall under the marketing arm of the Flyers, meaning that SanFilippo may be responsible for video features showcasing players in their personal lives and other fluffy fare that will make for good website and scoreboard material. He will also leverage social media to facilitate communication between players and fans, and may be used as an in-game radio reporter, similar to what Murphy does for Phillies TV broadcasts. 

The concept of an inside reporter is nothing new, nor is it particularly noteworthy by itself, but there’s a purpose behind these positions– and that’s to cut the media out of the equation.

Thanks to an advanced series of intertubes created by Al Gore, press conferences, news releases, injury updates, stats and other information can be broadcast, streamed or communicated directly to fans. Team websites, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube all play a part. This all means that, instead of information filtering through experienced and curmudgeony reporters (like Tim Panaccio…), teams can now give it directly to fans.

That practice comes with its pluses and minues.

Pluses are that we get more information and access. 

Minuses are guys like Spadaro, the Eagles website whatever-the-fuck, who turn into the sports equivalent of the Iraqi Minister of Information.

Zolecki, who writes for, collects a check from MLB Advanced Media, not the Phillies. So while he’s still in the ecosystem of the team and league, and can’t write anything too hurtful, he is somewhat free to be impartial and function as a normal reporter. The Flyers’ inside reporter, however, will be a team employee, which means that while he may be able to break news, it will likely only consist of team-sanctioned information, not necessarily injury and trade updates that we often care about most. Though I’m told SanFilippo will be given freedom to actually be somewhat critical of the team. 

Perhaps the Flyers saw the recent success the Kings had with social media. Or perhaps they’re just tired of sometimes awful local writers. Whatever the case, they’re going to be upping their social media game next season and will doing their best to make the Flyers website your one-stop shop for all (presumably state-approved) information. 

But, you know, sometimes blogs will still get the story first…

NBC Reporter Arrested After Leaving Party at Joe Amendola’s House

Kyle Scott - December 20, 2011

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That's it, we're throwing down. Party at my place!

What on God’s Green Earth is going on?

TMZ is reporting that NBC correspondent Jay Gray, who was vying for the affection of Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, so he could win an exclusive interview with the rapist (why does Amendola keep granting interviews?!), was arrested for drunk driving… after leaving Amendola’s house… where the lawyer THREW A PARTY FOR THE MEDIA.


Someone get me Scott Paterno. This train is now an express to Ridiculous Town, and Scott needs to be aboard. 

Ladies and gentlemen, TMZ:

The Correspondent — Jay Gray — was invited by attorney Joe Amendola to watch the New York Giants game at his house on December 11.  Amendola invited reporters from other media outlets as well, all of whom were vying for an exclusive interview with Sandusky. 

One source familiar with the party tells TMZ … Gray got "really drunk" during the game.  Sometime after midnight, Gray left the party and began driving.  He was stopped by a Pennsylvania State Police officer for a traffic violation, which quickly turned into a DUI stop.    



Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer hosted a Giants gamewatch? First of all, he’s from Philadelphia– unacceptable, Joe. Second, really?

I’m at a loss for words. Why do I get the feeling this was like that weird party Tom Cruise went to in Eyes Wide Shut?

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Jeremy Maclin was a Little Testy with Reporters Yesterday

Kyle Scott - October 10, 2011

Video via Bob Grotz of the Delco Times

H/T to Jon Marks for the link here

Tiger Woods in Philly for Press Conference, Reporter Almost Costs Charity $1 Million

Kyle Scott - May 24, 2011

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Two things:

1) Today we've posted about perhaps the world's two greatest fornicators: Smarty Jones and Tiger Woods. And if there's anyone who can figure out a way to become the real life equivalent of Smarty Jones, it's Tiger Woods. Sooo… it all ties together.

2) This was perhaps the greatest don't ask me about this press conference move of all time… and it backfired.

Woods is in Philly today to promote the upcoming AT&T Classic at Aronimink. About an hour before his nationally televised press conference, he Tweeted that he would donate $1 million to his charity, the Tiger Woods Foundation, if no one asked him about his leg.

First question:

Tiger, how you doin? Um, first question, how you feelin'? How's your health today as opposed to a week ago or two weeks ago?


Way to go, asshole.

I can see Michael Richards adopting this style of post-game presser: If Tim Panaccio doesn't ask me an inane question about "bouncing back," I'll send a pallet of Rednex to inner city youths.

Audio and video after the jump.

UPDATE: Tiger will rightfully donate the money, anyway.

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A Reason to Watch the Sixers

Kyle Scott - October 26, 2010


CSN announced that Meredith Marakovits, formerly of 97.5 The Fanatic and SNY, will take over duties as the Sixers' sideline reporter on all home telecasts with Marc Zumoff and Eric Snow.

Carry on.

The Lisa Hillary Fan Club and a Washington Reporter Calls Philly Fans Rats

Kyle Scott - September 2, 2010


Move over 1998 Cecily Tynan.  CSN Washington gave the newest Flyers reporter, Lisa Hillary, a proper send off last night.  And what did we learn?

We learned that she's Crossing Broad's new local favorite- before ever appearing on-air in Philly.  

I'm sorry John Boruk, but you just can't compete with someone who sings Dead or Alive on set and wears those cute little Christmas sweaters.  Therefore, we herein launch the Lisa Hillary fan club! Founders, members.

We even thought of a segment to replace Coatsey's Corner for games on CSN:  Hillary's Hallway.  

Ok, it could use some work.

Now, about her colleague calling Philly fans "rats"…

Video of the teary send off is worth getting over the jump.

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Chicagoan’s Lame Attempt to Trick Philadelphians

Kyle Scott - June 9, 2010

So, when you have nothing else to report about thanks to a three day layoff between Stanley Cup Finals' games, why not trick some innocent Philadelphians with a lame segment?

Commit to the Cup?  Please.  If you see this guy, you have my permission to Commit to Punching Him.