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Phillies Retro Weekend Brings Throwback Vendors, Jim Bunning Tribute, and… uh… Scott Eyre

Jim Adair - June 11, 2014

(L to R: A babe, Luke Wilson, the Cigarette Smoking Man, a High School history teacher) image via Imgur

(L to R: A babe, Luke Wilson, the Cigarette Smoking Man, a High School history teacher)

This coming weekend is the Phillies’ now-yearly Retro Weekend, this time taking everything back to 1964. The Phils and Cubs will wear 1964 throwbacks, and both vendors and grounds crew members will be dressed in some sort of retro attire. It won’t look exactly like above, since that’s not from ’64, but we’d dig it if everyone rocked that far-right jumpsuit. There will also be celebrity look-a-likes, a Beatles tribute act, and plenty of other nonsense to distract you from the product on the field.

Saturday, as part of the impossibly clever “Citizens Bank Park Saturdays,” Scott Eyre will throw out the first pitch. Scott Eyre, a pitcher whose 44.1 innings pitched in a Phillies uniform (while he was 36 and 37 years old) equals about seven percent of his career total. Actually, you know what, honoring a mediocre (yet important!) middle reliever befits this season.

And on Sunday, the Father’s Appreciation Day and Jim Bunning Tribute game actually sounds like a pretty great day at the ballpark. You’ve got a dad-fedora giveaway, Bunning throwing out the first pitch to honor his Father’s Day perfect game 50 years ago, there will be appearances from Dick Allen, Cookie Rojas and John Herrnstein, and the national anthem will be sung by Art Garfunkel. It’s not Paul Simon, but at least you’ll be able to see Garfunkel from the terrace deck.

[Editor’s note: Tickets available at Crossing Broad Tickets. Jim’s still learning how to shill.]

image via Imgur

More Scenes From Retro Night

Kyle Scott - August 23, 2012


Reader Sean sends along some additional photos from last night’s Retro Night at Citizens Bank Park. Here are photos of Ty Wigginton, Vance Worley, Erik Kratz, Michael Martinez, Larry Andersen and Scott Franzke, and Lynce Nix that didn’t make TV (or we didn’t catch).

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Scenes From Retro Night at Citizens Bank Park

Kyle Scott - August 23, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 8.17.26 AM

Last night was 90s retro night at Citizens Bank Park. Fittingly, the Phillies lost. 

Here are the 90s-themed pictures from the scoreboard. Screen grabs from the broadcast except where otherwise noted.

Screen Shot 2012-08-23 at 8.11.12 AM

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Phillies and Reds Will Wear 1990s Throwback Uniforms on Wednesday

Kyle Scott - August 20, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 2.57.20 PM
Pic via


Wednesday night is 90s Retro Night at Citizens Bank Park. Which is perfect because the Phils are 68 games out of first, you haven’t heard of any of the middle relievers or bench players, Ruben Amaro is frustrating us and, somehow, neon colors are in again. 

The Phils and Reds will wear circa 1991-style uniforms, which are basically the same uniforms worn throughout the 1980s (minor differences detailed in William Henderson's hilariously detailed MLB Game Worn Jersey Guide). Unfortunately, I suspect the Phillies will not splurge for throwback helmets and players will wear bright red undershirts, spikes, and batting gloves, effectively ruining the throwback look by turning it into an unfortunate orgy of clashing red hues that not even pussy magnet Kevin Frandsen and his perfectly-symmetrical face could make look good. 

Screen Shot 2012-08-20 at 2.58.50 PM

Not even I can make them look good?

Not even you, Kevin. 

Anyway, throwback night on Wednesday. It’s going to be Unbelievable.

Jump on it for a full schedule of events.

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Scenes From Retro Night

Kyle Scott - July 23, 2011


You knew it was going to be a fantastic evening when Tom McCarthy’s screaming open went like this:

Brings us back to the decade when clearing levels of Pac-Man was cool, and the Phillies reached… the ultimate level.

Shoot yourself if you read that in T-Mac voice.

As you know, last night was Retro Night at Citizens Bank Park. We put together a little catalog – a diary, if you will – of the screen-grabbed goodness… including several pictures of Sarge, who began the night in what looked like a masterbatory bunker before setting out on a three-hour tour around the 100 degree ballpark.

I should tell you now, this post is best viewed while listening to Dave Gibson's tremendous Sarge Remix:

Screen Shot 2011-07-23 at 7.58.01 AM

Screen Shot 2011-07-23 at 7.58.01 AM

Screen Shot 2011-07-23 at 7.58.01 AM

Many more after the jump.

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How to be a Uniform Snob Part 2: Phillies vs. Padres (Throwbacks!)

Dan Fuller - July 22, 2011

2003 throwbacks

From 2003 against the Pirates in solid yellow—ladies and gentlemen: your 1970s!

The pictures with formal write-ups of the uniforms in question are from Bill Henderson’s excellent MLB Game Worn Jerseys of the Double-Knit Era. Buy it here. If you’re even remotely interested in the rest of this entry, this will be the best $25 you’ll spend all baseball season. AND, he’s from the Philadelphia/Delaware County area, so his Phillies chapter is made with special care. (That’s actually a joke, I think. Each team gets an amazingly thorough treatment throughout. Yes, even the Diamondbacks.)

Check out Kyle's throwback-tastic write-up from earlier today for what he considers the Phillies' best logo. I disagree, but I like his enthusiasm. Also, notice that he's talking about a specific logo, not the uniforms of the 70s/80s in general.

It’s 80s night at Citizen’s Bank Park tonight, and even though they've had "70s night" and "80s night" promotions for the last few years, they’ll actually be trotting out throwbacks for one of the games. For those who were always disappointed that their recent “70s nights” never included the players dressing like the team of the 70s, consider this vindication for those times when you tuned in, only to see a few “retro” graphics on the broadcast but nothing else of note except for the ballgirls wearing something like this

This is the the third Phillies throwback game of the season (the Negro League throwbacks write-up and the write-up for the more-or-less "away" version of tonight's uniforms). Of course, Uni-Watch has their write-up today (scroll down to the Phillies logo) and they’re so gosh-darn thorough that even if I would’ve come up with these points on my own (I was working on it, I swear!), they pretty much covered everything already. I'll recap here and add some more sizzle (snark?).

In terms of impressing boring (I wasn’t sure which word to strike-thru) your friends, subtly work these factoids into a response every time someone says, “they should wear these uniforms all the time,” or “it’s so cool they’re wearing the uniforms from the 80s. These should be the new alternates.”

1)      The 1984 uniform (the “target” for this 80s promotion) included a zipper on the front; the change to buttons happened with the 1987 jersey. I’m sure this is just chalked up to Majestic’s current templates not having this feature… and, anyway, as a player, I’d cringe every time I did a head first slide with a zipper all along my torso.

2)      The players won’t “look” like 1984 players because they’ll be wearing the pants at shoe height or lower, the jerseys (and pants) will likely be extra-baggy, and no stirrups will be in sight (some players will actually wear them, but it’s unlikely to catch-on with more than a few guys).

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Phillies to Wear 1970’s Throwbacks Tonight

Kyle Scott - May 14, 2010


As part of the Brewers' Retro Weekend promotion, the Phillies will be wearing their powder blue 1970's style road uniforms tonight.  Jamie Moyer (pitching tonight) will look right at home in these unis, he was pitching in the Major Leagues the last time the Phillies wore them.  Wow.

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