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Your CB Year in Review

Kyle Scott - December 28, 2012

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Hello there! Checking in from my post-holiday diet of alcohol, video games, alcohol, smoked meats, and cookies… and from, somewhat effeminately, browsing The Knot’s wedding planning app (I got engaged last weekend), to bring you your CB Year in Review.

Since January 1, 1.6 million people have read Crossing Broad, accounting for 6.8 million visits and 10.5 million individual page views. To put that in perspective, the 6.8 million visits to Crossing Broad were nearly double the gross number of fan visits to Citizens Bank Park this year. So, I thank you.

Here are the top 10 most read stories on Crossing Broad in 2012:

10) Racism is Alive and Well with (Boston) Hockey Fans

9) So it Seems Michael Vick Has a Dog

8) We’ve Obtained Pictures of Pat Burrell Day Drinking and Grabbing a Girl’s Breast in Northern Liberties

7) And Now, A Conversation Amongst NFL Quarterbacks on Facebook

6) Examining Why Sidney Crosby is Such a Bitch

5) Gina Lynn’s Ex-Husband Reveals Porn Star Wife's Athlete Conquests [later recanted]

4) Your Flyers Rumors Running Commentary (no link, live blog)

3) Chris Therien Goes Off on Sidney Crosby

2) These (soon-to-be) NHL Draft Picks were Eager to Get Drunk and Screw Before Their Big Day

1) Phillies Hot Stove Running Commentary


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Most of all, thank you to Ms. CB (soon to be Mrs. CB) and you, the reader, for the continued support that make this site what it is– the best sports blog, pretty much ever.

Top 10 Philly Sports Moments of the Year, and Andy Reid’s firing… on Monday.

Your CB Year in Review

Kyle Scott - December 23, 2011


Since many of you choose to make CB your first stop for Philly sports, here’s a year in review of the site. 

Since January 1, 1.2 million people have read Crossing Broad, accounting for 4.5 million visits and 7.2 million individual page views (you hear that, advertisers?). To put that in perspective, the 4.5 million visits to Crossing Broad were nearly one million more than the gross number of fan visits to Citizens Bank Park this year. And we were voted Best Sports Blog in Philly in CBS Philly's Blogger Awards.

Here are the top ten most read stories on Crossing Broad in 2011 (keep in mind, this list is influenced greatly by other larger and national sites linking in, so these aren’t necessarily the biggest stories): 

10) Baby Utley

9) Wilson Valdez Pitches

8) FBI Helping Chicago Bar Look for Game 6 Puck

7) Jeff McLane Launches Counter Assault on Les Bowen

6) Your Friday Night Car Bomb: Dan Carcillo’s Twitter is a Gift to Humanity

5) Scenes From Retro Night at Citizens Bank Park

4) Your Beer Dispenser Questions Answered

3) Your Phillies Winter Meetings Running Commentary

2) Kate Upton Pokes Sean Avery

1) Here's a Photo of Hunter Pence with Playmate Shannon James


As you can tell, boobs, vulgarity and beer generally get all the links, but they’re not what I’d consider our best posts. Here are my top five 12+ that I enjoyed writing:


12) Cliff Lee Going Yard (twice)

11) Every Single Cliff Leebased Morning Wood

10) Morning Wood: We Zaprudered the Brawl

9) Your Morning Carts: I Went to Chester to See Becks But Becks Wasn’t There Edition!

8) A Comprehensive Breakdown of the New Sixers Mascot Choices

7) CB Exclusive: Jeremy Roenick Defends His Comments About Philly Fans

6) In Case You Were Wondering, Kane Kalas Makes a Living Playing Online Poker in Costa Rica

5) Mike Richards Lands Direct Hit on Tim Panaccio

4) The Definitive Phillies Man Crush Guide

3) Illadictionary Vol 1: Defining The Types of Phillies Games

2) Media Feuds: Gonzo v. Murph, Murph v. Miss, Jeff McLane Launches Counter Assault on Les Bowen, Les Bowen Punches Jeff McLane, Frank Seravalli and Sam Carchidi Whip It Out to See Whose is More Accurate

1) Welcome to Peter Laviolette’s Dry Island


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And thank you to everybody for your continued support. Keep an eye out for our Top Ten Philly Sports Moments of the 2011 in the coming week. Plus, Winter Classic coverage all next week leading up to the game.

FSN Pittsburgh Screws The Flyers, Pulls A Wanndstedt

Kyle Scott - January 12, 2010

FSN Pittsburgh is being investigated for use, or lack thereof,
of their available camera angles during last week’s 7-4 Flyers win.

Simon Gagne’s goal was called off, despite the availability
of a camera angle that showed the puck CLEARLY over the line.  FSN refused to send that video feed to NHL
Headquarters in Toronto, or show the play on their air.  No doubt, the producer for FSN likely had a
mustache and resembled Dave Wannstedt, the way all Pittsburgh people do.  


CSN, who was broadcasting the game for the Flyers,
was using the FSN video feed and did not have the option of sending the feed to

This brings up an interesting question, do road teams not
have their own cameramen?  It was always
my understanding that road teams brought their own cameramen for local
broadcasts to road games.  I think this
is the case with the Phillies, as you will routinely see announcers mention
cameramen, and then see them wave back.  It
may not seem like a big deal, as during good broadcasts it happens seamlessly,
but you will hear announcers mention something and then the camera pan to that
person, location, object etc.  Perhaps on road games, the announcers are at
the mercy of what is on the screen?  Something
I will have to take notice of.

Either way, fuck Pittsburgh. 
They have been kicking our ass in hockey for three years, and now they
can’t even let us have our own goal?  F
off, Dave Wannstedt.

From now on, when someone screws Philadelphia sports, we're going to refer to them as "Pulling a Wannstedt."

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