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Solving Philadelphia’s Sports Talk Radio Problem

Coggin Toboggan - August 31, 2017

If you’re under the age of 50 and above the age of 15, it’s obvious that Philadelphia has a sports talk radio problem. This city is big enough for two separate stations to fill nearly 24-hours of original content every single day, so why do listeners have to restrain themselves from putting a boot through their radio after listening for an average of two minutes?

The answer isn’t an easy one, but I’d like to propose a potential four-step solution that I think will help improve sports talk radio in Philadelphia.

Step 1: Fill a room sky high in both the 97.5 Fanatic and 94 WIP studios with wheels of mozzarella, arms of salami, slabs of mortadella, Rocky Blu-rays, back issues of Playboy from 1984 and knock-off Chinese made Eagles jerseys.

Hang a sign from the door marked “Free.”

Step 2: Wait until room is filled. When at capacity, crack open door and throw in smoke bomb.

Step 3: Amidst confusion, send in army of interns with large burlap sacks. Stuff hosts into said sacks with notices of termination. Tag each host with tracking device to collect valuable data on the mating habits of the morbidly obese. Hire a forklift if interns alone cannot successfully remove hosts from their respective stations. Be prepared to widen doorways throughout each building. Unceremoniously dump fired, confused hosts in alleyway. Congratulate self on job well done.

Step 4: Hire new hosts.

Sure, it may seem harsh, but the unoriginality of the medium is so deeply entrenched in both stations that they need to be completely uprooted. They have such an incestuous relationship that it’s not a matter of “if” a fired host will find another job at the rival station, but only a matter of “when.” Rob Ellis. Anthony Gargano. Jon Marks. Tony Bruno. Mike Missanelli. All failed or otherwise flamed out at their respective stations…all found homes at the rival station. Continue Reading

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RADIO WARS: Rob Ellis Responds to Rumors of His Afternoon Demise

Jim Adair - January 5, 2015


Rob Ellis is Switzerland. He’s caught in the middle, he isn’t taking sides, and he’s just looking out for Rob Ellis. At least, that’s the best analogy I’ve got because in the only world history class I took in college I sat next to a 6’9″  guy and spent most of my time imagining what his day was like. It must’ve been so cool. Anyway…

Ellis is co-hosting with Josh Innes today from 1PM to 6PM, and he knows many listeners would rather it be Tony Bruno. Even Josh would prefer it to be Tony Bruno. Ellis is aware, and he sent out a couple of tweets saying as much:

“For those asking, I’m back on the airwaves 1-6 w Josh. I’m well aware of all the talk, tweeting, what’s been written of late. I’ve never been one to need a kick in the ass. Just served to throw fuel on fire. Good to know who’s with me and who’s not. Excited for show.”

So what has been tweeted of late? Mostly this and this. There’s also a pretty equal display of “Josh and Tony would crush bitchinelli” and “No matter who you work with, Mikey Miss is the king.” And poor Ellis is barely mentioned. RADIO WARS is at a fever pitch right now, but unfortunately for Ellis, he seems to be caught in the crossfire. Bang it: