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Jeremy Roenick Rips Yinz (Again)

Kyle Scott - April 12, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-04-12 at 10.09.11 AM

Yesterday, before the Flyers embarrassed the Penguins in front of their Halloween party fans, Jeremy Roenick spoke with Anthony Gargano and Glen Macnow on WIP about the Penguins and their fans.

The grammaticals, for your reading enjoyment:

“A lot of Penguins fans today on Twitter, telling me I don’t know my ass from my elbow. They’re kind of crazy. I wonder how many games they played in the National Hockey League. But, I guess they know better than I do.”

“I only broke my jaw, and broke my nose, and broke all my fingers, and broke my ankle and broke my toes. Yeah, I didn’t win a Cup, but I still battled in it, though. But I guess they can tell me what I don’t know and what I do now. It’s amazing… it’s amazing. It’s amazing to me. It’s also amazing to say what a loser I am, you know. I just played 27 holes at Donald Trump’s golf course. Had a great time today, getting ready for the best time of the year, playoffs. And these people are tweeting me, probably from their rock breaking jobs or toilet bowl cleaning jobs, telling me what I don’t know and what I do know. It’s amazing to me. It’s amazing to me. It’s amazing.”

“Isn’t it amazing? I don’t have a life and I’m such a loser, but I can still go out and play golf in 55 degree weather.”

“Didn’t you know, you can’t do that. You can’t say anything bad about the Penguins or Sidney Crosby or Malkin or anybody. You’ve got to be very, very quite. You’ve got to make sure you respect them.”

“They’re probably the best players in the league. I’ll take Malkin over Crosby seven days a week. But if you offered me Giroux? I’ll take a Giroux, or a Hartnell.”


This should go over well.

Listen to the full audio after the jump. Fun starts around 6:30 mark.

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Jeremy Roenick Also Thinks That The Penguins are a Bunch of Whiners

Kyle Scott - April 11, 2012

image from

Peter Laviolette.

Mike Milbury.

Craig Berube

John Tortorella.

Jeremy Roenick.

What do all of these guys have in common? No, they're not all awkward-haired, aging 1990sish hockey personalities. They all think the Penguins suffer from vaginal discomfort.

Over the last two years we have – rightfully – taken exception with Roenick– in 2010 he cried on national TV after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup, and last year he sat by idly as Jay Mohr lambasted Philly fans on a show that – I think – may have already been cancelled.

Consider this redemption for JR.

Appearing on Puck Daddy’s Marek vs. Wysh radio show, Roenick was asked about the Penguins. It turns out that he too thinks they are a bunch of whining, sissy, silly fucks from the Shit City. Or something like that:  [via Puck Daddy]

"Pittsburgh's untouchable. Let's just get that straight. If you say something bad about them, they're going to complain, they're going to whine, they're going to revolt against you. The fans, they going to bitch-slap you all over Twitter. They're gonna attack you. God help everybody if you say anything negative about the Pittsburgh Penguins. They're like the almighty.

“They're a phenomenal team. I love watching their team. I love watching Malkin and Crosby and all them. But you can't say anything bad about them and not get backlash, complaining from those camps. I wish they'd just go and play and we can all have fun watching them. Think they have the best chance to win the Cup.

"I wouldn't have apologized. I don't know if I would have said exactly what Mike Milbury said, but he did and he had to apologize. I don't know if I could, if I believed it. Um, that's just me. You know, Mike does things his way.

"I don't understand why John Tortorella [got] fined. That's his opinion. I can't stand in the National Hockey League how they can just throw fines when they want when they don't like when something that’s said. I thought it was freedom of speech in the United States”


Yes. Yeeeessss, JR. That’s what I like to see.  

Leave it to Roenick to complain about someone getting reprimanded for, well, complaining. He’s right, though. The NHL tried to say that Tortorella was fined last week for cursing, not for his comments about the Penguins. Somehow, that’s hard to believe. Roenick knows it. You know it. And you’re damn straight the Sidney Crosby Handjob Network, NBC, knows it too. So keep an eye out for some serious Pittsburgh bias over the next few weeks.

Listen to Roenick’s comments after the jump. Or, better yet, listen to the entire Marek vs. Wysh radio show here. The choice, it’s yours. 

H/T to first line CB reader Nick

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Your Thursday Morning Roundup: Jeremy Roenick Loses His Shit, Sixers Just Lose, D-Jac, and More

Kyle Scott - March 1, 2012

Good day, sports fans. I do apologize for what has been a slow few weeks here– both Drew and I have been under the weather and there hasn't been much going on from a blog perspective. We expect things to pick up soon now that the two worst months of the year are over. The cold, frigid (though this year Al Gore provided us some warmth) months of January and February are finished. We can move on to baseball, meaningful hockey and… well, the Sixers stumbling like a nerdy kid trying to leg out a triple in kickball.

Last night the Sixers lost for the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, sixth time in seven games… and that’s not the Here Come The Sixers pun I wanted to make.

However, there was one positive takeaway: Malik Rose’s #shitmaliksays had a good night, highlighted by this gem while James Harden was choking on free throws:

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 8.56.04 AM

. Glad to see Malik has kept up the full court press as we get into the dog days of, um, I guess March.

– DeSean Jackson shut down Gucci last night. I’m not up on all things thug, but I assume this means they either “stayed so late they closed the store” or “it was shut down because celebs were in the house.” I don’t care to research further.

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 9.00.04 AM

– Good article on Mike Richards and Jeff Carter being reunited.

– Here’s a grainy pic of Shane Victorino, Cliff Lee and Jonathan Papelbon shooting a March Madness spot for TNT. The network, along with CBS, will be featuring celebs and athletes in spots throughout March.

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 9.01.17 AM

– Finally, when a friend told me yesterday that Jeremy Roenick was advertising the Harley that he is selling on eBay through his Twitter page, I wondered why I couldn’t see the update myself. It turns out it's because JR blocked me following this somewhat heated exchange with your friendly neighborhood blogger. Sad.

Anyway, JR was back at it again yesterday, first telling off fans on Twitter…

Screen Shot 2012-03-01 at 9.03.25 AM

… and then a hilariously heated exchange with Mike Milbury on NBC Sports Comcast Whatever The Fuck. Video after the jump.

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CB Exclusive: Jeremy Roenick Defends His Comments About Philly Fans

Kyle Scott - September 15, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-09-15 at 2.48.25 PM

After appearing on Jay Mohr’s ridiculous, soon-to-be canceled TV show, Jeremy Roenick took to his Twitter account to defend himself. His responses to fans were defensive, to say the least. 

Thanks to one well-connected reader, I was able to get a hold of Roenick. We first exchanged two emails, in which I presented myself as a Philly blogger and told him that we would like to get his point of view on the matter. I explained the Philly fans' frustration with his comments. His response was similar to what you can read on his Twitter account (@Jeremy_Roenick). He believes the quotes were taken out-of-context and the show was edited in a way that made it seem like he was agreeing with Mohr, when, in reality, he was defending Philly fans:

Do u know anything about tv. If u don't its called editing. I said during the show I loved phili fans but they r crazy. U can't argue that. Did u here me agree w jay mohr???? I don't think u did. He said it he made the decision and u don't get the entire dialogue during a show after its edited. Its embarrassing after watching the show how u and some phili fans r blowing this so far out of proportion is crazy. What came out of MY MOUTH was not derogatory to phili fans. Jay mohr hates phili and its his show that he edited. Not me. Bitch slap jay for what he said a nd portrayed in the show. All of u close minded phili only or die fans r totally rediculous and unreasonable. I have never bashed phili fans and how come nobody says way to go JR when I praise and boast about phili fans being the most passionate supportive of their own team kind of town!! Which is A LOT!! Not gonna waste my time w this crap anymore. Total waste of energy especially when some people are 100% unreasonable 


I had sent along my phone number in the initial email and asked to speak with him in an on-the-record interview. After sending the above email, he decided to give me a call. This is that phone call.

Full disclosure: I had no idea he was going to call and was not prepared to record our interview. As you can hear, it was difficult to get a word in during the first five minutes of the call, but I did ask Roenick to pause while I got to my computer. For that reason, the audio quality is sub-par.

There are only slight edits (the parts where we talked over each other)… I didn’t want to take Jeremy out of context.

Be careful if you are at work… there are quite a few F-bombs in here. Listen to the interview after the jump.

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Jeremy Roenick Calls Philly Fans “Crazy Sons of Bitches,” and it Wasn’t a Compliment

Kyle Scott - September 14, 2011

There are so many things to hate about this screen grab

Oh my. I temporarily blacked out while watching this video. 

Jeremy Roenick is a jackass. I’d rip Jay Mohr and the other dude who I don’t know sitting on set, but really, why bother?

Via Puck Daddy comes this clip from “Master Debaters,” a new FUEL TV (?) show debuting tonight at 10:30. In it, Mohr and his greasy-haired cohorts discuss the country’s most annoying fans. Guess how long it took them to get to Philadelphia?

Exactly one minute.

In voting Philadelphia the most annoying fans, the following exchange took place. [Don’t think we don’t know what they’re doing, though: releasing the clip to get people riled up and talking about the show, which will inevitably be cancelled before Halloween]

More: I say Philadelphia are the most disgusting human being I’ve even seen in my life.

Unknown: They’re terrible.

Moor: They pick fights with cops, they spit on the players…

Roenick: They booed Santa Claus…

Moore: They boo Santa Claus. They threw snowballs at Michael Irvin on a friggin’ stretcher, the guy might have had a broken neck and they threw freaking snowballs at him [editors note: no, we didn’t]. 

Roenick: Do you remember when Tie Domi of the Maple Leafs were playing the Flyers and he was in the penalty box and that Philadelphia fan dove through the glass into the penalty box after the guy?

Mhhor: Didn’t work out well for them.

Roenick: That is messed up fans. Philadelphia fans [are] crazy, crazy sons of bitches.

Unknown: It doesn’t matter what event, what sport it is, the fans are ridiculous. They hate you. They had a jail under Veteran’s Stadium. Like it’s crazy there.


There’s mohr, too. I guess they forget about the stabbings, DUIs, and fights involving California sports fans. Or the Cowboys fan who tasered a marine at the Jets game on Sunday.

Yeah, this show is going to be canceled in a minute. And as for you, JR, you were dead to us when you cried after the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals. Go to hell, you ungrateful prick.

Watch the video after the jump. Caution: blood will boil. 

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Weekly Roundup: What You May Have Missed in Philadelphia Sports Last Week 6/14

Kyle Scott - June 14, 2010


The Flyers lost the Stanley Cup.

Jeremy Roenick cried about it, and didn't apologize for it.

A healthy scratch called Chris Pronger an idiot, his teammates called him gay.

Pronger laughed it off.

Ryan Howard got a new girlfriend, maybe.

He also got a role in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with Chase Utley.

Roy Halladay lost $75,000.

The Spectrum sports complex lost some space, and the Wachovia Center lost its name.

Is Philadelphia the city of losers?  Fan opinion was strong.

T-Mac and Wheels went unplugged.

The Phillies are back in the spotlight, Chase Utley manages to avoid its glare.

DeSean Jackson wants to teach you sportsmanship.

The Phillies drafted Jessie Biddle, then signed him.

Werth went to a wizard, could go to the Yankees, disagreed with Charlie, and had really good seats at the Flyers game.

Ryan Madson had tickets too.

This NYPD officer got kicked out of Citi Field.

This lady painted a Flyers logo on her pregnant stomach.

And this kid drank a beer.

Jeremy Roenick Not Apologizing For Tears

Kyle Scott - June 10, 2010


[thanks to The Philly Phans and 610 WIP for the audio]

Jeremy Roenick spoke to Angelo Cataldi on 610 WIP this morning about Phiadelphia fans' backlash to his emotional rant on NBC.

Roenick didn't apologize for crying over the Blackhawks' win, but he did say that he would have been the same way had the Flyers won.

I think he's missing the point.

The reason fans were upset at him was not because he was emotional over the Blackhawks' win, but because he did it as part of an objective national broadcast.  If cameras had caught "fan" JR sitting in a luxury box tearing up when the Hawks lifted the cup, I don't think anyone would have cared.  The ire, at least from me, comes when you have to watch a supposed objective broadcaster cry tears of joy for the opposing team. And it certainly doesn't help when he was a beloved figure who you considered one of your own.

He's not going to do himself any favors by calling fans "these people" and ticking off his injuries in his life-long quest for the cup.  Many fans will gladly tick off a list of hardships that don't include millions of dollars, a nice house, an expensive car, and playing a sport for a living.

No one is blaming him for being emotional, just don't do it in front of the faces of thousands of fans who just had their hearts ripped out.

Listen to the interview here.

Jeremy Roenick Cries on National TV After Blackhawks Win The Stanley Cup

Kyle Scott - June 9, 2010


[Video below]

I used to like Jeremy Roenick.

He played for the Flyers and recorded some memorable moments for us, but he spent most of his career with the Blackhawks.  And, well, so much for objectivity on national TV, Roenick burst into tears on NBC's post game show as he waxed poetic about his years in Chicago.  Really?

I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.