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What Was Ruben Amaro’s Worst Move?

Kyle Scott - September 10, 2015

Mine: Trading Cliff Lee FOR NO GODDAMN REASON before the 2010 season because he was married to some misguided principle that they couldn’t, in good conscience, give up middling prospects for Roy Halladay without recouping some middling prospects by trading Lee. Idiot.

Yours in the comments.

It’s Dumb that the Phillies Are Trying to Get Maikel Franco Back this Season

Jim Adair - September 10, 2015

It’s been just about a month since Maikel Franco suffered a non-broken broken wrist when he took a fastball to his hand and fell to the ground in pain. The Phillies have 22 games remaining in their season, and they want to bring Franco back before this year’s finale. That’s stupid.

murphy lawrence

Both David Murphy and Ryan Lawrence displayed something on Twitter that the Phillies seem to have a lack of: Common sense. Franco is your best young star (non-pitcher category) and has already committed to playing winter ball to keep loose/get better in the off-season. It’s not like he doesn’t improve the team. From Lawrence’s report:

The Phillies are 22-40 (.355 winning percentage) in the 62 games they’ve played without Franco (before he was called up from Triple A on May 15, and after he was hurt). With Franco healthy and available, the Phillies are 32-46 (.410 winning percentage).

The Phillies are averaging 3.52 runs per game without Franco and 4.09 runs per game with him. The National League average for runs per game is 4.13.

Still below average, but obviously better. However, it doesn’t matter. This team isn’t going to win anything other than the futility award for the worst team in baseball. They’re already been eliminated from playoff contention. And Franco is perhaps your best shot at a superstar currently on your roster, so why rush him? Why put him back into meaningless baseball games with a wrist that, while pain-free, might still be susceptible to re-injury (cough cough Joel Embiid cough). The return of Franco isn’t going to fill the stands are the scorecard, so just hold him out until next season, when he probably won’t be playing for anything either, but we can pretend he is for about half the season.

Chase Utley Will Only Agree to a Trade if He Gets Playing Time

Jim Adair - August 13, 2015


Just yesterday we were hearing that the Phillies and Giants were getting close to putting some kind of deal together for Chase Utley. Utley has the right to deny any deal, and according to Buster Olney, he will do so unless he thinks he can get playing time with his new team. What does that mean?


Ruben Amaro said on the radio yesterday that it’s possible Utley doesn’t go anywhere. And if that’s the case, exactly how much playing time should he expect here?

Chase Utley Has Cleared Waivers

Jim Adair - August 11, 2015

utley waivers

Ruben Amaro said he doesn’t think Chase Utley is going anywhere as late as this morning, but it’s at least partly in Utley’s hands (and any team that wants him) now that he’s cleared waivers. I’ve got a highlight video queued up just in case, but I’m almost afraid to watch it.

Hamels: Playing for the Phillies was “Everything You Could Ever Ask For”

Jim Adair - July 31, 2015

cole presser

A shaky-voiced Cole Hamels took to the podium at Citizens Bank Park to say goodbye to the fans, the Phillies, and the media. He thanked the city for being an amazing place to play, for being a great city to raise his family in, and talked about feeling like a Philadelphian:

“In that parade, at lot of us are not from Philly … but I think we really grasped that when we got to take that parade down Broad Street.”

Hamels continued, saying that “not everybody can do it as long as Jamie Moyer,” but he has every intention of pitching for a long time. Hamels came just shy of admitting that he said no to whatever deal the Houston Astros offered, but said he and his wife sat down and went through pages of criteria to see what the best baseball and life options were.

Playing here was “worth everything,” Hamels said. “It gives you a way to fight even harder … to hear the cheers, and you understand the boos.” Moving on, he said having family and friends in Dallas helped make the decision easier. Hang on, there’s something in my eye.

“Being able to [throw a no-hitter] in a Phillies uniform means an immense amount,” Hamels said. “I’ll always have that jersey in my house.” It had to happen – Marcus – but that doesn’t mean it stings any less. We’ll miss you, Cole.

Ruben Amaro Press Conference Roundup

Jim Adair - July 31, 2015

"I'll get back to you on Revere, gotta do a press conference, BRB."

“I’ll get back to you on Revere, gotta do a press conference, BRB.”

Ruben Amaro just finished addressing the press on the Cole Hamels trade, and here are some of the notable things he said. As always, all quotes are paraphrased:

  • We got Alfaro as a catcher, and we don’t project his injury to be a long-term issue.
  • In a lot of ways we used out money and talent to buy talent.
  • Thompson can be anywhere from the middle of the rotation to the top of the rotation to the bottom of the rotation. He’s still young.
  • Pitching was important to us because we simply don’t have enough in the upper levels.
  • Ruben actually used the word “analytics.”
  • Our latest understanding is that Harrison might not be able to start in his turn.
  • I’ve been working with John Daniels (Rangers’ President of Baseball Operations and General Manager) on this deal probably for six or seven or eight months. We felt they were the right match for us.
  • This deal was no different from how I’ve been operating since I took over in 2008.
  • I’m the point guy, or the “talking head.”
  • There are so many different factors and things to have to happen which is why it takes a long time. Approvals, paperwork, etc.
  • Market was much more fruitful for Hamels this year.
  • There was no shortage of suitors.
  • Cole has every right to go where he wanted to as dictated by his contract.
  • Texas’ pieces, depth, the way we lined up worked very well for us. It’s the best deal we felt we could make.
  • Williams and Thompson are  headed to AA. Williams will probably not get into the lineup until Tuesday, and then Thompson is scheduled to be able to throw Saturday or Sunday.
  • Teams are much more willing to dole out money than prospects. The value of prospects has increased.
  • “This may not sound right because it’s coming from my mouth, but we took a very analytical approach.”
  • Finding offense is not easy, and we think we got that in these prospects.
  • Ruben pulls out his phone, scrolls through it for a bit, and says of the next (Revere) deal: “Almost.”

Jake Diekman is Going Through Some Stuff

Jim Adair - July 30, 2015


When the Cole Hamels trade became unofficially official on Wednesday night, Jake Diekman had been added to the Rangers’ haul. Hamels isn’t going to pitch for the Phillies again. Neither is Diekman. But since the trade isn’t 100% official yet – the particulars are being hammered out – both Hamels and Diekman had lockers at Citizens Bank Park set up tonight. The weird thing is, Diekman was there, got dressed, warmed up in the outfield, and took his place in the bullpen. And then he left. And then he went back. It was incredibly awkward. Diekman himself doesn’t seem to really know what’s going on:


We all had a nice laugh at the Mets for their awkward trade-then-no-trade situation, but couldn’t someone have told Diekman it was totally cool if he wanted to stay home? Hamels didn’t have to be there. And yea, Diekman isn’t Hamels, but he’s still a man. With feelings. And it was all very, very awkward.

Report: Phils Could Still Be Dealing, Ben Revere May Be Next

Jim Adair - July 30, 2015


Looks like Ruben Amaro finally decided to show up at a trade deadline. Wonder what’s different?

We’ll have more on this report/rumor as it becomes available.