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Mike Schmidt is in Clearwater Today SANS MUSTACHE

Kyle Scott - February 20, 2013

Mike Schmidt is in Clearwater today to annoy work with select players and, presumably, give his annual Mike Schmidt Gives His Annual State of the Phillies Annual Address state of the Phillies annual address on the state of the Phillies, given annually. He will do so without a mustache, which is moderately alarming. 

Two years ago, Schmidt said Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino were underachieving. That summer, he threw Chooch under a bus. And just this October, he complained about autographs. My money is on either Cliff Lee or, yet again, Carlos Ruiz being Schmidt’s target today. I base that on nothing, much the same way Schmidt chooses his verbal victims.

Pic via Delco Times photog Eric Hartline

Mike Schmidt Wrote an AP Article Complaining About the Legibility of Autographs from the 2012 Phillies and Every Other Modern Player

Kyle Scott - October 2, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-10-02 at 10.49.40 AM

Mike Schmidt is kind of an ass.

He always has something to say, usually when he visits the Phillies’ spring training complex or when he professes his somewhat uncomfortable love for ESPN’s Mike and Mike. [There was the time Michael Jack threw Chooch under the bus, and that other time he said the Phillies, coming off three straight NLCS appearances, were underachievers.]

Today, Schmidt has a new soapbox on which to stand and shout his mindless babble: the massive media powerhouse that is the Associated Press.

Yes, Schmidt wrote an article for the AP today, meaning that virtually every major news outlet in the world will have access to his important message… about the legibility of autographs.


Go, Michael:

This spring, while with the Phillies in camp, I asked the clubhouse guy to get me some famous Phillies on balls for my charity auction. I must sign thousands every year for charity. It's funny how you get tired of the same requests over and over until you need one.

Anyway, I get 10 signed balls given to me in a box that I bring home. A few weeks later, I'm doing inventory on some items I have gotten for the auction and I open the box of balls and I can't read any of the signatures. I study and study, hoping to see a curve or a clue that would lead me to the name.

I asked my wife if she recognized any. None. I made out Roy Halladay, Jim Thome and Jimmy Rollins. A couple had the number , thank you Chase Utley, Ryan Howard, Cliff Lee and Hunter Pence. That was a great clue, at least for me, but what about the person who buys it at the auction and may not know the numbers?

My signature's value has never changed over the years. Sure, I know there is a class system in the industry, certain signatures retain value and others don't. In my case, one reason it has retained value is it's neat and you can read it. It is legible, shows respect and looks as though I put some effort into the process of creating a collectible item.


Probably too much to ask for a wholesale change in attitude from both sides. As if the players will sign neat and speak to the fans while signing, and fans and collectors will respect the player's right to privacy in certain areas and not stalk them near hotels and airports.

Autograph utopia: Neat signatures, kind words, handshakes, no pushing or shoving, quality opposed to quantity. Any chance?

Me, I just want to know which Phillies signed those balls.


That’s amazing. I’m too young, 29, to really remember what Mike Schmidt was like. I know that I’ve met him and gotten his autograph at some point, but I can’t remember when or where. What I do remember, however (mostly from stories), is how Schmidt never quite gelled with fans and was far from the type of guy who would happily oblige overzealous autograph seekers. I also remember how he was frequently booed and considered by many to be, well, a jackass. 

Despite those things, what you just read was Schmidt, writing for the Associated Press, complaining about the autographs on a bunch of balls the 2012 Phillies signed for his charity. I’m not even sure how to categorize that. So instead, I wrote you an analogy of sorts:

You know what I really hate? Paparazzi and celebrity culture. Can’t a movie star or athlete go out to a bar, get drunk, and not have to worry about their picture winding up online? If some jackass with a cell phone takes a shot of a famous person at a compromising moment, must it be the lead story on a dick-joke laden blog the next day? And what’s the deal with block-quoting shit? WRITE YOUR OWN WORDS. Too many “writers” lazily rely on the journalistic chops of others to make a living. Oh yeah, real cool, quote an article, throw in a few jokes about peni, and, boom– artwork. And don’t get me started on someone who would be silly and faux irreverent enough to post a sophomoric bar drawing of a Nationals fan blowing the Phanatic. Can’t we go back to the good old days when Murrow and Kronkite and Will McAvoy delivered us the news fairly, but with necessary and passionate context for an informed electorate? I want that back. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a post to get to about Chase Utley’s hair, which exclusive photo evidence confirms he is having dyed.

[Read Schmidt's full article here, and just about everywhere.] Reminds Us That Chris Wheeler Has Been Ruining Phillies Games For 25 Years

Kyle Scott - January 31, 2012

Yesterday, posted a short tribute video to the late Andy Musser (he didn’t have quite the library of footage that Harry Kalas had…). In it, we’re treated to Musser’s call of Mike Schmidt’s 500th home run and, unfortunately, a much younger Chris Wheeler stomping all over another great Phillies moment.  

Musser’s call was fine, but Schmidt’s historic home run lacks weight when it’s not accompanied by Harry’s pipes. Or it could just be because Wheels felt it was necessary to remind us that great players do great things… and this was a great thing.

To cleanse yourself, we recommend watching this montage of Harry's greatest calls.

Very Important Hip Hop News: Mike Richards Freestyles, Cliff Lee Mentioned in Another Rap Song

Kyle Scott - January 27, 2012

Screen Shot 2012-01-27 at 10.19.35 AM

We’re going straight-up hood with this post. You know, if you consider white guys rapping on a pier and hockey players freestylin’ to be hood.

Number one: The day Mike Richards got all Henrik Lundqvisty and tried to befriend Justin Bieber on Twitter was the day we realized that the former One Eight had officially gone Hollywood. Now he’s part of an average-at-best team whose coach was fired, rolling his eyes at teammate Jarret Stoll (we’ll get to that in a sec), and being cast in skits.


That’s right– Mike Richards… rapping. Rapping in a way that lampoons his notoriously dull on-camera persona. Brilliant!

This whole video is worth watching, but I’d start at the 2:20 mark, which is where the Famemakers convince Richie to record a rap song to boost his public image.

LA is such a long, long way from Philly.

Number two: Mike Stacks, a Mac Millery New Jersey kid who can actually turn out a solid rhyme, posted his remix of Bittersweet Symphony on YouTube yesterday. A couple of Philly baseball legends (from much different generations) made an appearance in the lyricals:

I’m Cliff Lee, take the mound, wipe me down 

Change the game, took the crowd so they’d surround me


Nice. This of course adds to the, um, street credentials of Lee, who was mentioned in a Meek Mill freestyle. Additionally, his buddy Roy Halladay showed up in a Game lyric.

Back to Stacks. He didn’t stop the Phillie references at Lee:

I’m next to surprise the world, when they hear my shit

And I’m just only gettin’ started so they feel my shit

So I was thinkin’ I’d change my name a round a bit

Since every track is a home run, I’ll go by Michael Schmidt, bitch


This all would have been much more congruous had Stacks not been spinning around Times Square while paying homage to Philly baseball… but, you know…

Here’s the video for Bittersweet Symphony (Cliff Lee at 1:15, Mike Schmidt at 2:15), and bonus footage of Mike Richards rolling his eyes at Jarret Stoll (!!!).

H/T to Nick, Ashley, (@EvoXM3mike) and other who passed along the video links

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Mike Schmidt Throws Chooch Under Proverbial Bus

Kyle Scott - June 7, 2011


Photo via ESPN

He did what?

Mike Schmidt is making the rounds in Bristol, Connecticut, today. For what, exactly, I don’t know (or care). He first stopped by Mike and Mike in the Morning on ESPN radio. The topic, incredibly, turned from LeBron James to baseball. The Mikes asked, er, Mike his thoughts on the topic du jour: Buster Posey’s injury. After breaking down the play, which he only saw “once or twice,” Schmidt transitioned into his philosophy on catchers blocking the plate:

Q: If you had a great catcher, would you instruct that catcher not to block the plate? Would you instruct him to do the sweep tag?

Schmidt: Well, if I had a great catcher, you mean if Piazza was my catcher, as opposed to, let’s say, Carlos Ruiz is my catcher… 'Carlos I want you to block the plate!' [laughs] which is not that big of a deal to the offensive side and I can afford to lose you.


Oh no.

Look, Chooch is obviously no Mike Piazza or Buster Posey, but those are harsh words coming from Michael Jack. Can afford to lose Carlos Ruiz? Someone might want to ask Roy Halladay his thoughts on the matter.

On SportsCenter, Schmidt opined on Bryce Harper’s antics: [CSN Washington]

"Just hit your home runs and hit em like you're used to hitting them, not like you're surprised to hit one.  Tone it down and play the game."


OK, Mike, with you on that one. But after – yet again sticking your foot in your mouth – saying Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino were “underachieving,” and now the comments about Chooch, who is essentially the anti-you, it would be best if you didn’t speak anymore. Thanks.

The audio of Schmidt’s latest bloviation is after the jump.

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Mike Schmidt Says Jimmy Rollins and Shane Victorino are Underachieving

Kyle Scott - February 23, 2011


Mike Schmidt held his annual State of the Phillies address today. Michael Jack is bascially Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own in his role with the Phillies- minus the women and all the drinking. A couple of times a year, he comes out, waves his cap around, gives the people a thrill. If there's ever an organ grinder, he'll do a little dance if his knees are feeling up to it. You usually get the sense that he'd rather be golfing, but deep down inside, he cares about the team.

Oh yeah, and he takes jabs at Jimmy Rollins and the rest of the lineup: [Delco Times]

They all know how the game should be played. But Polanco is the one guy who is willing to play it all the time. He's geared in to that being sort of his game. His game is playing it right. He can play on any team anywhere at any time…

…I look for a Rollins to push a 200-hit year. I look for Victorino to have a 200-hit year and we're talking in those terms: 100 walks, 200 hits. They're sort of out there for goals with those guys that you haven't seen in the last few years. They are part of a winning team, don't get me wrong, but I still think they are underachieving as players.

Jimmy Rollins can't do what Pete Rose did, just take a year. I mean Pete Rose got 200 hits 10 straight years and Jimmy is faster. I just think Pete understood more what his role was. Jimmy needs to be more Pete Rose-like in his approach to the game and more accountable for getting on base. Offensively, he's about running and getting on base and getting hits and leading the league in hitting. He wants to look at the USA Today every day or the Inquirer and see his name right up there in the top three of hitting. It should be, right? Same with Victorino and I know they feel that way.


Well, we know how you feel, Mike.

He's actually 100% right on Rollins. No one is going to pretend that Rollins doesn't care about winning, but what's the phrase Larry Bowa used, "red light is on?" Rollins seems to save his best for the big moments. That's fine and all, but, especially in this contract year, he needs to do that everyday. Showing up early to spring training was just a small step in that process.

As for the playing the game the right way comment, I'm fairly certain Chase Utley is sharpening his shiv as we speak. 

And that Pete Rose character would look great on a t-shirt…oh, tease!

Much more from Schmidt at

Checking in on Movember

Kyle Scott - November 19, 2010


Why?  Because we hate cancer, and so should you.

The Flyers aren’t the only ones participating in Movember this month, they are just part of a greater cause to raise awareness for prostate cancer by rocking a sweet stache.

Our buddy Dan from Philly Phaithful was on FOX Philly this morning talking about the cause- and his beautifully thick, sweet circa 1982 porno stache.  I sat next to him at the Flyers game last night and it winked at me.

Bonus!  Steve Keeley’s old mustache makes an appearance.  He looked sort of like an I have to knock on your door when I move into the neighborhood version of Howard Eskin, if that’s even possible.  It's safe to assume Steve has had some work done over over the last few years…

Video after the jump.

Learn more about Movember at and grab the awesome "Schmidt Happens" shirt here.

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Phillies to Wear 1970’s Throwbacks Tonight

Kyle Scott - May 14, 2010


As part of the Brewers' Retro Weekend promotion, the Phillies will be wearing their powder blue 1970's style road uniforms tonight.  Jamie Moyer (pitching tonight) will look right at home in these unis, he was pitching in the Major Leagues the last time the Phillies wore them.  Wow.

You can get the Jerseys here on, starting at $79.99, and we even got you a 10% off code.  Enter code INBOXTEN at checkout to receive 10% off your order.

Also, get the authentic maroon hats worn on the field here for only $24.99, plus 10% off!