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Should the Phillies make Bryce Harper their Sugar Baby?

Coggin Toboggan - February 28, 2019

The Phillies have money. Oodles of money. It’s the finest and biggest draw that the organization has right now in terms of luring players to don the red pinstripes for 2019.

Bryce Harper wants money. He wants lots of money. Exorbitant amounts of money. His agent and human garbage pile Scott Boras wants lots of money to keep himself in hair plugs for the rest of his days.

But Bryce Harper doesn’t want the Phillies. At this point in the long, LONG drawn out free agency process that much is clear. He’d much rather play for a team on the West Coast than cast his lot in Philadelphia.

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Ryan Madson Will Have Tommy John Surgery

Kyle - March 24, 2012

Rich Pilling/Getty Images

It sure looks like the Phillies made the right decision to sign Jonathan Papelbon now.

According to John Fay of the Cincinatti Enquirer, Ryan Madson will have Tommy John surgery. He says the "ligament was torn off the bone." Ouch.

Could Ruben Amaro Jr. have known something back in early January? Scott Boras says the Phillies backed out of the deal, which Rube denied. Maybe The Big Poker knew something the rest of the baseball world didn't.

Just a thought.