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Crossing Broadcast: Isn’t It Ironic?

Russ Joy - January 7, 2020

Kevin, Bob, Anthony, and Russ break down the Eagles’ loss to Seattle, the Jadeveon Clowney hit on Carson Wentz, NBC’s silence on the hit, terrible takes, Chris Long’s evisceration of Josina Anderson, NFL issues, the future of Malcolm Jenkins, Jason Peters, and more!

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That Familiar Feeling of Dread and Angst

Bob Wankel - December 4, 2017

And just like that, with an end zone fumble, some big missed throws, and a few inexplicable coaching decisions, the Eagles’ nine-game win streak and recent ride as NFC kings is over.

Some people will pin the loss on the bullshit officiating of Tony Corrente’s crew and move on. Others will take a measured approach and point out that the Eagles were bound to eventually drop another game along the way, or perhaps, that a loss is even a GOOD thing (ha!) in that it will serve as a humbling wake up call—which, of course, is fucking stupid.

Frankly, that was a shit show last night and it was a concerning loss, regardless of whatever comforting qualifier you want to attach to it.

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Well, That Was Aggravating: Ten Takeaways from Seahawks 24, Eagles 10

Kevin Kinkead - December 4, 2017

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Of course it ended on a Byron Maxwell interception.

That was the cherry on top for the most annoying game I’ve watched in at least five years. Annoying because of stops, starts, and penalties. Annoying because of Russell Wilson running backward 15 yards, then heaving the ball into the air for a defensive holding call. Annoying because Cris Collinsworth wouldn’t let the game breathe. Annoying because the Eagles left points on the board and shot themselves in the foot.

And it was an illegal forward pass. It absolutely was. The guy or guys in the booth need to tell Doug Pederson to throw the flag and the officials have to get the call right in the first place.

Watch it again for the ten millionth time:

When you’re down by a touchdown in the fourth quarter and they convert on third and long, it’s the type of play that kills a game.

But listen, credit to Seattle for a great performance. Carson Wentz was pressured constantly and put off his game. Wilson did his thing and converted plays like the one above to move the sticks and keep the Birds’ offense off the field. It was frustrating to watch because every defensive win seemed to be followed by a backbreaker of a chunk play.

The Eagles fall to 10-2, which is where nobody had them at this point in the season, so let’s keep things in perspective. I’m fine with the “facing adversity” narrative. I think this kind of loss brings the team back down to Earth where they hit the reset button and hopefully finish strong down the stretch. Next week’s game in Los Angeles will tell us everything we need to know about this team. Continue Reading

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The Seahawks Tweeted and Deleted a Terrible MLK Day Tweet

Jim Adair - January 19, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 4.41.31 PM

The Seahawks social media people are probably still on a little bit of a high after last night’s improbable comeback that earned the team a trip to the Super Bowl. That’s to be expected. And maybe the team should have given their social media team Martin Luther King Day off, because they sent out that tweet above, essentially comparing their football win to the centuries-long fight against societal racism. Not the best plan. They deleted the tweet quickly (but nothing dies on the internet) and issued an apology:

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 4.43.27 PM

Hindsight is 20/20, and in hindsight posting a pic of your QB looking like he came right out of the “American Sniper” trailer while equating your struggle to beat the Green Bay Packers to anything of actual historical merit is not a great idea.

Seahawks’ Website Misspells “Santa Claus” When Claiming Eagles Fans Booed Him Last Year

Jim Adair - December 10, 2014

The Seahawks beat the Eagles last week. We all know this. But that allows the people who work for the Seahawks social media team, marketing department, etc. to gloat about it a little bit. That’s fine. It happens. But while trying to be cute, the they displayed a staggering lack of proofreading or fact checking (and we say that as experts on the subject):

It isn’t a surprise that Eagles fans get loud, even during a loss. This is the same team that booed Santa Clause last year. The @Eagles brand handle tallied 42,686 mentions on Twitter this Sunday, outperforming @seahawks mentions by over 13,000.@Eagles mentions even eclipsed mentions of the game hashtag #SEAvsPHI.

We’re over here trying to own the whole “booing Santa” thing so we don’t get all fired up every time it’s mentioned, but it doesn’t work when whatever that mess above gets put out there. Everyone else can stop reading here, but for those people who work for, here are two brief lessons:

1. It’s Santa Claus: The name Santa Claus is an Americanization of “Sancte Claus,” which is Dutch for Saint Nicholas or some garbage like that. I am not getting into the etymology of a fictional fat guy right now.

2. The infamous booing of Santa Claus: It happened not last year, but nearly FORTY SIX years ago:

“The infamous “booing Santa Claus” episode took place at old Franklin Field (then the home field of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles franchise) on 15 December 1968, as the Eagles squared off against the Minnesota Vikings in their final game of the season … What prompted the Philadelphia fans to treat Santa Claus so inhospitably that day remains a subject of contention. Some, such as Jim Gallagher, the Eagles’ public relations director at the time, claimed the bad behavior was prompted by Santa’s pathetic physical appearance … others opine that Santa was just a stand-in for the real (and out-of-reach) targets of the Philadelphia fans’ frustration, the ownership and coaching that had transformed a championship football franchise into one of the league’s worst teams (and that the booing was initially directed at the Eagles players as they headed for the locker room at halftime).”

There you go guys, was it really all that hard?

The Eagles Can Give Themselves a 75% Chance of Getting a Bye with a Win Against the Seahawks

Jim Adair - December 4, 2014

538 bye

After beating the Cowboys on the road for sole possession of first place in the NFC East, it almost feels like the big game is behind us for now. But Sunday’s afternoon’s game against Seattle has major implications too, especially for the first round bye.

According to FiveThirtyEight, the Eagles currently have a 48.8% chance of getting said bye. With a win against Seattle, that percentage jumps by 25.3%(!), and a loss drops it down 29.4%. That swing of 54.7% means the Eagles’ bye chances increase to 74.1% with a win, and slip down to 19.4% with a loss.

Though there is much more at stake in the AFC’s games this week — another 55 point swing for Miami in terms of playoff chances — the Seahawks/Eagles matchup is the most important in the NFC.

The big game against Dallas is over, sure. But now it’s on to the next one. And after that? Another potential first-place-on-the-line clash.

[The Eagles don’t hold all their own, ahem, Cards yet. Arizona and Green Bay are both 9-3, too, and hold tiebreakers over the Birds. But, the Cardinals appear to be heading in the wrong direction and have to play the Chiefs, Rams, Seahawks and 49ers.]

Check out all the scenarios here.

H/T to (@smokesdawg88)

UniDiction 2011: Week 13 – Eagles vs. Seahawks and Week 12 Round-Up (new format!)

Dan Fuller - December 1, 2011


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Well, I was wrong for last week's game, too. 3-8. Of course, there was nothing right about the Eagles on-field performance, either.

There's an all-new format for the UniDiction section which I think you'll like, so let me know what you think in the comments.

Week 12 Round-Up

The Chargers wore their very nice Powder Blue throwbacks. I think the color's odd enough that it shouldn't necessarily be their primary uniform (and the Titans use light Blue, though in a very different way). But the Chargers' normal uniforms are among the least notable in the league (neither good nor bad…they just…are), helmet with electricity on the sides notwithstanding, so file the "should the powder blues be the Chargers' normal uniforms" under "let me think about it." I covered the Thanksgiving uniform happenings in last week's article.

Eagles vs Seahawks UniDiction (new format!)


click to enlarge

Your score is after the jump.

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