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How Do We Feel About This RGIII T-Shirt?

Kyle Scott - January 11, 2013

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 8.47.38 AM

Reader Jared, an anti-Reider who kept sending us pictures of his Fire Andy t-shirts this fall, has a new target, and this one just had surgery to repair a torn ACL.

Robert Griffin III.

Insensitive? Sure. Mean? You bet. Crossing the line? Maybe. But the beauty of the shirt is in its simplicity– no “Parking For” sign, no logo, no image of Dr. James Andrews looking apoplectically at Mike Shanahan and Griffin. None needed. And I get the feeling that the shirt is directed more at the Redskins – both for Mike Shanahan riding RGIII into the dirt (almost literally) and, um, the dirt at FedEXField, where playing conditions on Sunday were horrific – than it is at the nice young man now recovering from major knee surgery. 

Anyway, Redskins fans, don’t shoot the messenger… even if I am not-so-quietly applauding Jared’s efforts. 

Here’s Video of the Slightly Insane Fan Who Ripped Up a Jayson Werth Shirsey and Bought a Complete Stranger a Brand New Hunter Pence Shirt

Kyle Scott - September 9, 2011

image from
Thanks to Briana for the pic

Do you remember our Tuesday Morning Roundup about Cliff Lee pissing excellence all over the Atlanta Braves? I thought you did.  Well, we showed you a blurry picture of a fan who approached a complete stranger, ripped in half his Jayson Werth shirsey, and replaced it with a brand new Hunter Pence t-shirt (retail $24.99). 

Said fan, Doug, emailed us this morning. He has video of the incident, which we will assume wasn’t completely staged.

I saw the photo you posted of me after Monday nights game when I bought that poor fan a new Hunter Pence Shirsey in return for going Hulk on his Werth-less Shirsey. Well here is the link to the video. Make this big people.


Nice work, Doug. 

Video after the jump.

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Vick Gets Contract, We Sell T-Shirts: Introducing Super 7

Kyle Scott - August 30, 2011


Our  friends at Philly Phaithful were, as usual, all over this with a Michael Vick Super 7: Faster Than Umenyiora t-shirt ready to roll.

Look at those beautiful green and silver lines with the 7 nameplate slapped to your chest on high-quality American Apparel product. It comes in both t-shirt and hoody. Use code cb10 to save 10% off your order. Men's and women's sizes available.

Screen Shot 2011-08-30 at 10.56.19 AM

Get it now.

Cole Hamels Dances, Hunter Pence Takes Off His Shirt

Kyle Scott - August 26, 2011

Photo: Phillies

It's that time of year again: Shane Victorino hosted his annual fashion show for charity last night. Here's Hunter Pence without his shirt on:

Screen Shot 2011-08-26 at 7.42.17 AM
Photo: My PHL 17

When I Tweeted about this last night, one reader told me her pants spontaneously fell off. Figured that would be the reaction…

My PHL 17 has a full photo gallery. Video of Cole Hamels dancing, after the jump. It might be the most uncomfortable thing you will see all year.

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Your Mourning Carts: I Took a Private Jet to Canada to Wakeboard and See Mike Richards Wear a Flyers Shirt Edition

Kyle Scott - July 21, 2011

Screen Shot 2011-07-21 at 4.57.09 PM

Shot through the heart and you're to blame
You give love a bad name (Bad name)
I play my part and you play your game
You give love a bad name (Bad name)
Hey, you give love a bad name

– Bon Jovi

Oh the pain.

Never mind the fact that a Philly boys weekend sounds like something a promiscuous community college dropout would have with her friends in Florida, why must Michael Richards continue to torment us? When he was here, he wore nothing but Yankees caps. Now, after being assassinated by Holmgren, he's wearing Flyers shirts. The fuck, Richie?

Shown with Richie and Carts are presumably the other "Philly boys." On the left is Kitty, who was also pictured with the guys during happier times at PPL Park. He's a DJ for our favorite local establishment and sponsor, Drinker's… sooo, I like your shirt, Kitty! Apparently, boat shoes are in, too.

But that's not all, folks. There are also pictures of Carts wakeboarding and the private jet the Philly boys took to see Richie… but you're going to have to get over the jump to see those.

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Cole Hamels Wouldn’t Speak to Media Because a Camera Filmed Him Without His Shirt on, Allegedly

Kyle Scott - June 30, 2011

Old pic

Get ready to get weird.

Cole Hamels didn't like being filmed with his shirt off… so he didn't speak to the media about his hand injury. We'll let beat writer Randy Miller (@randymiller) tell the story:

Hamels says a TV cameraman was shooting him while he dressed, but when reporters walked in clubhouse I saw Hamels completely dressed. I don't know if any TV cameras were in before Manuel's post-game talk was over in another room, but Hamels did blow us off. Just found out that Phils clubhouse was open early for Channel 10 and ESPN. Someone apparently shot Hamels with shirt off, a no-no. When I entered Phils clubhouse, I saw Hamels completely dressed … but apparently he already was upset at that point & decided not to talk.


Howard Eskin chimed in:

Randy, what did the cameraman do ?



He filmed Hamels with his shirt off.


I feel so, so icky. 

Weak sauce from Cole. He's one of the best pitchers in baseball and most important players on the team who pitched today and was hit with a line drive. It's a give a take: two weeks ago, he held a charity event where over a dozen media outlets showed up to cover the work he was doing off the field. Why? Because he plays for the Phillies, not because of what he was doing. That's a fact. Part of the deal there, as it is with all athletes, is that he uphold his end of the bargain. Leaving a game and needing x-rays makes him the story from today's game. It's not a huge deal, but just another one of those "Cole" things that keeps him from being mentioned in the same breath as Roy and Cliff… because he's been every bit as good on the field.

Amaro says he expects him to make his next start, but he's not 100% sure. No word from Cole…


Kyle Scott - June 13, 2011


… the fuck.

These Phillies-Flyers shirts really need to not exist anymore. Photo of the front, after the jump.

H/T to Jenn for the photo

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And Now, Great Moments in Horrible Multi Team Apparel

Kyle Scott - May 31, 2011

Screen shot 2011-05-31 at 4.00.18 PM

Today is the last day of vacation for yours truly. I say "vacation" because I arbitrarily decided to extend my holiday weekend another day (ducks tomatoes). Anyway, things will pick up tonight and tomorrow.

Here is another fine frightening example, seen on the Ocean City boardwalk, of bootleg apparel gone wrong. The multi-team t-shirt, evil step-cousin to the "ill," has reached critical mass. Here we find the Broad Street Bullies shirt using Flyers colors… on a Rangers logo. On no cosmic level does this make sense. The only inference you can draw is "the Flyers own the Rangers," but even that is a long shot. So why? Why do this? Why wear this?

There is nothing wrong with team unity. In fact, the Eagles-Phillies 2009 breast cancer awareness combo t-shirt was nice. It was simple, supported a cause, and rallied the troops. The modern-day versions, however, reek of bandwagondom and idiocy. The below shirt at least makes sense – it's hideous, but makes no bones about the two teams which it supports. But what's the appeal for wearing a Rangers crest adorned with a Flyers message? There is none.

Screen shot 2011-05-31 at 4.00.08 PM

Did the eagle drop deuces all over the "P," or what?