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Oh No Big Deal, Roy Halladay Just Lost 10 Pounds in Two Days

Kyle Scott - March 19, 2013


Oh hey nothing to see here just Roy Halladay whose career has taken a mysterious downturn after nagging injuries and a seeming inability to pitch in the heat has chipped away at his effectiveness and velocity and a recent stomach bug caused him to OH MY GOD HE LOST 10 POUNDS IN TWO DAYS.

CSN Philly:

Roy Halladay has lost 10 pounds over the last few days, but he hopes to be strong enough to make his next start Saturday in Sarasota.

“I’m feeling better,” he said late Tuesday morning. “My stomach is better. I’m trying to get my strength back. I’m a little weak from not eating and passing fluids.”


First, that’s disgusting. Second, we’ve all had nasty stomach bugs, and while Halladay has substantially more extra (muscle) weight to shed than us mere humans, losing 10 pounds in two days is still a bit extreme, especially when you consider the fact that he was at the ballpark on both Sunday and Monday. Generally, the type of stomach bug that causes you to lose 10 pounds in two days also forces you to not get out of bed and pitch in a Major League Baseball game (!!!). Yeah, I’m still concerned about Doc.

Joe Paterno Has Died

Kyle Scott - January 21, 2012

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Photo: Washington Post

UPDATE 2: Joe Paterno's family announced this morning that he has died at the age of 85.

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Ryan Howard Says Ankle is at Like 98%, Had a Sick Feeling After He Struck Out to End NLCS

Kyle Scott - February 18, 2011


Me too.

The Big Piece met with reporters in Clearwater this morning. He said his ankle is at 98% (quick, someone get him whatever Vick had and a few gold coins) and that he had a sick feeling in his stomach after watching a called strike three from Brian Wilson shat on the dreams of Phillies fans around the world (too dramatic?): [Delco Times]

"I guess when you make last out, you probably would be disappointed," Howard told the media Friday in Clearwater. "It took me a little while to let it go. I had a sick feeling in my stomach. I was just really excited and raring to go and get started for this year."


Other than that, Howard gave us exactly nothing… like the rest of his teammates. Here's a synopsis in short, simple sentences, of what we've been told so far this spring- really, you don't need to read anything else:

The pitchers are good. They acknowledge that they're good, but they want to pretend like Joe Blanton is good, too. They all eat breakfast together. Roy Oswalt doesn't like to talk. Brad Lidge does- he says anything short of a World Championship is a disappointment.

Chase Utley is somehow more chatty than ever before, yet still says nothing. He likes the team. Doesn't like it when you question the offense's "down year," because the Phillies finished with the most wins in baseball. He was at the movies when the Phillies got Cliff Lee.

Placido Polanco's elbow doesn't hurt. Jimmy Rollins showed up a week early because he cares more about the team, or because his contract is up after this year- yeah, probably that.

Raul Ibanez has a beard. Dom Brown lowered his hands.

Cliff Lee.

There you have it.

Now, let's take a moment to laugh at the Mets for just a second. Taylor Bucholtz, who joined the Mets in the offseason, grew up in Delaware County and is getting some guff from his teammates for being a Phillies fan: [ESPN New York]

“At that point it broke my heart,” Buchholz said. “I was a lifelong Phillies fan. I got drafted by the hometown team and everything. I was working my way up through the system thinking, ‘Hey, in the next couple of years I might break in.’ And then there you go. You get traded. I realized if you stick around long enough in baseball, most likely you’re going to be on a bunch of different teams. I got over it.” 


Perhaps he should get a pass at CBP this year… Actually, on second thought, Bucholtz was on my team in third grade and drilled me in the thigh with a fastball that even then was considered heavy. I had a welt for about three weeks. Let him have it.

Allen Iverson Leaves The Sixers To Tend To Sick Daughter

Kyle Scott - February 22, 2010


 According to Sports Illustrated, Allen Iverson has again left the Sixers to tend to his sick daughter.

It must be something serious, if he's leaving again.  We wish Allen and his family the best.