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The Dark Side

Kyle Scott - March 28, 2013

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I spoke about this on the Great Sports Debate (airing tonight at 7 on the Comcast Network!), and think it’s worth calling out here, if only because sports are totally miserable right now (Dear God, make the Phillies good this year or make me a bird, so I can fly far, far far away from here). 

In the summer of 2011, when Paul Holmgren, Howie Roseman and Ruben Amaro played their own Game of Thrones Swords, Philly sports were at an all-time high: best team in Major League Baseball, Flyers shaking up the earth, and Eagles getting all dreamy. At the time, I wrote a post imagining what the bright, and dark, sides of the rainbow would look like if all the moves panned out… or backfired.

Most backfired.

You can read the original post here, but this is what I had for the dark side. I swear to you this was all written in 2011:

Over here, there’s no sun. Just rain. The rainbow only exists because of its reflection off the metallic dumpster, strategically positioned in the alley to hide a strung out leprechaun, who’s selling his last muddied coins for a thimble of coke which he will soon sniff out of the unfriendly end of a diseased hooker.

This is the dark side.

In the corner, an extremity-less Michael Vick rolls himself into a bottle of Courvoisier to help ease the pain of his failed second existence. He played only two years of his contract, earning $35 million. Unfortunately, half of it went to taxes, agents, and lawyers. The other half went to his creditors. He played only four games in 2011. An angry Clay Matthews prematurely ended Vick's season when he removed his right leg with a vicious low-blow. Linebackers had no recourse since Roger Goodell fined every hit above the numbers. A year later, a slowed-down Starship 7 ran himself into limb-breaking injury after limb-breaking injury. He played only three games.

In the powerless apartment above, Andy Reid and Howie Roseman watch re-runs of Good Times on a 15-inch television. They spent $35 million on an unfortunately unreformed criminal, who played only seven games in two postseason-less seasons. Juan Castillo has offed himself in the bedroom. 

The Eagles all-in philosophy failed miserably. Their stellar wideouts couldn’t bridge the gap left in the middle by the horrid linebacking core and their offensive line never stood a chance to protect the expensive investment.

Just a few feet below, on an island in the middle of the street, Paul Holmgren is feeding a now incapacitated Ed Snider a glass of high-end malbec through straw- it’s one of the few luxuries he still enjoys. His 30+ year refusal to bet the farm on a goalie proved to be the right philosophy. He’s spent the last 29 months lamenting the trades of Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, both of whom not only won Stanley Cups, but also led Canada to a gold medal in the 2014 Olympics. They both matured and are widely considered among the best players in the world, with 5-7 years of production ahead of them. Believe it or not, their outlandish contracts actually proved to be valuable. Their old buddy, James van Riemsdyk, never lived up to his $25.5 million deal. He was traded to Toronto for cap space in 2012. His 2010 playoff performance was an aberration, made all the more misleading since he was the only player on that team skated hard. A fed up Peter Laviolette scratched him five times before Christmas of 2011 and got into a locker room fist fight with Claude Giroux, whose only crime, ironically, was that he enjoyed a glass of his owner’s favorite wine with dinner the night before a game. It turns out Lavs is impossible to get along with, a realization that should have been obvious when he used to bench Rod Brind’Amour. We later learn that the media considers Richards a “coaches captain.” 

A violated hooker wobbles over to the aging Snider and steals the remaining change in his pocket. Sadly, Snider doesn’t even care. She will spend the money more wisely than Holmgren.

This is the dark side.


And I didn't even make mention of Hunter Pence later being traded to the Giants, where he would win a World Series.

This is the dark side.

World Still Spinning, Cliff Lee is Fine

Kyle Scott - February 21, 2011


Just in case that little nugget of news from yesterday that said Cliff Lee had a "mild side strain" scared you, Lee and Amaro met with reporters today to let everyone know he's "perfectly fine."

Lee told reporters he is about 5-10 pitches behind the rest of the team at this point, but should be right on track once the season starts.

This whole media thing is probably getting old real fast for Lee. Check out this little tidbit: [Delaware Online

Lee isn’t exactly the happiest guy in the locker room to talk to the media, so it was a bit amusing when he entered the room and a horde of reporters immediately pounced on him. But he was pleasant enough about it. The highlight, however, was probably the impish grin Roy Halladay offered when he walked over as the session ended. Something tells me the two may have been joking about how this would all turn out before we arrived.


I'm fully convinced one of the Roys or Cliff is going to go ballistic and take out a reporter before spring training is over. Video of Lee and Amaro talking here.

Cliff Lee Suffered Mild Side Strain

Kyle Scott - February 20, 2011


My god, the horror.

The Clifton had a mild side strain. Bob Brookover reported on that Lee suffered what was diagnosed as a mild strain while he was throwing on his own in Arkansas.

Amaro told Brookover that the Phillies shut Lee down for about a week, but he's now back on schedule.

On Tuesday, Ryan Lawrence of the Delco Times noted that Lee's session was shorter than others':


Nice observation, Ry Law. Here's video of that abbreviated session.

At the start of last season, the Mariners placed Lee on the DL with an abdominal strain, which seems to be the CB injury discussion du jour (that's the injury of the day and mmm, you'll have that).

Boom. David Murphy, also of, just reported (as I type this) that Amaro said Cliff is at 100%, which would be exactly two percent more than Ryan Howard. Oh numbers.

So yeah, Cliff had a side strain a month ago and is just now getting back on track. He should be fine.