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IronPigs Teaming With Sixers for “Old School Takeover”

Kevin Kinkead - August 2, 2019

The new Sixers uniforms dropped yesterday, and today we’ve got news that the Lehigh Valley IronPigs will wear similarly styled jerseys as part of a crossover promotion set for August 21st.

From the press release:

The 76ers will be “taking over” the game as they will be promoting their “classic” look of going back to the 1970’s.  The 76ers In-Arena Host and Dunk Squad will be leading fans between innings with contests fans are accustomed to seeing at a 76ers game. The Sixers Stixers will be performing, and 76ers legend World B. Free will be throwing out the first pitch and be available to meet fans during the game.

This special Brotherly Love game will feature a special cap raffle and jersey auction of the game-worn 76ers gear.

Hey, I dig it. Commemorative 76ers-styled merch is also available in the Majestic Clubhouse Store.

Some more images after the jump:

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The Sixers Will Wear These Throwback Classic Edition Uniforms This Year

Kyle Scott - August 1, 2019

The Sixers will officially unveil today their Classic Edition uniform for the 2019-2020 season. They’re one of just 12 teams in the NBA to feature a Classic Edition uniform this season.

The History

The design is based on a short-lived design worn by Hall of Famer Billy Cunningham and 10x All-Star Hal Greer in the first half of the 1970-71 season. You read that right. In what has to be one of the few occurrences in sports history, the Sixers abandoned the design and returned to the PHILA design the team’s current uniforms are based on by mid-season. There are rumors as to why it was retired so early, most related to the team struggling in it, some about Billy Cunningham not being a fan of the look.

That didn’t deter the team from wanting to feature the script “Seventy Sixers” design this season. Behold it’s relative beauty:

We had a chance to talk to Sixers President Chris Heck and Chief Marketing Officer Katie O’Reilly to find out what made this design so special.

The interview and more images after the jump:

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Somebody Bet $100,500 on the Sixers to Make the Playoffs

Kevin Kinkead - August 1, 2019

I’ve got big money on Europa League qualifiers today, and when I say big money I mean $15 on Malmo FF and Zorya Luhansk.

Another person who laid down a big money bet is the guy who wagered $100,500 on the Sixers to make the playoffs at -5,000 odds, via ESPN:

According to Jeff Sherman, vice president of risk for the SuperBook, the anonymous bettor placed a $100,500 bet on the Philadelphia 76ers to make the playoffs at minus-5,000 odds Wednesday. If the 76ers reach the postseason, the bettor will win a net $2,010.

Sherman confirmed to ESPN that the Sixers bet was placed by the same customer who wagered on the Warriors last year. The customer will have to wait a little more than nine months for the wager to be graded.

Not much of a return, but it’s a safe bet, so homeboy is gonna be $2,010 richer come April. This person wagered $67,000 on Golden State to make the playoffs last year at -10,000, so he won $670 on that bet.

Of course, that’s roughly 2% return on an eight-month investment of $100k, WITH SOME RISK. Not smart.

Total that up, and he or she is going to turn $167,500 into $2,680, unless the Sixers somehow miraculously miss the playoffs in 2020.

A Truly Pitiful Performance – Observations from Raptors 125, Sixers 89

Kevin Kinkead - May 8, 2019

You knew it was bad when Shaquille O’Neal told Joel Embiid to “man up” at halftime, when the Sixers were down by 21 points and struggling to do anything remotely positive. After a promising 10-2 run cut the lead to 13, Brett Brown’s team fell apart entirely en route to a 36-point loss, which is the second-worst playoff defeat in franchise history, if we’re going by point totals. You’d have to time travel way back to 1982 to find a 40-point loss to the Celtics in a series that the Sixers ultimately won in seven games.

Does this team have the same guts, the same heart as that squad? I don’t know. A sick Joel Embiid turned the ball over eight times. Ben Simmons had as many turnovers (5) as field goal attempts. JJ Redick went 1-6 from the floor. Tobias Harris had a better shooting night but found himself in early foul trouble. Jimmy Butler got to the foul line but only shot 37.5% from the floor and started playing isolation and pick and roll ball in the second quarter, which results in 3 to 4 out of rhythm teammates just standing around and watching. James Ennis and Greg Monroe had bad games. Mike Scott shot the ball well.

That’s pretty much the summary right there, just a wretched all-around performance. Take your pick of synonyms from the Thesaurus. Miserable is a good word. Lamentable. Woeful. Pathetic. Feeble. They all fit the bill.

And this took place just 48 hours after a game four in which the Sixers were a few good offensive possessions from going up 3-1 in this series. Now we’re right back to square one, with the same Twitter arguments about Embiid’s playoff disappearing act, Simmons’ lack of a jump shot, and Brett Brown’s future.

Said the head coach after the game:

I think the start of the game I was surprised that it was only a one-point game given the turnovers and some foul trouble that we were in. The second period is where it got away from us. I give Toronto credit, we didn’t have the answers for a few of their players and it snowballed. We came out at the start of the third period, we cut it to 13, and sort of a rogue turnover, a phantom swipe in transition, and it’s punishing. When you go back and look at the game, if you just go straight to transition defense and turnovers, which we’ve spoken about quite a bit, it was sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy. we look forward to going back to Philadelphia. We give Toronto credit tonight.

I guess that’s all you really can say.

I saw a statistic on ESPN this morning, that 19 teams have lost game five in a 2-2 series by more than 25 points. All 19 of those teams went on to lose the series.

Can the Sixers be the first team to buck that trend? We’re gonna see what this team is made of on Thursday night. There’s a lot on the line.

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Game Five: Three Things to Look For in Tonight’s Pivotal Sixers/Raptors Matchup

Kevin Kinkead - May 7, 2019

Game five.

I’m hoping for quality playoff basketball without a Joel Embiid gastoenteritis and/or virus sidebar. Let’s hope there was no 6 a.m. text message sent to Brett Brown in Toronto, because if Embiid is sick again, the Sixers might be in for some tough sledding in Canada.

The Sixers missed a huge opportunity to go up 3-1 in this series and put themselves just one win away from the franchise’s first Eastern Conference finals appearance since 2001. Now they need to take two of three against the Raptors and steal another victory at the Scotiabank Arena to achieve that goal.

Look for this tonight:

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Let ’em Off the Hook – Observations from Raptors 101, Sixers 96

Kevin Kinkead - May 6, 2019

The Toronto Raptors are who we thought they were. They’re a great team but they’re very beatable. That’s why the Sixers took the damn floor!

Now, if you wanna crown ’em, then crown their asses! But the Sixers let ’em off the hook. And now we’re headed to Toronto for game five.

Kinda hard to win when three of your five starters don’t have good offensive games, yeah? Ben Simmons, Tobias Harris, and Joel Embiid finished a combined 14-40 from the floor (35%) while Harris alone was 2-13 from three (15.4%). They just could not find any consistent offense outside of Jimmy Butler and JJ Redick, who led the Sixers with 29 and 19 points, respectively.

The offensive struggles were exemplified by a fourth quarter in which the Sixers went about seven minutes without a basket, compounded especially by the ailing Joel Embiid’s poor individual play. It was a “grind it out” affair, as Nick Nurse said post game, and the Raptors simply grinded out more meaningful possessions on both ends of the floor to even the series at 2-2.

That’s the most simple explanation; Toronto just made more plays on a night where the Sixers had a great opportunity to go up 3-1 in this series. Instead, Brett Brown’s team shot 40.2% from the floor, 31.6% from three, and 72% from the foul line while losing in almost every auxiliary category, from second chance points (15-13) to fast break points (17-10) and points in the paint (38-34).

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Laying the Smack Down – Observations from Sixers 116, Raptors 95

Kevin Kinkead - May 3, 2019

That was impressive.

I mean, holy mackerel. When Joel Embiid hit that windmill dunk in the 4th quarter I thought the roof was gonna fly off the Wells Fargo Center and land next to the Italian restaurant in the Navy Yard. I think that dunk reverberated throughout the building with such force that even the rat living in the ceiling heard it and scurried to a new location.

What a night for your team, your town, your 76ers, who pulled their starters around the five minute mark of the 4th quarter after staving off a Toronto run and building an insurmountable 20-point lead. They passed the ball well, they shot the ball well, they limited their turnovers, and they cranked the defense all the way up to 11, like a Spinal Tap guitar amplifier.

They won in pretty much every phase of this game, which Toronto head coach Nick Nurse admitted to the gathered scribes afterward:

“I think we got outplayed in just about every area we could get outplayed. In overall physicality, energy, cutting, rebounding, passing, all that kind of stuff. We got thoroughly outplayed and it’s been a while, it’s been a while since you’ve seen this team play this way.”

Yep. The Sixers made the Raptors look rather pedestrian on Thursday night, and outside of a 3rd quarter where Kawhi Leonard looked like Michael Jordan reincarnate, it was a rather comfortable ride from start to finish.

Namely, Brett Brown’s team performed extremely well in the following areas:

  • 52 points in the paint (+14 from game two)
  • 13 turnovers resulting in only 12 Toronto points (down from 20 and 24 respectively in game two)
  • 13 fast break points
  • 9 offensive rebounds leading to 15 second chance points
  • 20-23 free throw mark (87%)
  • 29 assists on 43 made shots
  • 10-23 from three (43.5%)
  • 43-84 from the floor (51.2%)

They were superb across the board and looked like a juggernaut on both ends of the floor.

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Not the Greatest Start – Observations from Raptors 108, Sixers 95

Kevin Kinkead - April 28, 2019

Alright, I’m back. Spent the week getting adjusted to life with a newborn, and as such, I’m writing this at five in the morning on a Sunday as my daughter poops in her diaper.

That’s what the Sixers put in last night – a poopy performance, but not something that can’t be fixed. You can change the diaper, wash your hands, get some sleep, then come back on Monday night and give it another shot.

In a way, that game felt similar to game one against Brooklyn, with the Philly offense struggling to create good looks while the opponent seemed to be hitting every single shot they took. Toronto runs were often book-ended with a bad Sixers turnover or poor mental decision, and while Brett Brown’s team did string together some nice possessions themselves, it just felt like they had to work infinitely harder for everything they got.

That’s really the game in a nutshell. Toronto’s starting unit outplayed the Sixers’ starting unit. Tobias Harris, Jimmy Butler, and Joel Embiid combined to shoot 15-47 from the floor (31.9%) while Kawhi Leonard and Pascal Siakam went 28-38 (73.6%).

I guess the natural thing is to sit here and say, “surely those two can’t play like that again… right?” 


Kawhi hit 16 of 23 shots last night (69.6%) and put up these shooting marks in the Orlando series:

  • game one: 56% (10-18)
  • game two: 68% (15-22)
  • game three: 26% (5-19)
  • game four: 60% (12-20)
  • game five: 72% (8-11)

His round one average was 57%, so he’ll drop off from super elite status to just really damn good… I think.

Siakam shot 53% in round one and I highly doubt he shoots 80% again in this series, but everything for those two guys was going down last night. Look at this combined Kawhi/Siakam shooting chart on the left, compared to Joel, Tobias, and Jimmy:

That pretty much tells the story.

I could end the article right there, but then it wouldn’t be much of an article would it?

More after the jump:

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