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Sixers Host Six Players for Pre-Draft Workouts

Kevin Kinkead - May 20, 2019

It’s that time of the year.

Camden workouts ahead of the 2019 NBA Draft, which takes place one month from now on June 20th.

The Sixers have five selections, including picks 24, 33, and 34. Today they’ll host the following six players at the practice facility:

  • Ky Bowman (Boston College)
  • Tookie Brown (Georgia Southern)
  • Zylan Cheatham (Arizona State)
  • Terance Mann (Florida State)
  • Marial Shayok (Iowa State)
  • Max Strus (DePaul)

Here’s a little bit about each of these guys, who are upperclassmen and second round projections:

Ky Bowman

6’2″ point guard, junior

19 points 8 rebounds, and 4 assists per game for Bowman, who was fourth on the ACC scoring charts this year behind Zion Williamson, RJ Barrett, and Marcquise Reed.

The Sixers need a backup point guard next season, since T.J. McConnell was essentially just covering for Markelle Fultz this year before coming out of the rotation in the Brooklyn playoff series.

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Are Ben Simmons and Kendall Jenner Still Dating?

Kevin Kinkead - May 17, 2019

The last #Bendall update went something like this:

  1. Terez Owens claimed the pair had broken up.
  2. Philadelphia papazarro HughE Dillon called bullshit.
  3. He later apologized to Terez.

Along the way, that Robert Littal guy at Black Sports Online reported that Kendall had been hanging out with ex-boyfriends Blake Griffin and Jordan Clarkson. Blah blah blah and so on.

Anyway, Kendall is on the June cover of Vogue Australia, and the entire story is posted online. There’s a section that touches on Simmons, who is from Melbourne, that reads like this:

Navigating her way, on her own terms, is an approach that has spilled over into Jenner’s personal life. She is dating Australian-born basketballer Ben Simmons, also 23, and although the pair do not talk openly about their relationship, they are clearly smitten. Jenner revealed on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in February that they’d been dating “for a bit now” and on the day of Vogue’s shoot she streamed Simmons’s game for the Philadelphia 76ers while she was in hair and make-up. Later, she Face-timed Simmons, cheekily holding up the March/April issue of GQ Australia that had him on the cover.

“she is dating Australian-born basketballer Ben Simmons”

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Boban Kicked A Stuntman 15 Feet Across the Set of John Wick 3

Kevin Kinkead - May 17, 2019

There’s a story at The Wall Street Journal describing John Wick 3 and Boban Marjanovic’s cameo in the film.

If case you’ve been living under a rock, the Sixers’ free agent center makes a brief appearance as a villain who tangles with Keanu Reeves.

There’s a pretty funny passage in the write-up explaining how Boban was asked to kick Reeves’ stunt double during the filming of the scene:

When it was time for action, (director Chad Stahelski) directed him to kick (the stunt double). Boban, being a nice guy, said, ‘No, no, no, you don’t really want me to kick him,’ Stahelski said.

No, no, no, they said. That was exactly what they wanted. Only when they assured him that it was (the stunt double’s) job to get kicked in the chest was Marjanovic comfortable mangling his friend. We had calculated the stunt man was going to land about eight feet away, Stahelski said. He landed about 15 feet away.

How about that? Boban kicked a grown man a full 15 feet across the set. The director explains that they had to do the take a second time, because Boban immediately apologized and messed up the shot.

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Statistically, Where Did the Sixers Excel and Struggle in 2019?

Kevin Kinkead - May 17, 2019

It’s Friday.

I’ve got one more Sixers story for you, and it’s a dive into the numbers. It’s not really a deep dive, since you could really spend days poring over and parsing data; this is more of a shallow dive, kind of like jumping into your neighbor’s pool, going underwater for a few seconds, then coming back up for air.

When looking just beneath the surface, how did the Sixers fare this season? What was good? What was bad? Do the numbers tell us anything about what needs to change next year, to get this team over the jump and into the Eastern Conference Finals?

Using NBA Stats, Here’s how Brett Brown’s team finished and ranked in a number of categories,  beginning with:

Traditional stats

  • 115.2 points per game (4th)
  • 47.1% on field goals (8th)
  • 35.9% from three (8th)
  • 30.2 three point attempts (19th)
  • 27.5 free throw attempts (2nd)
  • 77.1% from foul line (16th)

Two things jump at out me here, two disparities.

The first is the fact that the Sixers were the 8th best three-point shooting team while only attempting the 19th most threes per game. That’s fantastic efficiency, unlike the Rockets, who shot 45 three-pointers per game at a 35.6% clip.

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Still No Timetable for a Markelle Fultz Return

Kevin Kinkead - May 17, 2019

Happy Friday morning.

Let’s check in on former Sixer Markelle Fultz, via Magic head coach Steve Clifford at the NBA Draft Combine:


“I think we have the same philosophy with Markelle as when he got here. He’s been with us for about 5 or 6 weeks. He’s still strengthening the shoulder, he works with one of my assistants, Steve Hetzel, every day, and he’s made good progress. We have no timetable on his return, but so far, so good. He’s obviously super talented, a great person, and working really hard.”

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Jimmy Butler Thanked Philly. Is He On His Way Out?

Russ Joy - May 17, 2019

To quote the iconic 90’s boy band N*Sync, “Is this the beginning or beginning of the end?” Jimmy Butler took to Instagram last night for the first time since the Sixers were bounced by an inferior team carried by one superstar player with minimal contributions from anyone else, like watching AI carry the 00-01 Sixers Toronto in Game 7:

Jimmy Butler Instagram

Butler’s message, “to philly, and my teammates. THANK YOU. ❤️❤️” was met with a bunch of disappointment mixed with a smattering of positivity. I don’t know what exactly fans were hoping to see from Butler. It was highly unlikely that he’d say much more. In fact, for some context, he never posted a thank you or farewell to the Minnesota fans following his trade from T’Wolves back in November. He did, however, break his Instagram silence following the trade with this:

Jimmy Butler Instagram First Sixers

It’s entirely possible that Rajon Rondo was right and that Butler is going to leave town, with rumors swirling that LA and New York are the only two markets he’d have eyes for if he were to walk away from the Sixers. Of course, it’s also possible that Butler wants to maintain his negotiating leverage with the Sixers, who could offer him more money and a fifth year on a max deal. Maybe he’s been told the team is interested in a 3-year, $75m extension and he wants to test the market first.

I think it would be a mistake to let Jimmy walk, especially with how he performed in the postseason and stepped up as a leader on the team, most notably joining Joel Embiid for postgame press availability. I’d also be remiss to not express how devastating a five year max deal could be to the team. We’ve already seen guys like Russell Westbrook, John Wall, and Chris Paul ink massive deals, catch a few injuries, and now present their teams an albatross of a contract. Now, if you’re Josh Harris, do you throw the max at Butler knowing that the next round of CBA negotiations could potentially provide an amnesty buyout? If there’s any confidence of buying out those last two or three seasons, Harris and his ownership group should offer Butler the max.

Why Philadelphia’s Problems With Brett Brown Exist on a Macro Level

Kevin Kinkead - May 16, 2019

Whether you like him or not, Brett Brown is here to stay.

The Sixers’ head coach was never in jeopardy of losing his job, assured by managing partner Josh Harris that he would be returning for a 7th NBA season no matter what happened in the playoffs.

For whatever reason, people in this region seem to be totally split on Brett Brown. He’s either loved by Process types or totally hated by old school Philadelphia sports fans. Then people accuse the media of being in the bag for him because “he’s a nice guy,” which I read on Twitter every third day. I feel like zero Brett Brown middle ground exists, like our 2019 political climate, where you’re either a Republican or a Democrat and moderate ideas get shouted down by both sides via partisan frothing.

So it’s with a neutral approach that I’ll try to explain why I think the stated problems with Brett exist on a macro-level scale, a more general philosophical plane rather than than one exhibiting more discernible shortcomings.

To start, let’s actually go backwards, let’s start micro, and I want to use Mike O’Connor’s story from The Athletic, titled “The Ten Things We Learned About the Sixers During Their 2019 Playoff Run.” Mike is one of the best basketball minds in town, and he lists the following as adjustments Brett made in the Brooklyn and Toronto series:

  • Benching T.J. McConnell after Game 1 of the Nets series and playing Butler as backup point guard
  • Shifting to more aggressive off-ball defensive schemes against Brooklyn
  • Picking apart the Nets by adding layers to their “Hawk” play against Brooklyn in Game 3
  • Shifting Simmons onto Leonard at halftime of Game 1 against Toronto (And subsequently tweaking the rotation to align Simmons’ and Leonard’s minutes)
  • Slotting Embiid on Pascal Siakam, and Tobias Harris on Gasol starting in Game 2 against Toronto
  • Sending double teams against virtually every mismatch starting in Game 2 against Toronto
  • Benching Boban Marjanovic for Greg Monroe in Game 2 against Toronto
  • In general, shifting to an offense based more on the pick-and-roll throughout the playoffs

All of that is 100% spot on, and I’ll add a few, after the jump:

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Joel Embiid Pokes Fun at Himself with New Twitter Profile Picture

Kevin Kinkead - May 16, 2019

Nothing like some good self-deprecating humor. It’s good for the soul.

Joel Embiid hasn’t been on social media since April 9th, which is before the start of the playoffs, but he popped up this week and changed his profile picture to this:

Those are the shots of Joel crying after the game seven loss.

King hard ass Seth Joyner didn’t appreciate the tears, because he thought it showed softness I guess, but I’ll go ahead and disagree. I’ll disagree, not because I’m some “soy boy liberal” (which isn’t even accurate, but the comments section trolls say it anyway), but because it shows that Embiid is a human being and he cares. He could have just walked off the floor, dissed the media, and started planning summer vacation while raking in his millions of dollars, but the crying to me shows that he actually gives a shit about winning. Who really cares how a single adult responds to adversity anyway? Everybody’s different.

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